tagNonConsent/ReluctanceI Bet Her Body

I Bet Her Body


I'm a good poker player! I have certainly won more than my share. I usually walk away from the table counting my cash. But this night the cards had not gone my way. I was down over $1000 and was flat busted when the game broke up. Three of the guys left, and only my buddy George and his son Larry were left. Larry was home from college, and we had agreed to let him sit in on our game.

I have to admit that it did not add to my concentration that Larry bragged all night about his conquests in the sexual arena. Like any cocky twenty year old, he thought that he was a gift to women. He really was a good looking guy, blond and buffed, so he had some reason to think so. To hear him tell it the babes couldn't wait to get naked with him. He had many stories to tell, but it seemed his favorite number was a girl he called Liz. I am trying to figure out whether to hold an ace kicker or not, and Larry disturbs me by telling how good her tits taste. When I am contemplating whether or not he is bluffing, he is talking about the great blow jobs she gives. I hold my breath and draw to an inside straight while he talks about the pink pussy she has. How is a guy to concentrate with a smart ass college kid talking like that all night? No wonder I am down a grand.

So George has to rub it in a bit. "Wow, Mark, how much did you drop tonight? Must have been $1500?"

"No, no," I said. "I am only down a little bit. I will make it up next game."

"Next game is a whole week," George goaded. "What are you going to do for fun money until then?"

"Hey, pal, don't worry about me. I will get by," I tossed back. But in fact that was exactly what I had been thinking. I need my daily dose of gambling adrenalin. Without cash for the week, no lottery tickets, no calls to my bookie, no slot action at the Elks Club. I was going to have to tough it out and I didn't like the idea.

"Hey, I hate to see a friend in a fix. Maybe we can give you a chance to win some of it back," offered George. I knew that between him and his son they had a good chunk of my cash in their pockets.

"Sorry, buddy, I am broke. I don't even have a nickel to match coins with you," I bemoaned.

"Well, isn't your daughter in the other room? Call her in here," he said.

Betty, my eighteen year old daughter, was home from college too. She had come in during the game, and had even brought us some chips and dip from the kitchen. I knew she was a looker, and had noticed that Larry could hardly take his eyes off her in her tight sweater and mini skirt. I wondered what George thought she could do. She was certainly no poker player.

"Go ahead," he urged.

So I called Betty in. Once again as soon as she entered the room, I saw Larry eying her. She sort of dimpled at the attention and flashed him a big smile. I guess she didn't mind a good looking guy ogling her.

Then George started in. "Betty," he said, "you love your old man, don't you?"

Betty put a hand on my shoulder and said, "Of course, I do."

George said, "Well, I am afraid he lost a lot of money tonight. Now you owe your Dad a lot of loyalty, not to mention all the expense he has keeping you in clothes and makeup. Wouldn't you like to help him out?"

"Sure," said my daughter. "But I don't know how I could."

"Well, I do," said George. "Mark, I will bet you $100 on one hand of poker. That would give you a stake to start up with again."

Now I knew if I could just get that $100, I could sucker George and Larry into more bets and run it back up to what I lost and then some. I was sure that the cards were about to turn my way and knew I couldn't lose this time. But I had to say, "But George, you know I am busted. I don't have anything to put up."

George smirked and took a $100 bill out of his stack. He said, "Your daughter is standing right beside you. How about this. I will bet $100 on one hand. If you win then you get your chance to run it back up. Every gambler knows how that can work. But – if you lose..."

"I'm not going to lose!" I declared with certainty.

"IF you lose," George said, "then Larry gets to take Betty's sweater off."

"WHAT?" gasped my daughter.

I was thinking it over. I saw the look in Larry's eyes, and I looked at my daughter and saw the look in her eyes. But I also saw that C-note lying on the table and knew I had to have it. One good hand, that was all I needed.

I looked at Betty and said, "Honey, you know I won't lose this hand. Just ride with me here and be my Lady Luck. It will be all right, I promise."

Betty swallowed hard. She looked over at Larry staring at her, and looked at the $100 bill. "Just take it off," she said. "No touching, right?"

"No touching," said George. "What about it, gambling man?" He flicked the $100 bill with a finger.

I couldn't stand it. "OK," I said, "you're on. But give up your hopes, Larry my boy, because I am not going to lose!"

