tagErotic CouplingsI Didn't Even Know His Name Ch. 02

I Didn't Even Know His Name Ch. 02


I was working diligently at my cubicle after lunch. Somehow, I'd managed to get on with my day despite the fact that I'd fucked a total stranger earlier that morning who turned out to be my boss. I was so engrossed with work, in fact, I didn't even notice Valerie standing beside my desk. Valerie was Mr. Tindale's secretary, now Mr. Parisi's, and tended to look down at us mere "worker bees". She didn't seem to like anyone, much less get along with any of us. "Ahem...." she cleared her throat.

I jerked my head up. "Oh hey, Val!" I said, sweetly. (She HATES to be called Val.)

She blatantly rolled her eyes at me, then spoke. "Mr. Parisi wants to see you in his office in 15 minutes...SHARP." I shook my head as she made a little mark on her clipboard. "And DON'T be late because I can't remind you again...I'm on my way to lunch."

"Sure, Val, Mr. Parisi's office in 15 minutes...got it."

"I mean it, LoreLai, be ON TIME. Mr. Parisi may not have noticed your tardiness today, but I did, and the next time it happens you WILL be reported!" she said, then turned around, tossed her hair, and stomped away.

Sara and I watched her a moment, then she leaned over my desk, "Damn, she's such a bitch!"

"Yeah," I agreed.

"So...why do you think Mr. Parisi wants a private meeting with YOU? I don't think he called any other employees in his office today."

"I told you," I said, staring at the computer screen nonchalantly as I checked my email. My heart, however, raced just knowing I only had to wait 14 more minutes to be alone with him again.

"No, seriously!"

"Sara, I'm dead serious!" I stared right into her eyes this time as I said it. "I...had sex...with Mr. Parisi...this morning."

Sara, taken aback, sat up straight. "Oh my god! You DID fuck him!"

I tugged on Sara's blouse and pulled her closer."Shhhh! Keep your voice down!" I looked around. Luckily all my coworkers were engrossed in their TPS reports and whatnot.

"So you really, truly had sex with that fine piece of man meat?!"

"That's what I've been trying to tell you!"

"You didn't know he was our boss, did you?"

"I didn't even know his name! We flirted on the subway, then afterwards met in an alleyway and just went at it."

"Oh damn, Lore, that's SO fucking HOT!"

"Shhhhhhhhh! I do NOT want it getting out!"

"Of course you don't...and what about...."

Her voice trailed off, but I knew what she was referring to. "I don't wanna even think about that until I get home tonight."

"Well, I hate to tell ya, but if Mr. Parisi requests too many more of these one-on-one meetings, it's GONNA get out."

"I'm gonna talk to him about it...tell him this can't go on."

"Are you insane??? That man is CRAZY hot!"

"I know, but he's our boss!"

"I don't care...a super hot guy trumps boss any day. I mean, he's extraordinarily hot...once in a lifetime hot."

"God, he is, isn't he?" I agreed that he was insanely fine, but still, the rational part of me knew what I had to do. Meanwhile, though, my libido was disagreeing with my last shred of morality as it remembered my encounter with him.

"And he wants to fuck you again this afternoon! You lucky cunt. While I'm stuck here with these shitty TPS reports, you're gonna be bent over his desk gettin' fucked like a slut. I hate you." Sara winked at me, then sat back down at her desk and smiled. "Only 8 more minutes to T.G.I.F."


"Thank God It's Fucktime," she whispered. I looked back down at my computer screen, but my mind wandered. My cunt got wetter as I remembered the way his cock sank into me earlier that day. He really was the most fantastic fuck I'd ever had...by far...not to mention, the hottest. God, I could almost still feel his fingertips digging into my ass...taste his hot breath...feel those light kisses on my shoulder. He was utter perfection.

I'd drifted off into Neverneverland thinking about Mr. Parisi...about what happened between us...about what could possibly happen between us again. Thank goodness Sara was around to snap me out of it. "It's time!" she shrieked. I jumped outta my chair faster than I'd meant to, sending it flying out behind me. A few of my office mates gave me strange looks. "Go get 'im, girl," Sara growled, encouraging me. I smiled weakly, flattened down my skirt, and headed towards Mr. Parisi's office.

Valerie, of course, had gone to lunch, so I just walked right up to his office door and knocked. He didn't even hesitate when saying "Come in." Taking a deep breath, I opened the door and walked inside. Casually, he looked up from his computer. "LoreLai...." I loved the way my name sounded drifting off his tongue.

