tagRomanceI Knew Ch. 02

I Knew Ch. 02


Lisa was right, Jeremy had been glaring at her and Cal all night. He hated seeing her with another guy. Jeremy had been watching Lisa for a while now and couldn't get over how cute she was, and that smile, it melted him. Jeremy could see that she had a problem with her weight, but he knew it was part of who she was, besides it was that bad, he wasn't did like his girls with curves, unlike those skinny little blondes that would always want to talk to him after his sets. Jeremy had always planned on going and introducing himself to Lisa, but had never gotten up the courage, he was just so floored by her, and he only knew her name because he asked one of the barmen about her one night. He knew he wanted her from that first night and couldn't imagine having anyone else in his bed and he just knew that when he met her he would want her in his life forever. But when that guy had been all over her tonight he broke, it was his own fault he supposed, he was the one that chickened out every time he had the chance.

The other guys in the band knew he liked her, they had seen how Jeremy had looked at Lisa that first night on stage and even the way she had been looking at him. They tried to get him to talk to her, but he always backed off at the last minute. They all knew that tonight was the night Jeremy was going to finally at least say hi to her but then that guy showed up. Jeremy had visibly become agitated with the situation and had been in a bad mood for the rest of the night. They all, including Jeremy, had watched as Cal had tried it on with her, but wasn't having any of it. Jeremy began so have a glimmer of hop until they left after the last set, Cal with his arm around Lisa.

John the drummer came up to Jeremy "hey you ok man? We all know what you were planning tonight."

"Yeah, I'm cool man; guess I couldn't expect her to know hey? Or to hang around forever." With that Jeremy turned and gave John a weak smile. "I'm just going to head out the back for some fresh air and a smoke, want to join me?"

"Yeah I'll just pack up a few things and I'll meet you out there."

"Ok cool." Jeremy got down off stage and pushed through the group of blonde groupies and headed for the back door. As Jeremy pushed open the door he looked down the dimly lit lane and saw a couple about 20m away from him, the girl had her skirt up and was groaning, he could only imagine what was going on and suddenly pictured a writhing Lisa under him groaning and he suddenly got hard.

As Jeremy was about to light a smoke when he heard a loud slap and the words "shut up you stupid fat whore, I'm going to give you the fucking you deserve for what you did to me!" yelled from the guy. Jeremy suddenly realised this may not be what he thought as he turned he saw the bloke push the girl against the walk, he heard the whack of her head hitting the brick and then she went motionless. Jeremy threw the smoke to the ground and started to run down the lane as the guy was about to stack taking the panties of the obviously unconscious girl.

"Oi!" Jeremy yelled, and as he got closer he could see it was Lisa and that guy. Jeremy picked up speed and as Cal turned to look and who this person was Jeremy smacked him in the nose. Cal fell to the ground and landed on his ass he then reached for an empty glass bottle that was lying next to him, got up and went at Jeremy.

John then walked out the door just as Jeremy hit Cal in the stomach; he looked down the lane to see what was going on. John could see a motionless body, one that looked like a female, lying on the ground and he ran down to help, hoping Jeremy wouldn't kill this bloke first. As John got closer he saw who Jeremy was fighting and automatically knew it must be Lisa lying on the ground. John went straight to Lisa to see how she was.

Cal went at Jeremy with the bottle but missed in his drunken stupor and fell to the ground. Jeremy kicked him a couple of times before he felt John pulling him back. A very drunk and sore Cal slowly got up.

"Let me at him John, let me go" Jeremy struggled but Cal put up a hand.

"Stupid bitch isn't worth it; you can have her, she all yours. You might get some now that she's out to it." With that he turned to leave. Jeremy saw red and pushed off John, he hit Cal one last time over the head knocking him out.

Jeremy then realised the reason he was beating the shit out of this dick and went straight to where John was with Lisa. He knelt down and could see the blood on the back of her head.

"John, call the cops and an ambulance, quick!" Jeremy almost shouted at his friend. Within 5 minutes there were lights and sirens all around. The police were asking all sorts of questions and Jeremy tried to answer them to the best he could, but all he could think about was Lisa. He excused himself when the ambulance driver asked if there was anyone who could come with Lisa to the hospital.

Jeremy climbed into the ambulance and held Lisa's hand. She would slowly open her eyes and then slip back into sleep. Jeremy slept the night at the hospital hoping everything would be ok.

Chapter 3 will be coming very soon. I hope you enjoyed this. Please feel free to leave comments and tips for me.

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