tagInterracial LoveI Got Needs Ch. 04

I Got Needs Ch. 04


As she drove home from her sexual romp with her student Jose and surprise visitor Hector in a cheap motel room, Suzanne was starting to feel a little better about her situation. Sure, she had been blackmailed into sex, twice now, but she was relieved that she was able to finally tell someone—in this case, the boys—about how her Principal had been blackmailing her, and that they were going to help her get out of it by capturing and destroying the photos Mr. Jefferson had of Jose kissing her. Perhaps now she could finally focus on her relationship with her husband.

However, she also realized that she had committed to spend a weekend with Randy "Bull" Jefferson in just a few weeks, meaning that she still would have to have sex with someone other than her husband at least once more. Bull had promised her that, if she did this, he would let her out of the blackmail. But Suzanne didn't exactly trust him. Though she had only had sex with him twice over the past six weeks, she feared that his sexual appetite was too strong to let her go that easily.

Suzanne was anxious to hear if Jose and Hector were able to convince their friend Jason, the Head Custodian at the high school where she taught Band, to let them into Mr. Jefferson's office some weekend so they could snatch the pictures and destroy them, getting her out of the blackmail.

She was feeling positive about it all. She put in the Metal Mix CD that Jose had made for her as she drove. A Metallica song, "Sad But True," came on, and she remembered it was one of the songs that played a little while ago in the motel room as Hector was doing her, pumping his dick in and out of her to the heavy rhythm of the song. The fresh memory gave her butterflies again—that same feeling she had as she entered the motel room to meet Jose. It was a little bit exciting, and she was sad that only now was she enjoying the memory of the sexual encounter, instead of enjoying it more during the act. But then she felt guilty again. "What is happening to me?" she wondered. She never thought she would enjoy sex as she had been lately. She only wished it was the faithful kind, and not the carnal decadence she was indulging in.


That following Monday at school was a little awkward, as she had Jose in two classes each day. They hardly spoke, but he had a warm smile for her each time they made eye contact. Surprisingly, she smiled back just as warmly.


The next week, Jose hung back during the last period of the day as the rest of the Band left the room to go home. Suzanne knew something was up.

"How's it going?" she asked sweetly as Jose approached her.

"I'm OK," he whispered. "Hey, I talked to Jason about letting us in. He wouldn't let me off the hook until I told him why we wanted in."

Once again, Suzanne's heart sank like a stone. Now someone ELSE knew!

Jose could see the disappointment on her face, but he continued. "I couldn't think of a like, Mrs. Baines, so I just told him. I figured he'd understand!"

After a moment of staring at the floor in disbelief, Suzanne finally looked Jose in the eye and asked, "Well, what did he say?"

"He—" Jose began. "He...he said he wanted to talk to you first," he finally finished.

"Okay," sighed Suzanne. She knew it was probably worth meeting with Jason in order to get this weight off her shoulders once and for all. "I'll talk to him the next time I see him," she said.

"He's in the custodial shed right now," Jose said. "You want me to take you over there?"

Suzanne thought about it for a moment. She figured she might as well get it over with. "Okay," she responded. She followed Jose out of the classroom and locked it.

The custodial shed was across the football field. It was rather large, but then it was built for a large high school. Jose knocked on the rickety door.

The door opened, and Jason Foley stood in the doorway. "Hey, Jose!" he smiled. "How ya doin', Mrs. Baines?" he asked as he extended his hand to shake hers. She complied politely, blushing.

Jason was tall and muscular. She could tell he worked out regularly. He had long dirty-blonde hair, bound into a ponytail. He was wearing a rather tight gray t-shirt and brick-red sweats. It was the kind of body she had always fantasized about! She also knew of Jason's reputation with the ladies on campus. It was rumored that several of the office secretaries—many of whom were married—had fallen prey to his good looks and charm.

He let both of them in, and he closed the door behind them. Though no lights were on, there was plenty of sunlight streaming through skylights overhead. The smell of gasoline and freshly cut grass was thick in the air.

"So, I hear we have a problem," Jason said to Suzanne.

"Well, y-yes," was all that Suzanne could say.

"You care to fill me in?" he asked seriously.

"Well..." she started. "It seems I'm being blackmailed by Mr. Jefferson," she continued. "He has some security camera pictures from a few weeks ago of...of Jose, here, making a pass at me."

