tagRomanceI Knew Ch. 01

I Knew Ch. 01


I knew, as soon as I saw him I knew he was the one but I never thought it would actually happen. My name is Lisa, I'm 22, big blue eyes, brown hair, 5'5 and about 200lbs. The guy I was talking about is Jeremy Livingston, and at the time I laid eyes on him he was the lead vocalist for a small band called The Living at a small pub on the outskirts of Melbourne. He was gorgeous standing at 6'1 about 210lbs of pure muscle, deep brown eyes and dark brown hair.

The pub was my usual haunt; the girls and I would go down on a Friday night for drinks and a dance, some of them would bring their boyfriends but I had been single for quite a while and never brought anyone with me. The Living had never played at the pub before, but they were fantastic everyone cheered for them that night. After that they would be there nearly every fortnight to play, their fan base getting bigger every Friday night.

As the girls and I were usuals and as it got busier we would always get let in before others because the bouncers and owners knew us so well, we even had our own table at the front. While we sat there and watched Jeremy and the other guys I could swear Jeremy would look at me, but I had always thought it was just because he noticed us from every week. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought he would be interested in me, simply because I wasn't the typical skinny little blonde with big tits that he always seemed to talk to after his sets.

On night one of the girls, Jess, brought her boyfriend, Nick, and one of his friends Cal. Jess had told me about Cal and thought we would be great together, I wasn't so sure on the whole blind date thing but she insisted she would bring him down one Friday night. Cal introduced himself to me and we started chatting for a bit. As the night went on he bought me drinks and we danced a bit and every time I looked up on stage Jeremy was glaring at me and Cal dancing or talking. Thought it strange but continued. It was becoming obvious that Cal was getting quite drunk and started hanging off me a fair bit. I wasn't too comfortable with it but there wasn't much I could about it either, Jess and Nick had left a bit earlier but Cal had insisted he would stay so I was on my basically, most of the other girls had left too. I knew what he was hoping for by the way he would place his hand on my leg or lean in close, each time I push him back a bit or brush his hand away. After The Living had finished their last set I told Cal it was time to call it a night and I was heading home. He insisted catching a cab together but I only lived a little while away and I was planning on walking. By this time we were out the front discussing it, he wanted to walk me home but I told him I was fine. He then pulled me close and wouldn't let me go, trying to kiss me telling me he knew what a big girl like me wanted and that he was going to give it to me. I slapped him and told him there was no way in hell I would sleep with him and to get in a cab and go home. He stood there shocked as I walked off.

My way home went I had to duck down the side of the pub and then out onto the street a block down. As I was walking down the lane I heard foot steps and turned to see Cal following me, I knew then that not taking the longer way round was a bad. I turned and tried to run to the main street but he caught me about 10m from the end of the lane and dragged me back in a bit. He then pushed me up against the wall and I cried out as my head hit the wall.

"You think you can embarrass me in front of all those people and get away with it? I'll show what happens to girls who reject me." I was so dizzy from the bump to my head I couldn't even move my arms to push him away. Cal started to push up my skirt and spread my legs; I started sobbing knowing I didn't have the strength to help myself. I started saying jumbled works like "no" and "please don't". I could swear I had heard a door open and close but maybe it was imagination, I started crying louder when I felt the pain of a hand slapping my face as Cal yelled "shut up you stupid fat whore, I'm going to give you the fucking you deserve for what you did to me!" Cal then shook Lisa and she hit her head again and passed out.

Chapter 2 will be coming very soon. I hope you enjoyed this. Please feel free to leave comments and tips for me.

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