"OK," said my buddy George, "one hand of 5-card stud. My $100 against your daughter's sweater." He flicked out two cards face down. I peeked at mine and saw the King of Hearts. I knew my luck was back.

There was no point hesitating, no betting between cards. He just dealt them out. A three to me, a King to him, one of MY kings! Again, an Ace to him, and a beautiful King to me. Next he got another Ace, and I got an eight. George had a pair of Aces showing. Larry licked his lips as the last card was dealt. George got a five but I tripped up with the third King. He had a pair of Aces showing, I had a pair of Kings showing, just where I wanted him. I smiled as I slowly flipped over my third King. "Read 'em and weep, pal. I am now $100 richer!"

George studied the three Kings, and Larry's face fell. Betty bounced and clapped her hands. But then George said, "Never claim the pot until the last card is shown, friend." And with that he turned over his third Ace!

I heard Betty gasp, and Larry grinned from ear to ear. My heart sank into my shoes. What had I done to my daughter? But I knew I had to pay my bet. "OK, Larry, her sweater is yours," I mumbled. I turned my head away, because I couldn't face her, and because I did not want to see her get stripped.

Larry sauntered over to our side of the table. I could see his arms moving up, but kept my face turned away. Then he was walking back to his side of the table, carrying Betty's sweater slung over his shoulder. He turned around and held it out to show me, and then tossed it behind him on the couch. I heard Betty breathing fast beside me. I had to turn to her. She gave me a sad look, letting me know that I had let her down.

She was wearing a low cut pink bra, and her C cup tits were almost spilling out of the top of it. In the far back corner of my mind, I had to admit she looked darned good. To her credit, she was being bold and not trying to hide anything. She stood there with her hands at her side and faced Larry squarely. "Well, college boy," she jibed, "get an eyeful. Because this is all you will ever see."

George once again flicked that $100 bill in front of him. "One more hand, buddy? What harm if Larry gets to take off her miniskirt. It could get you back in the game."

"Daddy!" gasped Betty. But I looked at her, standing there in her bra feeling vulnerable, and all I could think of was a winning hand next round.

"Baby, I won't lose any more. All I need is that hundred bucks to get started again and I will take them to the cleaners, I promise you." She stared at me, but finally gave a very small nod. I said, "OK, George, you're on! Make it draw this time, goes faster. I want to get that hundred fast."

I took the cards and quickly dealt out five each. I picked mine up and was looking at fives and eights, two pair. I knew in a two person game the odds were very highly on my side. I raised an eyebrow when George drew three cards. That meant he had a pair at best. My odds were sky high now. I tossed one card, drew a Jack but was happy with my two pair. George started laying down his cards, a nine, another nine, that was his pair. Then he tossed out a six and a Queen. I was breathing a sigh of relief as I knew my two pair were good. But then the last card came down and it was his third nine!

I slapped my cards down on the table in agony! What had I done to my only daughter? I felt her take a step back as Larry came around the table. I had to be a man and face her. I saw a look of fear flicker across her face, but then she toughened up and glared at Larry. She turned around so he could unsnap and unzip her miniskirt. It was tight, and he couldn't help but violate the "no touching" ban a bit as he pulled it down over her ass.

My daughter was wearing a red thong! I was a bit appalled to see the white cheeks of her ass with only three strings across them. I turned away, not wanting to see more. Larry strutted back to his side of the room waving the skirt over his head and laughing. It joined the sweater on the pile.

I put my head down on the table. "Betty, Betty," I moaned, "I am sorry honey. If I could only get a start..."

I heard George chuckle. I looked up and he had another $100 bill in his hand. "Mark, buddy, you know what a gambler can do with a $200 stake. We will raise the bar a bit. My $200 against..."

My mind took the obvious step. "Against Betty's bra? No way, friend."

I heard Betty give a sigh behind me. I turned to look at her, standing there vulnerable in her bra and tiny panties, which barely covered the essentials in her crotch. To my amazement she had a bit of fire in her eyes. "Dad..." she said.

I looked at her with pleading eyes. "Betty?" I asked.

"Dad, I have faith in you. You are the best poker player I know. You will never lose three in a row. Go ahead and do it!" She swallowed hard as she said that, and refused to look in Larry's direction.

"Lady Luck, I knew you were with me!" I said. "George, I am in a hurry to get back at you. Let's make it $200 on one card. Cut!"

