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Hypnotism Doesn't Work


Michelle Williams was a smoking hot 22 year old legal secretary. She was tall, blonde and had a killer, voluptuous body that drove men wild. The busty blonde still lived at home with her father and stepmother, as well as her young 18 year old stepbrother Hugh. Michelle was currently single, but never had too much trouble getting guys, most of them easily drawn to her curvaceous body and open sexual nature.

Where Michelle was popular and outgoing, her Hugh stepbrother was the exact opposite. Quiet and withdrawn he had never had a girlfriend and as far as Michelle was aware he was a virgin. Michelle always thought it was pity he never came out of his shell, and she had a bit of soft spot for him. She was sure there would be plenty of girls interesting in the sweet young teenager if they got to know him.

Hugh and Michelle’s parents had got married five years ago, back when 17 year old Michelle had been the hottest girl in school and 13 year old Hugh was just going through puberty. Hugh had always been incredibly nervous around Michelle, and even now he still seemed uncomfortable in her presence. She was pretty sure that initial crush he’d clearly had on her had never gone away.

Over the years Michelle had tried to help Hugh out with his female problems, setting him up with some of her younger friends and associates a number of times, but it had never gone well. Hugh had mostly been too scared to even accept the offer of a blind date and the few times he did they didn’t seem to go anywhere. It had got to the point where Michelle was even tempted to give him a mercy fuck herself, just so he could lose his cherry, but the fact their parents were married just made it too weird for her to go through with. She also considered hiring a hooker for Hugh, but in the end decided that was too horrible and dirty for his first time.

On day however, something happened which changed everything.

Michelle came home from work a little early on a Wednesday evening and found Hugh lying on the couch in the lounge reading a big red book with the title ‘Hypnotherapy: A Clinical Handbook’.

“Thinking of enrolling in med-school?” Michelle teased him, sitting down on the arm of the couch beside where he reclined.

Hugh looked up, startled as though he hadn’t noticed her come in. “Ah,” he stammered. “It’s a book on hypnosis.”

“Hypnosis?” Michelle asked, a little curious now, it certainly wasn’t like his usual computer game magazine reading. Michelle crossed her long legs, unconsciously drawing Hugh’s stare to the expanse of bare thigh that was suddenly revealed by the slit in her knee-length business skirt.

“Um, yeah,” said Hugh, sitting up. “It’s really cool, I can put people in trances and plant hypnotic suggestions and do all sorts of cool stuff. Like help people quit smoking or overcome fears, lots of stuff.”

“Like make them cluck like a chicken?” Michelle said with a teasing giggle, she leant forward to look over his shoulder at the book.

Hugh swallowed grimacing at the chicken suggestion. As she leant forwards he got an eye-full of her deep cleavage down the open top of her white blouse. His stepsister sure had an incredible pair of hooters.

“It’s medical stuff,” he told her, pointing to a picture of the brain on one page filled with lots of very long words and anatomical descriptions. “It’s not Las Vegas show stuff.”

“So you think you can make me stop biting my fingernails?” she said dubiously, holding out one hand in front of her as she critically regarded her depressingly short nails. It was always the one feature she tried to hide from male stares rather than flaunt like the rest of her stunning body.

“Sure,” Hugh nodded eagerly.

“Hypnotism doesn’t work,” scoffed Michelle, “it’s all just an act.”

“No, it’s real!” Hugh insisted.

“I bet you can’t put me in a trance,” Michelle challenged him, warming up to the role of sceptic.

“I bet I can!”

“Fine, let’s do this then,” said Michelle, feeling very sure of herself.

“Wait, what’s the bet?” asked Hugh, putting down the large book on hypnotism on the coffee table in front of them.

“Twenty bucks?” suggested Michelle with a shrug.

“I’m broke,” complained Hugh who unlike Michelle didn’t have a job and was still in school.

“Okay,” murmured Michelle thoughtfully. “How about if I win you have to go out on a date with Trina the new intern from my work?”

Hugh didn’t seem too happy with the idea of another blind date. “And if I win?”

“That won’t happen,” said Michelle confidently.

“It’s real!” Hugh repeated.

“If you win,” Michelle bit her lower lip in contemplation. “If you win then I’ll show you my new set of lingerie I bought today,” she said at last pointing to the shopping bag over by the door that she’d brought home with her. It was a bold suggestion, but she was almost certain the bet was a sure thing.

