tagIncest/TabooI Knew There Was A Reason

I Knew There Was A Reason

byAlex De Kok©

"Not far now, son." Mary Tolan smiled at her son as he drove their battered station wagon. "I'm almost glad the hurricane hit the college. At least this way you get a week off and can come with me."

Pete glanced across at her. "I'm glad, too, Mom. I mean, when was the last time you had a holiday?"

Mary made a face. "Probably before your dad was killed. We came here then, remember?"

"Sure do, Mom. I guess Jenny will be pretty well grown up now."

"She's eighteen tomorrow. I should imagine she's a young woman.

"It was all freckles and braces then, Mom. I think we can expect some changes." she was a good-looking kid, so what will she be like as an adult? Pete was looking forward to finding out.

He was looking forward to the week's holiday, too. His mom had managed to get some time off work, the college was doing some repair work after hurricane damage and the students had been told to get lost for a week. Not only that, but they were going to stay with his Aunt Carol and Uncle John and their daughter, his cousin Jennynifer. Pete and Jenny even had the same birthday, but whereas Jenny was eighteen tomorrow, Pete was nineteen. He hadn't seen his cousin for four years now.

It was dusk as they turned in at the gateway to the horse ranch John Kelly owned. Lights were on in the house. The Kelly family must have been watching, because all three of them came out onto the porch as Pete stopped the car beside the house.

Mary Tolan stepped from the car and into her sister's embrace. Carol Kelly would have been the double of her sister, but for the short-cropped hair where Mary's was long. "Good to see you, sis," said Carol. "It's been too long."

Mary moved from her sister's embrace into her brother-in-law's. John gave her a fierce hug and a kiss on the cheek. Releasing her, he turned to Pete, holding out his hand. Pete took it and waited as his uncle gave him a once-over.

John grinned. "You're looking good, Peter."

"You, too, Uncle John. Aunt Carol," he said, moving into his aunt's hug.

"Welcome, Peter," she said.

At last Pete turned to his cousin. "Hi, Jenny."

"Hi, Peter," she said, with a warm smile. I'll give you a hand with the bags," she said. Passing bags, and some parcels, Pete was able to take stock. To say there had been changes in his cousin was putting it mildly. The skinny tomboy he remembered from four years ago had been replaced by a beautiful young woman. The freckles were still there, but just a dusting across her nose and cheeks. The carrot hair had muted to a dark red that glowed in the lamplight in the hallway. But the biggest change brought a thickening to his prick and he prayed his erection wouldn't get too big before he could do something about it, because from the looks of it, his cousin had a slender body as beautiful as her face.

"We've made some changes since you were here last," said Carol as they finished bringing the bags indoors, "and some of them aren't finished. Jenny has moved into the other wing, taking her music with her," she said with a scowl at her daughter, who just grinned. "We're redecorating some of the rooms, but they're not ready yet. It's not a problem, because the guest room next to ours is ready for you, Mary. Pete can have the spare room next to Jenny's."

"Come on, Pete, I'll show you," said Jenny. She led the way upstairs and around the corner to an airy corridor. Four doors on the right, two long windows on the left, high, no view. She opened the first door. "My room," she said. "Next one's the bathroom, then yours. Last one's a closet. Both bedrooms have their own door into the bathroom, which is big. You'll see in a moment. Come on, into your room." She led the way.

"I've cleared closet space for you," said Jenny, "but there are still some of my clothes in here. I'll need to be in and out occasionally. You okay with that?"

"Long as you knock," Pete said with a grin, an answering grin appearing on her pretty face. She opened the bathroom door. As she had said, it was big. Tub, shower - big shower - vanity, basin, toilet, plenty of room between. Across the room, another door stood ajar, a bedroom visible. Jenny gestured.

"My room," she said. "Pete, if you need to use the bathroom at night, make sure you put the light on. There are no bolts on the doors, so if the light's on at night I'll know not to barge in. During the day, I'll knock. Okay? That way no one gets a surprise they don't expect."

"Fine," said Pete.

"I'll leave you now. Dinner's in ten minutes. See you downstairs."

The meal was pleasant. John Kelly sat at one end of the table, his wife and sister-in-law at each hand, Pete was next to his Aunt Carol, Jenny opposite. Conversation was light, mostly concerned with catching up on family matters.

"It's your birthday tomorrow, the two of you. We can go to the early church service. Any plans after that? We'll have dinner together, of course, but otherwise the day is yours," said John Kelly to the two teenagers.

"Go for a ride? It must be ages since you were on a horse," said Jenny, looking across at Pete.

