I Kissed a Girl (and I Liked It)


This time Katy lifted her lover's head and led her slowly to the bed. They fell upon each other like graceful wolves on a winter's night. They caressed every curve and couldn't take their lips off of each other. Katy was getting goose bumps from the soft fingers on her body. The girl moved down Katy's warm body and eventually reached her ever ready sex. Katy made a motion for the girl to shift positions slightly. Katy adjusted her body on the bed as the girl turned around and straddled Katy's face.

Unable to hold back any longer, Katy needed to taste her, and she grabbed the girl's hips and pulled herself in. She was surprised by how wet this girl was, and being so close to a girl in this state was completely new to her. All her reservations were lost, however, when the sweet smell of the girl's lust hit her nostrils, unhindered by clothing. It was completely intoxicating, and Katy felt the tingling in her pussy grow as the girl lightly caressed her thighs. The girl's tongue snaked out and slowly licked along Katy's slit. Juices bathed her tongue and in such volume that they dripped down her chin. Katy followed suit and she continued to lick more urgently, as the heat between them was rising. Katy marveled at how the girl's cum tasted like ambrosia, and how her pussy warmed her tongue.

The sensation was incredible, and Katy was having a hard time not crushing the girl's face, the source of all her pleasure, into her pussy. Katy was overcome with the need to give as much pleasure as she was receiving, and any reservations she may have had were gone as she made love to the girl's sex. Her tongue slid around the girl's dripping slit, and with increasing frequency she twirled it around a highly sensitive clit. The girl followed suit and began her own assault on Katy's clit. Katy started thrashing her head around. The girl gently squeezed Katy's ass to try to keep her still. Katy's whole body quaked and her back arched as waves of passion gushed through her lithe frame. As the orgasm tore through her, every muscle in her body tensed.

The girl slowly closed the distance to Katy's gorgeous tits, and without even missing a beat wrapped her arms around Katy's waist and sucked a nipple into her mouth. Katy moaned and pulled the girl back up to face her. Pulling the girl into her arms, Katy slid her tongue up the girl's neck, tasting the sweetness of her sweat. She moaned deep in her throat and licked the girl's lips before finally kissing her, the taste of cherries Katy wild.

She tore away from the girl and dove back towards her damp sex. She let herself get carried away, licking up her juices and sucking on her soft folds till her breath came in hard, fractured gasps and her thighs tightened around her head. Katy returned once more to the girl's clitoris, where each touch and each lick made the girl shake beneath her. The girl's pleasure was turning Katy on and she let herself moan in unison, knowing that her mouth vibrating against the girl would feel even better for her than it did for Katy.

Finally she began to writhe in earnest, her body buckling with ecstasy, and Katy felt the first spasms of her orgasm start to rip through her body. "Fuck! Fuck!" she yelled out as the sensations overwhelmed her, and then she was speechless, only able to gasp and whimper as Katy continued to pleasure her, extending the high as long as she could before the girl shook her off, unable to bear any more, exhausted, knocked out, her body quivering as the after effects of the intense orgasm rippled through her.

Katy eventually pulled away and licked her lips. Coming down from her high, she was pleased to find she didn't regret what she had done. She didn't think she was a lesbian now, or even bisexual, but she knew she loved this girl's pussy. Katy's eyes gleamed with light and she giggled. She never felt so free, and she certainly never felt more alive. Since her orgasm she had started to come back to her senses.

"So what's your name anyway?" Katy asked.

"Misora. And you?" Misora asked, tilting her head.

"Katy," she responded grinning. "Katy Perry."

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