tagNonConsent/ReluctanceI Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 01

I Know Who You Did Last Summer Ch. 01


"I know who you did last summer Mrs. Graph. I know all about you sordid affair with a particular student last summer while you and your husband were on vacation. I know all about how hard you got fucked in the hot tub and then again in the sauna while you husband went up to your hotel room to get some sleep. I know how you went down on your student last summer in the sauna and how you swallowed all of his cum. How could you do it Mrs. Graph? How in the world could you let one of your students fuck you like that? Sure he was eighteen but you know it is against all of the school codes and rules and regulations. You can loose you job because of it. I understand you are nominated for 'Teacher Of The Year' award. How can you honestly say you are the teacher of the year when you fucked one of your students? That one night of passion and lust can cost you your marriage, your award, and your career. You simply didn't think Mrs. Graph. Luckily I have thought. I have thought this whole thing through. All you have to do is follow my instructions perfectly and you can keep your marriage, your award, and your career. There are only two more days of school left. You already have turned in our final grades. Tomorrow when you get to school you will go to the girls rest room on the first floor and look under the trash can for another envelope. Do not open the envelope until you come to your desk just like you are doing right now. You will open the envelope and read your next set of instructions. If you fail to follow these instructions to a tee then I will blow the whistle and ruin your life. If you understand then nod your head three times."

As I nonchalantly looked up at Mrs. Graph I saw her head slowly nod three times as she folded my letter back up and placed it back in the envelope. She opened her desk drawer and hid the letter under some papers. I knew I had her now. I watched as her eyes scanned each and every student in the classroom. I watched her look with a stern set of eyes at everyone. I could tell she was upset and nervous at the same time. I continued talking with Brad next to me as I kept an eye on Mrs. Graph out of the corner of my eye.

It was only a half day of school today as we were practicing for graduation. I continued to watch the look of terror in Mrs. Graph's eyes as she nervously led us through our procession march. Mrs. Graph was a very beautiful woman. She was 34 years old and about 5'6" tall and her weight was perfect, around 120 pounds. Her hair was a dark shade of blonde that was curled and hung down to her shoulders. That's about all anyone ever knew about her as she always wore oversized outfits to class. She either wore long skirts that came down to the floor or she wore excessively baggy pants. Regardless of what she wore, her eyes were the most beautiful asset. Her eyes were such a perfect shade of green and she always wore her make up to match them. She always seemed to have on a sweet sexy shade of pink lipstick. Today however, her eyes were nervous.

During the practice I could tell that Mrs. Graph was acting different. I watched her as she continued to check out everyone. I knew it was killing her that someone knew about her affair. She acted totally different the whole rest of the day. As the end of the day drew near everyone picked up their book bags and began to leave. I walked with Brad as we left the school yard. I looked back over my shoulder one last time as I saw Mrs. Graph walk back into the school.

Brad walked up his driveway and I continued on towards my house still a few blocks away. I went into my room and threw my book bag on the floor. I went and watched television to kill time before dinner. While I watched television I continued to formulate my plan. Dinner finally arrived and I went and sat down with my mom and my dad at the kitchen table. After we ate we all helped with the dishes and headed on our own way. I went up to my room and sat down at my computer. An evil grin appeared on my face as I began to type my next set of instructions to Mrs. Graph.

"Was it worth the headache now Mrs. Graph? Are you scared Mrs. Graph? Scared that I know your dirty little secret? Scared that I might tell your husband? Scared that I might tell the school authorities? I bet you are. At the same time I bet this is making your tight little pussy wet? You must pay now for your sin last summer. You must pay in order for your life to remain intact. You must pay for your husband to not find out about your affair. You must pay in order to win that coveted 'Teacher Of The Year' award. And most of all you must pay to keep your career. Tomorrow is the last day of school. You will wear your dark blue skirt, the one that comes down to the floor. Under your skirt you will wear a sexy pink thong. I want you to sign your thong in the front right where your pussy rests. Along with a pink thong you will wear a pair of white lace thigh high stockings and a pair of five inch open toe stiletto heels. You will wear your white long sleeve blouse and under it you will wear a pink lace bra that unclasps in the front. If you do not have any or all of these items you will go to a store and buy them. In front of the dry erase board you will find two circles drawn on the floor in black marker. You will place your feet in the circles and face the board. Next you will buy a black scarf and blindfold yourself with it. On the dry erase board you will notice a marker with a string tied around it. You will tie the string around your wrist and hold the marker. Every time I make you cum you will make a check mark on the board. You will do this exactly one hour after class is dismissed. If you try to peek to see who it is, your life will be ruined. If you fail to follow all of these instructions exactly your life will be ruined. When I am finished you will stay standing in the same spot for fifteen minutes before you are permitted to remove your blindfold and go home. When you finish reading this note you will nod your head three times."

