tagInterracial LoveI Call Him Mr. Tibbs Ch. 05

I Call Him Mr. Tibbs Ch. 05


Misty drove into her neighbourhood street with her kids playing in the back seat. She noticed the car parked by the curb in front of the Dreshner's compound with the name and logo of the company Phone-R-Us imprinted on the side. The door to her neighbour's home came open and a suspicious look came on her face when she saw the black man exit the house and walk down the driveway towards the parked car. His shirt bore the same logo as that on the car and though she had only a couple of seconds of observing the man's face, she could have sworn that he looked like someone she'd seen before. At that moment she turned her sight forward and drove to her home.

She was helping her kids out the backseat with their stuff in hand when she looked up again and saw the car drive past her. She watched it disappear from view before closing her car door and walking her kids to the house.

Misty wondered how Fred was going about with his day. However he was doing, she figured he'd be taking lots of excuses at the workplace to go jerk off somewhere, she thought. A good thing she had her own means of getting herself off without him.

Before going to pick up her kids, she had made a not too discreet stop at a sex shop, one of such places she never thought she would ever come to find herself visiting. Her initial thought had been to go in, find what she wanted, pay for it and then jet out of the building with few minutes to spare. Such had been her plan from the onset, but the moment she set foot into the sex shop, all old habits had gone off the window. Misty had looked around the room, admiring the assorted sex toys, appliances and other stimulating erotic accessories she'd felt like a kid lost in a candy store. The shop was equipped with almost everything ranging from the latest BDSM gagging leather wears, flesh-light sex toys for men, sensuous bath lotions and other dazzling erotic gifts. They had a rack full of adult DVDs or whatever variety she desired. One of the guys behind the counter came by asking if she needed any assistance. They had so much stuff to make her wish she was still a teen and it made her wished she'd experimented living a slothful lifestyle, if only for a little while, instead of pretending to be the good girl as she'd always been.

There was some much stuff to see in the shop and a lot of things she'd love to try out, but when she glanced at her watch and realised how much time she'd spent in there, she snatched up pink-coloured vibrating dildo from amongst a rack of others and paid for it and then hurried out of the shop before she sighted something that would make her want to stay some more. She did take one of its complimentary cards and made a note to stop by some other time in the near future.

At home, having fed her children, she retired upstairs to her bedroom. At this time she would have given Fred a call, let him know where she was, but she didn't bother. She locked the bedroom door then took off her clothes and lay on the bed and tried out her new toy. It felt so good the way it slipped between her pussy lips, its vibrating stimulating her cunt excitedly. She lay there with her eyes half shut, sighing from the arousing stimulation she was getting and wishing she had a strong man there to do what her dildo was doing.

Night time came and she woke up in the middle of it, listened to the snoring sound coming from Fred's corner of the bed and quietly eased herself out of the bed. She sneaked out of the bedroom with her dildo and one of her husband's cuckold movies in her hand and tip-toed down the stairs to watch it in the DVD machine. While she watched, she fucked her pussy with her dildo and for the next hour pretended she was somewhere else, far from her home.


"Just tell me one thing, Kevin," Fred took a sip off his glass before continuing with what he wanted to say to me. "Why do it?"

I gave him a keen look as if wondering if he was any serious or if his wanting to spend another lunch hour with me was just his way of further jerking my chain. I still remembered how inflamed he'd become the last time we had this conversation, and here we were back at it once again. Except I was being cautious this time. The memory of Ray Olsen and his wife coming to surprise me last night still weighted on my mind and I wonder how bad my reputation in my neighbourhood was fast going to become by the time others around get to find out about the kinky detail Hailey and I have been indulging, like it was any of their business in the first place. I'd picked up Fred's phone call with reluctance and my initial intention had been to turn him down, except he'd apologised for the way he'd acted last time we sat together and promised he wasn't going to behave like that anymore. I got the feeling that he'd been doing a lot of soul-searching lately and thought why not.

So here we were at the same restaurant as last time. We'd just finished lunch and were sipping beers when he brought up the question. I braced myself for whatever might come next and chose my answers carefully.

"Why is that so important?" I threw the question back at him.

"Come on, Kev," he sighed irritably. "Stop dragging this along, you know damn well what I mean."