"I see. And what are you being blackmailed to do?" he asked with a wry smile. Suzanne read that to mean that he already knew. He just wanted to hear her say it. It was humiliating!

"He...he...he's forced me to have sex with him," she responded as she looked away.

"Ah," Jason said with satisfaction in his voice. After a moment, Jason added, "So you think that if I risk my job to let someone in—especially kids—to go into his office and snag these incriminating pictures, you'll be out of it?"

She couldn't look at him. "That's the general idea," she said.

Jason looked over at Jose, then back to Suzanne. "Okay," he finally stated. "I'll let 'em in."

Suzanne was very relieved to hear that, and Jason could tell. Then he lowered the boom: "But not for free. You see, I've been admiring your hot body ever since I started working here. I'll let them in, if you let me in."

The words stung her, especially since they were said in front of Jose. She felt like a total slut, but it wasn't a good feeling right now.

"In fact," Jason added, "We can do it right here, right now. I can lock this door from the inside, and no one else can get in. It would be a one-time deal, and it would be over with this afternoon. What do you say?"

After several silent moments, Suzanne whispered, "Fine." Jason smiled broadly.

"I was hoping you'd say that," he said as he stripped off his shirt, baring his very well-chiseled body.

Suzanne didn't know what to do first. She would have started stripping, except that Jose was still standing there. Not that he hadn't seen her naked. He had already fucked her. But she was still shy about it.

Jason approached her and embraced her, kissing her passionately. At first, Suzanne didn't return the kiss. But it was so sensual and erotic, and because his body type was always her fantasy, she gave in quickly, returning the kiss—tongues, wet lips, and eyes closed. The smell of grass and gasoline was adding to her passion, though she couldn't understand why.

Jason began to grope his way over Suzanne's body, his hands sliding over the soft velvet of the red dressy sweatsuit she was wearing. Her perfume had a pretty, lady-like smell that aroused him all the more. Meanwhile, Suzanne had already lost control. She was wrapping her arms around Jason's bare back, and pressing her hands into his muscled flesh while she continued to kiss him deeply.

Jason pulled his lips away from hers as he unzipped the front of her sweat top. She was wearing a white cotton shirt underneath, to Jason's disappointment. He helped her out of her sweat top and immediately lifted the bottom of her white shirt over her head. As he pulled her back to him to begin kissing her again, he pulled her sweatpants down to her knees. She shook her legs to let them fall to her ankles, and then pulled away from him, placing her left hand on his chest for balance while she pulled her feet out of each pant leg. Now she was standing near him in only her bra and gray cotton panties.

Jason smiled as he unhooked the front of her bra, letting it fall to the floor as her b-cup sized tits flopped out. "Mm, those are nice," he commented, staring at the pink areolas and berry-sized nipples.

Suzanne was standing in front of a work bench. Jason pushed her back against it, and then lifted her up onto it effortlessly, putting her in a sitting position with her breasts at his face-level. She spread her legs as he approached, so that he could get close to her body again. She bent down slightly so she could kiss him, and he returned her kisses while rubbing his hands up and down her back and hips.

After a minute or so of kissing, Jason then began to kiss and suck her breasts. He could still smell her perfume on her chest. Meanwhile, Suzanne closed her eyes and placed her hands on Jason's shoulders, leaning slightly closer so he could have better access to her soft flesh.

Then he stopped and looked up into her eyes. "Lean back," he said.

She complied, but hit her head against the wall, on which tools were hanging. It wasn't very comfortable, and Jason could sense it. "Stay right there," he said as he walked away, out of sight. She sat back up to wait for him.

Then Suzanne noticed Jose standing there, eyes wide with wonder. "Oh. Hi," she said with a smile. "I guess this isn't anything you haven't seen before, is it?" she asked.

Jose just shook his head. "You're beautiful," he added.

Suzanne blushed a little. "Thank you," she said.

Soon Jason came back into view. He had found a black garden back filled with leaves that had not been thrown out yet. He placed it behind her and said, "Now lean back."

She did, and felt much more comfortable leaning back against the still-soft leaves. She spread her legs again, and Jason bent down slightly to put his fact at her crotch level. He pushed his face into her panty-covered pussy and took a deep breath through his nose. Her vagina smelled natural, as she hadn't had time to clean before this encounter. But she was generally clean anyway, and Jason was not offended in the least. Still, Suzanne was self-conscious.

