tagInterracial LoveI Call Him Mr. Tibbs Ch. 07

I Call Him Mr. Tibbs Ch. 07


I was back from my lunch break and an hour later I was nearly done with much of the work that had piled on my IN-tray since the previous week. It felt so good when I had much time to myself in my office. It was a good time to be really naughty.

My door was locked and my secretary knew not to bother me during such hour unless it was absolutely necessary or important. I couldn't do anything clandestine on my desktop computer, as it was rigged with Spyware programs. A good thing I always brought along my Notebook in my knapsack bag. I connected the cable before turning it on. From within the knapsack I took out one of several DVD recordings of my wife's sex-capades with Tibbs. I had taken of one them with me when I went out earlier to have lunch with Fred and gave it to him. I figured he needed some more convincing. Besides, he knew he would get a kick out of watching it with Misty too. Boy, will they really be surprised seeing my Hailey in it.

The one I took out was that which I'd recorded weeks ago, one time that the three of us had gone on a picnic at a beach not far from here. I slotted it into the disc player and the screen came up and the video began playing; I had the volume wound down.

We had gone to a semi-secluded area of the beach where there were less families and wandering kids. It was a place known rather infamously as a coupling spot and while we'd spread our blanket and ate lunch and took in the site, one or two couples had gingerly strolled by, all of them venturing further into the woods were they knew prying eyes would never see what naughtiness they were up to. Hailey too had caught the bug and as I had the camcorder running much of the time. As the video played, it showed my wife snuggling against Tibbs' shoulder, her hand fondling the apparent bulge in his shorts. After some kisses, Tibbs and her got up and walked towards the cluster of bushy undergrowth while I trailed behind.

As I watched the video, the memory of that day flashed before my eyes as I unzipped my pants and started stroking my cock. Between relieving the memory and watching what I'd recorded on the DVD play before me, I couldn't decide which felt more real to me than the other. Probably both.

We made our way into the bush with Tibbs and Hailey holding hands while he led her on. I looked every which way with the camcorder at other couples there who were busy catching their own fun. Tibbs stooped beside an elm tree and had Hailey face it. She pushed down her shorts and he too did the same and I came to the side and filmed him sticking that black cock of his into where it belonged.

Hailey hugged the tree and I walked back and forth and around them with the camcorder never leaving my eye. I remember I had my cock in my hand as always in such occasions, and I was stroking like mad while I watched, just as I'm doing right now. I was getting closer to my lift-off point when the intercom switch on my desk began to blink. I groaned inside myself with anger at being disturbed and pressed it.

"Yes, Mary?" it was my secretary.

"Sir, the chief wants you to meet him at his office," her voice floated out of the intercom.

"All right, tell him I'll be there in a few."

I tucked my cock back in its hiding place and zipped up my fly as I stood up from my chair. Wonder what the big man upstairs wants, I thought as I wore back my jacket and went for the door.


An hour later, Cleo Dreshner entered his street, feeling cool and satisfied, and was about pulling into his driveway when he saw a man with a hat step out of his house.

Thaddeus stood in front of the Dreshner's front door and cupped his hands from the blowing wind as he lit a cigarette. He blew off the match while he noticed from the corner of his eye Fran's husband's car cruise into the driveway of his home and stop ten feet from him. If Thaddeus was worried about her husband showing up just when he'd finished screwing her, he didn't show it. A look of insolence instead came to his face as her man slammed his car door and approached him, looking like he had the urge to start a fight. Thaddeus blew a ring of smoke and made to walk past him. Cleo stopped in his tracks, looked at Thaddeus presumptively, then stopped him.

"Hold on there, excuse me. Have we met before?"

Thad shook his head. "I doubt it," he said.

"Then do you mind telling me who you are and what you're doing here at my home?"

At that moment the front door came open and there stood Fran bearing down at her husband with a cold expression in her eyes. Thaddeus then cracked a smile at Cleo.

"I think you're about to find out." he tipped his hat at him then continued on his way.


Agatha returned from work later in the evening. Ray was waiting for her in the den the minute she let herself into the house. He had an ugly look on his face and right away Aggie knew it was something she had done. He had a folded belt in his hand and usually this terrified her whenever she did him anything wrong. But on this day, everything regarding their marriage was about to change. She saw the belt in his hand but unlike previous times didn't acknowledge its presence.