"I do know what you mean, Fred. And when it gets down to it, such don't really matter. I can't explain to you how and why or even when Hailey and I began having such thoughts. In the end, it really doesn't matter why. We love each other, and this is something we're both into together. She didn't tie my arms behind my back and torture me into accepting it. Matter of fact, I was sort of the one who pushed her into it."

"How?" he looked at me intently when he asked this question.

"Nothing to it really. Our love life was becoming rather typical. We still screwed a lot, but there was no fire in it anymore. No spark, if you get what I mean."

"What do you mean no spark? Hailey's a lovely and hot-looking woman. You should be proud of being married to a gal like her?"

"You're missing the point, Fred," I stressed. "I said nothing about never loving Hailey. What I said was we weren't having a spark in bed anymore. You know ... the sensual vibe you usually get when you first lay your woman. We'd lost it somehow in our marriage and this was the only means we had of getting it back."

He looked at me with a dumbfounded expression in his eyes then shook his head. I got the feeling he was undecided on something that was nagging at his mind. I got a pretty good feeling what it was but thought it wise I kept my mouth shut about it ... for now. I've seen it happen to other hubbies such as myself. I understood the feeling of first-step denial. I understood it because the same had happened to me when I first began having thoughts of allowing Hailey to fuck another man. Scary it was at first, but I'd met others who'd told me not get bothered about it, and within days I'd accepted my place in the matter and felt all right about it. All it took was a little time and urging and Fred would be like me. For now, I simply sat and watched, sipped my drink and bided my time.

"I'm sorry the way I'm poking my nose into your affairs, Kevin. Don't mean to hurt your feelings. Just that ... I can't imagine this sort of lifestyle you and Hailey are living ... how damaging it must be for both of you."

"Will you stop being obtuse, Fred. You sound like we're serving some type of jail term or something. We weren't forced into this lifestyle, and neither are we complaining. Look, I'm not going to ask or tell you what to do with your home. That's you and Misty's business, not mine. This was what Hailey and I wanted. It was our decision, and nobody else's."

"And you're not worried about the consequences it might have for you both down the road?"

"So far neither of us is complaining," I answered.

"You don't care if people know?"

"Who says I don't care? You don't see me walking around telling everybody that my wife's got a black lover and I approve of it, do you?"

"But people will find out," he spoke earnestly. "The neighbours will find out."

I shrugged. "So what if they find out? You think they don't do funny stuff when in their homes, but you don't see me going around poking through their windows do you? Besides, they too can come join in the fun."

He looked at me as if in muted awe. "You're crazy, you know that?"

"No, I'm not. I'm just a fellow who don't care about what people think about me and what my wife are up to. You too would feel the same if you're in my shoes."

That seemed to mellow me out. "That night when I peaked in through your window... watching that black man going down on your woman ..." he shook his head. "I can't tell you how it made me feel."

"How did it make you feel?"

"Scared. But something different too. That night I went back home and ... I pictured it was Misty that was being done to."

Although I kept my cool, inside myself I was smiling.


That same afternoon, Fran drove to the nearest public library and left her car there and went into the building then exited the building but this time waited at the curb and hailed herself a taxi to the apartment address Tibbs had given her. It had been a risky venture them screwing in her home and for the sake of being careful he'd called her earlier in the morning and left her with his home address which was where she was enroute to. Cleo would be returning home later in the evening; at the moment she didn't care if he arrived home right now and didn't meet her there. Matter of fact, she was making plans of them having a serious talk regarding her stay-in-doors type of wifehood.

Tibbs was waiting for her across the street in front of her apartment building and she easily spotted him as the taxi drew to a stop by the curb and she came down from it. She was wearing a pair of jeans and light summer shirt; she wasn't wearing any panties inside her jeans. Tibbs held her hand and led her upstairs to his abode. He closed the door once she stepped inside and didn't get a chance to lock the door as Fran jumped upon him and right away plastered his face with kisses. She was the wild one now, no longer wanting to play submissive like the last time.

"I couldn't stop thinking about you the whole of yesterday and all through today," she spoke rapidly while she helped him out of his shirt. Everything about her was running on a high-charged battery of lust and desire. "I want your black cock so fucking bad!"

"I'll bet you can't wait to get it in your mouth, can you?"