“What?” blurted Hugh in surprise. He hadn’t been expecting that.

Michelle gave him a teasing grin, “Don’t pretend you aren’t interested.”

“Okay then,” Hugh said after a moments hesitation, blushing heavily. “It’s a bet.”

“Great, so what do we have to do?” asked Michelle, rubbing her hands together eagerly.

“Um,” Hugh stammered again, looking down at the hypnotism book on the table. The thought of seeing Michelle in her underwear had completely blown his mind. “You take a seat here and get comfortable, I need to go get something for the induction, for you to focus on so I can put you into a trance.”

“Better make sure your shirt’s ironed for your date with Trina while you’re back there!” called out Michelle as she settled herself down onto the couch, once again crossing her long tanned legs.

Hugh came back within minutes. Michelle half expected him to bring back one of those old fashioned pocket watches she always imagined hypnotists using, but he actually brought back one of her dad’s metronomes that had a flashing red LED light in the middle of it.

Hugh placed the metronome on the coffee table in front of Michelle and set the beats per minute to a low setting, the small red light flashing in a steady, regular rhythm with the usual audible clicking noise turned off. Hugh sat on the coffee table next to the metronome so that he could face towards where Michelle sat.

“I want you to make sure you’re comfortable and focus your attention on the flashing light,” Hugh instructed her, licking his lips nervously and leaning forward towards his lovely stepsister.

Michelle leant back in her seat and stared intently at the flashing LED. Although she was certain that this hypnotism stuff wasn’t for real, she had to at least give Hugh a fair chance and cooperate with his attempts to put her in a trance. If she’d thought there was any chance of her losing the bet, she would never have suggested posing in her underwear in front of him.

“Okay, I’m ready,” she told him, surprisingly she felt a little nervous herself now.

“Good,” replied Hugh. “I want you to focus on the sound of my voice, as if there are no other sounds in the room,” he began, his voice steady and calm, as if he’d done this many times before. “Stare into the light and relax your whole body.”

Michelle did as she was asked, relaxing every muscle as she listened to Hugh’s words, staring straight at the flashing metronome. It was relaxing, but she certainly didn’t feel as though she was slipping into a trance or anything like that.

“Relax all the muscles in your face,” Hugh slowly instructed her. “You are feeling sleepy, your eyes are losing focus. You are drifting off now, your body is feeling relaxed, you are getting sleepy.”

This went on for almost a full minute and Michelle wasn’t feeling any of the effects, in fact it was starting to get a little annoying.

“Sleep!” Hugh said abruptly, finally finishing his drone.

Michelle decided to play a trick on her younger stepbrother and pretend his hypnotism had actually worked. She slumped in her seat, closing her eyes and letting her head droop down towards one shoulder.

For a moment there was silence in the room. Michelle was about to jump up and surprise Hugh when he spoke again.

“Open your eyes but do not come out of the trance,” he ordered. Michelle decided to play along with him a little longer and see what he had in mind. She could hardly believe that he actually thought this was working.

Once her eyes were open Hugh squinted at her face, trying to determine if she was really in a trance, he waved his hand in front of her face. Michelle focussed on the clock on the far wall so that her eyes didn’t follow his hand movement.

Hugh grinned, “I can’t believe this is actually working,” he breathed in awe.

Michelle had to suppress a chuckle at this.

“When you awaken from the trance you will not remember any of this, you will only remember that I successfully hypnotised you and the subconscious suggestions I plant,” Hugh told her, reading from the book at his side.

Michelle wondered what suggestions he was referring to.

“When you awaken you will no longer have the urge bite your fingernails, whenever you think of biting them you will instead count to three and the desire will leave you,” he told her.

This was great, Michelle thought to herself, but time to end the joke.

“Now stand up,” ordered Hugh, standing up himself and pushing back the coffee table to give them a little more room.

What now? wondered Michelle. She let the game continue a little longer, getting to her feet in front of her stepbrother. What was he up to now?

Hugh licked his lips, staring at his beautiful stepsister and suddenly nervous again. “Stand on one foot,” he told her.

Michelle, still curious as to Hugh’s intentions did as she was told, lifting one foot off the ground, swaying slightly as she struggled to keep her balance. She did her best to keep a straight face and maintain the act of being in a trance.

“Good, you can put your put down,” Hugh said. “Now act like a chicken!”

