Katy and Jenn


I am a celebrity body guard. I have been known as being the most discreet yet best bodyguard in Hollywood. Currently I am working for the sensational Katy Perry. She hired me almost immediately after her latest album came out. I showed up to her house with my luggage and she showed me my room then we went over her schedule for her upcoming concerts.

Normally I wouldn't live with the celebrity but Katy asked if I could. Naturally I agreed, after all who is going to say no to Katy Perry.

Once we went over the schedule, I asked what she had planned for the rest of the day and she said nothing was planned. I told her I was going to go take a quick shower since I had just flown in from New York.

I got into my bathroom and saw just how much Katy liked herself. Hanging on the wall, across from the toilet, was a somewhat revealing picture of her. Once I stared at it long enough, I realized that it was the cover for her latest album. Seeing this picture, I practically got an instant boner and headed into the shower while thinking dirty thoughts about Katy.

I finished my shower and realized that I was still a little hard, even after jerking off twice during the shower. I stepped out and looked for a towel in the cupboard but there was not one to be found. I thought nothing of it, other than I should have checked before the shower, but my bedroom was directly across the hall and Katy was most likely downstairs.

I opened the bathroom door a bit to look down the hall. The coast was clear so I opened the door the rest of the way and dipped into my bedroom. It wasn't that I was ashamed of my body, in fact, I have a very muscular body and a pretty good sized piece of meat, but I tried to act as professional as possible around my clients.

As I closed my bedroom door, I could see Katy walking up the stairs and swear that she saw me. I quickly got dressed then there was a knock on my door. Katy wanted to know if I was dressed because apparently we were going somewhere to eat.

I opened my door and was greeted with a smile. I also noticed that she was wearing an extremely skimpy outfit which caused my cock to stir once more. I told her I was ready and hoped she didn't see my rising erection.

We walked out to the driveway and there was a car waiting. I opened the back door for Katy and slipped in the front passenger door. I talked to the driver to see how good a driver he was and he seemed fine enough. Before we could leave however, Katy asked me to sit in the back.

I didn't want to make her mad so I got out and got in the back with Katy. My erection was fading until she "accidently" ran her hand over my leg. I didn't want it to go any further so I grabbed her hand and just said no. It was quiet the rest of the way as I willed my cock to go down.

We arrived at a rather magnificent house and I was not totally surprised when Jennifer Aniston walked out to greet Katy. The only surprise was that I didn't know Katy and Jenn were good friends. Jenn said hello to me too as I had worked for her earlier in the year.

I then asked Katy why she brought me along if she wasn't going out. She told me that Jenn and she had a surprise for me. We started inside and again my erection was at full strength. Before I went inside I tried to conceal myself as best I could.

I entered Jennifer Aniston's house and noticed what a wonderful decorator she was. It was just absolutely beautiful and there was a scent of cinnamon in the air. Also, maybe even the scent of sex, just maybe.

I followed Katy and Jenn into the living room and Jenn told me to sit and wait for them to return. I did as I was told. While they were off doing whatever, I couldn't help but remember the time I spent with Jenn earlier in the year.

She had been working on a risqué movie when she received a death threat. She called me personally and hired me over the phone. I arrived at the movie set and she ran up to me and grasped me in a huge hug. She expressed her thanks and said she was glad I came at this time. I wasn't sure what that meant but she then led me to her trailer.

We got in and she told me to go to the bedroom in the back of the trailer. I assumed it was so she could show me the letter that had the death threat but boy was I wrong. She told me to sit on the bed and I asked her what she had planned. She told me that she hadn't gotten off in nearly two weeks without shoving her hand down her pussy. I responded by saying that I just guard celebrities and that was it. She looked at me with a face that could kill; I could tell she was attracted to me in a very lustful way. I then said that I was willing to make an exception and she immediately began undressing before me. I also began undressing and it turned into a race to see who could get naked first.

She won and I just stared at her gorgeous body. I started at her feet. Then I moved my eyes up her wonderfully toned legs. When I got to her pussy, I noticed it was shaved clean and it looked as I had always imagined it while watching 'Friends'. I then made my way to her flat, tone stomach and then to the most wonderful thing that a woman can possess. That thing of course, is a pair of breasts. I was finally seeing what may be the most famous breasts in Hollywood. I finally looked up to her face and saw a smile. She asked if I was done drooling and ready to fuck.

I responded by nodding my head and standing up. As soon as I stood up she jumped into me and I caught her as I fell back onto the bed. I laid there with her on top of me. She recovered herself and got into position to straddle my cock. Before she could lower herself down I asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this. She gave me that look again and so I slammed my cock up into her pussy. She gave out a loud scream that I'm sure people on set heard, but then as I began pumping she quieted down. I was surprised how tight she was, it must have been more than two weeks since she last got fucked.

She began slamming down on my cock as I was slamming into her pussy. It was truly amazing that I was fucking Jennifer Aniston! Yeah, I meet and spend a lot of time with celebrities, but I don't fuck them and now I was fucking one of the best. She looked so damn hot bouncing on my cock.