"It is. Last time we visited, in fact. Yes, that would be good."

"Riding?" said her father. "Okay. We'll get up early, get to church for eight. Be finished by nine-thirty and you should be away by ten. Dinner at seven, okay?"

"Sounds good, Dad," said Jenny. "Okay with you, Pete?"


The rest of the evening passed in pleasant relaxation. By common consent, everyone was in bed by ten-thirty. Pete lay for a while, listening to bathroom noises as Jenny got ready. A soft 'goodnight' from her, then stillness. Night noises. Finally, Pete allowed himself to think about his cousin. Man, she is hot. Love to see her naked, but diddly-squat chance of that. Pete grinned in the darkness. I've got a good imagination. His hand went down and began to lightly stroke his prick ...

Breakfast passed in a blur of greetings. They'd agreed to leave any present-giving until dinner, but Pete got a kiss from his Mom, his Aunt Carol, and - not wanting to be left out - Jenny. For a change, church was fun, sitting next to a good-looking girl, getting the eye from some of her friends, the sermon actually interesting. Jenny introduced him to some people, mostly school friends and neighbours, but by nine-fifty they were back at the ranch.

Pete went to change into more suitable clothes and was standing in his boxers when there was a knock on the bathroom door.

"Pete, it's Jenny. I need some clothes. Can I come in?"

"Just a second," he said, pulling on his jeans. Still bare-chested, he opened the bathroom door and felt his jaw drop. Jenny was just in bra and panties, barefoot. Simple, pastel-coloured, a light pink, the garments did little to conceal her loveliness. She grinned at him.

"Thanks, Pete." She dived into the closet, emerging with jeans and a pair of riding boots. She gave him a sunny smile and was gone, leaving the vision burned onto his retina. His cousin was a knockout in her underwear. Naked? He could only imagine, but he knew she'd be sensational. He shook his head and continued dressing.

Half an hour later they topped out on the ridge above the ranch, pausing there to enjoy the view. The ranch sprawled below them. Jenny pointed. "We'll head out that way." She glanced across at him and Pete had a feeling there was someting she wasn't telling him. Maybe later.

They rode for a while until they came to a meadow. In a pocket, there was a stream playing and a pool where some boulders partly dammed the outflow to the valley below. Jenny pointed. "I built those rocks up. Makes the pool deep enough to swim. I come up here sometimes." She giggled. "No one ever comes, so I skinny-dip." She glanced across at Pete. "Lunch?"

Pete nodded. "Yeah, I'm hungry. What have we got?"

Plenty, was the answer. Chicken sandwiches, potato salad, fruit, a thermos of coffee, potato chips. They made their way towards the pool, picketed the horses on some lush grass and there was mostly silence for a while as they ate. Eventually, the debris went back into saddle-bags and the two teenagers sat back, relaxed.

"Trick or treat?" said Jenny suddenly.

"Of course, it's Halloween! Okay, cousin witch, treat."

"Feeling energetic, cousin wizard?" Jenny asked, grinning.

"Not particuarly," said Pete lazily. "Something in mind?"

"A swim."

"Did you bring your suit?"


"Okay, never mind, it will be too cold anyway. It is Halloween, after all."

"No, there's a hot spring somewhere near, the water's almost warm. Come on, Pete, treat time!" Jenny held out her hand, hauling Pete up. Bewildered, he let her lead him towards the pool.

"What gives?" he asked, then his mouth fell open as Jenny began to unbotton her shirt.

"We're swimming."

"But, um, I thought, um, didn't You say you hadn't brought your suit?"

"That's right," said Jenny with a grin. "Skinny-dipping time!" Her shirt was unbuttoned now, the pink bra showing, and she began to kick off her boots, then unzipped her jeans and let them fall, stepping neatly out of them, dropping her shirt. In bra and pants, and socks, she grinned at her cousin. "Come on, Pete, get naked."

Pete flushed. "Um," he began, but Jenny interrupted.

"It's okay, Pete, I'll turn my back."

"Don't you want me to turn my back?" said Pete.

"Hell, no," said Jenny, "where's the fun - or the treat - in that?" She put her hand on his shoulder to balance herself and took off her socks, then fixing him with her eye, Jenny put her hands behind her and loosened her bra, catching it before it could slide off. She took the shoulder straps off her shoulders, then slowly lowered the bra until - Pete holding his breath, unable to look away - her breasts were fully revealed to his gaze.

