I Dare You


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Knowing when to keep quiet, I watched Sue shower and dig out her bejeweled butt insert. Eyes twinkling, she asked me to install it, slowly. Gentle, twisting insertion gets her dizzy and horny. Once it was in, I stripped, then filled her other holes—gently and slowly at first, then quick and hard as she preferred after she began to flush pink from her pussy to her forehead.

After filling her with fresh, warm, cum, I asked if she wanted to shower again before we left to visit her friend. She silently gave me a twinkling smirk as her answer and pulled frilly red panties over her damp pussy and butt insert. Her green sport shorts seemed too casual for the sexy mesh panties, but her "modest" crop top was a dare in itself with her tiny, shapely tits screaming "pull it off."

All the way to Moana's, she squirmed in the seat. Knowing she was rubbing her wrinkled muscle and getting off made me swell in anticipation of whatever dirty little trick she had in mind. She reached into her panties and rubbed her pussy slowly, up, down, inside, repeat as she hinted that she might allow me to fuck her new friend, if all went well. Though my brows arched and my dick throbbed, I held my tongue—happy to be included in the prank, whatever it was. She finally confided that I was going to be part of her revenge scheme on Moana and I should just play along with her April Fool caper.

When I pulled into the driveway, Sue was at the edge of cumming again. She sighed in frustration. This was going to be good. I wondered what level of daring they were up to in their uptight work place that sparked this need for revenge.

Moana was indeed pretty and wore spike heels and a shapely, translucent, summer dress that made my mouth dry. Though I couldn't quite see if she had anything under it, I had enough hints to guess she didn't. Her petite 35C-23-38 frame was drool-worthy and her hard nipples stressing the dress made me ache and sigh.

They kissed briefly—on the mouth. That was unexpected for a new friend. When Sue introduced us, I vigorously shook her hand, and her tits. They both giggled at my obvious fascination and Moana hugged me. Heavenly warmth crushed my ribs. My shorts didn't hide my tent at all so I turned away from Moana and adjusted my package. Sue giggled again. Christmas and Valentine's were past so I wondered what I had done to deserve this April bundle of lecherousness.

After closing the door, I closely watched Moana shimmy away, hardly shy and so sultry. The way her pert and firm ass wiggled made my cock throb again. Sue blatantly squeezed it and pointed it down as if she wanted it to escape my shorts. I quickly pointed it back up to minimize the tent, though it still bulged lewdly. Considering my suspicions, I chose to let it advertise itself.

Sue was already in a mercurial mood before we got to her new, work friend's, so a couple of drinks quickly got her and her friend loose and daring. Though Moana's immediate flirtiness and slightly slurred speech said she had already started drinking, it was Sue who suggested risque Truth-or-Dare. I was the innocent, collateral damage, so I didn't drink much. Besides, since I apparently had Sue's horny permission to fuck Moana, I wanted to be fully ready.

After a couple of drinks, risque jokes led to risque stories about work and how "Sue always lost the dares and was such a good sport to pay the penalty of flashing her cute titties and even her bare ass." Since Sue kept escalating small dares at work and Moana kept beating her, she was determined to escalate and embarrass her new friend under the guise of an April Fool joke. Every time Sue lost, she had to perform a penalty.

"Oh it was no big deal," Sue answered defensively. "Usually it was quickly flashing my tits in the rest room, then a hallway, then at my desk where coworkers might see me." That was news to me. Why had she taken to hiding her flashing? "Tits are boring and I don't care who sees my tiny titties." Yet, she blushed. "My ass is another thing. I think it's too small so I don;t like people looking at it."

Sue usually told me about her "embarrassing" adventures with anyone and anywhere. That helped her relive and savor her randy behavior. When she lost another work dare, Moana admitted she'd demanded to see her bare ass for thirty seconds in the hall. With her ass exposed, Sue formed a revenge plan. We were here to execute the plan.

I asked if Moana ever lost a dare and had to expose her bountiful boobs at work. She said she never did and began to wonder how many times Sue had lost deliberately. I had the same question. Sue tried to change the subject. She even admitted that when she exposed her ass, she told Moana that we get monthly health checks since we each have permission to fuck others. We always insist they are clean too. It was her subtle way of giving tacit permission to fondle her bared ass.

Moana arched a brow then slyly said she had a clean health check two months ago and had not had sex with anyone since—except for rimming Sue during her ass flash. Bingo. I see green lights all the way. Since Moana had recently, comfortably, had her tongue in Sue's ass, I wondered how much further they had gone. When Sue couldn't change the subject, she insisted we three play Truth-or-Dare immediately.

