tagRomanceI Am His

I Am His


I felt so guilty that night on the way to his house. I had promised not to do this. I had a battle in my head: Why would you promise this? Why is this wrong?

My own voice would answer, It is wrong because he doesn't want you except to use you for pleasure.

I promised this because I need a life coach, I need an outside conscious. Yet here I was in my car on the freeway so excited to get there that I could feel the heat between my legs rising high. It was like the very first time all over again, times one hundred. I had waited so long; I could no longer resist his incredibly forward advances. Grabbing the back of my neck on the elevator and breathing in my ear, kissing me in the break room, and last but not least the numerous texts made in the heat of the middle of the night.

Finally I arrive at his house.

He's the kind of guy that enjoys the nakedness of a woman's body. Lingerie would just get in the way of his desired targets. His body is hard and dark and totally in shape. The muscles on his arms make me weak. My head goes cloudy and suddenly I know I am his.

Anything he desires, he whispered in my ear or order me to do while holding me from behind. I am naked in seconds and his strong hands were pushing me back on the bed. He moved like a fierce lion pouncing on his prey. His mouth was so wet and warm sucking on the side of my neck and his fingers waste no time finding my sweet spot.

He smiled when he realized I'm already dripping with desire for his hard long cock. Licking my lips, with my hands above my head I braced myself in anticipation of his thrust. The action of his penis entering my precious spot, I knew all too well to be deep and forceful. To my surprise he put himself inside me and then slowly enters my hotness. I could feel my warm and tingling pink flesh tighten around him. Once inside of me he embraced my face with both hands and told me how he had waited so long for this and that my pussy feels so good to him.

Smiling I grabbed his head and lowered it so I could suck on his ear and whisper "Do you know how many women want to be in your bed right now? Sucking on your neck and staring in your eyes while you fuck them? You feel so good sliding in and out of me right now."

Something I knew would feed his ego and give him a boost of energy. He began to pump his dick slowly in and out of my dripping wet pussy, drowning me with his kisses, his hands holding mine down. Our fingers curled together and our eyes met in hunger for each other as I wrapped my legs around his back. I could feel the weight of his masculine body on mine. I could sense the power he possessed above me and I moaned in tune with our love making.

All of a sudden he flipped me over and banged into me from behind. Over and over again he pounded his huge black dick inside my wet, hot pussy. I reached underneath me to feel for myself how wet I am between my legs. I couldn't help but stop and play with my clit causing my bottom to rock in a circular motion. I could hear him panting hard behind me as he squeezed my ass. His hands explored my back and made their way to my hair and neck.

"Oh yes, pull my hair baby", those little words were all he needed to slow down and go deep and hard while pulling on a handful of my hair. He leaned in and whispered, "Roll back over I want to look in to your eyes when I cum"

I'm electric, my body could feel everything enhanced, my pelvis grinding against his to a steady rhythm and beat. My eyes rolled back when I felt his hot lips and tongue engulf my hard pink nipples as he spent time on each one with his hands holding and squeezing my breasts.

"You're amazing" I said.

"I love you" he said. "You are mine."

"I am yours." I said.

He began to move faster and harder. My hips rocked back and forth, begging for him to finish with me. I could feel his body tighten and see his eyes open wide and he said "I want to cum inside you right now, I want to cum in my pussy. Is this my pussy now?"

I wasted no time in responding back "Do it, cum inside your pussy baby, make me yours right now!"

Right on cue he released his seed inside me and collapsed his sweaty body on top of mine and whispered in my ear "Spend the night with me tonight my love."

How does a girl say no to that? She doesn't!

©WickedWays Writing by: Poisonous Fly

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