"Where were you last night?" he growled the question at her.

"The hell do you mean where was I?" she stopped to take her handbag off her shoulder and drop it on a rocking chair beside the wall. "I was in bed lying beside you, just like I've always done since we got married. Or did you fall on your head while I was away?"

"That's not the question I asked."

"Well then perhaps you should rephrase it so I know what you're actually talking about." She retorted before pushing past him to enter the house. Ray followed her behind, looking like a troll the way he shuffled in his footsteps.

"Where were you yesterday around nine? I woke up and you weren't in bed. I came down stairs and even stood outside and hollered your name but didn't find you."

She turned around to face him. "Am I a slave in this house you could just call and then I'd come running? Do I look like a seeing dog to you with leash around my neck for you to jerk anytime you get the urge to? Well, I'm not anymore. If you want to know where I was, I'll tell you. I went out to visit a friend."

"A friend," he snorted. "That so-called friend you went to visit wouldn't happen to be the Bundlits next door, would it, Aggie?"

"And what if it is? Since when does whoever I visit turn out to be any of your concern?"

"It is a concern of mine if it happens to be that crazy couple next door. Visit anybody else but them, you hear."

"I'm not going to stand here and listen to your type of talk." She made to leave the room but he held her arm and glared at her.

"I said you're never to visit them any longer. Did you hear me?"

She pulled her arm free from his grasp. "Oh, I heard you quite plenty. But you'll just have to forgive me, darling, when I say that I'm not listening to you. And if I were you, I'd put that belt you have in your hand away, least you get tempted to want to use it."

"If you keep running your mouth off the way you are right now, I just might be tempted to do just that."

"Oh sure you would. Such a great and manly hero you are. Too bad you weren't able to use much of it that other night you dragged me over to their place and made a complete fool of yourself. That fever sure had a reason for knocking you down the way it did."

Ray's eyes flared at his wife with anger and amazement. Never had Aggie being so bold to open her mouth to him the way she'd done just now. The few times she'd attempted such in the past, he'd been quick to stifle her rebellion. Now here she was, getting the temerity to talk back at him like he was the one out of line here. What a nerve!

He raised his hand holding the belt, his face snarling at her, but she caught the belt and glared back at him.

"I'm going to let go of this belt now," she said coldly. "And the next time you so much as dare think to swing it at me, I'm going to divorce you and leave all your stuff outside. You may have gotten away with this in the past, but don't go thinking I'm going to let you maltreat me like that anymore." She let go of the belt and stood her ground, daring him. "Go ahead, hit me with the belt, and see if I don't mean what I just said."

Raymond was willing to dare her. He half raised his hand with the belt in it, hopping to see the scared look he'd often being used to seeing whenever such moments occurred, back in her eyes. Except Aggie wasn't looking scared anymore. She didn't even blink at him. Merely stood there waiting for him to make the next move; her eyes glaring at him, urging him to do his worse. In his mind, Ray hurled every known dirty word he could think of at her. He longed for the fire to surge from his heart, straight to the muscles in his arms to make his hand go to work. He very much wanted to smack his belt across his wife's face, peel the skin off her delicate flesh and let the welt be a wide gash. In his mind he saw her crumble to the floor and he stood over her and rained his wrath down all over her. Teach her to talk back at him when she ought to shut her trap and listen to him.

Ray wanted to do all of this to her and more.

Instead when came out of it was a sputter: his hand holding the belt fell back to his side and he muttered a sigh of rejection. Aggie meanwhile had the look of triumph on her face.

"There, I knew you'd come to your senses," she gloated. "You're pathetic, Ray. Though I still love you, but don't ever think you're going to sit on my head again."

She turned to leave but he reached for her arm. His face now was that of a petulant child who'd just lost his ice cream. "Aggie, I'm sorry," he stuttered. "I just don't want you visiting that crazy couple anymore."

Agatha swiped his grip off him. "I'll go out and see whomever I want to see, and you're not going to stop me from that. You can go dunk your head in a bar and drown your sorrows there for all I care, but you're not going to try that with me."

Ray stood there stunned by her words, realising there was nothing he could do nothing about it.

