tagInterracial LoveI Know Melanie

I Know Melanie


Melanie is good friends with Danielle. Both girls have different, but similar stories to tell.


Last week, my friend Danielle and I had a wild time with two guys she knew. Danielle and her husband have these random sex encounters with different people and the last one was with two black guys, Ron and Derek. The two of us met up with them this time and had great sex with them both, but I actually pursued one of them, Derek, afterwards. Danielle just wanted to get laid, but I was really into Derek and he and I exchanged phone numbers so we could continue what we had started. I'm a 5'4" blonde with a C cup up top. I go to aerobics classes regularly, so I'm in pretty good shape; Derek was attracted to me immediately.

Derek called me and we talked for awhile and decided to meet up at my place later that night.

"Melanie, do you want to meet tonight, at your place" Derek said.

"That would be great! See you around 8?" Mel asked.

"That's works for me. See you later!" Derek answered.

I gave him directions and hung up with him.

Around 7:30 Derek knocked on my door. We said hello while we hugged each other, and then I showed him in. He was wearing a tight white shirt, displaying his muscular physique, and had nice designer jeans on. He looked so hot that I wanted him right there, but had to wait until we played that cordial date ritual thing, even though we had been very intimate just recently; he squirted his sperm in my mouth last week. We talked for a bit and I got up to offer him a drink, then went to get it. I could feel his eyes following my every move, burning into me. I was wearing a very form fitting, sheer royal blue minidress and heels. As always, I wasn't wearing underwear, so every curve on my body was visible. Derek's eyes were fixed on my body as I went to get the drinks. I felt like he was ready to rip my clothes off and take me right there, but he remained patient and just accepted the drink I handed him.

We had a few more drinks then Derek leaned over to kiss me. Finally, I thought. I was waiting for that all night, but he was trying to be a gentleman. Our kiss became passionate instantly and his big hands began to explore my entire body. His advances continued until he was on top of me as I lay back on the sofa. Derek had his had on my leg and slowly moved it up under my dress, reaching my pussy with his fingers. I sighed aloud as he slipped his fingers past my lips and then inside of me. I was totally turned on and my pussy was streaming with wetness. I had my arms wrapped around his chest, and I could feel his cock getting hard as he lay on my leg. I reached down with one hand and proceeded to wedge my hand into his jeans to fondle his cock. I found it quickly. My god, it was so big. I had forgotten already about his size. I could hardly wait to have that thing inside of me.

Derek slowly got off of me and pulled me up from the sofa. I took a step back from him and pulled each strap of my dress to the side, then grabbing the top, I pulled my dress down, first exposing my breasts, then my stomach, and then finally the rest of me. As my dress fell to the floor, I stepped out of it, remaining in place, completely nude. Derek looked my figure over, then stepped towards me, pressing his lips to mine again and then returning his powerful hands to my body again up and down. I had my arms around his neck, then brought my hands to his shoulders, making my way down to his waist before dropping to my knees in front of him. Down on my knees, I looked up at Derek, admiring his beautifully sculpted body. I reached up to his pants and unbuttoned them, next pulling down the zipper. I grabbed the jeans and pulled them down to his ankles, displaying his black briefs with the outline of his huge, semi-erect penis beneath them. I leaned forward rubbing my face over his cock, then teasingly nibbling on the shaft through his underwear. As I looked up to catch a glimpse of his reaction, there he was staring back at me with a large grin, anxiously awaiting my next move.

I peeled his briefs off, pulling down exposing his enormous package, until the briefs lay on top of his jeans. Derek stepped out of the clothing, at the same time pulling his shirt off and tossing it on the floor behind me. I grabbed his cock and his balls with my hands and stroked the large penis until it grew in size, and stiffened fully. His penis was long and very thick. The head was huge. I moved towards it and stuck out my tongue to reintroduce my self to it once more. As I began to lick upwards from just below the head, a droplet of his precum spilled onto my tongue, coaxed out from my grasp on the shaft. The more I pulled on his cock, the more of the divine liquid leaked out onto my tongue. I paused for a moment to take the clear liquid into my mouth and taste it. It was a tiny bit salty, but mostly sweet, and I proceeded to swirl it around my mouth before swallowing it all down. Derek was incredibly turned on by my actions and his facial expressions displayed his obvious pleasure. I let go of the shaft, but while continuing my cradling of his balls, I pulled his penis between my lips and deep into my mouth. Keeping a tight grip on the shaft with my lips, I began moving him in and out of my mouth, fucking my face. Derek moved his hips gently with my rhythm, back and forth. I kept sucking his cock in deeper and deeper, but never was able to fully take him all the way into my mouth; his cock was just too big.

I moved my grip to his ass, holding on tight as Derek fucked my mouth for a while. His cock was rock hard now. The head was as wide as my mouth and it was spewing his precum like a small fountain. I swallowed all of it. Derek's cock pulsated in my mouth a few times signaling him to stop me from going any further. He didn't want to cum yet; he hadn't fucked me. I stopped and then crawled over to the ottoman and lay down on my back with my legs open and waiting for him to enter me. Derek followed me and got down on his knees between my legs. Holding on to my calves, he pulled me towards him. He held his penis and wiped it between my pussy lips, gathering my wetness on the head to facilitate his entry. For a moment, he held the head of his big cock just at the entrance to my pussy which was shrouding it with its delicate lips.

"Oh yeah baby, put it inside me. I want to feel that big cock inside my pussy" I told him.

"Give it to me now! Fuck me baby, fuck me!" I insisted.

