tagIncest/TabooI Caught My Sister Muff Diving Ch. 02

I Caught My Sister Muff Diving Ch. 02


Some summer break, huh! I was on my knees, my fast shrinking cock sharing space with the load of cum I'd just pumped in to Julie's vagina. And, I was grinning down at her best friend, who just happened to be my apparently utterly uninhibited, and right then anyway, supremely satisfied looking sister Tracy! And why not; after all, the girlfriend with the pussy full of cum had just licked and finger banged her through more orgasms then I would have believed any one girl could have!

Earlier, when a night out with my buddies had turned boring, I cut it short, and headed for home. And that just might have been the best decision of my young life! Back at home, and after a swim, I was headed for a shower, and that's when I over heard my sister trying to talk Julie in to some playful girl-on-girl experimentation. So, from a spot in the hall, I watched in the bedroom's mirrored closet doors, while my muff-diving sister discovered the thrills and joys of munching on a little pussy! Catching on fast, she quickly had a reluctant Julie screaming, and even begging for more! Well I got caught, and of course with my dick in my hand! But luckily the girls didn't freak, Julie barely even blushed, and it looked to me like my sister actually got a kick out of it. Anyway, Julie kept shying away, refusing to return the favor and go down on Tracy. But when Tracy caught her staring at my hard-on, she teased her until she agreed to go down on me instead. Only as good on the old skin flute as Julie was, she just couldn't manage to deep throat me! And when my smartass sister wouldn't stop razzing her, Julie finally told her to put up or shut up! Well daring my sister is dangerous, and Julie compounded her error by agreeing to try pussy, if Tracy actually had the balls to go down on her brother! And who knew; but, it turned out exploding cum in to my sister's mouth was a real turn-on!

Anyway, after I pulled out of Julie, I flopped on to my back, tuning out the giggles and their back and forth chatter. But my ears pricked up, when I heard Julie say "Oh really, well smarty, maybe you'd like another helping of Robby's cum! Yeah, and it just so happens that I know just where you can get some too! Un-huh, and I can even deliver it with a side of that pussy you enjoyed so much too!"

Playing it safe, I was already on my feet, when Tracy challenged "Deliver...oh really?" And it was on! Shrieking and squealing, they wrestled, tickling, pinching, and even sneaking in the occasional kiss! Well I figure Tracy took a dive; otherwise, no way would Julie have ended up sitting on her face! And pretty quick, Julie's giggles had turned in to panted gasps! Yup, and that's when Tracy's playful shove launched Julie's squirming ass off her face. And considering the copious quantities of cum decorating her face, I figured Tracy had been a lot more interested in tonguing Julie's clit, then in scarfing up a second helping of cum! Well I was to busy gawking to laugh, but not Julie! But a couple of vicious whacks with a pillow put a quick end to that! And then, when the girls decided they needed to freshen up, I split for the kitchen.

Reminding myself that the night was young, I popped the top on a cold brew, and contemplated the possibilities! And then, figuring I'd given them enough time, I started back. But when I heard the shower running, I stopped, but decided to peek around the doorjamb, just in case. And my heart just fucking stopped! My sex crazed sister was lying there, naked; knees bent and splayed wide open! Yeah well, she was also pumping a big, thick, neon blue dildo in and out of her pussy with one hand, while she fingered a clit that even from the door I could see was all puffed out! I couldn't tell how long it was; but, there sure was an awful lot of it sliding in and out of my sister!

Tracy saw me, and called out "Hi Robby, pretty fucking wild night, huh?" But she didn't stop, and I was beginning to think my sweet little sister really got off on having a live audience! Anyway, she giggled, and slowly slid what I figured was maybe ten inches of dripping wet dildo out of her pussy. Stupefied, I stared while she popped its big, blue, wetly glistening head in and out past the dark rosy pink of her pussy's lips. And then blowing what little was left of my mind, she watched me watch her treat that blue dildo like a freaking ice-cream cone! Tracy stopped lapping up her own pussy's juices long enough to ask "hey, you could return the favor you know, or don't you go down on girls?" Well yeah, I did! Only, never on one shaved as absolutely bare as my sister's was! And with my exhibitionist sister's so invitingly exposed, well, the prospect was practically, OK, it was utterly irresistible! And when the nasty minded little tease lifted her legs, spread them wide, and used her fingers to spread herself open, well fuck, I damn near dove head first in to glistening pink!