"You wanted to see me, Mr. Parisi?"

He got up from behind his desk, walked towards me, and said, "It's Tom."

"Tom," I repeated as he stood before me. I grew even more nervous as his eyes scanned my body. "We need to talk," I stated. There, I said it.

"About this morning?"

"I just want to make it clear that it was a mistake and it can't happen again," I said bravely as my libido called me every four letter word in the book. A smirk appeared on his face, but then quickly disappeared.

Tom strolled past me, brushing my shoulder, and walked to the other side of the room. I heard his office door shut quietly behind me. "I agree, Ms. Parker...." and then I heard the lock click. We were officially alone once more. "...what happened this morning cannot happen again."

"I'm glad we're on the same page," I said. I was about to turn around and face him when I felt his hands on my hips from behind. I froze. We'd just agreed that this was over and suddenly here he was touching me. I could barely stand not turning around and throwing myself at him. I was seriously considering it when he reached down and began pulling up the hem of my skirt. "What...what are you doing?"

"I'm gonna make you cum," he stated ever so smoothly without missing a beat.

I tried to keep my composure...put up a real fight...well, APPEAR to put up a fight, at the very least. "No, Mr. Parisi, we can't do this." Did I REALLY just say that out loud? Shut the fuck up, Lore!, screamed my cunt.

"Ms. Parker, I agree that what happened between us this morning can't happen again," he said pulling my skirt up higher. "But I only agree with that because this morning we were strangers and now we no longer are. From now on when we fuck, you'll be able to moan my name when you cum and I'll be able to moan yours."

"Mr. Parisi, we need to discuss this." SHUT...THE...FUCK...UP, BITCH! My libido was getting seriously pissed off.

"I think we need to discuss a lot, Ms. LoreLai," he agreed as he lifted my skirt all the way up to my waist. Cool air rushed flatly against my bare skin...Mr. Parisi still had possession of my panties, so there was nothing between him and I but my skirt.

"Yes, we do." I didn't even realize it, but I was practically moaning already.

"Yes, like...skirt on or off...bent over that desk there or laying down on top of it...and, my personal favorite, spit or swallow?"

"Mr. Parisi, I...."

"It's Tom," he corrected me.

"Tom, I...." Before I could say another word, he'd already reached down and plowed two fingers into my waiting cunt. My words got caught in my throat. I realized at that moment how empty I'd felt all day...how badly I'd been dying to feel him inside me again. I couldn't help but lean back onto his chest just a bit, tilt my head back on his shoulder, and close my eyes as I savored his touch. As he pulled his fingers out ever so slowly and then pushed them back inside me just as slowly, a shudder ran through my entire body from head to toe. I felt as though I was going to cum right there...but I stopped myself from letting go. I wanted to savor this man as long as I could.

"And LoreLai?" he asked breathily against my ear.

"Yes?" I whimpered, turning my head to the side to glance at him.

"When you cum, I'd prefer to hear you moan Tom rather than Mr. Parisi," he said matter-of-factly as he began to fuck my cunt a little harder...a little faster. "God, you're already soaking wet, baby. Been thinking about this all morning like I have?"

"Uh-huh," was all I could manage. All my ethics and morals went out the window as his fingers sunk deeper and deeper inside me with each stroke. My body began to go limp as his fingers found a steady rhythm inside me. He kissed my neck softly and moaned against my ear. His free hand reached down into my blouse and into my bra. Finding my hardening nipple, he rolled it between his strong fingers. A soft moan escaped my lips. No man had EVER affected me like this.

"Wanna try to tell me no again, LoreLai?" he asked with that sexy, devilish laugh as he fucked my cunt harder, more roughly. I didn't dare answer him back. Instead, I unbuttoned my blouse for him. I loved the way he'd looked at my tits last time...the way he'd taken them in his hands, in his mouth as though they were an undiscovered treasure. I unclasped my bra and let them free once more. He wasted no time reaching up and rolling my nipples, one at a time, back and forth, between his fingers. They quickly became painfully hard...and my cunt quickly became even wetter. Without even realizing it, I'd begun rolling my hips forward against his hand...fucking him as he fucked me...matching his rhythm. His fingers slid out of my wetter than wet cunt completely. I waited for him to dive back in again, but he didn't. Seconds passed and he didn't move. I looked over my shoulder at him and was about to protest when I felt his fingers glide upward and land on my clit. I sucked a deep breath in as he placed two fingers over it and began to rub in hard, wide circles. I began to move my hips forward against his hand again. I swear I died and went to heaven. His expert touch was pure perfection. He knew exactly what I needed without me saying a word. Within seconds, I could feel my legs begin to give out. I couldn't believe how easily I was giving myself over to him. He knew it, too. His hand moved off my nipples and he circled his arm around my waist, securing me against him. "I've got you, honey...now let yourself go...cum for me, baby...give yourself to me."