Moana agreed and I had to go along. Sue squirmed on the sofa obviously enjoying her insert and I tried to stifle my bulge."Me first,"Sue practically shouted as she stood up. "Moana, I dare you to name what I'm wearing that isn't clothes or jewelry. Wait, there has to be a penalty for refusing or failing the dare. I know! The 3rd person gets to strip the loser. No—winner should do that, but only half strip them. Yeah. Third person chooses which half. Agreed?" Did she just offer me the chance to strip Moana, a new acquaintance? Or, more likely, satisfy her exhibitionist urges to be stripped since she couldn't refuse the penalty? Either way, naked is the first, or second, domino to fall on our way to a sweaty threesome.

Moana carefully looked over Sue and didn't see anything unusual. Sue conceded, "OK. You may touch me anywhere to feel for anything unusual, but then you have to identify BOTH not-typical things—you have sixty seconds." Moana smiled broadly; I set my watch alarm and watched as she vigorously groped my wife. Her big, gyrating tits and stiff nipples entranced me. I couldn't wait to compare them to Sue's perfect nipples. Both grinned when she reached under Sue's crop top and cupped her tits then pinched her nipples. Sue didn't resist at all. Were these really new acquaintances? She frisked Sue's shorts from outside them, front then back, before Sue bent her knees and thrust her ass out.

Taking the hint, Moana cupped both cheeks gently then lifted and separately spread them lovingly, as I would do. When she pressed into Sue's raphe, she felt the hard insert and whispered "butt plug?" in surprise. Sue shook her head and I agreed. Moana daringly stuck her hand inside the shorts and panties, pulled them down enough to expose the insert and a bit of pussy. "This thing . . . this butt insert?" She tenderly stroked Sue's bared ass as we both nodded yes. So casual, so familiar with my wife's bare ass.

She licked around the insert and slipped her fingers down to Sue's wet pussy. This was promising! My cock shifted and I gave it my unrestricted permission. When she felt the extra moist kitty, her mouth dropped and she whispered, "Cum? You had sex just before coming here?" I blushed as we both admitted we had. Just as she kissed the tempting ass and licked my cum off her fingers, my alarm went off. She savored my taste and gasped, "I won again." After pulling Sue's shorts and panties up, she sighed, "My turn. I dare you to suck his cock with your finger in his ass until he fills your little tummy."

"Eww, no. Sneaky way to get my shy husband naked, but no, I can't do that." My neck cracked like a shattered branch when my head turned swiftly, wide-eyed at her. She's done that before and she likes to try to embarrass me with friends and strangers—usually so I'd retaliate and "force" her to get naked. So she is deliberately throwing the dares. What now, I wonder?

"Well then, I invoke penalty," smirked Moana. "Third party—that's you Al—gets to choose which half you want me to strip." She rubbed her hands like a cartoon villain. I looked back and forth at their puckered, gleaming faces, at Moana's full tits, and dragged out the pause. Now that I knew how close they actually were, I decided to be creative.

"Right half!" Both startled and looked from me to each other as they tried to understand my choice. They stammered word fragments as they tried to digest what that meant. "Simple. I want you to expose and leave exposed only her right side. Her left tit must remain covered along with her left labia, butt cheek, foot and as much of her left leg as her shorts allow. You may briefly expose all of her while complying, or choose to cut away the right side of all her clothes. Choose now." This would be interesting! I hoped they would choose cutting away the clothes so Sue would have to ride home naked.

They huddled and unfortunately chose not to cut off her clothes. I dug out my camera. Sue held her left tit covered as Moana helped get her crop top over her head and exposed only her right tit. After just a moment, Moana pushed Sue's shorts to her ankles, paused to look through the mesh panties at her hairless mound and lightly kissed her obvious clit before pushing the red panties down too. Next, she helped her extract her right foot.

As Moana slowly pulled the shorts and panties up her left leg only, I clearly saw her stare closely into my wife's bared pussy and run a finger between her lips. Sue merely smiled, spread her feet, and closed her eyes. Moana adjusted the shorts so they wedged deep into Sue's butt crack and around the butt insert. I took photos all the way. With lots of touching and pulling, she then wedged the shorts deep into Sue's swollen pussy, leaving both her right labia exposed. She removed Sue's right shoe and flared her half naked body.

Photos preserved the unusual exposure. "Won't this make a great Xmas card for friends?!" Moana turned her around so I got a photo of her half-assed exposure then back to face me. As I took more photos, she leaned in and licked, kissed and sucked Sue's perfect, hard nipple. After tucking in the front of the shorts tighter, she pulled Sue's stiff clit into view, then hid it, then pulled it back into view as it pulsed each time—jilling and not jilling—Sue groaned. The next photo had them side by side with Moana, nipples ready to shred her light dress, closely pointing at my wife's half exposed pussy.

"OK, Sue, you stand there while I dare your husband something. Hmmm." I stood and wondered what she had obviously planned. She blatantly stared at my bulge and sighed. "I dare you to open my front door, wait there with your dick out until a neighbor comes by. You must get her attention, then jerk off until you cum. You like that, Sue?" Obviously pleased, Sue nodded her head with a broad grin. She can be so cruel.