"Does it smell okay?" she asked.

"Like a heavenly forest," Jason answered. He began to tug at the sides of her panties. Suzanne lifted her hips just enough to get the bottom of the panties out from under her. Jason slid the panties down to her ankles, and onto the floor. He paused to appreciate the beauty of her femininity, and then buried his face into her slit.

Suzanne laid her head back and closed her eyes, taking in the full sensations of Jason's lips and tongue on her vulva. Jason shot his hands up to her breasts, squeezing them while he chowed down on her pussy.

Jose was getting really horny now, but all he could do was watch the Head Custodian devour his favorite teacher before his very eyes. He so wished he was Jason right now!

"Aaah, that feels so good," Suzanne whispered as Jason continued his sexual gluttony. She placed her hands on Jason's huge arms as his hands continued to grip her breasts. The feel of his muscled arms in her hands made her all the more horny!

"Mm, you taste good, honey," Jason said, his mouth still full of her flesh. His tongue pressed against her clitoris, then into her love hole, flicking back and forth, in and out. He really knew what he was doing, Suzanne thought! But then he did something she did not expect: he slid his tongue down to her anus, licking lightly at first, then pressing on it. At first, she was very uncomfortable with this, but he continued his tongue bath all over her crotch area, and she didn't bother to tell him to stop with the anal licking. However, each time he licked her anus, it gave her a pleasurable sensation. But she could not admit it. She just let him do his thing. It was all feeling very nice!

Soon, Suzanne could feel an orgasm mounting just as Jason stuck his fingers—no, it couldn't be his fingers, Suzanne thought. It didn't quite feel like that. What was he doing down there? She opened her eyes and looked down to see that Jason had picked up a smooth-handled screwdriver and was pushing it in and out of her sopping wet pussy. The sensation was still incredible, while the thought was a little disgusting to her. She closed her eyes and let it happen. Her pelvic muscles tightened against the screwdriver and her legs closed onto Jason's head as he continued his tongue action on her clit, still sliding the screwdriver deeply in and then out of her. She began taking short breaths through her nose, and then through her mouth as her body gulped more and more oxygen, bracing for climax. "Ah...ah...mm...oh...ah—aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!" she moaned as wave after wave of pleasure overtook her body. Jason slowed down the stimulation, both with his tongue and with the screwdriver. As she relaxed, he removed the screwdriver from her slit.

Jason watched her as she came down from her climax, her breathing becoming regular again. He noticed she was glistening in sweat. It was getting rather warm in here, with no air conditioner. But he didn't mind. Sweaty sex was very arousing to him!

When she had fully recovered from her orgasm, she sat up. Jason helped her down off the work bench and led her by the hand over to a several stacks of bagged fertilizer he had just picked up from the supplier the day before. He had always fantasized of laying a woman on this bed of "natural ingredients" and fucking her crazy. Jose followed them, walking gingerly due to the throbbing erection he had.

"Crawl up on that," Jason said. She climbed up on the bags on her hands and knees. Thankfully for Suzanne, the smell wasn't that bad as the fertilizer was still in its large commercial bags, sealed.

"Now, don't move!" he ordered before she had a chance to lie on her back. She froze, on her hands and knees, on top of the fertilizer bags.

Jason walked around to the other side, where her face was, and waved his semi-soft dick at her. Suzanne grimaced. "Take it," he said flatly.

Suzanne opened her mouth and leaned forward to take his member into her steaming, wet mouth. She had to open wide.

As she slid forward, Jason moved forward as well, sliding his dick into her oral cavity. Then he looked into the ceiling and closed his eyes, placing his hands on either side of her head, helping her move back and forth along his length.

"Ah, that's good," he breathed. "That's it, baby. Make it hard," he added, occasionally looking down at her bobbing head.

Meanwhile, Jose remained standing behind her, staring at her broad ass, and the beautiful lips between her cheeks, unintentionally enticing him as they swayed left and right with her motions to satisfy Jason with her mouth.

Jason caught a glimpse of Jose from across the fertilizer bags and nodded silently for him to go ahead and take his teacher from behind.

Jose immediately began to take off his clothes, and Jason noticed Jose's medium-sized penis standing at attention as he pulled down his boxer shorts. Jason knew that Jose's cock would be a good "appetizer" for this slut, before he sunk his probe into her deep wetness.