George looked at me curiously, and Larry smirked. Then he reached out to the deck and cut – a Jack. I head Betty gasp behind me, but I said, "Don't worry, little girl, there are higher face cards than that waiting for me." Confidentially I cut the deck, and sat there staring at a miserable three! Betty gasped again. What had I done?

Larry started around the table. I could feel Betty trembling slightly next to me, but she put a brave face on it. She turned her back to Larry. He undid the clasp of her bra, then put his hands around her and onto the fabric of her bra.

"Ah, ah!" she said. "No touching." She pulled his hands off her bra and let it fall to the floor. She tried to cross her arms over her chest, but Larry took her hands in his and raised them in the air. She stood there with her pretty boobs on display, their pink nipples standing erect. I hoped that was from the cold. George was taking it all in, and Larry walked over to that side of the table and leered at my daughter too. Betty put a consoling hand on my shoulder. I should have felt rotten, but all I felt was the need for revenge.

"George, the cheap show is over now. Put up $400 for the next cut!" I demanded.

"You think her panties are worth that, Mark?" George glanced over at Larry. The boy looked like a basset hound offered a piece of liver. His eyes were begging his dad. He had to rise to the challenge. "OK, Mark, you are on!" He added two more bills to the ones lying on the table. Betty put a hand on my shoulder, and I could feel it shaking. But she said nothing.

It was my turn to cut. I felt luck with me this time, and turned up His Nibs, the Jack of Diamonds. I turned to Betty and smiled, and she returned the smile in a big way. George's hand went out to the deck. Larry leaned in to watch. George turned up an eight! Betty clapped her hands, and I reached out and dragged the $400 over.

"That's all I needed, baby doll! Your old Daddy thanks you. Grab your clothes and leave it to me to clean them out," I gloated.

"Oh, no," said George, "that wasn't the bet. She stays topless as long as we play. Besides, you said she is your Luck tonight. You wouldn't let Lady Luck go, would you?"

I glanced at Betty, standing there in nothing but her panties. She looked over at Larry taking it all in. She threw back her shoulders, throwing those tits right out at him, the nipples still standing up. "I am your luck, Daddy! I'm not going anyplace."

So we settled down to serious poker. I figured that Larry, and George too, were the ones at a disadvantage this time, with those boobs staring at them and moving up and down every time my daughter drew a breath. Heck, I thought that if we weren't flesh and blood I would be excited too.

We played about forty-five minutes, with Betty gasping every hand I lost and cheering every time I won. Either way it made her boobs bounce around and the guys on the other side of the table smirked. I couldn't believe the run of cards I got. Brett Maverick said it long ago, "It isn't the bad hands that kill you, it is the second best hands." It seemed every time George had a bad hand Larry had a good one. They whipsawed me, betting out on both sides of me so I was always facing a raise. Amazingly, at the end of that time I was flat busted again.

My face must have been a study in depression. I had been confident that my luck was turning and my daughter's naked tits would be my good luck charms. What had happened?

George had that smirk on his face again. He pushed another $100 bill out on the table and said, "I thought you might want Betty here again. She helped you before, will she do it again?"

I said, "Only $100? Before her panties were worth $400."

"Take it or leave it, gambler. What have you turned $100 into on other nights?" he goaded me.

I knew he was right. For me running $100 up to $1000 was no trick at all. Surely my bad luck was over now. I turned and looked at Betty. She had a frown on her face. "You're not considering that, are you, Daddy? I'm worth more than that."

I took that as consent, if I could just get the ante raised. "It's $200 or no game, George. You heard the lady."

Larry looked at his dad. George gave him a big grin and flipped another hundred on the table. "Two hundred bucks for your daughter's panties?"

I couldn't look at Betty. "Deal stud," I said.

George dealt our hole cards and I snuck a peek at a five. My heart sank, but I turned to Betty and said, "My luck is back, baby." She gave me a big grin and bounced in her chair so her tits bobbled at me.

George quickly flipped the cards out. A King to me, an eight to him. A nine to me, a six to him. A Queen to me, a five to him. I had nothing, and so did he. Maybe my King would carry it. The last card gave me a Jack. I had 9-J-Q-K. I looked at Betty and smiled, fingering my hole card. I wanted her to believe it was that 10 as long as she could. George looked at a four for his last card. He had 4-5-6 and an 8. Nothing could beat me but a 7 or an Ace in the hole. Confidently I turned over my five. Betty gasped, but I put on a big face and said, "A Cowboy rules, George. Weep unless you have a seven."