Kneeling between my sister's legs, I couldn't help thinking I was about to do something I'd fantasized about doing, oh say, ever since about the first time I'd jerked off! The shower shut off, Tracy pushed her blue dildo under her pillow, and in a voice that was a breathy whisper, she ordered "Now Robby!" I slid on to my stomach, and slid my hands up along her long tan thighs, gently pushing them even wider. But even before my lips melted in to the soft smooth heat of her pussy, Tracy was chanting "Oh God, oh God, oh God!" And right then, all I wanted was to slide my face all over that hot, slippery smooth wetness! But Tracy pushed her hands in to my hair, breathily insisting "God yes, do it Robby, use your tongue!" So with my sister tugging on my hair, I slid my tongue in to her opening! And what a fucking turn-on, because pushing in to her was like sliding my tongue in to liquid fire! Ramming my tongue in and out, I swirled it around just as far up in to her as I could jam it! Yeah, and I loved the taste of her, and that she was so much wetter then any of the other girls I'd gone down on! Well Ok, and I would have had my tongue reaching for her clit, even if my impatient sister hadn't yanked my hair, sounding like she meant it , when she ordered "Bastard, stop teasing, and make me cum!"

It was right there, and unmistakable even without Tracy's gasped "Yes, there, there!" Still, I forced myself to slow it down! So, while I explored her clit, teasing and experimenting, I watched and listened to her reactions. Oh sure, but fast, and fast right on her clit too, was what her tugging hands and a gasped "yes, like that, yes," demanded! So, I went for it, furiously whipping my tongue over my sister's silky smooth nub. Well that had her chanting "Oh, oh, oh, oh yes, more, more!" Only that hair pulling was beginning to bug me! Yeah, and the way Tracy had her hips bouncing made it hard to keep my tongue on target too! So, I stopped licking clit long enough to bat her hands away, wrap my arms around her thighs, and pin her bouncing ass down! And that's when I noticed Julie was back, and sitting on the edge of the bed.

Ignoring Julie, and with my sister wrapped up tight, I began racing the tip of my tongue in fast figure eights around her clit. Well that had Tracy trying hard to buck, and screaming her fool head off, as she loudly and repeatedly demanded "More, don't stop!" Right, as if I was about to stop, and for sure not once I heard "More, more, that's it...fuck yes, I'm cuming!" But hey, I waited until her screams faded in to panted gasps. And then, I started sucking her clit! Gosh, and off she went again, but this time with Julie clapping and whooping. And, what can I say? Even while I tongued my sister through what sure seemed like one continuous, unending orgasm, I was thinking about her noisy girlfriend. Well Ok, so it was more like I just hoped she wanted her own ride on my tongue!

I was still caught up in the thrill of making my sister cum, when Julie interrupted. Beating on Tracy's stomach like it was a bongo drum, Julie complained "Enough you greedy piggy! Yeah, if you know what's good for you, you'll share!" Well, besides my serious need to piss, that was just about the only other thing that could have pried my tongue off my sister's pussy! So I was hurrying back, anxiously anticipating that second helping of pussy, and I walked straight in to one of those dumb déjà vu moments! At least it sure sounded like a rehash of earlier, when I'd overheard Tracy trying to cajole Julie in to going down on her. Only, whatever Tracy was trying to talk Julie in to it sure didn't involve pussy. Nope, she was trying to encourage Julie to "Just go for it," insisting "yeah, you'll love it, fuck, I sure do!" And always helpful, she offered "Come on, I know Robby will do it if you ask him, shit, I'll ask him if you're chicken!"

Having heard enough, I walked in. Poor Julie, turning scarlet, she buried her face in a pillow! But hey, she was giggling! And of course my sister wasn't about to let up, oh hell no! She turned to me, and asked straight out "Hey Robby, you like doing anal don't you? That giggling chicken-shit over there wants to try it, but she's too shy to ask! So what do you say, huh? Want to take her virginity?" Well yeah, you bet I did! But then, I sure wasn't about to confess that I'd be giving up mine too! So I stood there dry mouthed, hoping my nod, and an instantaneous hard-on, made it a unanimous yes!

Whooping like a loon, Tracy sprang up, and began rummaging around in a dresser drawer, coming up with what sure looked like a bottle of lube. Tossing me the bottle, and jumping Julie, she tried to wrestle the pillow out of her hands. Well that left my sister straddling her girlfriend, with her killer ass wagging suggestively. And what do you know, winking at me from right there above my sister's pussy, was the dusky pink of her own puckered little anal opening. And let's just say the thought of sliding my cock in to that so sweetly exposed asshole took its sweet time crossing my mind! And never mind all my kid fantasies!! Honestly, up until earlier that night, when I'd watched Tracy not only swallow my cock, but a big mouthful of cum too, I'd never believed anything sexual would go down between my sister and me! But then, guess who was thinking, and yeah hoping, that if a little oral was cool, well then, why not a little anal action too? Well that's what I was telling myself anyway, when she sent that pillow flying, and dove in to a whispered huddle with a giggling Julie.

