tagIncest/TabooI Became a Man Overnight

I Became a Man Overnight


They were at it again, or rather he was, he was shouting his fucking head off, and I was getting more than fed up with it.

I had only ever known this, he would shout and regale at her, and she would cower in fear. He was a bastard, he was my dad!

All my life I had witnessed this, but what can one boy do against a tyrannical dad, he never hit me, he didn't have to, he never hit my mum, he didn't have to do that either. His voice and powerful ways was enough to browbeat us. But I used to tell myself, that one day, it would stop, I would stop it, come hell or high water.

That day was just about here. I was upstairs in my room, it was Saturday morning and he was at her again. Then I heard him say, that if his dinner wasn't on the table when he arrived home, then a row of manic proportions would be on!

For the last 10 or 12 months I had been in training, I was growing up, no longer the spindly boy; I was turning into a powerful young man. The weight lifting and circuit training had had the desired effect, I was not only bigger, in all ways, but a damn sight stronger too, and I realised that the old man didn't fear me any more.

Now I was not 6ft 2" and 140lbs, I was 6ft 2" and 190lbs, and it was muscle, and brawn, not window dressing. I am Ryan Birch by the way; I turned 18 years of age 2 months ago. I have a girlfriend, but not serious, and I have good friends too, but because of my dad, they rarely visited, they had heard him bawling and shouting, so they stayed away.

My mates used to say to me, 'Ryan, one day, you are going to have to do something about all this, your mum is a wreck.' It would break my heart to hear, what I already knew to be true.

My wonderful, but cowed mum is Deirdre, but to all she is called Dee. Mum is 5ft 3"ish, small in stature, shoulder length dark brown hair, which if it was lighter would be called mousey. She has friends, friends who try and gather round when needed, but they all stayed away when he was home, commonsense made that, if they were there when he came home, she would get it in the neck!

She is a terrific mum to me, her only son, and now guiding light, I was all she had she would tell me.

She isn't beautiful, but good looking enough to draw admiring glances when she is out and about. I had never 'checked' her out from a sexual outlook, or point of view, but she had a good body.

I know she likes to work out at home, so she was fit and toned. And unknown to me, there was a woman in there, trying to get out, but because of him, it was deeply buried. She didn't dare express any opinion, or dress even demurely.

She dressed the way he told her to, frumpy! Then he would belittle her because of it!

He has a big bank account, from where it came, I have no idea, because he didn't do a lot, he loves horse racing, drinking, and being out and about on the razz! The reason I knew about the money was, he had made me set up on the banking internet for him, so I knew the passwords, unless he had altered them.

But he always kept her short, never enough unless it was to be spent on him.

So after all these years, it was time to defend my own guiding light, the only person now able to protect her from her living nightmare, was me. I was prepared now to go to battle with him, even though he was a bit bigger than me. I knew him for what he was, a fucking bully! Well, bullies are more or less all the same, if they can't bully, they have nothing, nothing!

I shot out of bed, clad only in my shorts, I raced downstairs, he was in the kitchen, and mum was sat at the table, quivering in fear. He was dressed for going out; mum was in her dowdy dressing gown.

'Leave her alone you cunt!' I roared at him. I got right in his face. I hated him right at that moment with a vengeance.

He was utterly stunned. 'How dare I speak to him like that?' he shouted, and pushed me away, I grabbed his wrist and pushed back.

'Back off runt, before you get hurt!' he ordered.

'Leave her alone you bastard!' I shouted back.

'What did you say, you little cunt?' he railed at me.

'If you shout at her once more, I'll batter you, now fuck off and leave her alone!' I bellowed.

For the first time in his and my life, his fist was raised, but he raised it at mum, I stepped forward to stop him, and he turned to me, bringing his arm back. I whacked him a haymaker, right between his eyes, he was not only stunned by it, but the fact I had done it, he sagged to the floor, and sat on his arse, leaning against the units.

While he was still in a state of shock, I got hold of his collar and dragged him across the floor, through the hallway, opened the front door, and bundled him out.

As I did, I told him that that was the last time he would ever hurt my mum again.

I locked the door, fastened the chain, and went to look out of the window; I was preparing myself for more. I was trembling like a leaf, not from real fear but from the adrenalin pumping through me.

