tagMind ControlHypnotized at Work

Hypnotized at Work


A Short Story, Inspired by Lesbian Pussy by Kelly M.

I liked that story premise. The idea of a woman forced to do something that she despises to have an orgasm is delicious. Plus, I'm at least half lesbo, so I love lesbian stories. I also love BDSM, heavier on the Dom/sub aspect than the Dom/slave or getting beat to a pulp to experience multiple orgasms. Not that I have ANYTHING against being tied up and beaten, I think its great fun, but not every day.

There are some others that I totally love the idea of. There is this one story called The Tenants by Medley that I wish he would continue. His other chaptered story, My First Dorm is awesome too. I also like Speechmaster and En_Extase and Sabineteas. There are others, but those are the ones I go to repetitively to see if they are going to come back with more. I have mentally hi-jacked their stories and have had strong urges to do it in writing, but that would be a total hack. If anyone else out there likes their stories and has any recommendations of other writers that might interest me, please mail me, there is just way too much material here to go through it all.

A brief introduction. My name is Jessica. I am an Art major at the University of Maryland (not Liberal Arts, I actually aspire to be a starving artist). I am 5'2" with shoulder blade length brown hair, brown eyes, and (I have been told) very kissable, full lips. I am fit and athletic, I play JV soccer in the fall and lacrosse in the spring, I work out with weights three days a week, I do cardio three days a week. My body is tight and my 30-C chest arrives about five seconds before me everywhere I go. I like my boobs, they are big for someone my size and garner a great deal of attention. I don't like them when they get in the way, but that is probably TMI.

The following story is one hundred percent fiction, but I hope you enjoy it.

I was working my part time job at the Wal-Mart near my house. I live up in Carroll County, so between commuting about forty-five minutes each way to school, my extra-curricular activities and the occasional party, I don't have a lot of spare time. LOL! I just realized this is supposed to be quick JO material. God I suck!

Okay, so I'm working at Wal-Mart on a Wednesday evening when one of my supervisors calls me into the office. Her name is Jill (fine I am totally enamored with a girl named Jill :P) She is taller than me, a very girl who isn't here part time. This is her career, so we don't really hang or anything. She's nice and cool, about 5'7", black hair, thin face, glasses, nice body probably, but it is always hidden in loose khaki pants and a Wal-Mart manager shirt. She's kind of booky in her looks, not my type at all. I much prefer athletic bodies

I knock on the door and she lets me in and holds this spiraling thing in front of my face. I shake my head and the spiral is gone. She asks if I can help work late Friday night because a truck is coming in and she is short on stock staff.

I had other options, but they seemed much less interesting for some reason, so I comply. Just before I leave for the day, she calls me to her office again. The door opens and there is that damned spiral again. I shake my head and its gone again. She tells me to have a great day.

I clocked out and went home. When I am getting ready for bed, I realize that I'm not wearing a bra. Of course, this is very odd, I always wear a bra. I figure I must have left it in my locker at school after my shower.

Next day, I go to work in the evening again. As soon as I get there, Jill calls me to the office again. I'm blinded by the spiral and shake it away again. She asks me to help her take inventory today instead of working customer service, as I usually do. What do I care? Customer service sucks.

We go to the back of the store in the warehouse and there is this dreamy guy named Brad there and he says hi and then looks at me and laughs. Jill tells him what we are up to and he takes a big trolley full of products out to stock shelves. I blanked out for a moment and somehow was all the way in the back of the shelves when I woke up. I shook my head, it was very odd.

I follow her around marking stuff on her clipboard while she calls them out to me. She keeps smiling and giggling. Occasionally, she even laughs. I have no idea what is so funny. I just keep doing as she says. When we are finished, the store is closed and we walk to the office. I blank out again, and shaking my head, I am standing there with my time card that I didn't even remember to pick up.

I get home and as I am getting ready for bed, I realize first, I am not wearing a bra again. Odder still, my panties are missing. My brain works over time for awhile to remember why the hell I would be running around with no underwear and I can't think of it to save my life. I throw on a nightshirt and fresh panties and go to bed.

Friday, I go to work as usual. Jill calls me to her office and I am relieved to find no spiral when I open the door. I was starting to think I was going insane. "Sit down." She laughs.

I don't get the joke at all, so I sit down, half expecting a whoopee cushion to be on the chair. She turns a television screen towards me and hits the play button on the attached VCR. I watch the screen, expecting some stupid training video and instead, I see a spiral again. I don't lose my mind this time though. Instead, I see myself walk into the office, staring blankly at the spiral.

"Jessica, you are a naughty girl." It's Jill's voice. I see the me in the video just looking at the spiral.

"I am a naughty girl." The video me repeats.

"Close the door Jessica." Jill says, I turn to close the door before realizing it is already closed and the Jill in the video said it.

I watch confused as I close the door and follow every instruction that Jill gives me. I strip naked and get on all fours in the tiny office and bark like a dog and hop on one foot. I am blushing now, the real me, and burying my hands in my face, but I have to look.

She has me fuck myself with a Sharpie. She has me stick it up my ass. She has me lick her pussy while she sits on her desk. She has me get dressed and leave my bra on the back of the office chair.