Jenny grinned and dropped her bra, then bent to slide her panties off. Naked, she struck a pose, then giggled and turned to run into the water, leaving Pete with a mental picture of neat, small breasts, each crowned with a deep pink areola and a stiff button of a nipple. Only when Jenny threw herself forward into the water did Pete let out the breath he had been holding.

"Now you," Jenny called from the pool.

Pete flushed, suddenly aware of the stiffness in his boxers, but he didn't hesitate, something telling him there would be appreciation, not mockery. He took off his boots, loosened his jeans and pushed them off. He bent and pulled off his socks, then unbuttoned his shirt, sliding it back and off his arms. His boxers were tented in front and Jenny looked appreciatively, then her eyes flickered up to his.

"Nice, Pete, very nice, but let me see."

Flushing again, he pushed down his boxers, then straightened. His prick was more than half-hard, thickened, and Jenny's eyes fell to it immediately. Her lips curved in a smile and she looked up at him, holding out her hand as she stood in the water. "Come on," she said, "into the pool. I think we need to cool you off."

They swam for a while, playing, splashing, but the water was a little cool and they didn't linger. They left the water hand in hand, going back to where they had left their clothes. Grinning, Jenny produced two towels from her saddlebag.

Pete laughed. "You planned this!"

"Of course," said Jenny, "I wanted to check you out, cousin Peter, and I thought it was only fair to let you check me."

"And?" said Pete.

Jenny licked her lips. "Tasty!"

They dressed quickly, for the air was cooling and set their course for home. It was an hour before dinner when they reached the ranch and their offers to help in preparation were rejected.

"No," said Pete's Aunt Carol. "Go, get showered and changed. It's your birthday, so we'll let you off chores for today."

On the way to their rooms, Pete said, "who's first for the shower?"

Jenny looked at him. "You've seen the size of the shower. You've seen everything I've got. Wanna join me?"

Pete flushed, but answered readily enough. "I'd like that."

"Good," said Jenny. "I'll show you the, um, view, later."

"What view?" said Pete, puzzled.

"Wait and learn, cuz," said Jenny, squeezing his hand.

In his bedroom, Pete stripped naked then, nervous, opened the bathroom door. Jenny, also naked, was waiting for him and led the way into the oversize shower.

"It starts cold, Pete, so hide in a corner," said Jenny. The shower stall had a spray head on each side but one, and they huddled together on the dry side until the water warmed, then stepped into the jets. They played for a while, soaping, tickling, until Pete accidentally grabbed Jenny's tit as she turned, ducking away from Jenny's tickle. He dropped his hand quickly.

"Sorry, Jenny, I..." his voice faded as she smiled at him, retrieved his hand, and put it back on her breast.

"If you want to feel my breasts, do it properly, so we can both enjoy it," she murmured, then squealed as he goosed her. They broke off, startled, silent, at a knock on his bedroom door.

"Peter?" said his Mom's voice. "Can I come in."

Pete put his finger to his lips, hushing Jenny, and went over to the bathroom door, opening it. "I'm in the shower, Mom," he called.

There was a silence. "Oh, okay, I thought..." She broke off. "Never mind. Dinner in fifteen minutes, okay?"

"Okay, Mom, I'll be ready." He held his breath but his mom must have gone back downstairs. He turned to Jenny. "Better get dressed." They dried together, and he enjoyed watching the jiggle as she dried her breasts. She too enjoyed the view as Pete carefully dried his balls and prick, expanding a little from her attention.

"Time to hide again," said Jenny, with a sigh. "Maybe another time?" she said, hopeful.

Pete grinned and she laughed.

Dinner was fun, and Pete was slightly stunned at the digital camera that his aunt and uncle, and Jenny, gave him. "We had a good year," his uncle said as Pete murmured his thanks, blinking, startled, laughing as Pete inadvertently photographed his own nose. The gifts from Pete and his mom, for Jenny, were more modest, but the books and the pretty underwear were well received. Like the evening before, everyone was off to bed by ten-thirty, Pete's uncle John's words ringing in his ear. "Help Jenny with her morning chores and I'll let the two of you free after lunch."

"Deal, Dad," Jenny had said before Pete could reply. He held up his hands in surrender.

"Up at six, cuz," Jenny said with a grin. Pete winced.

In bed he lay for a while, remembering the loveliness of her at the pool. He was startled by a soft tap at the bathroom door.

"Can I come in?" said Jenny.

"Sure," said Pete. "Come on in." In t-shirt-and-shorts nightwear, Jenny came in and sat on the edge of the bed. From the way the material clung, Pete knew there was nothing under the nightwear except warm girl. "What's this all about?" he said.

"Remember I said I'd show you the view?"

"Yeah. What is it, this view?"