When Tracy jumped up and did a fist pump, I figured she'd convinced a grinning, but still reluctant looking Julie to go for it! And I didn't know what to say; which was OK, because Julie was telling Tracy "Yeah well, you are so going to owe me, yeah, big time!"

Unperturbed, Tracy shot back "Yeah, and so what? And besides, you're going to love it anyway!" And then, snatching the bottle of lube out of my hand, she ordered "And stops stalling! Come on, Robby wants you kneeling on the edge of the bed, so move it already!" Right, as if I'd been thinking that far ahead!

When Tracy had Julie positioned to her satisfaction, not only was her ass perfectly positioned, but she had a terrific view in the mirrored closet's doors too! OK, and as she watched my grinning sister smear a handful of lube over my cock, maybe she looked a little apprehensive! Oblivious, Tracy slapped my ass, squealing "Go for it Robby!" But then, she cried a frantic "Wait, wait, oh fuck, not yet!" So, while I waited, I watched Tracy push one well lubed finger in to her gasping girlfriend's asshole. Yup, and that would be all the way in! Finger pistoning, she told her wide eyed girlfriend "See, piece of cake! Honestly, you're just going to love it!"

No surprise, but it took a cracking swat to Tracy's ass, and a growled "Move it sis," before she got that finger out of my way! And Tracy was still rubbing her ass, when I stepped up and grabbed hold of Julie's hips. But she was right there, bent over and watching intently, when I pushed Julie's ass cheeks apart. So, when I gave my hips a gentle flip, we both saw the glistening head of my cock pop out of sight.

Julie barely even gasped, but Tracy shrieked "Yes, oh fuck, I just don't believe that...again, do it again Robby!" hey, it seemed like a good idea, so I popped it in and out a few times! And not that I needed it, but when my overly excited sister suggested "Now Robby, do it...yeah, fuck her hard," I took her advise anyway! Anxious, who me? Hey, I'm pretty sure I gave Julie time to object! Yup, and then I absolutely slammed my remaining six inches of cock in to her! And so what if she was taking a third or fourth hammering, balls deep thrust, by the time she gasped "Oh God...OK...yeah Ok...Oh God, I'm so full!" Well yeah, she sure was, and I loved it!

Amazingly, somehow I actually managed to slow it down! Yeah, well it was worth the effort! Sure, because the entire length of my cock was wrapped up tight in this incredible slick wet heat! Un-huh, and I could actually feel the sweet squeeze of the gentle spasms rippling through Julie's ass! So, there I was savoring the erotic thrill of being inside a girl's ass for the first time, driving in one long slow stroke after another, and that's when I spotted Tracy snaking a hand down between Julie's thighs. Suddenly, and what a surprise, I felt my sister push two fingers in to Julie's vagina! Yup, I knew it was two right away, because I could feel them stroking against my thrusting cock! Never mind fantasizing, I'd never even imagined being part of anything that fucking hot before!

Obviously as excited as me, Tracy practically squeaked "Oh God Julie, I can feel his cock!" Well, that was OK! Sure, but when she told her giggling girlfriend "Oh my god, I wish I had one of those strap-on things the lesbian's wear," I nearly came right then and there! Anyway, I sure didn't need to hear her ordering "Fuck her Robby...you know, really fuck her," because I already was!

Maybe I missed the question; whatever, I heard Julie loudly, and yeah enthusiastically telling my sister "Oh Hell yes, I love it!" OK, but when she started wriggling her ass, and screamed "Hard Robby...yeah, I love it...yeah, fuck my ass," well, that about did it for me! But hey, I was still slamming in fully penetrating thrusts, when my fucking cock just exploded! So there I was, blasting shot after shot of cum deep in to Julie, and she's shrieking "That's it, yes that's it...more...oh God yes, cum in me!"

Well by the time I was breathing again, the girls were huddled up, whispering and giggling of course! Tracy gave me a look that told me the party was over, and sweetly suggested that I might want to take a shower. And just in case that hadn't made it crystal clear, her "and close the door behind you, OK Robby," sure did! And I almost didn't care! Nope, because I'd already come in three fantasy shattering ways that night, and figured I'd survive without a forth! Who knew, but there was a forth, and it was only a couple of hours away too!