"Jessica, when I clap my hands, you won't remember any of this. You will want to please me."

She claps her hands and asks about Friday night and I comply.

The real Jill then giggles and replaces that tape with another one. This time, someone is with her, apparently holding a mobile video camera. Whoever is holding the camera says testing and affirms that everything is working properly.

Then Jill is opening the door and holding a big spiraling picture in front of me, twirling it around and around. "Jessica, you are a naughty girl." She says.

"I am a naughty girl." The video me responds.

I follow her every instruction. I strip naked again in the office and I go down on her and her unknown assistant. The whole time I am lapping up cunt juices, she keeps talking to me, filling my mind with subconscious thoughts.

"You love the taste of pussy Jessica." Video Jill says.

"I love the taste of pussy." The video me repeats.

Not to get too drawn out, but by the time the two of them have had their orgasms all over my face, I am telling them how my pussy despises cock and will never orgasm again without one of their pussies rubbing mine. I am telling them over and over again, I love cocks and I despise lesbians. I am not a filthy lesbian. I am not bi-sexual. I find sex with women to be repugnant and despicable. My pussy, however, hates men. It finds them to be dirty and smelly and repugnant. My pussy will never cum again unless it is rubbing Jill's pussy.

Then they give me dildos and vibrators and a crop to fuck and beat my pussy to try to make it cum, but it won't. I am fed that I love to perform oral sex on men, but my pussy hates it when I give a guy a blowjob. My pussy hates cock so much that it will never even lubricate from anything a man ever does to me. I am told I do not notice the girl holding the camera. I can see her, but I don't realize she is there if I am not eating her pussy. I am told to dress like a slut and handed a very wide belt and a strapless bra. I put them on. I am told I will not realize what I am wearing. In my eyes, I am fully dressed in my Wal-mart khaki's and yellow shirt.

Then I turn, as instructed, and walk out the door wearing a wide belt that is strapped tight to prevent anyone form seeing my pussy, but otherwise leaves me bare from the chest down. The camera watches me as my slit is exposed with every step and soon the belt is forced higher on my hips because my thighs are moving it and my pussy is bared to passersby.

I am taken to the stockroom and there I lose the belt and bra and perform my duties naked. Meanwhile, guys come in and fuck me and I am instructed not to even notice. I don't indicate any acknowledgement of their presence as I am repeatedly bent over boxes and fucked by my co workers. They cum in my pussy and on my back and I never even realize it. I never fuck them back and I never get aroused. (My fantasy, so all the guys at this Wal-mart are gorgeous and STD-free) She then takes me out back and sprays a hose to wash all the spunk off me. She even sticks it up my pussy to clean it out.

Next all the girl and women co workers have a turn at me. (Again, my fantasy, so they are all drop dead gorgeous and free of communicable diseases) This I notice as instructed. I love pussy. I eat it with want and desire. My pussy is steadily pouring a stream of juice that drips to the floor and coats my thighs and all the way to my feet. Every time a pussy touches my lips, I am instantly at the pinnacle of an orgasm. I stay there as long as my mouth is touching a pussy. But I can never cum unless my pussy touches Jill's.

We leave after the entire work place has had their way with me and those left at work laugh and point as I walk naked to the office again. I dress and am told to forget everything that happened except as pertains to my feelings for pussy and cock and my pussy's feelings for the same. I wake up dressed except for my underwear, which are left on the chair and I go home.

Back in the now time, I am crying and holding my face in my hands. "What the hell?" I bawled.

Jill giggles. "Want to cum?"

"No! You evil bitch! What the fuck? I am calling the police." I got up to leave and then, shaking my head, found myself sitting down again.

"What the fuck are you doing to me?" I screamed.

"Hush, people will here you." Jill smiles

I am compelled to be quiet. Jill laughs.

"What is so funny?" I asked. "You were so easy to hypnotize." Jill laughs again. "I have never had such an easy subject."

"I'm no subject bitch," I said, starting to stand up again. "And you can very well kiss your job goodbye. I am calling the regional..." I blacked out again.

I woke back in the chair. I grabbed my head. "Shit! What are you doing to me?"

Jill laughed. "You are under my control, all I have to do is clap my hands." She clapped and I woke up naked in the chair. I looked down and cried.

"The tapes will be destroyed of course. The question is what happens next." Jill smiled.

"I quit." I mumbled at her. "Fine, you had your stupid game, but I'm out of here." I got up. "Give me my clothes."

She laughed. "No."

I looked up from between her legs. There was pussy juice all over my face. She laughed.

I broke down bawling. I curled in a ball on the floor and sobbed. "What do you want?" I asked in a hoarse voice from my crying. I could still taste the pussy juice in my throat and it made me want to vomit. My pussy throbbed though.

"I want to see if I can make you insane." She laughed.

"Why?" I sniffed.

"Because I can." She grinned. She stood up and dressed. "From now on, you will be on time to work. I'll make sure you are scheduled to work when I am here. We are going to have so much fun. I have off tomorrow, it's Saturday, change all your plans, be at my house at 8 in the morning."

I sobbed on the floor. She left the office with my clothes in her arm and closed the door.

(Oh hell, I suck at short stories, but I'll continue this one when I am in writer's block on the other.)

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