tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersI Am My Daughter's Bitch

I Am My Daughter's Bitch


How did I end up like this? On my hands and knees dressed in just sexy stockings and suspenders and a lacy corset, my face in slutty make up, my lips wrapped around my daughter's boyfriend's cock while my daughter herself rammed an eight inch strapon up my arse. The worst of it was, humiliated though I felt, this was really turning me on. This is the story of how I became my daughter's bitch and how I came to love it.

I suppose I shouldn't have let myself get into this situation. I shouldn't ever have had an affair but my sex life with my wife was dead and I still had needs that couldn't really be achieved through simple masturbation. In truth, there wasn't much of a connection between me and Shawna beyond the obvious physical attraction, or lust rather, of my busty, blonde work colleague. In fact, I didn't really like the air-headed secretary at all as a person but with my wife becoming increasingly frigid then Shawna became the object of my fantasies and in the end it was hard to resist this gorgeous fuck doll when she flirted and pouted around me at work. I knew my wife wouldn't be around that weekend so I invited Shawna over to my house. I didn't exactly know what I wanted from the evening, but Shawna did. As soon as we were in the house and I was offering her a drink, she was instead tearing off my clothes and dragging me to the bedroom. She completely stripped me naked and giggled at my slight, hairless body and small cock. However, my inadequacy as a man wasn't about to stop her now, she was clearly hot and horny and desperate for any kind of sex.

She lay back on the bed and opened her legs, grabbing me and pulling me over until her legs were wrapped around me, her sheer stockings rubbing against my bare legs giving a feeling that was very soft, smooth and arousing. I tore open the thin material of her blouse to reveal her massive breasts practically spilling out of her lacy black bra. Fiddling for a few minutes with her bra strap, I finally managed to free her breasts and bury my face in them, licking and sucking all over them, paying especial attention to her firm, erect nipples. As I did this, my hands pulled up her knee length velvet skirt to around her waist and pulled her panties aside. I could already feel her wetness and arousal as I fingered her warm pussy lips.

"Oh God," Shawna gasped as my fingers rubbed across her clitoris, "Enough of this fumbling," she said, "Come on James, I know you've got a little dick but just for now could you be man enough to actually fuck me? I'm so horny right now I'll even let a little girly man like you satisfy me."

Now, while I didn't like to be talked to like that, particularly by a lowly secretary, I couldn't help but notice my little cock was harder than it had ever been before. I told myself that this had nothing to do with Shawna's taunting but was probably because I hadn't been in this kind of position with such a fuckable woman in so many years. Whatever the reason, I was hard and as eager to go as Shawna so I was only too happy to oblige, sliding my cock into her warm, wet pussy and beginning to fuck her, thrusting as deep inside her as I could. Now, despite the small size of my manhood, I had always prided myself on being quite a skilled lover who knew just what a woman needed to please her and so it pleased my pride to hear Shawna begin to moan. However, it was less flattering to my ego when she began to speak.

"Fuck James, even you must be able to do better than that!," she moaned, "Is your little dick even inside me? I can barely feel it. It feels more like a girl's clit than a real cock. Come on, girly man, fuck me harder!"

Now I was really putting all of my energy into fucking her harder and faster, desperately trying to prove myself and, almost as a byproduct of this, actually having the best sex I'd ever had. Pretty soon I felt about ready to explode and withdrew and jerked off until I was cumming a massive load all over Shawna's chest, breasts and clothes before collapsing beside her on the bed.

"I'm not done with you yet," Shawna said, grabbing me and pushing me down into her crotch, "Since you weren't man enough to make me cum already then you're going to have to eat me out."

I did as she asked, lapping my tongue over her wet cunt and throbbing clit which, worryingly, was almost almost as big as my cock. As I ran my tongue around between her thighs, I couldn't help but get a bit of my own cum on my lips. I had to admit to quite enjoying the salty taste but was rather more distracted by this hot woman's pink pussy which was soon leaking its own juices into my mouth as Shawna had her own orgasm.

"Wow," she said, "You know your tongue's a lot better fuck than your cock."

Suddenly, I heard a voice behind me, "Dad?" it said, "What's going on?"

