tagLoving WivesI Don't Want A Divorce

I Don't Want A Divorce


I love my wife. Since the first day I saw her walking across campus in college, I've loved her. The happiest day of my life was when she said "I do" and we were married. The saddest day of my life was when I told her I didn't know what else to do but divorce.

Before we married, I was just happy to get to fuck her. I never paid much attention to what positions or how often. We just got together two or three times a week and fucked. I quickly discovered after we married that she had a strong opinion about sex. Once a week—me on top. We tried other positions, but she said it was silly. She was willing to try any position I suggested, but after one time, she'd say it was silly and not do it again.

I tried to get her to go without her bra or her panties but she just didn't see any reason to do that. She tried it few times, but said it was silly and would not do it again. When we tried to talk about it, I found out she was not opposed to doing it, she just didn't see any reason to try it. She told me it was silly. I could not make her understand that it was important to me.

I asked her to shave between her legs and she did it....one time. She said it was silly and would not do it again. Nothing I suggested turned her off or repulsed her. In fact, she listened carefully, said she understood, agreed that it was something she 'could do', would even try it once, but would never do it again. She would say it was silly and that was the end of it. She just could not understand why I was unhappy. She said I should be satisfied with our sex life like it was. Her exact words were, "just be happy and don't try to complicate things. All that other stuff is silly."

Over the next five years, it got worse. Two times, she let me fuck her ass, but she told me after it seemed silly. She didn't especially object to it, she just could not see a reason for it. I began looking on the internet and found sites of women fucking men other than their husbands. I decided I'd try one more thing. I set up a camera in our bedroom, hidden on the dresser. It sent our fucking sessions to my computer. I tried watching them later to see what I might do to save my marriage. Nothing worked. I even told her if it was me and she wanted to have sex with other men, I'd understand. She assured me there was nothing wrong with me and she was totally satisfied. She kissed me on the cheek and said "that's silly."

I finally told her I could not go on this way and that we needed to talk about divorce. She was not emotional when I told her. She just nodded her head, said she understood and then said very softly "I don't want a divorce. I love you more than life and do not want to divorce." That was the end of the discussion. Needless to say, we didn't fuck that night.

I had a three day business trip, so the next morning I told her we'd talk when I got home. She helped me pack and acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary. I was surprised at her reaction, but was focused on my trip. I told myself I'd deal with it when I got home. That night she let me fuck her, just like I did every time before I left on a business trip. I laid awake half the night wondering if she'd really understood what I'd told her about wanting a divorce. She was acting like I had never mentioned it...like there was nothing wrong.

I left the next morning. Just as the car and driver pulled up to take me to the airport, she came up, kissed me, took my hand and pushed it under her dress. Not only was she not wearing panties, but her cunt was shaved smooth. She then took my hand and put it on her breast. She was not wearing a bra either. When I turned to kiss her, she pushed me out the door and whispered, "I don't want a divorce...now hurry, your driver's waiting." Just as the screen door closed, she called my name. When I looked back, she had dropped her dress and was standing in the front door, totally nude.

All the way to the airport, I tired to figure out what was going on. It was all I could think about on the flight. By the time I got to my hotel, I was totally confused. My prude of a wife had completely shocked and surprised me. My first meeting was the next morning, but I had the evening free. I started to unpack and found three envelopes lying on the top of my clothes. One said "open now." One said "open at 5 tomorrow afternoon". The third said, "open during the flight home."

I sat down on the side of the bed and immediately opened the first. Inside was a single piece of paper. In my wife's handwriting was a short set of instructions

"Tonight---9 p.m.---lonelywife.com--click on 'I don't want a divorce'-enjoy."

I was a crazy man. I had no idea what my wife was doing. She had totally surprised me just as I left home standing in the front door nude with her shaved cunt and now she was telling me to watch something on the computer tonight. The time until 9 that night seemed like forever. I'd never been that stressed and up tight. I had no idea what to expect.

At 9, I logged on to the site, clicked on the 'I don't want a divorce' and immediately, my bedroom popped onto the screen. Obviously, my wife had found my camera and was now using it to stream a live video to me. As I watched, my wife walked to the end of our bed, facing the camera, and unzipped her dress. She dropped it to her feet and stood before me totally nude. She waved and whispered to me, "I do not want a divorce. I love you. I still think it's silly, but if this is what it takes, then so be it. Enjoy the show."

She lay back on the bed facing the camera, spread her legs and waited. In just a few seconds, I heard the bedroom door open and close and a man walked into the camera frame. I could not see his face, but he was nude and his dick was already throbbing hard. He was not a lot thicker than me, but looked a lot longer. As I watched in shock and awe, he stood by the bed and my wife began sucking his dick. He pushed farther and farther down into her mouth and throat. She had sucked me a few times, when she was having her period, but never seemed to like it. Tonight, she was moaning and sucking his dick like she was actually enjoying it. While she kept sucking, she took one hand and began to rub his balls. As I watched in total disbelief, his entire dick slid down her throat. My wife was deep throating this stranger. His entire dick was down her throat. She'd never even offered to do that for me.

