tagIncest/TabooI Love Mom's Ass

I Love Mom's Ass

bydr mabuse SOI©

Robyn is a military brat. Her father (Al) is a career military person who during in his first enlistment married Robyn's mother (Rose) who was 16 at the time. Rose lived in one of those awful small towns with a base located nearby and it was common to married a military man to get out of that life. Despite that underlying reason, they are very much in love with each other. Robyn was born about a year later and her father would have liked to have a son but he had a daughter, their only child. She grew up in a variety of military bases and housing, some better than others. The only consistent experience was the school system ran by the government for military dependents. They looked similar and the course structures were identical no matter what state or country you were in. Being that the students were transient and lived a very different lifestyle from other children, they grew up different. Students were high scholastic achievers and there was low use of drugs or alcohol but the level of sexually activity was intense.

Their family was stationed in rural Midwest area and her father had promised to take them on vacation after her daughter graduated. Robyn knew money was tight and didn't expect to trip to the beach. Her dad had arranged to take them to the special hotel in the Ozark Riverway area where they could swim, float, or just relax along miles of pristine clear water. As what usually happens, her father could not go right way as duty called. Robyn and her mother would drive there and a day or two later dad would be able to join them. The Riverway was not more than a four hour drive from the base which made the trip easy. Dad helped his girls pack up that Monday morning then wished them a safe trip before they drove off. It was a bright sunny warm day and the green of the countryside seemed very intense as they drove the state highways to the Riverway area. After driving through stretches of forests and passing small towns, they arrived at the hotel.

Actually it turned out to be more of a country resort with several cabins of various sizes and accommodations and with this large hotel built into a bluff that extended to the edge of the river. Robyn thought the outside looked like it had been built out of Lincoln Logs as she followed her mom into the manager's office. The reservations were intact and after being handed 2 keys, mom and Robyn began to carry their bags to the room. Dad had really arranged something nice for them for once. It actually was two bedrooms with a common kitchen and living room on the top floor with a balcony overlooking the river valley. It was kind of funky country looking but very clean and nice. Robyn wanted to explore everything but her mom made her help unpack everything. That went very quickly as both of them were anxious to see everything.

They finally had everything put away and went into our bedrooms to change into their bathing suits. Robyn changed and walked into the living room to wait for her mom. It took her awhile longer before she came out of her room and to her daughter's surprise she had on the same red bikini that matched hers. For someone in her thirties, Rose was still very attractive. She was petite slim with light brown hair and brown eyes. She was medium chested (about a 34 B) and had a great butt on her. On the other hand Robyn was tall for her age, black hair with blue eyes, large bust (36 C), and really had no ass at all. They stood out on the balcony and looked around. It was very quiet except for the birds singing and the cicadas buzzing. Normally the river would be crowded with people canoeing and floating but since it was Monday, there was very little activity. Robyn could see up the river a short distance where a large blue spring was bubbling a few feet over the surface and pouring millions of gallons of cold pure water into the river.

The river looked so cool and inviting on that hot summer afternoon and they went down to cool off. The hotel lent their customers rafts, tubes, or canoes. Robyn picked a double size raft and after slowly getting into the cold water, climbed on to the raft. It was a bit tricky but after several attempts, mother and daughter were lying on our stomachs watching the world go by. The river widen where the resort was and on the opposite bank had a fast running current. The resort side of the bank was calm and had a mild current. You could touch a sandy river bottom when you stood in that side of the river. Their raft didn't move much except it would very slowly spin around and a few hand paddles kept them in position. Once in awhile one of them would slip into the water and cool off. On that lazy afternoon, Robyn and her mother had one of those rare chances to talk.

"So what are your plans this summer? asked Rose, Robyn's mother.

"I don't know" smiled Robyn and she dangled one hand in the cool water, "Maybe just drift out here for a couple of months."

"I would like to do that too." said her mother, "But really, you have any plans?"

"Probably get some summer job and stash away some money" she said, "May be check out some colleges but I don't know if college is what I want to do."

"Funny" said Rose, "When I was your age, I was already married and had you."

"Different situation, different times, mom" Robyn said.

"I surprised that someone on base hasn't asked you out" said her mother.

"They have." smiled Robyn, "Really all ages, all ranks. As much as I love dad and what he does, I would never marry a military person. So I don't get involved. Probably better for dad if I don't."

"Well, maybe" grinned her mother. "There are things that have helped dad's career that didn't involved training or doing a good job."

"What do you mean?" asked Robyn.

"There are things that you do sort of socially" she said, "That can move your husband up a rank or get into a cushy position. That sort of thing. You aren't seeing anyone at the moment? What happened to Shane?

"His family was transferred but we had broke up before then" Robyn sighed. "I liked him but he turned out to be sort of superficial, you know. I thought he liked a lot of things that I did but he was just acting. Pretending. He really wanted to just have sex and he couldn't get it. He dumped me."

"I'm sorry to hear that." said her mother. "He seemed so nice and he was really good looking. I guess I was fooled but most men think with their dicks and nothing else."

