tagLesbian SexI Gotta Go!

I Gotta Go!


My girlfriend and I were driving back from a hot weekend we had spent at a lesbian hideaway up in Provincetown. Annie was only eighteen and was still living at home. So taking her away to a luxurious Bed & Breakfast for a wild weekend of raw sex was a treat I had planned for her birthday. The traffic on the turnpike back to Boston was nice and smooth until, suddenly, it slowed to a crawl. There must've been an accident up ahead because now nothing was moving at all. We sat there patiently at first, but soon I noticed that Annie was squirming in her seat and looking sort of pale.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

"Oh geez, Karen!" she said, sounding positively alarmed. "I don't know if I can even tell you. But I just have to go to the bathroom so bad I think I'm gonna burst."

I smiled. Annie could be so cute and look so sexy when she was in distress. So, my foxy young teenage lover suddenly had to take a pee! Well, it didn't seem like she had too many choices. We were on the turnpike, stuck in traffic in a busy section of Boston, and it's not like Annie could've gotten out of the car and found a bush or something! She'd just have to hold it in.

"Oh no! Oh no!" she gasped, her face red with distress. "I can't wait, I just can't. I have to go; I have to go now!"

There only was one thing for Annie to do, then.

"Well if you have to pee, you have to pee," I said, resigned that Annie might be unable to keep from pissing in her jeans while we were stuck inside the car. And secretly turned on a little bit by the idea of it. "There's a towel in the back. Maybe that'll help soak it up."

"You don't understand, Karen!" she said, looking utterly pained. "I don't need to piss. I already took a piss, back in that diner. Now I need to shit! I need to take a dump!"

Her face was a mask of intense discomfort.

"Oh my God!" she sighed, her cheeks turning red as she threw her hands over her face to hide. "I'm doing it!"

I looked over to see her hands pressed against her face and sitting as much as she could on her side, giving herself room to relieve herself in her jeans.

I couldn't believe it. Annie was actually shitting in her jeans. This would've been quite a shocker for anyone, but for Annie it was really something else. For Annie is such a crisp and pretty young thing, with that picture-perfect model's face of hers, a slim, girlish figure topped, however, with a pair of surprisingly oversized breasts, those bright blue eyes, the blond ponytail and those luscious, sexy lips. She always dresses neatly and keeps herself squeaky clean, often showering twice a day and changing her underwear as often. So I realized how painfully embarrassing and humiliating it must have been for this crisp and peachy eighteen year old beauty to have to relieve herself like this next to me, in the car, in her jeans!

Finally the traffic began to move again. I asked Annie whether she wanted to stop at a rest area, but she said that in her condition she'd be much too embarrassed to get out of the car and go to a public restroom. She insisted that she just wanted to my place as soon as possible.

Annie was silent for our whole ride, averting my gaze, the pink hue of embarrassment never once leaving her face.

Finally we were back at my apartment and Annie rushed to the bathroom. I followed, now very curious, even somewhat excited by her misfortune.

"Oh no, Karen!" she gasped, seeing me standing in the doorway. "This is all so humiliating. You better just leave me alone to clean myself up and stuff."

She was pleading with me to leave her in privacy, but I somehow felt strangely aroused by her plight. The fact that my gorgeous teenage lover was standing and squirming in front of me, all soiled down there from taking a dump in her denims was having a deeply arousing effect on me. Especially when I could see the trace of brown that had seeped through the seat of her tight, threadworn jeans, those very pale and faded jeans. No, the last thing I felt like doing was leaving her.

"If you don't mind, I think I'd like to help clean you up," I said boldly.

She didn't know what to say in her helpless, ashamed state. So I followed her into the bathroom where I unbuckled her belt and helped her off with her jeans. She grimaced in excruciating embarrassment as she knew I would be exposing the results of her terrible 'accident,' but she didn't resist my efforts, so helpless and petrified was she by now.

That day Annie had worn a pair of plain white cotton panties and turning her around now I could see the damage she had done. There was a big, big bulge in the crease of her panties. Annie, it seemed, really did have to 'go,' as she had pleaded. And, of course, the whole backside of her undergarment was completly soiled and brown.

So I carefully pulled off those panties and held out the shit-laden underwear, forcing her to look at consequences of her accident. Somehow I now felt like teasing my lover, this young beauty of normally impeccable grooming. She gasped and threw her hands over her eyes in horrified humiliation when she saw those begrimed panties. For some reason this aroused me intensely, to see her like this. A whole new window of eroticism, it seemed, was opening up here.

"Open your eyes," I said, still holding up the panties, feeling their heft now that Annie's shit was weighing down the seat, making the panties sag. This was no modest dump Karen had taken. No, this was a very generous dump. She stared in silent amazement at the vivid evidence of her accident.

Then I walked behind her.

Annie has a beautifully trim bottom, with firm, springy buttocks. Normally it is white and smooth as silk. But having sat in her own shit in the car, her buttocks were now completely covered with it, and rather than their usual milky white, they were more like milk-chocolate brown. I made her turn around in front of a mirror and look back at her own behind.

"Oh my God!" she cried out, her face turning a deep crimson. "This is so humiliating I could faint!"

But nonetheless she somehow couldn't keep her eyes off the reflection of her soiled and smeared backside.

I kissed her gently.

"It's okay, sweetie, I'll clean you off," I said, making a washcloth wet with warm water and sponging her buttocks. I had to use several washcloths before I got all the shit off her buns.

"Now reach back and hold yourself open back there, will you?" I asked her.