Jose moved forward and began sliding the head of his cock up and down his teacher's slimy slit. It startled Suzanne and she turned her head to see what was going on back there. "What are you doing?" she insisted.

"What do you think?" asked Jason. "He's got teenage hormones driving him crazy; he's got a hella-fine naked woman with her big, beautiful ass pointing at him. What do you think he wants to do? And anyway, I need him to get you ready for me! Now get back to sucking and don't worry about what he's doing back there."

Her head still turned toward her rear, Suzanne said, "Jose, you don't have a condom like last time. I cannot get pregnant. That would be a disaster! If you're going to do this, you're going to have to control yourself and pull out of me before you explode, OK?"

"No problem," Jose said a little nervously, unsure if he could pull out in time.

"Let's get this done," Suzanne sighed as she reluctantly turned back to focus on Jason's quickly-hardening dick. "Yeah, let's," said Jason a little impatiently as she slid her lips over his organ again.

Jose very carefully slid his pole into his teacher's slippery slit. It already felt so good! He just slowly kept sliding it in until it was all the way in, and his hairy pelvis was pressed against her butt. Then he just stopped, trying not to focus on the sensations his uncovered penis was experiencing this time. Yet as he turned his eyes to the back of Mrs. Baines' head bobbing back and forth along Jason's shaft, the whole erotic scene kept him very hard and very horny! He just needed to wait to get his bearings again.

Meanwhile, Suzanne was starting to get very turned on by having Jason's hard cock in her mouth while another hard cock was sliding into her opposite end. She closed her eyes as she worked on Jason with her mouth, as Jose began to pull himself back out of her again. But before he was completely out, he slowly slid back in, all the way to his limit, then back out again just as slowly. The sensation was very exciting for Suzanne, and she really started to get into it all.

"Mm," she huffed, her mouth and tongue wrapped tightly around Jason's man-meat.

"That's it," Jason prodded. "Show us that you like it."

Jose had finally gotten comfortable with the feelings he was experiencing, and began to pick up the pace a little with each thrust. But it then it became too much for him, and it was too late to turn back. He went as long as he could, and then as his first spasm hit, he pulled out of her completely and tensed and shook as he shot six good spurts of his hot cum all over her ass cheeks, while he helped himself manually. He moaned in ecstasy with each spurt.

"Mm, good boy," Suzanne said. Jose didn't have the heart to tell her that he could see something dripping out of her. He prayed it didn't make it all the way inside of her.

"OK," she said, backing away from Jason and sitting on her feet. "I'm ready for you to take me now," she said as she looked at Jason. Jose just stared at her beautiful ass cheeks, with his cumload now running off of them and onto the fertilizer bags.

"With pleasure," Jason replied. "Lie back." Suzanne complied, shifting herself so that she was now flat on her back, legs spread without shame as her feet dangled off of the bags of fertilizer.

Jason pulled her body toward him so that her butt was almost hanging off of the edge of the bags, and then he moved closer, sliding his large cock into her loosened hold as he did.

"Uhhh," she breathed as she laid her head back and closed her eyes.

"Yeah, you know you want this," Jason teased. "I'm going to fuck you into oblivion right here and now, because you need my help," he said as he began to rock in and out of her. "You WANT my help, don't you, baby?"

"Yeah," Suzanne said as Jason slid in and out of her. His strong hands gripped her hips tightly as he thrust himself freely into her sopping snatch.

Jose had gotten soft, but he was turned on again. He walked over to get a closer look. Suzanne caught a glimpse of him when she opened her eyes only slightly, and to his surprise, she gripped his softened penis with her left hand and began to play with it. "Uhh, uhh, ohh," she breathed with each of Jason's thrusts. "Oh, this feels so good," she said, looking again at Jose.

"Mrs. Baines," Jose said in amazement, "You are absolutely hot! You've made my dreams come true!"

She smiled and closed her eyes again, concentrating on Jason's pumping.

Jason paused only to pull Suzanne's right leg up over his muscular shoulder, and then he continued his pounding.

"Ohhh!" Suzanne cried at the slightly better sensation, her eyes closed tightly. Jose was getting hard again, and he groped her left breast.

"That's right, you little cum-dump!" said Jason through clenched teeth. "You're fucking the gardener! You love my big hard cock pumping you, don't you?"

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