I printed out the letter and folded it neatly and placed it in an envelope. I sealed the envelope and took it with me. I went out to the garage and jumped on my bike and went down to the school. The night time janitor was there and the janitors entrance was always unlocked. Quietly I walked into the school and scanned the hallways to make sure I was not seen. At each corner I checked to make sure that there was nobody there. I quietly tip toed into the women's rest room and paused for a moment to catch my breath. I tilted the trash can on an angle and placed the sealed envelope on the floor under it. I set the can back down and quietly tip toed back the same way I came. I slowly opened the door to Mrs. Graph's classroom and silently entered. I took the orange dry erase marker and taped a string to it and placed it on the rail under the board. I picked up a black marker and drew two circles on the floor. I made sure that the circles were far enough apart to ensure that her legs would be spread apart far enough. I quickly ran out of the classroom and down the hallway to the open janitors door. I quickly jumped on my bike and pedaled home.

I couldn't wait to get to school tomorrow to see Mrs. Graph reading my note. I couldn't wait to see that look of fear and lust in her eyes. I knew one thing for sure. The day after tomorrow I was going to fuck the living shit out of her and in her own classroom.

I watched television until it was quite late and then went to bed. Morning came and I hurried down to get cleaned up and then eat breakfast. All I had on my mind was watching Mrs. Graph reading my note. After breakfast I grabbed my book bag and began walking to school. Along the way I stopped at Brad's house. I said hello to his mother as she handed me a glass of orange juice and a muffin. Brad and I finished eating and quickly headed for school. As we walked to school Brad had no idea as to my plans. In fact I really don't remember what we talked about as the only thing on my mind was watching Mrs. Graph read my letter. It seemed like it was an eternity but eventually we walked across the school yard and then finally into the building.

We sat down about ten minutes before the start of the second to last school day. Mrs. Graph was not at her desk yet as she usually arrives right when the bell rings. Minutes seemed to take hours to pass. Everyone in the room was talking as Mrs. Graph finally entered the classroom. My heart was pounding as I tried to keep an eye on her out of the corner of my eye. I could tell she was scouring the students in the room with her stern eyes as she pulled her chair back and slowly sat down.

As I sat there talking to Brad and watching my teacher I thought she didn't do as instructed. She organized her desk and sat there for a moment. Then my heart began to race. I watched her pick up the envelope I left under the trash can. I swear I couldn't remember anything that happened in those few minutes as I watched her slowly open the letter. I watched as her sexy fingers pinched the folded letter and slide it out of the envelope. She looked up to see if she could spot the student who was blackmailing her but from the look of disappointment in her eyes I knew she was clueless. I watched her eyes slowly drop to the text on the piece of paper. In my mind I was reading along with her.

As she read the letter I was so lost in her physical beauty. I couldn't believe that the woman who I fantasized to and jacked off to for the past year was about to become my lover for a day. As she continued to read I could see the anger in her eyes but yet I could also see the curiosity and lust beaming from her soft sensual face. Suddenly Mrs. Graph turned her head and looked over at the dry erase board and looked at the orange marker with the string taped to it. Slowly her head turned back to the letter and she continued reading. She seemed to be taking her time as she read my letter which heightened my suspense before she finally folded the letter and slid it back into the envelope. Next Mrs. Graph glanced down at the black circles on the floor before she nodded her head three times. She pulled her desk drawer open and again hid it under some junk in her desk.