"Ohh, I want it in my mouth and in my pussy too!" she pulled his face towards his and kissed him. "And this time," she took out a packet of Trojans from her jeans pocket. "I came better prepared."

He looked at what she held in her hand and frowned. "You know I don't enjoy wearing those things," he said to her. "I'm pretty clean."

"Please, just wear it for me. At least until I've gotten used to your size."

He pulled her closer and took the Trojan pack from her hand and smacked his lips on one of her tits. Fran whimpered from the contact. She reached downward and squeezed his growing erection inside his jeans. Her mind pictured the fun she was going to be having that afternoon.

"You want to get that cock into your mouth, don't you?"

"Ohhhh, I very much want to," she licked her lips. "I want to taste it so bad."

It was a fight to the finish as Tibbs half carried her into his bedroom. Fran knelt on his bed facing him as he worked himself out of his jeans. His cock sprang out, erect and ready. Fran leaned forward and took the thick head between her lips then let it slid further into her mouth. Her hands held the back of his buttocks to remain still while her head went back and forth doing all the work. Tibbs leaned forward and slapped her ass cheeks. He wet his fingers with his lips and slipped two of them into her pussy. Fran was lost in what she was doing. Everything about her was being propelled by animal instinct unlike anything she'd ever experienced before.

"You loving my cock better than your man's prick?"

"Hmmm, your cock is a hundred times better than what he's got," she murmured as she stroked his tool. "Bastard wants me to stay at home all the time. He returns from work and hardly knows I exist."

"Don't you wish he was here to watch me fuck you?"

"Oh yes, I do," she moaned. "I'd love to have him tied to a chair and watch me getting fucked by you!"

He took his cock in his hand and slapped it across her face, staining her cheeks with her saliva before thrusting it back into her awaiting mouth.

Some minutes later in the living room, Tibbs' apartment door came open and Hailey stepped inside and closed it back, this time turning in the lock. She saw the clothes scattered on the floor and followed them to the bedroom. She could hear moans coming from that direction and knew that someone was having fun. It got her wet just listening to the woman's cries. She opened the bedroom door and saw her lover Tibbs pressed on top a woman's body with her legs kicking the air above his head, screaming from the repeated pounding he was giving her. She took off her shoes and left her handbag on a chair and quietly advanced towards them.

Fran was lost to a swirling mist of passion which was brought on by Tibbs' massive cock sliding deeper and deeper into her. She stared up at the ceiling and nearly lost her concentration when she saw her friend Hailey's face appear above her. Hailey was smiling down at her and squeezing one of her tits.

"Hiya, Fran! You having yourself a good time or what?"

Fran struggled to reply her but what issued from her mouth were moans and grunts. Hailey turned to Tibbs and their lips locked in a kiss briefly before she stood up and began taking off her clothes. Tibbs had Fran's legs pressed together before his face and kept on driving his cock into her pussy when Hailey came over and began sucking on Fran's tits. Fran's whimpered and her body thrashed from the explosion that was about to erupt upon her. It wasn't until Hailey slid her legs over her face presenting her with her pussy while she played with her cunt that Fran achieved first-class orgasmic lift-off.

Tibbs shut his eyes and groaned, knowing he was about to erupt any moment now. At the last minute, he retrieved his cock from inside her pussy and ripped the sheath of condom off his shaft and stroked it in front of Hailey's face. Hailey had her mouth open and ready and wrapped her lips around her lover's cock as he grunted succeeding spurts of cum into her mouth. She ingested everything he had to give and her throat gulped every fragment of semen he ejaculated until he was well spent. Tibbs fell to the side of the bed, leaving Hailey to bury had face between her friend's pussy. Fran was still recovering from the orgasm she'd just had but she too managed to feed on Hailey's pussy too and they went at it together for the next couple of minutes till they brought each other to individual climax.


Tibbs lay on the bed asleep. Hailey and Fran were in the kitchen. Hailey made her friend a cup of tea while she lit a cigarette. Neither of them was wearing any clothes. A look of indecision played on Fran's face. She had questions to ask but didn't know if they were necessary. She kept glancing at Hailey who leaned against the counter nonchalantly blowing smoke off her lips.

