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I Adore You


It's a cold Sunday night and I'm lying in bed thinking about the hottest sexual experience of my life. What I am about to write is true and happened a little less than two weeks ago. I will write this story from my perspective but would love to read what Lexi would write, perhaps when she sees this she will do just that.

The Story

We had been fighting. Our relationship was not going well and she agreed to meet me at my office to talk. I had made two steaming cups of tea with bags that were imported from Ceylon, and placed them on my desk, next to them I laid out two Ghirardelli chocolates, her favorite, some spoons and fancy paper napkins. The stage was set for what I hoped would be reconciliation.

I heard the door and the sound of her shoes as she walked up the stairs. She reached the top of the landing turned toward my office door and we made eye contact and smiled. Lexi is beautiful; she has flowing blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. She stands 5'1" weighs 110lbs, has 36 c breasts with long pink nipples that are always at attention, toned sexy legs and an ass that is simply perfect. Though Lexi is in her early forties she could easily pass for a woman in her late twenties. She is the embodiment of the word MILF or what she likes to call herself a cougar.

"Hi." I said looking at her dressed in a designer paisley coat, grayish skirt, top and strappy high heel sandals.

"Hello." Was the reply and within seconds of me shutting the office door we were in each other's arms.

I grabbed her embracing her tight, as our tongues explored and probed each other. The room was electric as I removed her coat throwing it to the ground, followed next by her top and sexy Victoria's Secret bra. She was exposed from the waist up as my mouth went to her tits sucking hard on her erect nipples. I laid Lexi on the carpeted floor of the office continuing to administer to her breasts while my right hand was lifting up her skirt fingers going right for her warm sopping cunt. This wasn't going to be about making love this was going to be about fucking.

She looked so fucking hot lying on her back legs spread, her skirt bunched around her stomach. I continued finger fucking her bald pussy as I removed my own pants. My uncircumcised cock had never been so hard. I pulled back my foreskin, took off her black panties which were still on, and entered her.

"Yeah baby! Fuck me." She purred. "Take me baby."

She was getting to me way to fast but I thrust harder and faster and watched her face as she came on my dick for the first time. It was enough another 30 seconds and I would have exploded but I wanted this to last.

I was on my knees between her legs when Lexi got up in a sitting position looked up at me and said.

"I want to taste you."

She put my rigid cock in her mouth and sucked hard she was moaning loudly and I was enjoying the view looking down. I grabbed the back of her hair and impaled myself deeper down her throat she is amazingly sexy. I felt myself ready to ejaculate again when I stopped her and pushed her back to the floor. I was above her and my left hand was moving in and out of her very wet hole arching my finger just right I found her g-spot and watched as she came a second time.

Right after this she did something I will never forget for two reasons. First because she was so incredibly sensual and two it was the most erotic experience I have ever had. She started talking about my deepest darkest fantasy and verbally living it out with me.

"Baby you want to watch me suck black cock, don't you?" she teased.

"Not just one big black cock? Right baby you want me to suck and fuck a room full of them don't you baby." She asked.

"Yes baby I do. I want to watch them fuck your mouth, cunt and ass while you jerk off two more with your hands." I replied.

I re entered her cunt with my throbbing cock.

"Is that what you want? To see me taken like a whore? You want them to cum on my face and then wash it away with their piss. "

Wow! She was getting into it when she asked quietly.

"Baby take me by the window and fuck me there I want to please."

I thought about how hot that would be but this was still my office. I didn't respond but the wheels in my head started turning and I pulled out of her again. I clutched a big clump of her hair and made her crawl to the office door.

I said to her "Not by the window slut but let's show everyone what a whore you are."

I opened the office door and roughly rammed my penis in her waiting mouth.

Her eyes darted down the hallway and her sucking was frantic. I started taunting her.

"You fucking cunt, you want to be gangbanged by black cock don't you." I screamed.

"I bet you want me to put your picture in an ad asking for black men to fuck and piss all over you body."

She shook her head yes while sucking harder.

"You want a dominant black man don't you? One that will make you do unspeakable things, like lick his balls and asshole. He will tie you up and beat your ass red and lend you out like a common prostitute."

Lexi was on fire and I was nearly read to cum especially as I imagined a black cock fucking her doggy style while she blew me. I told her this.

"Come on baby show me how you'd fuck that big black dick while you suck me. I want you to show me, push that sexy ass toward him."

She started moving her hips backwards simulating fucking that imaginary black cock while sucking me deep in her mouth and looking past the open office door down the hallway wondering if someone was going to see her. This was too much, I yanked my cock out of her warm moist face hole put my dick on her lips and jerked off until I discharged a copious amount of white sticky cum onto her cheek and nose. Lexi looked so tremendously erotic with my cum on her face. She begged me to take her picture, but unfortunately, I had forgotten a camera. Instead I picked her up again by the hair and let her see herself in the mirror.

"That's so hot. I'm such a slut." She said and laughed.

"You're my slut." I teased.

I handed her a napkin and watched as she wiped up.

"I need to wash up." She said

Lexi then to my great surprise, simply threw on her paisley overcoat and walked down the hall flashing me on the way. God she was sexy.

I warmed up the tea as I waited for her to come back then went to the restroom myself.

When I returned she was dressed and gave her usual refrain. "I got to go."

I handed her the tea which she sipped quickly and appreciatively but I knew she had to go home. This experience ended much too fast and in my heart I knew it would be weeks before I would see her again. We moved to the door, she looked at me, reached onto the hall table, where she had placed the cum soaked napkin, picked it up, and put it in her pocket. Why? I don't know but I must ask. We kissed.

"I love you, I adore you." I told her.

She smiled and said "I do too."

I took her hand walked her to the stairs and just as she was starting down the steps one of my colleagues came out of his office and saw her. She noticed him too and glanced back at me with her impish smile. I was and am the luckiest man on Earth.

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