I saw him get to his feet, and amble away, looking around to see if anyone was watching.

I went back to mum, who was shaking terribly, I took her in my arms and told her that from now on she would be safe, that he would leave her alone, or suffer the consequences.

I told her to go back to bed, and I would bring her a cup of tea.

Off she went, I took her tea to her, but she couldn't hold the cup for the trembling. I held her tightly then, she then asked me to lie with her.

'I'm so scared Ryan, what will he be like when he gets home?' she said softly.

'I don't care mum,' I said. 'But I assure you, he will not hurt you anymore, believe me, those days are over.'

Mum fell asleep in my arms, and for the first time, I noticed the swell of her breasts, and because of the way she was laid in my arms, her cleavage was on view. And I was impressed, well impressed. I watched as she breathed, and her tits swelled with every breath. I could also see the brown circle that would finish with her nipple in the centre, I couldn't see them, but I could see the bump they made in her nighty.

All these years, I had grown up seeing this woman in front of me, dressed in oldie looking clothes, and now, I was seeing a woman who was attractive to say the least. And a woman whom I really had never seen before me at all.

I gently laid her down and went back to my room, carrying a huge unbidden hard on. I had to relieve myself. I usually have a good jack off on a Saturday morning anyway, but this time, I shot my load in record time, with mum's tits in my minds eye.

I was disappointed to cum so soon, because I wanted to savour the moment, but I shot cum high into the air, and over my head!

I cleaned it up, just in case mum came in. Lying back on my bed, I went over the events of the morning, and I was quite pleased with myself, I had defended my mum, the giver of my life. And I would defend her now, no matter what.

I was in a dream sort of state lying there, when the door opened. It was mum; she came in and sat on the edge of my bed, took my hand. Then she burst into tears, it was heart breaking, they flooded down her face, I pulled her to me.

'Oh mum, mum, please don't cry, you don't have to cry ever again, I promise you.' I wailed.

I yanked at the covers under her and got her into bed with me.

I held her, kissed her fevered brow, loved her, and protected her.

She calmed down after a while, maybe as long as 10 minutes, and then she said.

'Ryan, it's hot in here!' and she actually giggled.

She giggled; I hadn't heard that in such a long long time.

'Well,' I said, 'take your dressing gown off then.'

She did so, and was now in her nighty, I couldn't stop my eyes from focusing on her breasts, as she, and they, moved around next to me.

She snuggled down next to me, facing me on her left side, I was on my right. I put my right arm around her shoulders, her right arm went around my waist, we soon moved into a toe to toe, face to face, body to body position. Then she raised her right leg and laid it over me, my prick shot to attention!

It was either pressing right into her, or was laid on her thigh, or somewhere, I couldn't tell.

Her left arm was between us, I was rigid with fear, I daren't move at all.

Mum put her head onto my chest, and said.

'Oh Ryan, this is nice, I can't remember when I've had a cuddle like this, it's so lovely, thank you my hero!'

She moved a little, and that's when I felt the back of her arm or wrist, rub my prick, I nearly shot a second load right then!

Mum stiffened then, she knew! She knew I had a hard on, and she must have known too, that it was for her!

Her arm around my waist tightened, she moved in closer, I never moved a muscle, I daren't.

Her arm/wrist moved again, side to side, she was rubbing my cock again, was it deliberate?

I found out it which it was when; she lifted her head, and looked me in the eye.

'I love you Ryan, I really do baby.'

'I love you too mum, I always have.' I replied. And I realised then, that I had, always loved her too.

That's when she repositioned her arm, and her fingers wrapped my cock up, I moaned, I couldn't help it.

Mum just gripped it, she never moved or rubbed it, she held it, and held it tight.

I didn't know what to do, here I was in my bed with my mum, and she was holding court over my turgid prick.

I was helpless as to know what to do.

That's when I realised too, that while my mind and brain didn't know what to do, my fucking hand did! It had cupped mums tit, it was caressing it, and my fingers were toying and squeezing her nipple. This in turn, forced a moan out of mum's mouth now.

I played with her nipples, she played with my cock, it was heaven, then we shared a sort of kiss, I dipped my head, and found her lips, she tilted her head and the kiss was on. It was only a small kiss, but it was a kiss never the less.