My eyes popped open, and it wasn't an earthquake after all; nope, just my naked sister bouncing on the foot of my bed! Well I tried for a ferocious scowl; but like I said, my sister was naked, and she's hot, and all I managed was a grin! OK, so she was grinning too, grinning and staring hard at the morning wood tenting the covers. Giving it a playful backhand Tracy asked "Fuck Robby, do you always wake up with one of those?" Gosh, and I was still nodding, when she pulled the covers back. Yeah, and sister or not, it's still a fucking turn-on, when a hot chick's licking her lips and staring at your cock! Only Tracy sure looked serious; especially for a girl holding a big fistful of hard cock, and excitedly cooing "Yummy, so I've found this nice big cock, it's all hot, and oh god, it's so hard too!", And not that I could do anything about it, but I listened to her complain "Oh sure, and naturally it would belong to my idiot brother!"

Tracy reached down, and came up holding a bottle of lube. And when she swung around and knelt between my legs, I sort of figured I was in for a hand-job. Well I did, until she blushed, and buried her face in her hands. But it was all for show, and she was giggling when she said "Oh Robby, I'm so bad! I lied...and poor Julie would like kill me or something if she knew I'd never done that anal thing! OK, so you've got to help me, right?" Well my mind was still stuck somewhere between huh and what, when she began slathering lube over my cock. So yeah, I figured she had something other then a hand-job on her mind!

Last night, when Tracy was wrestling with Julie, and her very tasty ass had looked so inviting, I'd decided; damn straight, if I ever got the chance I'd take my sister's ass! Well, figuring that time had arrived, I assumed Tracy would want me behind her. Only, when I started to move, she Pushed me back with a dramatic sigh, and a giggled "No, wait!" And then she was straddling me, face buried in her hands again, and giggling out an almost embarrassed sounding "Don't you dare laugh Robby; but...ah...so ah...would it be OK if...you know, if I do it?" Oh sure, like there she is, the head of my cock already jabbing against her asshole, and what, I'm going to say no?

Settling back, I laced my fingers under my head, and told her "OK then, go for it sis!" I was doing a silent count down, intending to launch a thrust up in to her at zero. But, Tracy gave a little bounce at three that popped the head of my cock in and out of her asshole. She did it again, and took a little bit more cock. And then, looking like a diver, she lifted her hands high above her head, grinned down at me, gave another bounce, and rode my cock all the way down.

Muttering "Ooh wow, Julie sure had that full thing right," she braced her hands on my chest! Hips slowly rotating she lifted, and let the head of my cock pop free. And then, while I struggled to just lay there and take it, I watched her pump herself up and down my full length about a half dozen times! Yeah, well every roundtrip slammed down faster and harder then the one before it! OK, But I had something even harder, faster and a whole lot nastier in mind!

Managing a grin, and trying to sound casual, I asked "So you like it huh?" And when I got an enthusiastic nod, I reached for her ass.

But when she sarcastically purred "Ooh, so Robby thinks he can fuck me hard huh," I decided to go for it! So instead of using my hands to simply bounce my sister up and down my cock, I rolled her on to her back. And while she squealed I got her legs up over my shoulders, leaned forward, and pinned her hands above her head. And then as I drove slow deep thrusts in to her, I told her "You know sis, Julie was my first anal action! So gosh, I guess I should say thanks, huh!" Well eventually, my sister stopped struggling, and even stopped screaming and calling me names! Sure, but that was after I made like a pile driver, and started slamming ferocious balls deep thrusts down in to her ass! Of course Tracy hadn't actually stopped screaming; nope, it's just that her beasts, bastards, and assholes were replaced with mores, yeses, and harders! Too bad, but she didn't get much more of that more part of things! But hey, just like in the porno I'd learned that position from; I pulled out spewing an absolute gusher of cum all over her tits and belly! And if she hadn't started to laugh, I don't think I'd have had the balls to let go of her hands. But silly me, I did, and she immediately pulled me down in to that see of goo.

Stopping on her way out, the imp leaned against the doorjamb, and told me "Gee Robby, you're a mess! But hey, you can use the folks shower, OK?" Then giving me this look of pure innocence, but sounding anything but, she asked "So ah...you and your buddies are still playing poker here tonight right? Gosh just think Robby, all those boys, and..."

Oh we played poker that night alright, and sometimes without cards too! But then, that's another story, and one I can't wait to tell!

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