There it was, Michelle thought to herself, just as she’d originally suspected he was going to use the so called hypnotism to make her look like a fool. Michelle thought about calling him out, but instead decided to play along a little more.

“Cluck, cluck, cluck,” the gorgeous blonde did her best chicken impersonation, waving her bent arms as if they were wings.

“Okay,” Hugh said at last, a huge grin on his face. “Bark like a dog.”

“Woof, woof!”

“This is working,” he murmured with obvious delight. “Jump up and down,” he ordered Michelle.

Michelle did as instructed, jumping up and down on the spot. To her surprise she saw Hugh leaning in closer towards her. What was he doing? She breathed heavier with the effort of jumping. Then Michelle realised what he was doing, he was staring at her chest! The little pervert.

As Michelle jumped, her large breasts bounced in her bra, jiggling around underneath her blouse to Hugh’s apparent enjoyment. Michelle couldn’t believe that her stepbrother was actually getting his thrills from her like this.

Hugh stopped her after a moment longer, then paused, rubbing his chin as if he was considering what to do next. Michelle was a little angry at him now, and was almost ready to break the trance when he spoke once again.

“Kiss me!” he ordered her.

Oh my God, Michelle froze, that was the last thing she had expected.

“Kiss me,” Hugh repeated, a little less certain of himself.

Michelle wasn’t sure why she obeyed his request, but deep down she was curious just how far Hugh was going to take this. She leant forward and softly kissed Hugh on the cheek.

“Um, I mean kiss me on the mouth,” stammered Hugh, Michelle was standing closer now, right in front of him, which made him even more nervous.

Michelle leant forward again and chastely pecked him on the lips. He was her step brother after all! No matter how sweet he was, this was getting rather weird now.

“No!” said Hugh in frustration. “Kiss me like you’d kiss your boyfriend. A proper kiss.”

Michelle reached up and put her arms around Hugh’s neck and drew his face towards hers. He was shaking slightly as she pressed her lips to his, gently kissing him. Hugh moaned softly, his hands coming up to her waist as Michelle kissed him more passionately, gently sucking his lower lip. Her tongue then slipped into his mouth where it was met by Hugh’s.

Michelle could hardly believe what was happening, she was now in over her head. Here she was French kissing her younger stepbrother under the guise of being hypnotised by him. So much for stopping biting her nails.

Hugh moaned softly into her mouth, his hands rubbing her sides as they passionately kissed. For such an inexperienced virgin he wasn’t a bad kisser.

Michelle stiffened a little as she felt his hands rise up, touching the sides of her breasts through her blouse and bra. Hugh gave another moan, kissing her harder as his hands moved fully over her breasts, stroking the large melons through her clothing. They broke off this kiss and embrace, but Hugh’s hands remained glued to Michelle’s chest.

If his eyes hadn’t been fixed on his hands cupping her bust he would have seen the look of alarm on Michelle’s face and realised she wasn’t in a trance at all. But Hugh’s stare remained on her bosom, watching his own hands stroking her full breasts eagerly. Michelle winced slightly as Hugh gave the ample mounds a firm squeeze, his fingers sinking into the round orbs as he groped her.

“Oh man,” breathed Hugh, kneading Michelle’s tits through her clothing. “I can’t believe I’m actually touching your jugs,” he whispered aloud, squeezing and groping with obvious joy. He had a huge grin on his face and Michelle couldn’t help but be a little pleased at the sheer pleasure she was giving him by letting him play with her tits, perhaps this wasn’t the end of the world after all.

Hugh continued to feel her up for a little longer and then finally released her tits, moving around to the side of her body. He didn’t even glance up at her face to check if she was still in the trance, too absorbed by the wonders of the playground of his stepsisters voluptuous body.

Hugh slid one hand down her lower back towards the lovely curve of her ass. Michelle’s work skirt fitted her curved body perfectly, sweeping out from her narrow waist and clinging to her beautifully rounded ass and hips. Hugh moaned as his palm stroked in a wide circle over Michelle’s ass, he couldn’t believe how tight and firm the smooth cheek felt, even through her skirt.

“Absolutely beautiful,” breathed Hugh as he bent over behind her, reaching for the hem of her skirt.

Michelle bit her lip to halt a cry of alarm as her stepbrother lifted up the back of her skirt, pulling it all the way up to her waist and revealing her g-string clad posterior.