And did I ever. Practically on his command, my legs gave out and my body began to shake. My cum completely took over my body. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. I clutched his arm hard, leaving fingernail marks. I bit my lip because I knew I couldn't scream. "Yes...oh yes...yes, Tom...yes...." I cried...then my lips parted and soft, muted moans escaped.

"That's it, Lore, honey, that's it," he whispered against my ear.

Several minutes passed before my body finally calmed down. Tom continued to stroke my pussy, my legs, my breasts, my shoulders until I finally quit shaking and regained my footing. It was only then that he pulled his fingers out of me and left me to stand on my own. I felt satisfied, but strangely empty again without him inside me. I shyly turned to face him. He looked down at me sweetly, reaching up to brush my hair off my cheeks. "How was that?"

"It was...fantastic," I said in a purr.

"You're so beautiful after you cum." I could feel my cheeks grow hot. I'm not sure if I was embarrassed about the compliment or embarrassed about what'd just happened between us...again. Before I could figure out a way to respond, Tom grabbed my hand and lead me over to the other side of the office to the black leather couch on the far wall. "Have a seat and rest," he requested, so I sat down with him beside me, still holding my hand.

"Tom, I...." He placed a finger over my lips to silence me. I could smell myself on him.

"I'm serious, Lore, you are. I almost kicked myself when I walked away from you this morning without finding out who you were and how to reach you."

"It all worked out," I said, smiling broadly.

"So it seems," he said, smiling back. "Can I get you anything?"

"No, I'm fabulous," I purred, laying back onto the couch, stretching out like a satisfied cat. My breasts rose as my body arched, my nipples hardening again as the cool air brushed across them. I smiled, watching him watch me. "Can I get YOU something?" I asked, devilishly.

"Like what?" He was good at being coy.

"Oh, I dunno. What are you thinking about right now?"



"I can't stop wondering what it'd be like to have your lips wrapped around my cock."

This was obviously my cue.

I slid down off the couch, my skirt still up around my waist and my tits still uncovered, and dropped to my knees. I grabbed his belt and began unbuckling it. "Well, wonder no more," I said with a wink. My libido had COMPLETELY taken over at this point...I think I left my morals and virtue in the alleyway that morning.

Tom laid back against the couch and smiled down at me, lifting up his hips to help me pull his pants down to his ankles. When his hard cock popped upward, I just stared at it for a minute. I couldn't believe it...it was perfect! I never once in my life thought about a cock being lovely, but his definitely was...the perfect size, the perfect shape, the perfect width, the perfect length. Suddenly, I NEEDED to suck him.

I wasted no time. I bent down and took the head of his cock into my mouth. He moaned in relief as he stared down, watching my every move. Holding him there between my teeth, I swirled my tongue over the tip of his cock and watched as his eyes lit up with delight. Never breaking my gaze from his, I leaned back, letting his cock fall from my lips. He looked momentarily disappointed...until, that is, he felt my tongue ever so slowly begin to lick down his shaft. As I flicked my tongue across the taut skin of his cock, I could feel him harden even further. When I got to the base of his dick, I licked downward even further to his balls. Lapping lightly across his balls, I couldn't help but smile as he groaned and closed his eyes. I sucked one past my lips, attentively licking and sucking it, then the other joined and I rolled them both off my tongue, finally pulling my head back and letting them fall from my lips altogether. "God yes, LoreLai, yesssssssss," he hissed. I'd never seen a man look more turned on than he did at that moment...or more sexy for that matter.

I licked my way back up his now harder than hard shaft. I flicked my tongue across that sweet spot there in the front, making him flinch. I giggled as my tongue swirled over the tip of his cock. "Damn, you have the sexiest mouth ever," he moaned. His forehead had become a little sweaty and he'd loosened his tie.

"Do I?" I asked, coyly.

"Fuck yes...now show me what you can do with it...."