"Oh no!" she protested. "Don't make me do that."

"Go on, do as I tell you, spread `em," I said. Annie sometimes liked it when I was firm with her.

And so she reached back to spread apart her buttocks. There was still plenty of shit packed into her crack. I don't know what came over me, but the sight of that befouled bottom of Annie's was so intensely arousing to me now I could feel myself getting goosebumps. Suddenly I felt a depraved longing to dig in with my hand and wipe some of that shit away with my bare fingers!

"What are you doing!?" Annie asked, suddenly turning her head in shock as she felt my hand probing her there.

"It's easier using my fingers," I said, a little blithely.

"You're so kinky sometimes," Annie said kiddingly, with a sweet little smile on her face, relaxing a little now, actually seeming to enjoy how I was tending to her bottom. This didn't surprise me all that much. Annie may be all crisp and clean, but she has a serious taste for kink and is always saying she's willing to try anything once, especially if it's really depraved. Now she was going to have to meet that challenge.

After I scooped away most of what was still packed in there with my fingers, I wiped off the rest with several clumps of toilet paper and a sponge, until she was squeaky clean. Then I rinsed my lover's shit off my hands.

"You're as good as new... almost," I said. "But I think you need an enema to make sure you're all nice and clean and flushed."

Annie couldn't help smiling. I had given Annie her first enema only two months ago but she had loved taking one from the first. I sometimes wondered how at her tender age she had become so intensely anal in her erotic interests.

"Sure, Karen, that's a good idea," she said with a sweet, but sassy smile.

So now I took out the necessary apparatus and filled the enema bag. I had her bend over and place her hands on her knees. Then I hung the full, heavy bag from the shower curtain rod. She groaned when I slid the nozzle inside her anus. And groaned even more sharply when I released the clamp and let the enema flow inside. I've loved giving Annie her enemas, as a prelude to more anal play, but also just in themselves. And she craves them, craves a nozzle in her ass, and craves the sense of fullness, of bloating as the enema begins to fill her.

"Oh my God! That feels so good!" she panted, looking back at me with those dreamy eyes of hers. I reached around to rub her tummy, soothing her, feeling the tummy bloat a little as the enema began to fill her.

Finally I looked up at the bag and saw it was almost empty. I waited a few more moments, then shut the clamp. And slowly withdrew the nozzle. The nozzle, I now saw, was smeared with Annie's shit, which was no surprise.

"Try to hold it in," I told her.

She knew the drill and now I came up to her and we shared a tender, luscious, loving kiss as Annie did her best to retain the enema, letting it do its work inside her.

"Okay, I think now you can go," I told her as she planted her pretty little bottom down on the toilet seat. Though I had given Annie a number of enemas, her modesty always led her to insist that she be allowed to expel in private, a request I honored. Of course now, after everything that had happened, this would be pointless.

"Oh whee!" she said with a cute girlish smile as I heard the thunderous explosive burst, the enema being expelled. I let her take her time, making sure she really emptied herself out. After all, I had given her a rather large enema.

"Okay, I think that's about it," she said, grabbing for the toilet paper. But I took hold of her wrist and stopped her.

"Let me continue doing the honors," I said with a smile, kissing her again. I told her to stand and turn, and to bend over again. And again I thoroughly wiped her pretty little ass for her.

"You know, Karen, it sort of turns me on to have you wipe me off and clean me up like this," she confessed, looking back at me.

"It turns me on too," I told her. "It turns me on a whole lot!"

Then I dropped to my knees behind her. Spreading her, I dug my face into her crack, the smooth skin of her silky buttocks warm against my cheeks. My tongue reached out, as it had so many times before, for her hot little anus and I began to greedily lick the rubbery ridges of her sphincter. This is something Annie always loves having me do to her, and which I myself adore doing. We're very anal in our sex play. We like to lick and finger each other's tight little holes, and even use toys down there. So it's not surprising that Annie shitting in her panties like this would turn out to have erotic as well as humiliating overtones. So it wasn't really all that surprising that Annie's 'accident' down in her anal region was now turning into something arousing. For both of us. Annie always loves it when I tongue her asshole, but the fact that the whole region I was now tonguing had been packed with shit only minutes ago somehow made what I was now seem wonderfully twisted!

"That's it, lick it!" she panted. "Lick my ass!"

She pushed her hot, trim, young bottom back against my probing tongue, having forgotten all about her inhibitions and recent humiliation.

Strange, depraved fantasies were suddenly spinning in my head as I ran my slippery tongue over the surface of Annie's tender anus. I imagined that I had 'cleaned off' Annie down there with my tongue rather than with with toilet paper and a wet sponge, my tongue lapping away at her begrimed shithole. I wondered what she would say if she knew what I was thinking! I'm sure she'd think me thoroughly depraved; but, then again, Annie, like me, has a real taste for the depraved and obscene! It always amazed me that, at the tender age of eighteen, she'd already entertained so many kinky fantasies.

I pulled my face back a moment to look down at her panties, sitting on the tile floor of the bathroom, all brown and soiled, the seat of those panties heavily laden with Annie's shit. I couldn't wait to hand wash them later, after I dropped her back at home. I guessed that Annie would just want me to throw them away in the trash as soon as possible. But I'd save them and wash them, though I knew that however vigorously I washed them, some remnant of a brown stain would remain in the seat of those panties. I'd put them away, and then, when Annie was away, I'd take them out and stare at that stain as I masturbated, thinking back to how my pristine young lover had taken a shit in those panties!

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