tagMind ControlHypnotizing Keri

Hypnotizing Keri


This is pure fantasy I don't know how it really works with transsexuals. Again feedback is appreciated. Please tell me how I might improve my writing, not just telling me you hate my writing.


"There's Paul, gotta go."

"Have fun." Nina struggled to maintain her smile until her roommate Keri left. Nina was happy that Keri had found someone who made her happy, but she just wished that someone could be her. Nina had been in love with her roommate for months, not quite since they had moved in together a year ago. Nina had tried to broach the idea to Keri, but she had made it clear she was only interested in men. Nina had decided it best to give up, because she had a secret, she was a shemale, a woman in every respect, but one she had a cock instead of a pussy between her legs. It had been difficult growing up, because of her genitals she had been raised a boy, but at the age of ten her chest changed, at first it was just two small lumps, however it was soon apparent that she was growing breasts.

A trip to the doctor soon revealed the truth. Nina had always felt strange when she was told she was a boy, although she never wore dresses and only wore skirts when she absolutely had to. The only thing that changed was that she could grow her hair longer and wear makeup, not that she ever wore that much. Her parents had been confused but decided the best thing would be for her to changes schools, rather than have her deal with the reactions of her peers when she left one day as a boy and returned the next day a girl. Nina wasn't happy about being separated from her friends, but she wasn't sure she could face them anyway.

Nina had had a few date, all with men, but her roommate had little modesty and she had seen her naked a few times. The result was that Nina found herself fantasizing about Keri. Nina realized that it was seven, which meant that she needed to leave for her class, she was finished with school, for over a year now, but this was a hypnosis class that she was taking for fun. Nina arrived at the class, but she was not really paying attention, she was far too distracted by thoughts of Keri. Finally the class ended and Nina was gathering her things, when she realized that someone was standing by the table. Nina looked up to see Miss Collier, the teacher looking down at her with obvious concern.

"Nina normally you're very vocal in class and tonight you weren't even paying attention, what happened?" Nina's mouth fell open and her eyes went wide. "Nina, your mind was on someone else, your roommate probably." If anything Nina's eyes went wider as she nodded. "Don't worry, I just figured it out from the way you talk about her. I'm guessing she's pursuing some boy and shows you no interest. Have you thought about hypnotizing her, that way you can cut through all of the issues to sort this out and you won't have to worry about what she thinks." Nina brightened up and Miss Collier smiled.

"Thank you Miss Collier." Miss Collier shook her head.

"Nina, when class is over you call me Kalani and have fun." Miss Collier returned to her desk to gather her own stuff to leave and Nina also left. Once home Nina sat in the living room considering how she would convince Keri to allow her to hypnotize her. Then she remembered that Keri had been stressing over work, she was up for promotion and wasn't sleeping, because she was uncertain if she'd get it or not. Satisfied that she had a reason for Keri, she considered what she would do once she was hypnotized. At last Keri arrived although she had clearly been drinking she was only a little unsteady as she came in and sat heavily on the couch. Nina looked her over, Keri was all contrasts, green eyes, black hair pale skin and an overall dainty body, whereas Nina was almost six feet tall with dark skin. Nina wasn't huge, but she wasn't as fragile as her roommate looked.

"Keri, what happened?" Keri turned to her.

"Paul thought I would be interested in trying something new if I was drunk enough, but there's no way that I would be that drunk." Keri was fuming, even if her words were occasionally slurred.

"What was it?" Keri was hesitant.

"He wanted to stick it in my...my butt." Keri put her head in her hands and started crying.

"What now?" Keri took a few minutes to answer. When she did Keri turned to Nina, eyes streaming, makeup a mess.

"I don't know, it was so great, until tonight. I actually thought we would move in together, now I'm not sure I want to see him again."

"Keri, would you let me hypnotize you? I know that you have been stressing about that promotion and with this your sleeping is only going to get worse. So, Keri will let me help you?" Keri stared hard.

"Can you (sob), make me forget about Paul?"

"Maybe, but I won't as that would be wrong. I am going to help you manage your stress and sleep better, it should look better after a good night's sleep. So how about it?" Keri's lip trembled as she nodded.

"Good, now relax and listen to the sound of my voice." Nina continued until she heard Keri's breathing became shallow and her eyes closed. Satisfied Nina decided that she needed answers first. "Keri, how do you really feel about Paul, you must tell me the truth."

"I like him, but I don't think I could live with him. If I was honest I would probably dump him now, however I don't have my eye on anyone and I don't want to be alone on a Saturday night or left high and dry without a cock." Nina was shocked, but smiled as she had asked for honesty.

"Keri if you weren't afraid of what others might think, would you be interested in me?"

"Yes, but I couldn't, I'm afraid that I might like girls better and I couldn't disappoint my parents, they want grandchildren." Nina nodded she wasn't surprised.

"Keri I want you to undress and from now on unless there is someone else here, you will remain naked. Whenever I call you my 'sweet girl' you will return to this trance state. Now, when you think about your wet needy pussy, what pops into your head?" Keri's answer was quick, without hesitation.

"A big hard cock penetrating me." Nina almost laughed at this.

"You have nothing to fear, you like boys, but if you like girls too, that's ok. Don't be afraid."