I turned to see my daughter Kaylee in the doorway, how long had she been there? she was supposed to be staying with a friend, watching open mouthed as her naked father knelt beneath his work colleague's skirt and ate out her pussy. I imagine it was quite a shocking sight for any girl to see. Nobody wants to think of their parents having an affair but being confronted with such graphic evidence of it is even worse.

After Kaylee turned and walked out of the bedroom looking a mixture of angry and upset, I hurriedly put my clothes back on and ushered Shawna out of the door.

"Don't worry," she said as she left, "Your daughter won't have to see something like that ever again. I need a real man to satisfy me."

Hoping to do some damage limitation, I headed for Kaylee's room to talk to her, hopefully we could keep this little incident between us and my wife would never have to know about it. My daughter was eighteen and about to leave home for college in a couple of months anyway. She had always been very precocious, fiercely intelligent and the kind of girl who both always knew just what she wanted and always managed to get it. As I stepped into the room and sat beside her on the bed, I couldn't help but think that she had grown into a lovely, beautiful woman, even as she glared angrily at me. I knew that she had always been popular with boys, something she had often used to get things she wanted, and looking at her now I could see why. She was quite tall and her body was simply perfectly proportioned with long, slender legs, a narrow waist and wide hips with pretty, perky young breasts that were about a B or C cup, large and round but not too big for her slim, toned body. Her face was a gorgeous picture of innocence with soft little features and wide bright green eyes, except when she smiled her pretty little pink lips with a flash of her perfect teeth and gave a hint at her naughty, sometimes manipulative mind, and her innocent eyes lit up with darker thoughts. Her hair was glossy black and shoulder length. Kaylee was dressed in a tiny denim mini-skirt showing off her sexy bare legs and a pink halter top. She looked up at me as I sat beside her and her bright eyes glistened with tears and her dark mascara had run a little.

"Listen honey," I said, "I know what you saw was bad, but you know things haven't been great between me and your mother. If you tell her what happened here then things are only going to get worse."

She seemed to think about it for a moment then her eyes lit up and that naughty smile appeared on her face.

"OK daddy," she grinned, talking in her little girl voice she always used to convince me to do what she wanted, "I won't tell mum about your little bit on the side. But you're going to have to be punished for what you did and what I had to see and you're going to have to do something for me. Now, as long as you do just what I say then nobody else has to find out what I saw today. Is that a deal?"

"Sure, honey," I said with great relief, just thankful my wife wouldn't find out, not really thinking what Kaylee could mean by "punishment" and "do something for her", "I'll do anything you want."

"Alright then," she said, taking my hand in hers, her hand was soft and her fingers long and thin with shiny pink painted nails, "Now, I'm a little ashamed to admit it, daddy, but watching your bedroom antics with that secretary got me a little turned on. Since you love eating pussy so much, the first thing I would have you do for me is eat me out."

What?! I couldn't believe the words that had just come out of my sweet little girl's mouth. Sure, Kaylee was a gorgeous eighteen year old with a little naughty streak, so I was sure that she had had oral sex and probably quite frequently but that was a whole different thing from hearing her talk about it, let alone demand it from me. I really didn't know what to do or say, I just stared blankly, stunned.

"Oh daddy, don't tell me you've never thought about it," she said, still holding my hand and moving it to lift her very short skirt to reveal a pair of tiny pink frilly panties. "Surely you think I'm beautiful?" she smiled fluttering her eyelashes, and I nodded, of course she was, "And I think it's pretty clear that you've not been getting enough sex." She was obviously right about this and I was a little ashamed to admit this closeness to such a gorgeous young girl was turning me on a little and making my cock harder, the thought of the naughtiness of it being my daughter wasn't helping either. "Don't you watch me, around the house? Don't you look at my little skirts and long to see beneath?" She asked as she slid the panties down her long smooth legs to show me her pussy, the soft pink lips looking terribly enticing beneath a tiny strip of dark pubic hair. I knew she was right, all those times I had looked proudly on how beautiful my daughter had become, there had been a part of me looking with lust, wanting to fuck my girl's sweet little pussy. Well, maybe I would have a chance yet. I knew that it was wrong and dirty but I wasn't about to resist as she commanded, "Come on daddy, eat me," and pushed my face down between her legs. Who knew? Maybe I would get to fuck my daughter soon, certainly if this was the way I was punished for fucking the hot Shawna, by getting with an even sexier, younger girl, then I'd take that kind of punishment any day.

