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I Can Dream


We both end up at the same function, somewhere....a party maybe who knows, something like that... you are with her and I am with him. Lots of laughter and drinking, everyone is having a good time, small groups sitting around tables. You are sitting only a couple of seats away from me, our eyes keep meeting over our drinks, and the tension between us is pretty strong. I can feel your eyes on me as I laugh with the others at the table. I am wearing a long black dress with a slit up one thigh. I can feel myself getting wet just from the look on your face. I shift slightly in my seat and look over at you. Your eyes look at me as if they know exactly what I am thinking. Everything and everyone else seems to disappear between but the two of us. I can feel my nipples tighten. I notice your eyes drop down to my breasts, you have noticed what I feel. I am really wet now; I can feel every heartbeat in my lips of my wet pussy.

The blush rushes to my cheeks then I realize I am staring at you too long, and I quickly but deliberately turn back to talk to the people at the table. I can still feel your glance every once in awhile. Finally after what seems like forever, the sexual tension getting higher and higher, I get up from the table and go outside to get some fresh air. As I walk, I can feel the way my pussy lips glide back and forth because I am just so damn wet.

There is some kind of little park outside the back door, with benches and a children's jungle gym. I walk over and lean myself against one of the thick wooden poles of the jungle gym. It's dark...very dark away from the lights of the back door. I feel a presence behind me. I don't have to look...I know it is you, and my heart thumps fast in my chest. I feel your breath on the back of my neck just an instant before I feel your lips there. Your hands reach around to cup my breasts, and your fingers pull slightly on my nipples. I moan as I feel you press your hips into my ass. I can feel your hard cock pushing into my skin.

My hands grab hold of the metal bar on the jungle gym and I lean forward. I feel the icy cold night air as you slide my dress up over my hips. I start to rock my hips back and forth as I feel your hands rubbing my inner thighs. I am wearing thigh high stockings and the crotch of my panties is soaking wet. I feel your hand slide up my stocking and touch my bare flesh just below my pussy. Your fingers brush slowly across the wetness of my panties and then slip under the elastic to touch my bare pussy. You feel the slick wetness coat your fingers instantly, knowing you have caused this, and when you pull your hand away.....I know you are going to taste me. The thought of that really turns me on.

I feel the side of your hand slide down the crack of my ass and under my aching pussy. I am moaning softly and my hips are moving in little circles. Finally....you reach down and rip my panties off and push me forward. I can feel the cold steel of the jungle gym dig into my breasts as you grab my hips and thrust deeply inside me. FUCK.....

You are inside me as far as you can possible get. I feel your balls slapping me lightly on the top of my slit as you pull back and thrust deep again. Your fingers are digging deep into the skin on my hips as you use both our bodies for leverage. I reach down to play with my clit as you feed me your cock. I can hear the wet sounds of you fucking me. I hear your groans as you start to thrust me harder and

faster. Your cock is battering my pussy, and your hands are gripping my ass hard. I feel myself start to build up to orgasm. My hands grip the steel bar and I am practically whimpering. I am very vocal, but I am trying to be quiet so nobody finds us.

I come. Hard, deep and vocally. I am slamming backward into your ramming hips. My hand is a blur on my clit as I come.

You pull out of me. I know you want to come, but I know you want to be in my mouth even more. I hear your labored breathing behind me and I feel your hands run up and over the curve of my ass. I am trembling, and my eyes are glazed over from how fucking hard I just came. I turn and kiss you deeply. My hand reaches for your wet cock and I grip you tightly. I begin stroking you up and down as your hips fuck my hand. I drop down in front of you now and run the tip of my tongue up the shaft of your hard cock. {By the way, I am VERY good at this!} I can taste myself on you. Your grab hold of my hair and you pull me closer. My tongue moves gently around one of your balls...flicking lightly against the sensitive bottom. My hands reach around and grip the skin of your ass as I pull away from your balls, and start kissing my way up your shaft. The kisses are part kissing, and part sucking. My teeth lightly nibble their way around the thick base and my tongue laps up around the veined shaft.

I reach the tip. There is a gleaming drop of pre-cum clinging to the opening. I touch the tip of my tongue to it and taste you. I look up...deep into your wanting eyes...and try my best to swallow you whole. I take you DEEP into my mouth. I can feel the throbbing of your cock against the roof of my mouth...I can tell how excited you are. I pull back, but then take you deeper still.

Your hips start to rock, and you start to fuck my mouth. I can feel your starting to pull at my hair now, as you thrust your cock into my mouth over and over. The head of your swollen cock is coated with a mix of my saliva and pussy juice and it slides deeper down my throat. You're going to come, I can tell...I reach for the tiny star of your ass...circling it with my finger and pressing against it. I feel your cock jump inside my mouth as it fills with your hot seed. It spurts out and coats my mouth and tongue. I swallow deeply, sucking you, drinking you.

I feel your hips slow down their frantic pace, and your cock soften inside my mouth. I give it a couple more soft sucks, then pull away. I stand up and kiss you again, deeply, sharing the taste of your cum with mine.

We haven't spoken a single word. I pull my wet panties off and push them into your pocket, lean in close, whisper in your ear "Knew we would meet face to face one day", and turn to walk back to the function. A little while later, you appear. Your face is flushed. I know mine is too, but then again so is everyone else's from the drinking and dancing.

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