George shrugged and said sadly, "Couldn't get a seven, Mark." He turned his hole card. "Nothing but this Ace of Hearts." I heard Larry snort with laughter, and Betty shrank back and gasped. "Oh, no," she said. "Daddy, I thought your luck was in."

Larry came around the table. She turned her back to him, showing off those nice rounded cheeks of her ass. He gingerly took hold of the top string of her thong and pulled it down over them. Then he grabbed it by the sides, getting in a little more touching as he did, and knelt down to bring it to the floor. She stepped out of it one foot at a time. Then she squared her shoulders, took a deep breath, and turned around to face him. I could see his eyes travel down over her body. I could see what he saw, and I have to say it was well worth looking at.

My daughter had long silky black hair, big eyes with long eyelashes, and pouty lips with bright red lipstick. Her shoulders were white, and her boobs stood up and separated with a deep canyon between them. Her pink nipples were still hard, either from the cold or from the thrill of being naked in front of a good looking guy. I didn't know which and didn't really want to. My eyes traveled on down across her flat belly to the rising mound below it. I was a bit surprised to see she had trimmed her black pubic hair into what I think they call a "landing strip". It seemed to lead right down to the tightly closed lips of her pussy which rose up to meet it. Even squeezing her legs closed did not entirely hide her sex.

Larry was standing there looking dumbfounded. "What are you looking at, lucky guy?" she taunted him. "Your luck is out now. What you see is NOT what you get. Give me my clothes back. This game is over."

I moaned at that, but knew she was right. George and Larry had not only taken all my money, they had taken my daughter's dignity. I nodded my head and said, "I guess my luck is gone for the night."

"Mark, Mark," George said, "I have never heard you say that before. There is money to be won, my friend." He took out all the money he had won from me and riffled it in his hand. I looked at in agony, and then turned to look at my naked daughter standing where my losses had put her. My shame and disgust warred against my gambler's instinct. Only one could win.

I took a deep breath. I looked at Betty and thought how beautiful she looked in her nudity, even if she was my daughter. "They have won their last hand, baby. I feel luck standing next to me naked." Betty gasped, and put a hand on my shoulder. It was shaking even more than before. But she stood up straight and tall and looked proud in her nakedness.

George pointed to the $200 lying on the table. "You know what you could do if you just win once. Take a chance, gambling man."

"And what do I have bet against your $200?" I asked,dreading the answer.

"Two minutes," said George, "just two minutes."

"Two minutes?," asked Betty nervously. "Two minutes for what?"

George laughed, and replied, "Two minutes for whatever Larry wants to touch."

I heard Betty's voice shaking, but she was my brave girl and answered, "He keeps his clothes on, right?" I couldn't believe that her loyalty to me and her faith in my poker playing extended that far. But I heard her say it.

"Sure," said George. "Fully clothed. Two minutes."

Betty inhaled sharply and said, "Daddy, show them how poker is played!" Shame and disgrace were out of my mind now and my gambler's instincts were in full charge. I shuffled the deck and whirled out five cards. "Straight draw," I said. George looked at his cards and smiled, but I was used to him bluffing me. I kept a straight face as I saw a big pair of Jacks smiling at me. "Two cards," said George. I knew he was still bluffing and was probably holding an Ace kicker to a small pair. I had him this time. "Dealer takes three," I said, suiting the action to the words. No help there, but still a pretty pair of Jacks. "Let's see them, George. Lady Luck is standing next to me."

I didn't believe it when he laid down three fours. I gasped, but not as loud as my daughter did. Slowly she stood up, looking scared and trembling as Larry came around the table.

Fortunately he started gently. He took her in his arms, and brushed his lips over her cheek. The he pulled her into him, until her naked nipples were pressed into his chest. His hands went down to the cheeks of her ass. I saw her resist a bit, but then let him pull her in against his crotch. He attacked her lips with his, and put a hand on one boob, rubbing it gently and then harder. Soon she opened her mouth to admit his tongue, and now she pressed her hips forward and was rubbing against his crotch. I knew that despite her reluctance she was reacting. Now he had both hands on her tits, sucking hungrily at her mouth. One hand moved down between her legs, and I watched in dismay as she opened her legs to let him reach her naked pussy. I saw her pussy lips swell under his hand and wondered where this was going.

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