Kaylee lay back and opened her legs, I knelt between them and, for the second time that day, my tongue went to work on a beautiful, wet pussy. It pleased me greatly to hear my beautiful daughter moan in pleasure as I lapped up her tasty pussy juices.

"Oh fuck, yeah, daddy, you eat pussy so good," she said, squirming at the slightest brush of my tongue, "I can't believe you don't do this with mum any more. Well, it's her loss."

She grabbed my face and held me down, pushing me deeper into her as her orgasm rocked through her body. I couldn't believe it, here I was on my knees, making my beautiful daughter cum with my tongue and I was loving it, my cock was totally hard by now and for once I was glad that it was so small that Kaylee wouldn't know quite how excited she had got me.

Once she had finished cumming, I got out from between my daughter's legs and, licking my lips, sat back down beside her. She turned and grinned at me with that sexy, naughty smile of hers.

"That was great, I needed that," she sighed, "But now I've got you compliant, I think maybe it's time for your punishment to begin." Now I began to worry a little. I had no idea what she wanted to do to me but I realised that I wouldn't really have a choice about it if I didn't want my wife to find out about me and Shawna, let alone what I just did with our daughter. "Take your pants off and get over here," she said, "I'm going to give you a spanking."

Well, what could I do? Besides, the idea did excite me a little. So I stripped off and my daughter bent me across her knee. But not before she had noticed the arousal in my little cock and giggled, "Hey, daddy, she was right, it is like a clit, and look how hard your daughter's making your little clitty-cock." She waited a moment with me bent over her bare knee, before landing a hard smack on my arse which made me yelp out with a decidedly unmasculine squeal of pain. A second later, she landed another, harder slap across my arse. This went on for some time, all the time leaving my arse sorer and redder and yet even as I was in some pain, I was loving the closeness and touch between my body and the nubile young flesh of my teenage daughter and every slap might have caused me to yelp with pain but it did nothing to abate my arousal.

"That's a nice, pert arse you've got there, daddy," Kaylee said, running her hands over it, "Have you ever taken anything inside it?"

Not waiting for my confusion and pain to die down enough to answer, she stuck one of her long fingers up into my arse. It was an incredible new sensation like nothing I had ever felt before and even though I felt totally humiliated bent over the knee of my teenage daughter while she violated my arse with her finger, I felt incredibly aroused too and it didn't take much of her finger exploring to cause me to shoot my load without ever touching my cock, creaming all over her leg and her bed.

"Now then, we can't be having that," Kaylee laughed, "What would mum think had been going on between us if she saw that. You'd better clean it up."

Without even thinking of what I was doing, I knelt back on the floor and began to lick my own cum up off my daughter's leg and her stained sheets. I had already tasted it briefly on Shawna earlier on and at the back of my mind there had remained a desire to try it again, so much so that as soon as I saw my thick, milky cum on my daughter's soft, bare flesh, I was overcome with a desire to taste it. As I licked up my cum so very eagerly, Kaylee laughed at me again.

"Wow, daddy, I just said to clean up, not to lick up your cum," she said, "Maybe the reason you and mum haven't been having so much sex lately is because it's a strong, hard cock that you want to be eating not pussy! We'll have to remember that for next time."

Next time?! What had I let myself in for now? At least, that was half of what I was thinking as I left my daughter's room, the other half of my mind was excited by all manner of dirty thoughts about Kaylee and what would happen between us and other new experiences we could have. As I had left she had given me her frilly pink thong to wear, "as a souvenir of today" she had said, "so you don't forget which one of us is in charge here". Now, feeling the soft lace around my cock and the thong inside my arse-crack, I couldn't help but think with pleasure on the feel of my daughter's finger stuck inside my arse and the taste of my cum as I licked it off her.

That evening, as I walked around the kitchen, my arse still felt so saw and raw that I walked with a limp that my wife began to notice. I could only blush and stammer out feeble excuses to explain myself as Kaylee smiled to watch me squirm uncomfortably as I went about doing her chores for her. While my wife was on the other side of the room and I was vacuuming the floor beside my daughter, she landed a playful slap on my arse which made me wince with pain again, and whispered in my ear just too quiet for my wife to hear, "Just remember that from now on, you're my bitch and you do what I say which means no more sleeping around with any other women."