"Now, I'm going to head upstairs and take a shower and go about my business. Whatever else you want to do with yourself, I leave it up to you."

She pushed past him and prodded towards the stairs. Raymond stood there holding the belt in his hand. His head stared down at his feet. He was the perfect example of a broken man.


Two days later Hailey and I had a get together in our home.

Tibbs came by with Thad and two other friends, their hands laden with packs of beer and a bottle of Cognac. I supplied the food and took care of distributing the refreshments whereas Hailey supplied the company: there was Fran and Agatha. Both women looked radiant and gorgeous and the boys just couldn't wait to get their hands around them. There was good reason for such to happen. As it turns out, my boss had been impressed with my work efforts over the past months and as there was an upcoming company review he had decided to move me up to a higher office with a better set of pay-check, benefits and all else it came with.

Aside from myself, so too did Fran. Hailey had told me all about it in bed and we'd gotten a laugh out of it.

Cleo had stumped into the house fuming at her, demanding to know who the black man was that he'd met out in the driveway. Fran, maintaining her cool, had presented him with the snapshots, knocking out whatever heated debate they were bound to have. Cleo had spent the entire afternoon muttering strings of apologies. His fear being that Fran was going to demand a divorce. Fran had done the opposite instead. No, she wasn't going to divorce him. Except he was going to make a whole lot of concessions to keep her around. She was no longer going to be a stay-at-home mom; he was going to assist her in finding a job. And she was going to start keeping late-night hours and never was he to ask any questions about where she was, whom she was with, or whatever she was up to. Cleo hated the terms, but afraid of the consequences, had acquiesced to her demands. Though wanting not to seem too harsh on her side, she'd granted him to keep fucking his office slut as much as he wanted. She too never would ask about his affairs anymore.

I did my duty as expected of me and went around serving drinks and anything else demanded of me. The ladies laughed at the clown suit I was wearing. It was a gift from Hailey when she and I first began experimenting on my wanting to be a cuckold and I only brought it out on special occasions such as this one we were having.

The door bell rang afterwards and there was Fran and her husband, Cleo. It had been a while since last time I saw him and he was looking pretty worn out and haggard whereas Fran was glowing like the sun standing there next to him. She led him inside and she told him to go sit on a separate chair and to behave himself while she accepted a drink from me as Hailey introduced her to the rest of the people there in the room. Hailey went and inserted one of my amateur recordings of her getting fucked by Tibbs in the DVD system and they made conversation and laughed while they watched. Cleo sat in his corner of the room looking hurt and despicable. I decided to cheer him up and asked if he could come and help me out in the kitchen. He looked at me from head to toe in my clown outfit as if I'd lost my mind, but seeing that it meant him being out of the room, he preferred it and followed me into the kitchen to help me mix the cocktail drinks. He kept looking at me while I went to and fro in the kitchen, cutting up lime and fixing them to the glasses. Finally he said something, as I knew he was itching to.

"My God, Kevin, you've sunk so low, man!"

I smiled at him. I've heard such condensing words time and time again and have developed a hard skin for it. "Why thank you, Cleo. So nice to know Fran could invite you to the party. Being a while since last time Hailey and I sighted you around. How's your work being for you?"

He still had the vile expression on his face. "My God! How could you let her do this stupid shit to you? Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? Parading yourself in that stupid outfit you have on?"

"I have, Cleo. And if you must know, Hailey and the gang tend to like it. How come Fran managed to bring you over by the way?"

He told me she'd mentioned to him what was going on here in my home and wanted him to attend. Cleo had begged her not to, but she'd promised meeting a divorce attorney and mailing the photos of him and the woman he was banging to his office if he dare refused. Having no choice, here he was. He also said that whatever was going to happen here tonight, she wanted him to sit and watch. I couldn't help but laugh at his predicament when he'd finished telling me about it.

"It's going to be a worthy experience for you, Cleo. Trust me, by the time this night is over, you're going to be a different person."

"The fuck that's ever going to happen," he swore defiantly. "I'm going to call the cops on you, Kevin. This filth you're having in your home is crazy and demeaning, and I'm seriously going to make you pay for what you've done to my Fran. God-forsaken son-of-a-bitch that you are!"