'Lay back darling,' mum whispered.

I did, and she began to jack me off.

'Mum,' I muttered quietly. I wanted to have sex with her, to make love.

'No baby, just lay back, do it for me baby, please?'

I did, she raised her head to my shoulder, and I got jacked off, it was fantastic, to have your mum doing this, has to be one of natures most wondrous things. I shot another load as mum gently foraged my balls after.

I was laying there feeling wonderful, mum had her head still on my shoulder, I was feeling so grateful, and happy, wondering where this would lead to. I was hoping fervently that it would lead to more, much more!

Then there was crashing on the door, he was back! I started to get out of bed, but mum said.

'No Ryan, leave this to me, let him say what he wants to say, then he'll go again.'

I pondered for a moment, in which time mum had got her robe on and was disappearing through my door, and heading downstairs.

I heard her unchain the door, and then I heard him.

'How dare you keep me locked out of my own home, you worthless fucking whore!' He shouted. 'This is my house, and you and him upstairs will be out on your fucking arse's if you don't change your ways!' he roared.

This I knew would bring mum to heel, she had no family to speak of, and so if he threw her/us out, she would have no where.

That's when I had an idea; I would fuck him over big time, just as long as he hadn't changed the passwords to his accounts.

'Get me a meal on the table right fucking now.' I heard him issue an order.

Mum must have set about preparing something because it went quiet for a while, then!

'You call this fucking food?' I heard him bellow.

'I'm sorry,' mum told him.

'Sorry! Sorry!' He roared again, 'I'll show you fucking sorry!'

Then, breaking glass, and crashing, as crockery shattered.

I heard mum scream in fear, and I was on my way down like a hurricane.

The back window had gone through, and he was stood over her, it looked as if he was just about to thump her, when I drove into him. I carried him over the table, and onto the floor, where, before he had time to draw breath, I hammered him, a one punch, settlement.

I drove a knee right into his stomach, which thrust all his breath away. I battered him, then picked him up, carried him back to the front door, took him outside and dropped him on the lawn.

When he had recovered enough, I put my foot on his head, and told him.

'The next time you raise your voice to her, and me ever again, you will end up in hospital, you fucking rotten evil, bullying bastard.'

I stood away, he rolled over to get up and I let him have my foot across his backside as hard as I could. I was suddenly aware of cheering from across the road. 'Go on Ryan, kick him again!'

It was my mate John. I loved him at that moment; it meant so much to me.

Mum was in the doorway now, and insisted that I didn't hurt him anymore.

'He will be totally humiliated now Ryan,' she said as I took hold of her quivering body, to support her.

My father got to his feet, and pointed his finger at me, and then mum.

'You get out of my house by next weekend, or I will have the bailiffs do it, and don't think I wont!' He railed at us.

'Fuck off father,' I taunted him. 'You come back here again, except the once to get your things, and I will kick your worthless fucking arse all over the street, now, you fuck off, okay?'

I slammed the door behind us, and walked into the kitchen.

My mother was all of a twitter at every sound, she was a wreck, I comforted her as much as I could, and eventually she started to believe me, when I told her that the days of fear and dread were over, and over for good.

'But what are we going to do Ryan, I have no money, you don't, and I have never ever worked, your dad would never let me?' she croaked.

'I have a plan mum, and if it works, we'll be just fine, but it will have to wait until tomorrow, I can't leave you alone just yet, okay?' I told her.

We were on the sofa next to each other, and then mum said.

'I can't believe how grown up you so suddenly are, you are my very own hero, my Robin Hood!' and that small giggle again.

I smiled in relief, she was going to be alright, he would never get to her again, I would die first, before I would let it happen.

I set about getting the window repaired, and by night it had been done on the insurance. I had made us something to eat, she was too wound up to eat much, but I wolfed mine down, I didn't know that all the silly goings on could make me so hungry.

Mum said to me, in a quiet moment. 'Ryan, about what happened in your bed this morning, I'm so sorry, I don't know what came over me, I just needed to be loved, and I just needed to love some one too, please forgive me darling, please?'

'Mum, there is nothing to forgive, I love you, I always will, and what happened, was the best thing that has ever happened in my life, I loved it mum, I really did.' I told her.