I didn't care about that, there was no way I would be going back to a woman like Shawna when I had Kaylee, hot, young and dirty, my own daughter who could make me cum just with the touch of her hand and made me think weird thoughts I had never had before. Thoughts that made my little dick harder than ever in the tiny pink panties I was wearing. Fortunately, my wife no longer paid me enough attention to notice, but it was still an awkward moment as I took the panties off and hid them before bed that night.

A few days later, me and Kaylee were alone in the house for the day once again and her corruption of me continued, and to think, it had been me that had once fantasised about corrupting my innocent daughter but it was her that was turning me on to naughty, new delights. On this day, she had me strip down in the centre of her bedroom until I was just wearing her frilly little thong, stretched a little by the hard-on I had already got from the situation. Dressed in just a sexy dark blue bra and panty set, she walked around me, expecting my little, mostly hairless body and small, erect cock, taking pictures on her digital camera, "just in case" she said.

"You know, those panties make your pretty arse look even better," she said, "Daddy, you know they look almost as good on you as they do on me. We'll make a pretty girl of you yet."

A girl? Was she going to force me to live out the secret desires that had been building up inside me when wearing her panties these last few days? I was understandably excited and very nervous. Yet that wasn't what I had in store for me just yet.

"Now, bitch, I've got a little surprise for you," Kaylee said, with her back to me, digging something out of her wardrobe, "Your such a cum loving bitch that I thought you'd like to have a go at sucking cock."

While I wondered what she was talking about, Kaylee turned back round to show that her panties had been replaced by a big, rubber cock. She grinned and waved her strap-on at me.

"How do you like it, bitch? Does it make you feel less of a man to see your daughter with a bigger cock than you?" I just stood there agape, staring at her little feminine body with the big fake cock jutting out before it, "Isn't that what you want, bitch? To suck on a hard cock."

I just nodded and groaned "Mmmmmmmm." I got on my knees and tried to lick around the head of my daughter's rubber dick, trying to open my mouth and get it inside but I wasn't doing much good. Kaylee laughed at me.

"That's not how you do it, come on let me show you."

She pushed me away and stood me up, kneeling before me so we were positioned the opposite way around from the way that we had been before. Without pausing, my daughter pulled my panties aside and wrapped her lips around my cock. This was unbelievable, I was getting a blowjob from my own daughter! And she was very good at it. My wife never really obliged my desire for her to give me head even when we had had more sex together so I wasn't exactly much more experienced with getting at it than I was with giving it, yet even I could tell that my sweet, innocent daughter was something of an expert as she ran her tongue around at just the most sensitive points to pretty quickly make my legs quiver and make me shoot my load into her mouth and onto her chest. Her pretty, pink mouth looked even more beautiful with drops of my cum on it and I couldn't help but kiss her long and slowly, savouring the taste of my juices. I would have licked them from her cleavage too but instead, Kaylee smeared my cum off her breasts with her hand and covered her strap-on with it so my attention was directed there.

"Now, do you think you can manage to do something like that, daddy-bitch?" she asked.

"Oh, yes," I gasped, already on my knees flicking my tongue over my daughter's strap-on trying to lap up all of my cum.

"That's 'Yes, Mistress Kaylee'," my daughter said commandingly, "You must always remember daddy that I'm your mistress and your my bitch and you have to beg to be allowed to suck me."

"Honey..." I started to say but saw the look in her eyes.

"Do you want another spanking, bitch?" she said angrily, "Now, beg for it. Beg like the cock hungry slut you are, daddy."

"Please, Mistress Kaylee, let me suck your cock," I said, not just to please her but really meaning it, "It's so much bigger than mine, a cum hungry bitch like me needs to see what a real cock can do."

With that, Kaylee took my head and shoved it onto her strap-on, pushing it deep inside my throat so I was gagging on it. After a while of fucking my face, Kaylee let up a bit and allowed me a go at her cock, I tried to do what I could in replicating what she had done to my cock with my lips and tongue and after a while, I started to get it, started giving my daughter a blow job not to far removed from what she had given me and I was loving this end of it at least as much.

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