“Oh my God!” groaned Hugh as he caught sight of Michelle’s perfect buttocks, framed by her ultra-skimpy g-string panties. The underwear left her ass practically bare, the smooth round orbs naked before Hugh’s hungry gaze.

Michelle’s mind was racing as she felt Hugh’s cool, clammy hand rubbing across her ass. Should she stop him now? If she did he would know that she’d been faking all along, but how could she explain the kiss and the groping she’d already allowed.

Hugh gave Michelle’s lovely tight butt cheeks a squeeze, sinking his fingers into first one, then the other buttock. He gave the firm flesh a shake, watching the toned flesh quiver very slightly in his hand.

Michelle jumped as a loud smacking flesh noise filled the lounge and Hugh’s hand slapped down hard on one buttock. Had he really spanked her? This was going too far, perhaps she could pretend to come naturally out of the trance and stop him from doing anything even worse.

It was something else however that saved her. Just after Hugh slapped his stepsisters lovely bare ass, there was the sound of a car pulling up in the driveway outside.

“Oh shit!” swore Hugh, and Michelle almost did the same, barely remembering to maintain her fake trance. The car was Michelle’s stepmother, Hugh’s mother.

Hugh almost leapt back away from Michelle as he released her, her skirt, dropping back down over her bum. Hugh had a horribly guilty look on his face, as if he’d been caught jerking off or something.

“Um, when I click my fingers you will awaken out of the trance,” Hugh hurriedly told her. Michelle silently urged him to hurry up, she was just as keen as him not to get caught, but she didn’t want to let on that the trance was faked. “When you awaken you won’t remember anything that happened, only that I successfully hypnotised you,” he told her.

Hugh held his fingers up towards her face, ready to click them, “3, 2…” he did a quick countdown but suddenly stopped. “Oh, one more thing,” he blurted hurried, hearing his mother’s high-heeled shoes coming up the steps right outside. “When I say the words Darth Vader you will immediately fall back into a trance, do you understand?”

“Yes,” replied Michelle in her best monotone, trying not to sound rushed. Star Wars was Hugh’s favourite movie.

Hugh reached up and gave her boobs one last quick squeeze, just as they both heard the sound of his mother’s key in the front door. He then clicked his fingers and stepped back away from Michelle.

Michelle did her best impression of dazed, coming slowly out of her trance just as Hugh’s mother stepped through the door.

“Hi guys,” she said, ducking her head into the lounge to greet them both.

They both mumbled replies, Hugh shooting a sheepish glance towards Michelle before he hurried off to his bedroom without giving her the chance to say anything. Michelle slumped down thoughtfully on the couch, trying to get her head around what had just happened.


Throughout dinner and the rest of the evening, Michelle and Hugh didn’t make eye contact at all. Michelle was still struggling to believe that Hugh had actually used the hypnotism as a chance to cop a feel, it was very weird to think of her eighteen year old stepbrother in that light and she had never thought he would ever do something like that to her, despite the obvious crush he had on her.

Hugh had disappeared up to his room almost straight after dinner and hadn’t been seen or heard from since. Michelle waiting until about 10.30pm when their parents finally went to bed to act. She’d spent the whole evening debating with herself over what to do and had finally come to the conclusion that the best approach was to play along as if nothing had happened and hope that Hugh never mentioned it again. With any luck the whole experience would give him a little more confidence with girls in the future.

Michelle felt as much to blame as Hugh for the whole thing, after all, if she hadn’t played along and pretended to be in a trance then none of this would have happened. If she let him know that she was faking he would believe that she was okay with everything that happened, and that she condoned his actions. However in order to maintain the illusion that the hypnotism was real, she had to act as though Hugh had won their little bet, which meant she would have to model her brand new lingerie for him. Mind you, after the thorough groping she’d endured earlier at her stepbrothers hands, it didn’t seem quite as bad as when she had initially suggested it.

Summoning her courage, Michelle knocked on the door to Hugh’s bedroom, wearing a short white robe that left her long legs bare from about mid-thigh. Time to get this over and done with so life could go back to normal.

A moment later the door opened, Hugh seemed surprised to see her. “Ah, hi Michelle,” he managed to stammer, his eyes unconsciously draw to her sleek bare legs, nicely displayed by the short robe.

“Hi Hugh, can I come in for a moment?” she asked, keeping her voice as sweet as possible.

“Um, sure,” Hugh replied uncertainly, Michelle hardly ever actually came into his room.

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