"There was this one time Kevin and I went across state to a swinger's convention," she said. "It was our first time at such and we were excited and nervous at the same time. Anyway, we didn't know what to expect until we got there and found out how welcoming the place really was. That was the first time I screwed another man and Kevin screwed another woman, and then later me and the other woman made love. It was kind of trippy but intoxicating. I'll bet this was a first for you too."

That seemed to break the tension between them. "Everything so far has been a first for me," said Fran as she sipped her tea. "Tell me, was this all your doing or mine? Meeting Tibbs."

"If you're talking whether I suckered you into hooking up with Tibbs, its yes and no. yes, I did want you to hook up with him, but felt if I'd been upfront about it, you'd back down. I hate seeing you all alone in that house day after day wasting away when Cleo can't make you happy. You needed an adventure, Fran. I merely wanted to supply you with one. But no, I didn't sucker you."

"No, I didn't think you did. He told you that he was at my place yesterday?"

Hailey nodded. "How was it?"

"Great. Best sex I've had in a long, long time." She laughed as she relieved the image of her previous sex bout. "He fucked me on the kitchen counter and then on the table."

"Ohh, do tell," Hailey came and sat beside her. She crushed her cigarette in an ash tray. "Tell me, what do you think about his big cock?"

Both friends exchanged laughter.

"My God, he's fucking massive! I never knew men could have such ever at all. He felt so sore when he was done fucking me, and I wanted to go another at him but got scared, thinking that Cleo might return from his travel any moment soon. I had to postpone it to today, but it was unbelievable."

"I knew you would have fun. I wonder if he's awake by now."

"We ought to go and check on him."

Fran finished her tea and after washing away the cup, both women returned to the bedroom.


Tibbs felt an electrifying sensation course through his body while he lay in bed. At first he thought he was lost in his dreams, as in it he was lying in bed as he was just then and a sexy-looking angel suddenly appear before him, gazing down at his sleeping form. She came between his legs and began sucking his cock. Tibbs felt himself moaning even before he realised it. The angel too was murmuring something to him. The dream seemed so spectacular he couldn't help twitching his eyes awake.

That was when he got the surprise he half expected as he looked down his legs and saw Hailey and Fran fighting over his cock. One sucked on his shaft while the other tugged at his balls with her mouth and slid her tongue up and down his prick like a Popsicle. Both women switched places; their tongues licked and they kissed each other's lips while his cock stood impressively between their faces like a sceptre to be won. Tibbs held his cock and slapped it bulbous head against their lips. Told them to kiss each other, which they did. Both women murmured with lust as they slid their tongues into each other's mouth before returning to his cock.

"Such a beautiful cock my master has," admitted Hailey.

"I'd love to ride it," Fran licked her lips.

"Well then get up here and do so," said Tibbs.

Fran came forward to be on top of him and Tibbs brought his hands under the smoothness of her buttocks and held her up while Hailey held onto his prick and sucked on the head for some seconds before positioning it under her friend. Fran wiggled her bum as the head of his cock found her pussy's entrance and then slipped inside. She uttered a murmur of approval as two inches went up in her, and then more as she lowered herself down on him.

"Oh God, that feels so nice," she whispered in the midst of her moaning hunger as she lowered herself further down on him then pulled herself up. She lowered her head and gazed between her thighs at the sight of his cock slipping in and out of her while Hailey played with his balls. Tibbs grabbed her face and sucked on her tongue.

"That feel good to you, bitch?" he asked.

"Ohh yeah ... ohh ... fuck me! Fuck me with your black cock!"

Hailey laughed out loud. "You hear that, darling? She wants you to fuck her hard."

Tibbs shot his hips up and down, slamming it hard against the bottom of her thighs. His cock hammered into her with the force of a roaring thunder. Fran clenched her eyes tight and ground her pelvis down on his. The impact of his cock slamming into her drove her into a moaning frenzy, one that she couldn't bring herself to stop. Hailey came forward and clashed her lips against hers. Fran continued moaning in her mouth while Tibbs went on fucking her hard and deep. Fran sat up on Tibbs' waistline and went on riding her buttocks as hard as she could upon his cock. Hailey sucked on her bouncing tits and caressed her crotch. She slipped a finger into her pussy with Tibbs' cock still buried inside her, felt the hotness that was in her pussy, then retrieved her finger and licked her friend's cum from it. It tasted so pure and sweet.

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