"All smoke and no fire. You do whatever you have to do, Cleo, and I'll do mine. By the way, while you're here, you're going to be one of the servants, so grab a couple of glasses and come on, let's go serve the guests. Your wife would really love that." I turned away from him, laughing my head off.

The boys had spread apart and were already playing with the women by the time Cleo and I returned from the kitchen, both of us holding a tray of drinks and a plate full of edibles in our hand. Thaddeus and one of Tibbs' friends (Steve, I think he name was) were on either side of Agatha. She had taken off her top and lay back on the sofa with her legs resting over each man's thigh while they smacked and feasted upon her pendulum-like pair of tits. Tibbs as kissing Fran who sat on his lap. He had his hand sliding up and down her leg and venturing into the hidden avenue under her skirt. Cleo muttered angry curses at the sight of this, but it was obvious there was nothing he could do about the situation. Though Fran wasn't seated upon him, from where she was, she had him by the balls. While Tibbs lowered down her blouse and sucked on her breasts, she turned towards Cleo and winked at him and smiled.

"Honey, why don't you be a good boy and sit down and watch me," she said to him. "It's going to be a long night, and Tibbs here is going to cum inside me till he's done. Ain't that right, master?"

Tibbs turned to look at Cleo and laughed at him. His laughter sounded more like a sneer. "You bet your sweet white ass I'm going to do that. Stick around, white boy. You just might see something you can learn from."

I directed Cleo to a chair that gave him an affordable view of what was about to happen. He folded his arms across his t-shirt and watched, unable to take his eyes from what was happening, at the same time fuming to himself.

Tibbs' other friend, Mikel, had Hailey's legs resting on his shoulders with her skirt hiked high on her hip and her hands caressing his head while he munched on her pussy. I went over to see how she was enjoying herself with my camcorder in my hand filming everything. I asked how she was doing. She smiled at me and told me how she was enjoying Mikel's tongue.

The doorbell rang. I turned off my camcorder and went to see who it was, part of me fearing the worse as I unlocked the door. I pushed it open and to my surprise, standing there in front of my doorstep was Fred Danbridge with his wife Misty beside him, both of them smiling at me.

"Is the party over so soon?" asked Fred, trying to look past my shoulder and clown suit. "You got room in there for one more couple?"

"There's plenty of room for more," I said as I welcomed them into my home, closed back the door and locked it away from the prying world.

--------THE PARTY--------

Kevin and Hailey had never before had themselves a full house like they did last night. It came as a surprise to both of them the way the whole thing turned out almost without them planning for it, and days later, Hailey will still be quizzing her husband as to how come he got to invite Fred and Misty over, and what their lunch discussions had been about. Kevin would play ignorant about knowing their neighbours across the street had related to him anything about coming over that night. Though he couldn't have been any happier that they showed. And he knew neither did Hailey.

Kevin led them into the living room where the rest of the party was already in its kick-off stage and Hailey just about jumped out of the couch when Misty came and hugged her. Kevin led Fred around, introducing him to the rest of the players that were there. Fred as well recognised Cleo who shook his hands reluctantly, expressing distaste at the sight of Fred to such proceedings. Fred took his words in due course like water under a bridge. Kevin led him to the kitchen to fix him a drink and a sandwich.

Thaddeus remained struck with Agatha, who now was pressing his face against her ample bosom, while Misty scurried over to meet with Steve, both of them taking themselves to a nearby divan. Misty was wearing a thick jacket which came down to her knees. It wasn't until Steve undid the buttons that he held his breath as he saw the glossy leather outfit she was wearing underneath that looked like something that had been constructed to fit a female spider woman. The bra cups had been cut out so her tits stuck out of it like a pair of lamp lights with her erect nipples awaiting any man's humble attention. Even Cleo, sizing her up, couldn't help but lick his tongue through his lips at how gorgeous she looked. He felt a stirring in his pants and right then wished he could join in on the orgy, but knew he couldn't. Fran still had her eyes on his and her strict words had been for him to merely watch and do nothing more until she commanded him to. This felt like torture for him and he could only imagine how the remainder of the night would be as the event went on. How dare these black men the right to fuck his wife and these beautiful women and he could do nothing about it.

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