I Became a Man Overnight


She flopped back on the bed, and snuggled into me, I was hard as iron in milli seconds!

I wasn't going to beat about the bush now, I knew what I wanted, and she was lying here next to me. I began her, what I hope to be, was her seduction, I kissed her, held her tight, she crushed into me, I felt for her breast, she didn't s stop me, I worked her over onto her back. She grabbed my rock hard prick. 'Want this again do we?' she laughed, and raised a perfect eye brow into an arch.

'Mum, yes I do, but I want more than this now, I want you mum, properly, for good. I know, its wrong, supposedly, but I don't care, I love you, and I'm staying with you, so you had better get used to it, okay!'

'Oh Ryan, what are you saying? You want me and you, to become lovers?'

'Yes mum, I'm saying exactly that!'

'Bbbbbut, oh Ryan, I don't know what to say, I can't believe it, why would you want an old frump like me baby?'

'I'll show you, just be patient with me, I will show you everything you want and need mum, I will, believe in me please?'

She had no idea yet, that I had nicked £250.000.00 of the old man.

I never gave her a chance to even think about it, I got her nighty off, threw it to the floor, ripped her panties off her and tossed them away too. Mum was too stunned to refuse me.

I climbed over her, and began prodding at her with my prick, trying to find my way in. Mum smiled up at me from underneath. She got hold of it now, and guided me straight to heaven.

I was in, I was in my mother, my beloved mum, I was making love to her, in little over a day, I had gone from a son, wishing only to protect his mum from a father who didn't deserve her, to her now lover. I was my own master, I was master of me! And the lover of her, my mother.

I started what I thought was, the banging of my mum, that would make her submit glowingly, lovingly, and willingly to me, forever and ever.

I was wrong!

'Darling, please slow down, do me slowly baby, I want gentle, not strong, I need love, not overpowering, take me softly baby, I will come with you all the way, but please darling, love me, just love me. I have had all that from him for the last 19 years, I don't want anymore, please understand me baby?'

Those words stopped me in my tracks, I suddenly thought. 'You fucking idiot, he's like this, you're not, don't you ever disrespect her again!'

I looked down at her and saw for the first time in my life, a woman who wanted to be loved, well, she would get love, and she would get it in lorry loads from now on.

'I'm sorry mum,' I whispered, 'I never thought about that, will you show me, teach me how to love you, the way you want to be loved, I will learn, I promise.'

'Yes baby, I know you will, otherwise, you wouldn't be where you are right now,' and she giggled again.

I started pumping at her slowly but strongly, but in a gentle way, her knees and feet went over my back, her nails were buried wonderfully, but fabulously painfully in my back, it was fantastic. But the trouble was, I knew I was going to cum, and cum soon.

'Mum,' I croaked, 'I'm going to finish, I'm sorry, I can't stop it.'

'Cum for me baby, cum for your mum, I need it my darling, give it to me, give me everything you have,' she whispered into my ear.

I did, I shot what felt like gallons of cum into her, it went on and on, I was grunting in my own pain and glory, I had a grip on her, that would have taken a sledge hammer to make me release it.

Mum's grip on me was the same, and she came then too, I just know she did, she bit my shoulder, shuddered like a tree in a force 10 gale, she murmured my name, as she whimpered her way onwards.

'Oh Ryan my baby, my beautiful wonderful baby, I love you darling, I love you,' she spoke to me.

'I love you too mum, I do, I do.'

Then slowly we came down from the mind blowing high, we collapsed into each other.

I rolled to my side, but took her with me, I hooked a knee and calf behind hers, we were lying face to face, and I was still in her.

The world I was occupying right then, was one I never wanted to leave, I was already desperate for mum to feel the same, it would kill me if she never.

'Ryan honey,' she said, 'that was the best loving I have ever had, your father never did it like that, I have waited 19 long years to be loved the way, I know I should be.' Tears filled her eyes, and then they filled mine.

I felt somehow, like I had come home from a long journey.