Class started and again we practiced the drill for graduation. I could tell that she was affected by what I was doing to her as she wasn't herself as she led us through the procession. She seemed quiet and reserved as to her usual talkative self. I could tell she was really trying to figure out who was controlling her. I made sure to not make much eye contact with her except for answering questions.

It seemed like it was taking forever to get through the day. Finally we all returned to our classroom and Mrs. Graph told us that we had to report for graduation on Friday night at six thirty. She also told us that tomorrow was going to be a quick walk through of what we have done for the past two days and then we would be out of here. My heart began to pound in my chest as I knew that tomorrow I was going to be pleasuring this lovely teacher in more that one way.

Brad and I got out of our chairs and began to walk out of the room when all of a sudden Mrs. Graph called out to me. My heart began to pound harder than ever as I thought for sure that she figured out that I wrote those letters. I walked up to my lovely teacher and said "yes Mrs. Graph, what can I do for you?" As I stared into her eyes I thought for sure that she could see right through me. I thought for sure that she could see my heart pounding in my chest as I stood there before her. "I just wanted to tell you that you did a very fine job this school year." "Thank you Mrs. Graph I said as I stared deeply into her beautiful green eyes. I became mesmerized by her face as I searched into her soul. I became lost in the small creases around her lips as I realized that tomorrow I would be becoming even more familiar with those creases and lips. "See you tomorrow Mrs. Graph" I said as I managed to tear myself away from this beautiful lady. I turned around and left the room.

Brad was waiting for me in the hallway. We left the school building and headed for home. Brad walked up his driveway and I headed down the street to my house. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. Imagining what Mrs. Graph looked like under all of those layers of clothes was driving me crazy. Imagining what those breasts of hers looked like caused my cock to begin to stiffen in my pants as I walked down the street. Rather than walk with a noticeable limp I decided to think about other things in order to keep my erection down.

I finally arrived home and went to my room to plan my seduction for tomorrow. As I lay on my bed a grin crept across my face just as fast as my cock sprung to full attention. I decided to not masturbate as I wanted to save myself for tomorrow. As I closed my eyes I swear I could feel everything that I was about to do to her. I could feel her heat radiating from her naked flesh. I could smell her perfume and her pussy juice as both intoxicating smells mingle. Opening my eyes I realized that my cock was throbbing so I stood up and began to clean my room in order to take my mind off of her.

Moments later my mom called for me to come to the kitchen for dinner. After we ate it was the usual routine of cleaning up the mess before watching television for the evening. Everything on television seemed incredibly boring and pale in comparison to what I was about to experience tomorrow. The night dragged on and on. I finally pulled myself up off of the floor and went to my room to go to sleep. I undressed and crawled into bed. My cock was rock hard as I could not get the thought of fucking my beautiful teacher out of my head.

As I laid there I had such an urge to reach down and toss one off. My cock twitched and throbbed with excitement as I imagined Mrs. Graph bending over and holding on to the dry erase board. I imagined her moaning out in pleasure as I hold her hips and guide my cock into her soft warm depths. I couldn't stand it anymore. I reached down and gripped my cock with my right hand and began to pump myself. I reached over for a couple of tissues and just as I placed them in front of my cock I began to cum. I quickly tossed my cum saturated tissues into the trash can before rolling over. At least that took the edge off of my erection and my lustful thoughts. Moments later I was fast asleep.

Morning came and I got up early. I went and took a shower and dressed for school. This was it, the big day. This was my last day of school ever and the day that I was going to fuck the living shit out of my teacher. I ate a quick breakfast before brushing my teeth. I was so excited that I could hardly contain myself.

I raced down the street on my bike to Brad's house. He was already outside waiting for me. He jumped on his bike and together we headed for school. We locked our bikes up and walked into our classroom. My heart was again pounding as I eagerly anticipated Mrs. Graph wearing my requirements.