"Um, even if I agree to that, I'm not willing to get arrested for a dare. So, no, pick something else." I wondered if they would follow my lead as I also chose to throw the dare. She, they, did.

"Well, another rule breaker. Since you refused, I invoke penalty again. Just to keep it simple, we will help you be half naked too—your LEFT half." Ohhhh boy! As Sue pulled half my shirt over my head, her crop top fell off and she ignored the erratic ellipses her stiff, perfect nipples made. She stood back and slipped half her top on again.

Moana snapped my shorts to the floor. "I've been just as anxious to see this big fella as you have to see my tits. Yes, we can tell when you guys stare at them. I didn't mind since I saw this coming, so to speak." She palmed my straining cock then shifted to include my balls. Her other hand dug into my boxer-briefs' waistband and pulled it down one side. I looked at Sue who was practically salivating. I suddenly realized that I was the intended victim of her April Fool's prank. She'd trapped me with my own lust. Damn!

That thought vanished quickly when I felt the cooler room air surround my cock at the same instant it lunged onto Moana's face. Sue was squatting, pussy wide open, holding the camera near my cock and her friend's face. Moana removed my right shoe and extracted my right foot before sliding my shorts and undies half up my right leg. She paused to nuzzle my stiff cock and chased it with her nose and closed lips. I moaned and she pushed my legs farther apart. When she rotated my clothes and had me hold them against my outer thigh, she wondered aloud how to hide half my cock.

As she pondered that, she reached behind me and tucked my clothes as deep as possible into my hirsute raphe. Clenching held them in place. She raised a finger between my balls and nudged my right one under the shorts, but my cock was still fully in her face. She carefully lifted and pivoted it so half my shaft was in my shorts while the bottom half was still exposed. "Suck-cess," she cried and turned me for Sue to take photos. Sue directed her to hold my exposed testicle for a photo then turn me around for my own half-assed shot. Sigh, pranks aren't so sweet from this side of them! Yet, the intense manual maneuvering was its own reward.

Moana took the camera and posed us side by side, then bare half to bare half. She had me kiss Sue, bite her nipple and finger her as she extracted my cock and made my helm shift purple for the camera. We briefly ignored Moana as I whispered, "Nice prank. You're aware that SHE is the only one still dressed and she had her hands and mouth all over both of us? She wins again." As I was about to suggest our own revenge, we turned and saw Moana's dress float to the floor. As I'd expected, she was stark naked and flawless.

As she sauntered slowly across the room confidently swaying her hips and arms in counter synch yet causing her firm and shapely tits to sway with her hips, she breathily said, "We know where this is going, so the dares are done. So, what do you think? Do y'all think the girls held up to their promise?" I took the camera and focused on the girls, their hard, tall nipples, her thin pelt and her beautiful face. "I think this changes our work dare some." She was enchanting, bewitching and all ours for the moment. Her group hug was arousing, but cupping both our asses then pulling out and squeezing my cock as Sue watched and fingering my wife as I watched amused and aroused her too.

I cupped her luscious tit and bit her nipple as Sue sucked then bit the other. Somehow my fingers found their way into her dripping, swollen pussy. It would not be long before I tasted her nectar directly. After inhaling her heady aroma and tasting her dew on my fingers, we kissed passionately for the first time. She turned and kissed Sue deeply. Watching their tongues tangle and lick made my cock throb. Sue gripped it and rubbed it into Moana's vestibule. I nearly came on her warm pussy and stiff clit.

"I know you weren't serious before, but he's going to cum quickly, so let me relieve the pressure so he can please both of us tonight." She dropped to her knees and licked my cock from base to tip before sucking it onto her tongue and lapping my helm and frenulum. My knees trembled, yet I saw her push two fingers deep into Sue's cum-dripping snatch.

After two soggy rotations, she savored and sucked one finger clean, put me deep into her mouth then wiggled the other wet finger into my ass. I moaned at the sizzling heat and pressure of her throat as she found my prostate and milked it like a cow. I came instantly and filled her belly. She swallowed it all with pleasure.

"Sue, you are going to sit on my face so I can indulge in the combination of elixirs within you." that wasn't a request. Sealing the promise, she licked Sue's pussy clean of all external drippings, lapped her labia, and gently sucked her clit. Sue trembled in climax.

As she led us to her bedroom, she confessed, "I figured out what you had in mind when you asked about meeting Al on April first, so I thought I'd take control and turn the tables on you. Hope you enjoyed it so far. And, by the way, April Fool on both of you." The rest of the day and night was no joke. I have the photos to prove it.

==== 9 hr 1900 3/1/19 ==== 2993 words ==== 3/12/19 rev & fix typos ==== 3055 words

2/28/19 seminal image:Sue letting new friend search her for jeweled butt insert.

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A source of learning

Never knew the word Raphe so had to look it up
Always happy to learn more.
The story was fun too

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Funny and Touching

Lots of touching! Enjoyed it for the twist and turns as well as the feels and ... burns. Great writing!

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