I reached up for her tits and felt God's most wonderful creation. They were better than I had always imagined them to be. She asked if I liked playing with her tits while fucking her pussy and I practically yelled back a resounding yes. She said that she wanted to suck me off now and taste her sweet pussy on my cock. She climbed off me and got on her hands and knees.

The first time she went down, she nearly took my entire length. The second time, it felt like I was halfway down her throat and maybe I was as she gagged a little and pulled away. I asked how she liked sucking my dick and she said she's never had so big. I grabbed her head and she seemed to get the message. She went berserk on my dick. Sucking like crazy, I couldn't hold out much longer. I watched as she bobbed her head faster and faster.

Finally, I came rope after hot rope of semen. I didn't know what she would think of me cumming in her mouth, especially since I didn't warn her, but she took my sperm like a champ. She was the first woman to ever suck me off and swallow every last bit of cum without letting any spill from her mouth. When she finished swallowing, she just held my softening cock in her mouth and stared at me. I stared back at her and she knew that was the best blowjob I had ever received.

As my cock was still hanging in her mouth, it began to grow and she started sucking me off again, until there was a knock on the trailer door. Jenn had to get back on set. She told them to give her 15 minutes so she could shower. I showered with her and she finished me off for the second time that afternoon. The rest of the time guarding Jenn was like a dream. Unfortunately, the death threat wore off eventually and she realized I wasn't needed anymore and thought I should help out someone who needed my service. She sucked me off every day for the time that I was with her and sometimes I got back in her pussy as well.

Back to Jenn's house and Katy's surprise where I was sitting on the couch still stuck in my past fantasy when I saw Katy enter the room wearing absolutely nothing except a strap on. I was a little worried until Jenn entered behind her completely nude and told me not to worry. Katy smiled and said that they were going to perform a little show for me. I understood immediately that Katy and Jenn were lovers and wanted to show me. As if I wasn't hard from my fantasy, I was practically bursting through my pants now. Jenn noticed and said I could pull it out while I watched. I took no hesitation and whipped out my cock.

In front of the couch there was a rather large wooden coffee table on which Jenn laid down, spreading her legs in preparation for Katy's strap on. I watched Katy as she slowly guided the rubber dong towards Jenn's pussy. As she slipped it in and started pumping, I couldn't help but stare at Katy's glorious tits and how they bounced to every movement. Once again God's greatest creation was paying off. I reached down at started jerking my meat as I continued to stare at both of their tits.

Jenn was screaming from Katy fucking her and I couldn't hold out much longer listening to that and watching this incredible event unfold in front of my eyes. Suddenly, Jenn blurted out that she wanted my cum on her face. I almost came as soon as she said that but I held it in long enough to, very happily, oblige her.

I unloaded what seemed like a horse's load onto her face and just as she was cumming on Katy's rubber dong. Once I finished, Katy pulled out of Jenn and started licking Jenn's face. I loved seeing Katy eat my cum off Jenn's face. Jenn got off the coffee table after her face was clean and grabbed Katy's dong and started sucking it like she was gonna get cum out of it. The sight of that got me instantly hard.

I sat back down on the couch as Jenn slipped the fake meat from her mouth. Katy removed the strap on and walked over to me. I saw that her pussy was clean shaven and dripping wet. She grabbed my cock and guided it to her snatch and shoved it in.

As I did that, Jenn yelled surprise as I had just broke Katy Perry's cherry. Katy yelled out in pain and I just stood there motionless, not knowing whether to continue or not. Katy looked me in the eyes and said it was okay. She said that she wanted it rough so that's what I gave her.

I lifted her until just the head was inside her then slammed back into her, now corrupted, pussy. I began slamming into her as hard as I possibly could. I reached up and grabbed one of her enormous breasts and just squeezed the shit out of it while telling Katy how tight her pussy was and how much she was gonna hurt by the time I was finished.

Jenn told me to stand up and let Katy lie down so she could lower her snatch to Katy's face. I continued to fuck Katy's brains out as she ate out Jenn. By the time Jenn had her second orgasm, this time on Katy's face, I was ready to release my jizz. I pulled out of Katy's pussy and began jerking for all I was worth. The first spurt landed on Katy's chin then every spurt after that landed on her tits then her stomach and finally the last bit dripped down to her naval.

Katy looked down at her body and was astonished by how much cum there was. Jenn moved me out of the way so she could start cleaning off Katy. Katy also began cleaning herself off by scooping the cum off her luscious body and sticking it into her mouth. Jenn finished with Katy's naval and noticed that I was still hard.

I told her I could use a cleaning too and she jammed by cock down her throat. She finished slurping on my cock and pulled me out and we all sat on the couch. I said it was gonna be fun guarding Katy and that Jenn was the most sex-craved slut I've ever seen. They both agreed, and then we went up to Jenn's bedroom and took a much needed nap before we fucked again.

To be continued...

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