Finally, she pushed him away and when his now huge dick slid out of her mouth, she looked directly into the camera and smiled. "Fuck me! Fuck me now!" she told him.

The man slid between her spread legs and with one shove was buried in her cunt. My dick was the only one that had ever been down that tunnel and here I was across the country watching my wife being fucked by a total stranger.

As I watched in total shock and awe, the unknown man buried his dick down my wife's cunt. He immediately began shoving in and out of her, fucking her hard. This was not lovemaking...this was plain hard fucking. I could see her tits bouncing around on her chest as the man slammed into her cunt over and over and over. I could hear him groaning. He was enjoying every second of fucking my wife.

I could hear my wife urging him on. "Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me hard...harder...harder....slam me...fuck me". She just kept over and over and over telling him to fuck her. I could see the white foam covering her cunt lips and the man's hard dick. She was pouring out cunt juices.

I know the fucking didn't last five minutes, but it seemed like it lasted forever. My wife was being fucked by a total stranger and she seemed to be enjoying it more than she ever had with me. I didn't know whether to be proud of her for trying to save our marriage or furious at her for not doing that stuff with me.

Before I could decide what I was feeling, I heard the man groan and shove his dick all the way down her cunt and hold it there. "I'mmm cumminngggg," he screamed. My wife wrapped her legs around his butt to push him farther inside her and screamed. "Meee tttooo....gggiveee mee yourrr cummm....cuuummm innnsidddeee meeee...I can feelll yourrr cummm shhooottting in meee..."

As a sat in my hotel room I continued to watch as the man kept shoving into my wife. I knew he was dumping his load of cum down into her cunt pit. She was letting him cum inside her and seemed to be enjoying it.

When the man finished, he pulled his dick out of her well used cunt. Her entire cunt was coated with the white foamy froth of pussy juices. He came to her head and without closing her legs to the camera, she sucked his dick into her mouth. She was cleaning her juices and his cum off of his dick. I'd tried to get her to do that for years. She'd actually done it one time, but said it was silly and would never do it again.

After the man left, she just laid there with her legs spread. She used the remote control on the camera and focused a really close up of her well fucked cunt. Her cunt filled the entire screen of my computer. As I sat there and watched, the man's cum began to dribble out of her cunt and down the crack of her ass. She was showing me her creampie.

Suddenly, the screen went blank. I was in shock. I reached for the phone and called her...but she didn't answer. She knew what she'd done, but would not talk to me on the phone. Needless to say, I didn't sleep very well that night.

All the next day, I was busy with the business meetings, but my mind was only half on the agenda. I could not stop thinking about my wife and what I'd seen the night before. I just could not focus on the meeting. I guess it was a good thing that I was not expected to do much but be there. I would have been useless if I'd had to lead any of the meetings.

I finished a little before five. I went back to my room and picked up the second envelope. I sat down and opened it. Again, in my wife's handwriting was a note.

"I don't want a divorce. I love you. Same time----same channel----twice as much fun".

I was in complete shock. I knew I had to eat, so I wandered down to the restaurant in the hotel, but was back in my room by 8:30. I logged on and waited. At 9 sharp, the screen popped open. It was my bedroom again. There was my wife, facing the camera, totally nude. She leaned down to look directly into the camera and smiled. "I don't want a divorce."

She turned and lay down on the bed again. I heard the bedroom door open and this time I gasped as I saw two men walk into the room. They were both nude with huge hard on. Both men were ready to fuck my wife!

One man got between her legs and began sucking and licking her cunt. I could hear the sucking sounds and her moans. Moan is about all she could do because the other man had his dick buried in her mouth. My wife was servicing two men at the same time! That sucking went on for a while and then I heard the man with his dick in her mouth begin to moan. She'd been sucking his dick all the way down her throat and moaning. I could tell she was enjoying sucking him as well as having her cunt and clit licked.

The man with his dick in her mouth began to shutter and pulled his dick out so just the tip was in her mouth. I guess she used the remote because the camera zoomed in on her mouth. I could see his balls and could tell by the way they were moving that he was dumping a load of cum in my wife's mouth. She just kept sucking his dick and let him shoot his load. When he finished, he pulled his dick out of her mouth, she looked at the camera, opened her mouth so I could see his cum and then swallowed.

The men switched places and it began all over again. After the second man shot a load of cum in her mouth and she swallowed it too, the man sucking her clit moved up and shoved his dick in her cunt. He was going to fuck her for the second time! I could hardly take my eyes off his dick as it shoved in and out of my wife's cunt. The white foam was pouring out of her hole again...she was moaning and bucking her hips up to meet him and begging him to fuck her harder. All the while, she was tugging and licking on the other man's dick, making him hard again.