We sat there waiting and realized that Mrs. Graph was late. "Oh my god" I thought to myself. "What if she doesn't come to class today." I knew she would have to come as I had enough information on her to ruin her. The minutes began to pass and everyone began to talk about leaving and going home. Mrs. Graph was now ten minutes late. My heart was sinking as I began to believe that maybe she figured me out. Maybe she was staying home and missing the final class.

My heart began to sink as I looked at the clock and saw that she was now fifteen minutes late. Suddenly I heard something out in the hallway. It was a clicking sound. The sound seemed to be moving closer to the door. Suddenly the sound stopped right outside the door. I looked at the handle and saw the knob begin to turn. Slowly the door opened. My heart began to pound like crazy as I watched Mrs. Graph walk over to her desk wearing her long blue skirt and white long sleeve blouse. I also could see the silver spikes of stiletto heels under her skirt as she walked. I tried to compose myself as I knew that I had her. I knew that it was just a matter of time before I was going to have her.

Mrs. Graph seemed nervous as she began to instruct us. She told us that today we were going to do our final walk through in our cap and gowns. Our gowns were hanging in the closet in the room. We were all instructed to go to the rest rooms and change into them for our practice. I took my book bag with me into the rest room and went into a stall to change. I knew that I needed to be undressed in order to fuck Mrs. Graph so I decided to go naked under my gown. I stripped all of my clothes off except for my shoes. I placed my articles of clothing in my bag and went back to my classroom. I had to do everything I could in order to keep my erection from becoming evident.

About ten minutes passed and I continued to watch my teacher out of the corner of my eye. I could see her continuing to glance down at the circles on the floor and over at the orange marker on the ledge. She continued to scan her students to see if she could figure out who was blackmailing her. Finally everyone was back in the classroom and seated. Mrs. Graph had us all get up and walk out to the parking lot. She told us to take our belongings with us as we were going to be dismissed from the parking lot. I took my bag in order to not give it away that it was me who was controlling her. We did a quick walk through before she told us to all have a good day.

I walked with Brad and we got on our bikes and went home. After Brad went up his driveway I went around the block and headed back to school. I put my bike up against the fence behind some bushes and quietly began to walk towards the school. Thoughts of what I was about to do to my teacher caused my cock to ache between my legs as it bounced back and forth from walking. I quietly walked into the building and looked at the clock. I had twenty five minutes yet before I could enter Mrs. Graph's classroom. The school was deserted now except for a couple of office workers. I decided to go into the men's room to wait.

I went into a stall and sat down on the toilet lid. I began to go over in my head what I wanted to do to her. My heart was pounding as the thought of my cock sliding in and out of her hot mouth caused my cock to rise to attention. Thought's of kneeling behind her and lapping at her dripping cunt caused me to shiver. I jumped up and carefully checked to make sure that nobody was outside in the hallway. I glanced at the clock and saw that there was six minutes yet before I was to make my move.

Quietly I began to walk to my classroom. Nobody was around as I walked down the hall that led to Mrs. Graph's classroom. Suddenly I was standing outside of Mrs. Graph's door. Looking up at the clock I still had one minute to chicken out. I could still turn around and run and act like nothing ever happened. I realized that the clock was exactly where it needed to be. Time was up. Very carefully and quietly I peeked inside the partially cracked open door. My heart skipped two beats when my eyes fell upon my teacher as she stood in the circles on the floor waiting for me. I then realized that I was at the point of no return.

I just momentarily stood there gazing at her beauty as she stood there. Her blue skirt covered all of her except for the tips of her stiletto heels. Her arms hung down to her sides. Dangling from her right wrist was the orange marker that I had prepared for her. As my eyes scanned upwards I saw she had the black scarf tied around her head as she was instructed.

Quietly I kicked off my shoes. I entered the classroom and shut the door making sure to lock it. Looking at Mrs. Graph I saw her begin to tremble as she heard the door close and lock. "Who are you" she said softly. I knew I couldn't speak or she would know my voice so I stayed silent. I walked over to the video camera that was owned by the school and pressed play. Slowly I walked up to Mrs. Graph. I stood behind her and just admired how she was about to submit to me.

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