"How interested are you in sex?" Jenny said. Startled, Pete looked at her.

"Very," he said. "I think my hormones are normal."

"Yeah," said Jenny, her tone judicious, "I'd agree, going on that pretty erection you showed me earlier."

"Okay, you expect me to see a naked and very attractive girl and not react?"

Jenny touched his arm. "No, Pete, your reaction was totally normal. And very flattering, too," she added. "So okay," she said, "we've established you're a typical randy teenaged male?"

"Okay," said Pete, laughing. "So?"

"Have you ever watched anyone fuck?"

"Um, no."

"Want to?" said Jenny with a giggle. "Without being seen? Live action? If we're lucky."


"Mom and Dad?"

Pete stared at her for a long moment. "Are you serious?"

Solemnly, Jenny made a cross over her heart. "Absolutely."


"Follow me." She stood and waited while he swung his legs out of bed, glad suddenly that he'd worn a pair of old track shorts to bed instead of sleeping naked, as he did at home.

"Got any slippers?" Jenny said.


"Put some socks on. It might be cold underfoot." She waited until he'd put on a pair of hiking socks, then led the way out, along the corridor, and into the closet. Household paraphernalia lined the walls, the floor was clear. Jenny took a pole with a hook from the corner, reached up, and opened a trapdoor, which swung down, bringing with it the end of a ladder. She pulled it down and began to climb.

"Follow me," she said.

Up in the attic, Jenny waited for him. "We daren't put a light on, in case they see it," she said. "Take my hand." Hers was warm in the dark and she squeezed his fingers. "I cleared the way, but feel with your toes before you step."

A few paces and Jenny stopped. Through a skylight, Pete could see the stars. Jenny opened the skylight, propping it up and peering out. "Yes!" she said, "drapes open and lights on!" She tugged Pete's hand and he moved beside her, close, smelling the fresh flowery fragrance of her soap. "Look over there," she said. Pete looked, and yes, he could see into a bedroom, could see most of the bed. Jenny slipped her arm around his waist. Two heads close together in the darkness.

A figure came into view, female, naked, visible from breasts down because she was on the far side of the bed. Pete drew in his breath. If that was his aunt Carol, she was fucking gorgeous! Another figure came up behind the first and a pair of hands covered the first figure's breasts. Jenny's arm tightened around Pete's waist.

"That's not Dad," she said. "it's..."

"Mom!" said Pete.

"Jeezus," breathed Jenny. The two women, unmistakable, lay down together on the bed, kissing, stroking.

"Holy shit!" said Jenny. The two of them stared, fascinated, as the pair on the bed broke apart. Mary Tolan lay back, spreading her legs as John Kelly came into view to kneel between them, penis erect, ready. Carol Kelly lay down next to Mary, kissing her cheek, reaching down to guide her husband into her sister as John pressed forward, moving into his sister-in-law.

"Bless you, Mom," said Jenny, "for lying on the far side of the bed."

"Amen to that," said Pete, slipping his arm around her waist. Arms around each other, the two watched, enthralled as John Kelly gave his sister-in-law a vigorous fucking, her legs lifted, heels behind him, urging him into her. Maybe it was the excitement, maybe something else, but it didn't take long before Mary's head was tossing in her excitement and the watchers could tell when she came, her clasp on John visibly tightening, her head thrown back.

"God, I wish we had sound," said Jenny in an awed tone.

They watched as Mary quieted, stretching up to kiss John. He eased himself from her, moving to kneel between his wife's legs, pressing his still erect penis into Carol, resuming his thrusting, slower now, the muscles in his ass working as he thrust. Pete and Jenny were silent, and she took Pete's hand from where it lay around her waist, lifting it, sliding it up and under her t-shirt to cup her breast, the nipple hot and hard in the palm of his hand. He squeezed gently, turning to look at her. She smiled at him in the dim light, a little moonlight creeping in now, and raised her lips for his kiss, promise there before she broke away to return to watching her parents. Just in time, as John was thrusting urgently, in the throes of orgasm, driving into his wife, her heels urging him on.

As they gazed, rapt, enthralled, John collapsed across Carol, his body moving as he fought to get air back into his lungs. Eventually, he withdrew from Carol, his prick half-hard. Mary stood and moved out of sight, returning soon with a wash cloth and towel. The three lovers cleaned themselves and Mary took the cloth and towel away. She came back briefly and must have been planning to leave, return to her own bed, but John and Carol beckoned her back and she rejoined them on the bed. There was some shuffling of bedcovers over the three bodies, and then the bedroom light went out.

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