'Oh Ryan, thank you baby, thank you, it won't happen again, I was so naughty, and if anyone found out I would go to jail,' that thought produced tears from her. I hugged her. I wrapped her in my arms, and loved her. Now I knew I wanted her, the wank had been mostly forgotten because of my old man, but now it was back solidly in my mind.

I escorted my mum upstairs, where she took a shower, I waited for her in her bedroom, she came in, and I told her to go to bed.

'Ryan?' she said quietly.

'Yes mum?' I answered.

'I like you telling me what to do, it makes me feel safe.'

'I love you mum, and I am going to take care of you, so don't ever worry, ever again,' I told her.

'I won't darling, will you stay with me while I fall asleep please?' she asked me in a small voice.

I thought to myself, what the fuck could possess a man to treat this woman like my father had, she had given him everything she had. And that bastard had just taken it, and given her nothing back, nothing but sadness and fear.

I stepped to her bed, and she pulled the covers back. 'In here baby, I need to feel protected by my superman!' Giggle, giggle, and giggle. I loved it.

I lay next to her, and yes, you've guessed it, my hard on jumped to attention, I was like a steel bar, and I needed to be given relief by my own hand, I didn't dare let mum know again I was like this again.

'Ryan darling?' I heard a soft whisper after a couple of minutes.

'Yes mum,' I replied.

'Do you have an erection again?'

'Mum, please?' I spluttered.

The next thing I knew was, that her hand encircled it again.

'Ooooh mum,' I bleated now.

'You want me to stop Ryan?' she blithely enquired.

'No mum I don't, please don't, not now, not yet.' I said.

'I didn't think you would baby,' and her grasp tightened, as her giggle became louder.

Mum got to work on me, and soon I was flat on my back, mum rose in front of me, and she powered me to take off, and take off I did, I shot my load all over her pillows.

'My my Ryan, you really have grown up haven't you baby?' she whispered, as if in awe.

'Its you mum, its just you, and for you?' I gasped for breath now.

'Really Ryan, it's all just for me?' as I reached for her and pulled her down to me.

I kissed her then once more; it was a longer kiss than this morning, and still a little embarrassing to be kissing my mother this way. And I felt that mum felt that way too, but it was an embarrassment we would soon forget.

I was still on my back, mum laid next to me, my arm around her, her head softly on my chest, her arm around my waist again, and leg laid over mine.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up at 6:00am it was Sunday morning now. Exhaustion, and tension had taken over us both. We were still laid as we had gone to sleep!

I slipped out of bed, how I managed to make myself do that I don't know, because I wanted more of my mum, a lot more! But what I did know, there were things I had to do, things that couldn't wait.

The first thing I did was walk around the house, checking everything was okay, it was. There was no sign of our very own tyrant!

I had some breakfast, and settled down. I also went onto the internet and signed in to my fathers accounts; he really was an idiot, he hadn't been clever enough to change the passwords I had set up for him. I was in! And what I found absolutely stunned and amazed me.

There were 5 accounts, all with the same bank, all internet connected. There was £543.000.00 in there, where the hell had he got all this from, I wondered. And he had always kept mum, and through her, me, short.

I went into it all the way back to the date I had set it up. The first payment received was for £100.000.00 followed by lots and lots more, all ranging from £10.000.00 to £50.000.00 at various intervals for the last 4 years.

That was the credit side, there were out goings of half that amount, where was it all from? The accounts were set up in a construction firm's name, but the old man was the account holder.

It had to be illegal, but in such a way as to make it look legal.

The only thing I could think of was drugs, or money laundering?

I set about making me a transfer payment receiver, over the next few hours I sent myself £250.000.00 all transferred from his accounts to me.

I knew this would cause serious ructions when he found out, and I had no idea what the out come would be, but I was banking on that fact that he wouldn't dare to denounce me, because that would have to make him reveal where it all came from.

I finished up, but not before deleting and renewing the passwords, he wouldn't be able to get at them for at least a week, the banks would want information, etc etc. Then he would have to do it all by himself, and I doubted if he could do that, not for some time anyway, so he might be fucked for maybe 2 weeks? Hopefully!

I made mum breakfast and took it up; she was just stirring, so I climbed in, and set her tray up. She looked at me in a sleepy loving way, and set about demolishing what I had made her.

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