The man fucking my wife groaned and shoved all the way down into her cunt and began to dump his load in her. He screamed that he was cumming and once again, she wrapped her legs around his butt to pull him deeper into her cunt. She started bucking and screaming that she was cumming too and for him to fuck harder.

When he finished, the men changed places. The other man shoved into her sloppy, wet cunt and started fucking her and she began to suck the first man's dick clean of their juices. I sat there stunned as the entire scene played out again. The second man fucked her, shot his cum in her cunt and she loved every minute of it.

The man she'd been sucking was hard again and this time, he put a pillow under her ass and to my total shock, began pushing his hard dick into her asshole. She didn't try to stop him. She just kept her legs spread, moaned around the dick she was sucking clean and let him push deeper and deeper into her ass. When he had his dick totally buried up her ass, he just held it there...deep inside my wife's ass.

It totally shocked me when she screamed out "fuck my ass..fuck my ass...fuck it deeper....put your dick up my ass..." as he started slamming into her. Her cunt was dribbling cum out of it and her ass was spread open, taking this man's hard dick. He was slamming her so hard, her titties were bouncing all over her chest. He was really pounding her ass HARD!

He shoved all the way down her ass, groaned and started spewing his cum in her ass. She was sucking the other dick, but I could hear her moaning....she was enjoying having her ass filled with cum.

The second man fucked her ass and dumped his load down her butt and then they left. She laid there alone, cum dribbling out of her ass and cunt. The camera first focused in on her leaking cunt and ass and the up to her head. She looked directly at me in the camera and said softly. "I don't want a divorce. I still think this is silly, but if it's what you want me to do and what you want me to be...then I will. I-don't-want a-divorce."

The camera went off and I was staring at a blank screen. I was going crazy. I never remember being this horney, but I had a half day of meetings and was flying home tomorrow night. Surely I could wait one more night! My meetings the next morning are a blur. I could not stop thinking about what my wife was doing.

On my flight home the next evening, I opened the third envelope.

"As you leave the airport----same channel---getting ready for you to be home! I'll be waiting in the bed."

Well, you can imagine how miserable I was the rest of the flight. I could not imagine what she might do next. Needless to say, I didn't get any sleep on the plane.

As soon as the driver got my bags loaded in the car and headed out of the airport towards my house, I logged on and when the image popped on to the screen, it took my breath away. She'd already started. As best I could count, there were five men in my bedroom with my wife. They were all nude and so was she! She was totally nude on our bed, her legs spread wide, and she was being fucked. A second man had his dick in her mouth and she had two men's dicks in her hands. The fifth man's dick was not as hard, but I could see it was still wet with her cunt juices. He'd already fucked her and shot his load in her cunt.

The man fucking her groaned, lunged deep into her cunt and began cumming.

"III"MMM CCCUUMMMIINNGGGG," he screamed as he kept his dick buried in her cunt. She began gasping and groaning and I could tell she was cumming too. She just could not scream it out...her mouth was full of a hard dick.

The man pulled out of her cunt and another one took his place. She began sucking a different guy while the third man fucked her. All the way home, I watched this round robin fuck of my wife. Every man fucked her cunt and dumped a load in her. Every man fucked her mouth, but instead of swallowing their loads, she was spitting them into a glass by the bed. Every man fucked her ass and dumped a load. The final five miles or so, I watched as every man took a second shot at her cunt and dropped another load in her. As best I could count, my wife now had ten loads of cum inside her cunt.

Just as we turned on to our street, the men left. She focused the camera on her cunt and ass and I could see the cum pouring out of her. She was totally full of their juices. As my driver pulled into the driveway, a Lincoln Towncar drove away.

When I got in the house, I dropped my bags and went straight to the bedroom. There was my wife, nude, still laying on the bed with her leg spread. I could see the cum covering her cunt and her ass and still running out of her in almost a steady stream.

Neither of us said a word. I just started stripping off my clothes. To my total surprise, she propped up on one elbow, took the glass with all the cum in it and drank it down. She licked her lips and then smiled at me.

"Welcome home, lover. I hope you enjoyed your trip!"

My dick was throbbing and sticking straight out toward her. She smiled, took it in her mouth and sucked it a time or two. She dropped it out of her mouth and smiled. "Well, what are you waiting for? Fuck me! I've been getting ready for you to get home for three days!"

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/07/17

I usually don't write things like this but...

... this is a true piece of cuck shit. I'm glad you stpo writing. I don't like wimp writers.

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by Anonymous10/31/17


He did tell her she could have sex with other men if his performance was the problem.
Obviously it was and she did.
So he received what he asked for

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by DetroitRockCity10/31/17

Damn, I should have rammed my head against a brick wall...would have hurt less than reading this absolute trash.

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by Anonymous10/31/17

I would call this STUPID

But that would upgrade it and heaven knows That can't be allowed. His coming home was a rotten idea. He should have emailed his response, " But I do and that's all that counts, whore!"

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by heartofstone10/31/17

What the fuck would she do if she did want a divorce?

Just kick this worthless cunt into the curb.

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