"Yes, I understand, my feelings are what's important."

"Oh, and don't stress about your job, just do your best and if you get the promotion, great, if not you'll get it next time. Now every night you'll get enough sleep and wake up when you need to, no earlier, no later." Somehow Keri seemed to relax a little more. Nina undressed, Keri of course didn't react, even when Nina's cock into view, it was about three quarters hard and when fully erect it would be seven and a half inches, she had measured in high school after she had heard friends talking about their boyfriends.

"Keri you will accept that I have a cock, remembering that I am your friend and I would never hurt, even if I have been keeping a secret like this. Look at me Keri and tell me what you would want to do." Keri turned to look at her, licking her lips, a hunger in her eyes.

"I want to take your cock in my mouth and suck you." Nina felt her cock finish hardening.

"Okay, my sweet girl wake up and don't be afraid." Keri's eyes fully opened and she frowned, but didn't stop looking at Nina's cock.

"Nina, did you hypnotize me to want you?"

"No, I swear Keri I just told you to stop being afraid of what other people think and go with your feelings, oh, I did tell you not to hate me for keeping this secret from you." Nina looked down, which admittedly meant she was now staring at her own throbbing cock. Nina felt on the verge of tears, although she did not usually cry.

"I'm sorry Nina, it's just I have been blocking out any thought about you since we met and to suddenly be thinking about your cock, I thought something must be wrong. But the truth is you were only helping me find what I truly wanted and at the moment that's you." Nina stepped forward but stopped just out of Keri's reach, who looked disappointed.

"I have been wanting you for months and I did hypnotize you because of that, but I didn't make you feel this way, I just thought you should know." Keri nodded and smiling, beckoned Nina forward. As soon as she was close enough Keri opened her mouth to accept Nina's cock. Nina felt her cock engulfed by Keri's mouth and moaned loudly, as she had only dated boy before she had never received a blowjob before. She had given a few, but usually they just fucked her ass and only a few cared if she had cum. Keri's mouth was so warm and wet, Nina soon found her hips moving of their own accord, slowly thrusting in and out of Keri's mouth, but soon she just gained speed and Keri moaned around her cock, which felt amazing. The Keri pulled off and Nina moaned her disappointment, she was tempted to return Keri to a trance to get her to continue, however Keri smiled. Keri stood and leaned in to kiss Nina, who readily accepted, however Nina pushed her tongue in Keri's mouth. Keri attempted to push back, but Nina broke the kiss.

"Understand something I like you a lot and won't act like a boy, but you need to understand something, I am the top here. Do you understand?" Keri's eyes and mouth went wide and it looked as if she would speak, but she closed her mouth nodding.

"How do you want me?" Nina considered.

"On the couch, but if you want we can go to bed." Keri didn't answer she merely turned to lean over the couch, looking back at Nina as she shook her ass provocatively. Nina smiled, she liked being in charge, she would definitely have to see how far she could push Keri in the future, without putting her into a trance. Nina moved behind Keri stroking along her pussy lips and sliding between her ass cheeks. Keri moaned and pushed her ass back into Nina's crotch.

"Please, mistress no more teasing, take me." Nina considered only briefly making her wait longer, but she was just as eager if not more so. Nina however did smack her ass as she thrust into her. Keri moaned as she thrust back into Nina.

"Now, you beg if you want me to fuck, not demand." She continued to smack her ass as she said this, using the smacks for emphasis. Nina felt Keri's pussy clamp onto her cock, she had never felt anything wrapped around her cock except her own hand while masturbating and once a boy had stroked her while he fucked her. Nina started moaning herself as she increased her speed. Keri could no longer keep her head up and was now completely bent over, thrusting back against Nina.

"Oh, oh please, mistress don't stop, please keep fucking me." The more Nina fucked her the more Keri begged her to keep going. Nina masturbated three times a day she was so horny, when she woke up, any time during the day she could get away and finally right before she fell asleep, but she hadn't gotten laid in months. Nina fought to avoid cumming but she it was inevitable and moaned even louder, as some part of her hoped that none of their neighbors heard her, as she came. Nina was practically laying on top of Keri's prone form as she recovered from her orgasm. Nina wasn't sure how long it was before they began to stir.

"Well, Keri what do you say we take a shower and go to bed, mine's bigger so what about mine?" Keri kissed her, readily accepting her tongue.

"Sounds great and I don't know if I'm ready to settle down with anyone so, I'll just enjoy being with you and wait till I am ready." Nina smiled as she led Keri to the shower, Keri spent much of the time cleaning Nina's cock, not that Nina was complaining. After some time with Nina's cock hard and throbbing, needing release, but they moved to Nina's bed. Once in bed Keri continued stroking Nina's cock, but not very fast.

"Keri, if you don't stop teasing me I'm going to spank you and cum in your mouth, denying you orgasm, in fact I may not let you cum for a week." Keri responded by taking Nina in her mouth, swirling her tongue. Nine started thrusting into Keri's mouth when Keri pulled off and turned her back to her. Nina moved onto her side and entered Keri from behind. Nina continued thrusting until she came again in Keri's pussy. Moments later Nina was asleep, drifting off thinking how wonderful a live-in girlfriend was.

The End

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