Derek pressed forward and into me. Moving in and out and with the loud sound of air being forced out, he quickly had his cock all the way inside of me. I was holding my tits with both hands watching as he rammed into my body. His huge black cock was burying itself deep inside of my pussy, slamming into the bottom on every thrust. I was in ecstasy. The feeling of him stretching my pussy was so intense; I had my first orgasm moments later.

"I'm cumming baby! Oh yes, that's it! Just like that! Fuckkk meeeee!!!" I shouted with pleasure.

Derek didn't stop for a moment. He had an aggressive pace and continued his assault on my pussy until I came several times. My legs were high in the air as he pounded my little pussy. I loved watching his black cock disappear inside of me with only his pubic hair resting on my pussy lips. That way I knew he was deep inside all the way. I was incredibly turned on by that and the thought kept driving me to orgasm over and over for him. I wanted Derek to cum, but he wasn't ready yet.

Derek pulled me up and onto him as he lay back on the carpet, so I was on top of him. His cock never left my pussy. Once in position, I leaned forward onto my hands, and started moving his cock in and out of me again. He cock felt so hard inside of me. As I bucked my hips, I was grinding my clitoris into his pubic bone. His cock was still buried deep inside of me, resting on my cervix. I moved my body straight up and leaned back onto my hands that gripped Derek's thighs, away from him. He was holding onto my tits, but put one hand on my pussy, rubbing my clit. While his big hand rubbed me, I began to cum again. I moaned and cried out loudly when my pussy began contracting around his penis. He started thrusting himself into me, prolonging my incredible orgasm. What was this man doing to me? I could not think straight; my mind was fuzzy. All of the blood must have left my head and went to my pussy. I lost count of my orgasms. I was exhausted from cumming. It was amazing how long Derek could keep going, but he was getting ready, I could tell by the extra stiffening of his cock.

I leaned forward and picked myself off of him and rolled onto the floor.

"Derek baby, I want you to fuck my tits" I said to him.

I lay on the floor with my knees raised up, and Derek stood over me before straddling my chest. His big black balls squished down above my belly and his cock lay flat between my breasts. It was soaked with my wetness, but needed more so I pulled my head forward with his help, and sucked on his cock to add extra lubrication. Derek dribbled some spit onto my chest and rubbed it on my tits. I pushed my tits together to engulf his cock between them. He lifted himself up again, closer to me and like doing pushups, started to fuck my tits. I hadn't been in the sun for a long time, so my breasts were even whiter than usual. The stark contrast between his penis and my chest was amazing to see. I loved watching that big black cock slide over my chest. Derek's cock was long enough so that I could reach out my tongue to meet the head of it on his thrusts forward. He had so much precum leaking out that my chest was glistening with the fluid, making his motions effortless. Derek continued to fuck my tits while I licked his cockhead incessantly until he told me he was getting ready to cum. Hearing that, I lay my head back down, waiting for his cock to explode.

Derek pulled himself up from his pushup position and again rested his balls on my chest with his cock planted firmly between my breasts. He resumed his fucking for a while, and then while thrusting forward, he tensed his muscles and started shooting his cum onto my chest. I let go of my breasts and began jerking his cock. His sperm shot all over my neck and face. Derek's cum was blasting all over me as I pulled on his cock. I had my mouth open to receive some of his load, but most of the cum landed in my hair, on my face, and all over my tits and chest. I loved it!

"Oh baby, that was great!" Derek said to me.

"You were great baby" I replied.

The contractions of his penis began to subside and his sperm was slowly dribbling out of the head and down the shaft, following the contour. I grabbed a hold of Derek's ass to pull myself up and shoved his cock into my mouth. I sucked hard on his penis to draw out any remaining seed left behind and was able to gather a small mouthful. I went "mmm" as I tasted the salty treat on its way down my throat. After swallowing it down, pulled his cock from my mouth and looked up and met eyes with a very satisfied black man. I returned my eyes to his spent penis.

"Oh, there's a little bit more!" I announced as I proceeded to press my tongue underneath his cockhead and at the same time, sliding my hand up the shaft. His sperm squeezed out with my hand movement and puddled onto my awaiting tongue. I did all of this with Derek looking down at the whole act. Once my hand reached the head of his cock, I squeezed down gently to catch the last of it, them closed my lips and swallowed the cum down.

"Mmmm! Yum! That was good!" I remarked.

Derek climbed off of me and plopped down onto the sofa, his soft cock dangling around. I got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower. His cum was all over me and beginning to harden. I needed to wash my hair from all of the sweat and sperm that he had deposited in it.

I showered and threw on a towel and went out to check on Derek, who was passed out naked on my sofa. I just stood there and gazed at him. I didn't know what I was feeling, but I definitely was going to keep this guy around for a while. I certainly satisfied him tonight I thought and he blew my mind for sure. How many times did I cum? I lost count after my fourth orgasm. Was I falling for this guy already? Derek was definitely a sex machine; he fucked me for hours. He wasn't my first black lover, but he was much better than the last few guys I was seeing. My sister Mary is always teasing me about my black boyfriends. She actually set me up with the very first black guy I had sex with. She said that it would be hard for me to date other kinds of men after I had a black man, but I thought she was only kidding. Come to think of it, I hadn't been with a white guy in quite a while. Maybe I just needed black cock from now on to satisfy me completely? Perhaps Mary wasn't kidding. I would just have to wait and see.

As I looked at Derek sleeping on my sofa, I started to get that feeling in my pussy again; I wanted more of him. I dropped my towel to the floor and moved over to the sofa and got on my knees in front of him. I intended to wake him for more, but not by nudging him. I quietly placed my head over his cock and using only my lips, I sucked his cockhead between my lips and into my mouth and began to give him head. I was able to continue for a short while, until Derek woke up with a big smile. "Hey honey" I said softly to him. "I'm ready for you again!"

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