Without hesitation, I SLAMMED my mouth down over his cock, taking him not only into my mouth, but even into my throat. I was practically swallowing the tip of his cock. He tasted delicious. I felt a little bit of his precum slide down my throat. Mmmmm. I closed my lips around the base of his cock...even dug my teeth in ever so slightly. I licked my tongue all around his shaft...and just held him there. Not sucking him, not moving. I could see he was getting frustrated...wanting more. I laughed inwardly, this was just how I wanted him. Soon, he began to move his hips against my mouth. I pushed him down, stopping him. "Please, Lore, please...."

Our eyes locked. He had the biggest puppy-dog eyes. He was even panting, for fuck's sake. I couldn't bear to torture him. I curled my hot, full lips around him and began to pull back...very, very slowly. "Yesssssssssss...."

My tongue swirled beneath his shaft and my lips stayed taut all around him. I could feel him harden even more. My teeth scraped him every so often. I was catching every nerve on his cock...I could feel him coming alive in my mouth.

I finally reached the head once more...swirled my tongue around it, watching him. He was fidgeting, panting...he looked desperate to cum. Who was I to deny him such pleasure? Without prolonging any further, I SLAMMED my mouth down over him once more and began taking him in and out of my mouth. My head was bobbing up and down over him. I was still licking around his shaft as I sucked him. My right hand reached up and tugged his balls...I think that was his breaking point.

Tom grabbed me by my hair and pulled my mouth off his dick. He jerked my head towards him as he leaned forward to kiss me roughly. Before I realized what was happening, he'd picked me up off my feet and was carrying me across the room, apparently towards his desk, still kissing me hard. Just as I'd gotten my wits about me and finally began to kiss him back, he practically threw me down on top of his desk. I looked up at him and he looked like a madman...his eyes flashed with a crazy lust I'd only ever read about, he gritted his teeth as he grabbed his cock and thrust it inside me in one swift motion. I sat up, my back arched...my weight resting on my hands outstretched behind me. As he reached down and sucked one of my nipples into his mouth, he began fucking me hard and fast. One hand around my waist possessively, while the other held my tit to his lips. My hips were squashed between him and the desk as he rode me.

Suddenly, he let go of my tit and sat up straight. His free hand grabbed me by the nape of my neck, forcing my head to cock to one side. To my surprise, he then sank his teeth into my neck. It was almost vampiric. He held my body tight against his as he bit me, as he came inside me. I could feel his hot cum bursting from his cock and spurting within me for the second time today. His hips slowed. His cock softened. Finally, he let go of his grip on me, both arms and teeth, and slammed his hands down on the desk on either side of me, catching himself before he fell. He nuzzled his face into my neck as he tried to calm down and catch his breath. "That...was...a...mazing...." he huffed and puffed. He looked so sweet, so vulnerable...so unlike the totally in-charge man I'd fucked in the alley that morning. I couldn't help myself...I took his face in my hands and looked into his eyes, then kissed him softly on his lips. He smiled back at me broadly. "What was that for?"

"Just because," I said with a nervous laugh.

This was getting too intense.

I think he sensed it as well...he pulled his now soft cock from within me and stood up, quickly pulling his pants up, zipping them, and straightening his tie. I, in turn, hopped off his desk, pulled my skirt down, re-snapped my bra, and buttoned my blouse, then tucked it in again. I knew I still looked a mess, though.

I didn't know what to say at that point. I stood there dumbly and watched as Tom walked back towards his desk. I was afraid he was just going to sit down and continue on with work, dismissing me as though nothing had happened. I was terribly relieved, though, as I watched him reach into the pocket of his sport coat and pull out the panties that he'd kept that morning. "I suppose I should return these to their rightful owner," he said, winking at me.

I laughed outloud. "It's ok...the rightful owner already has them," I said, winking back.

Unfortunately, our adorable moment was interrupted with a knock on the door. Both he and I jumped. He quickly sat down at his desk, looking calm, cool, and collected once again. "Would you mind unlocking the door?"

I smiled nervously. "No problem."

I went over, unlocked the door, and opened it. I could've died right there and then.

Jim strode across the office. Mr. Parisi, umm, Tom, stood and shook his hand. "Tom...Tom Parisi."

"Very nice to finally meet you, Mr. Parisi! I'm Jim...from accounting. I was the one who found Mr. Tindale's...umm...mistakes."

I looked wide-eyed at Jim...he never mentioned a thing to me about Mr. Tindale's theft.

"Oh yes, we have a meeting scheduled today...Jim...Jim...." Tom looked down at his appointment book, then looked up at me, then back at him. "Jim...Parker?"

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