'Mum,' I said, 'you are going to be loved by me, for the rest of your life, I know I'm only 18, and don't know jack about how to deal with a woman, a girl yes, but not you mum, not a real live woman.'

'Me, me?' she said quietly, 'a real live woman, ha, you make me laugh baby.'

'Mum, I know already, already that you are woman, a real woman, a real live woman, with everything a real live woman needs to survive, and survive you will, with me at your side, okay?'

'Ryan, you are so knowledgeable for your age.' she said.

'Well mum, you can lay that at his door, he has made me grow up quicker than I maybe needed to, but I'm glad for that, because it brought me to you, and you to me mum!.'

I got hard again, it surprised even me, I was ready to go again!

This time I just jumped her bones with a Tarzan call, she laughed away as I got in her again.

'Me Tarzan, you Jane,' I told her.

'You are more like a Gorilla, you uncouth youth!' She giggled.

I battered her pussy this time, it wasn't right earlier, but I seemed to know it was right just now.

'Go on baby, give me it, give me all you can my babe, I want it, I want it, I want it,' she chanted.

Her teeth and nails were ripping holes in me, but it was wonderful, I absolutely hammered at her, and she hammered it back, we were going at it hammer and tongs, and believe it or not, we had to stop for a rest. Then we rejoined battle, it turned out to be a draw, because we both came at the same time in a stupendous roar of satisfaction. I had no idea she had cum, and I don't think she knew I had cum either, but we were the evidence, we collapsed into each other.

That night I fingered her arse in the shower, she looked at me pensively.

'Is that what you want Ryan? Do you want my bum, is that why you are playing with it?' she said.

'To be honest mum, it hasn't crossed my mind, I don't know why I've just done that, it just seems natural somehow?' I told her.

'Yes I know what you mean baby, your dad has never touched me there, he said it was a dirt hole, but I have always wanted to try it, would you like to love me there baby?' she asked me softly.

'You bet I would mum, can we?' I'd love to.'

'Yes babe, but tomorrow?'

'Definitely mum, very definitely.'

The following morning, after a great nights sleep, I woke up with a morning wood! My mother was sleeping next to me, I went to the bathroom and got her baby oil, and slipped some on and around her bum hole, I was gentle, because I didn't want to wake her, not right away anyway!

She did wake, and the first thing she did was grab my prick, kiss me good morning, and snuggled into me.

'Ryan, its Monday, what are we going to do, and especially today?' she asked me quietly.

'First thing we do mum is this. And I grabbed her bum. She roared and laughed.

'So you want it do you, hmmm my babe?'

'Get on your belly, and I'll show you if I do or not,' I sniggered to her.

She did, not realising there was a good film of oil there waiting for me.

I got over her and pushed and I went straight in, much to her surprise.

'Ryan,' she squealed, 'it hurts, please go easy honey, please?'

I did, but it wasn't long before she was panting like a racing horse. I was working up a real rhythm; I was learning to love her, the way she wanted to be loved.

'Hit me Ryan, hit me, take everything I have, take it, take it, take it, I love you Ryan, I love you!'

I stroked my dick in and out, and built up a good head of steam, and soon I was unloading my cum into her.

She wailed away lovingly under me.

I fingered her clit and she got her rocks off with me.

We spent the rest of the morning, consoling, loving, keeping peace with each other, telling ourselves that we would be okay, I told mum of my plans, and she was horrified, but I insisted on doing what I had started to do.

I did a search of the house deeds, and guess what, the house was solely in her name, and she owned it, not him!

He must have done it to protect himself 15 years ago.

I took mum, the deeds, and her passport to an estate agent; we put the house up for sale. They told us it was worth over £400.000.00 I told them that the first offer at £350.000.00 and it was a go. It sold within three days.

We now live in another town, well away from him, it been 3 years now, and we are as happy as we could be, but I not only have a wife, a lover, a best friend, my mum is another woman, one who loves to laugh and joke, take risks, do things, loves to holiday.

And the way she dresses! Oh boy is she the centre of attention when we are out, but she only has eyes and her love for me.

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