Robyn laughed, "Yeah, you wouldn't believe the shit that goes after school sometimes. Shane really liked you too, mom. He was in love with your butt."

Rose's face turned red. "He was!"

Robyn grinned, "Oh yeah, he would stare at your butt all the time and sometimes talk about it to no end. Even when we fooled around, he wished that I had a butt like you."

"I guess I'm flattered?" said Rose, "Nice to think that I can still turn a few male fantasies at my age. So....what kind of fooling around do you mean?"

"Well fooling around" said her daughter quickly as her mother pried.

"I mean like what?" teased Rose "Fooling around meant touching and first, second base when I was your age."

"That isn't even fooling around now, mom." smiled Robyn. "I mean I don't have real sex and I'm still a virgin although I don't know why I haven't done it. But you know fooling around now is what you said and giving getting head, sometimes doing it in the butt."

"Robyn, that is sex." said her mother.

"No it isn't. Today we don't see it that way, mom" said Robyn, "That is just fooling or playing around. It feels good and everyone gets off but it isn't like real sex."

"I guess it isn't real sex" said Rose, "but you can't convince me that it isn't sex just because something isn't going in your pussy. You do all that?"

"Sure mom" smiled her daughter, "Everyone does. I mean some do some things and not other stuff and depends on what people like or get off on."

"You like it in your butt?" asked her mom.

"Sure" said her daughter, "Don't you?"

Her mother's face turned red again. "Your generation is certainly more casual talking about this than I was at your age. My mother would have thrown me out of the house if I asked her that question. I can hear it now. Grandma, do you like to be butt fucked?" Both mother and daughter howled in laughter and after it slowed to a giggle or two, Rose continued. "Your father and I only tried it once and I didn't like it. Really hurt. So now you know. You like it there?"

Robyn smiled as she was one up on her mother. "Yes mom, I think it feels real good and I really get off on it. I have been doing it for some time and some guys are better or gentler than others. Shane was really great and I liked him the best although I know he was thinking about you when he was doing me."

Rose joked, "Maybe we should have made a threesome."

"Don't laugh mom" smiled Robyn, "Shane would have done that in flash. He was serious into that stuff. He told me that he did his sister and her girlfriend one time."

"No way!" said her mother, "I sort of know his family. His mother is a Captain of some sort and I saw his sister one time with their family. She is a cutie. Probably good that they have transferred. He sounds like someone who probably end up no good."

"Yeah" said Robyn, "Once I found out how he really was, I didn't want to be near him. It's not just the sex thing or what he was into but just his lying and doing whatever to get what he wanted."

"You need to stay away from those kind of people" sighed Rose, "There are a lot of them in the military. I guess it rubs off on their kids or in the genes. Not to change the subject but are you getting hungry?"

"Now that you mention it, yes." said her daughter, "Last time we ate was breakfast."

They paddled closer to the bank and stumbled off the raft. They returned it to the resort and talked about where to eat. Rose thought about some fast food in the next town but neither of them felt like getting dressed or driving. The resort had a snack area where they sold burgers, fries, chips, soda, and snacks. They decided to go simple and loaded up with some burger and fry orders. Mother and daughter brought their food up to our room and ate it on the balcony. Afterwards, mom suggested that they get showers. Even though the river water was clean and crystal clear, they did have that river smell. As there was only the one full bathroom to share, Rose went in first. Robyn sat on the balcony watching the sun sink lower down river from her. By the time the sky was bright hues of oranges and blues, her mom came out on the balcony to let know it was her turn to use the shower. She was dressed only in shorts and was drying off her hair with a towel.

"Mom" Robyn said.

"What?" she asked.

"You only have shorts on" her daughter, "I've never seen you walk around topless before."

"I thought why not." she smiled, "It's just us girls for a couple of days. No men around and our room is fairly private. So why not be free and comfortable. I'm not shocking you am I?"

"Oh no" Robyn said, "My girlfriends and I hang out topless or sometimes naked together. I just not used to seeing you that way. I guess you can't be that way around the base housing too much. But sure....... sounds like fun, our first girl's night together."

Robyn stood up and began to take her bikini off in front of her mother. She wrapped the bikini pieces around the balcony railing to dry out then she paraded off to the bathroom. Rose smiled and sat down to watch the remaining glimmers of light disappear from the river valley. She felt very peaceful, relaxed, and free as the sky turned dark and all the stars were illuminated. A half hour later, Rose who joined by her daughter who was dressed only in a black thong.

"Wow Robyn!" her mother exclaimed, "You look so good in that. I wish I could wear one of those!"

"Mom, you could." her daughter said, "You are pretty well in good shape and your butt would look great in one of these."

"I'd hang out the sides to much." smiled her mother. "Besides, I would really have to shave some hair off."

"Well some, I guess" said Robyn, "I really don't have that much hair and a few quick touch ups and I'm ready to go."

"So much for getting old" smiled her mother, "More hair grows where you don't want it and gravity pulls everything down. I remember when my breasts were firm like yours and stuck straight out."

Robyn laughed with her mother, "Yours still look pretty good, mom. Mine got so big around thirteen and the boys at the school either teased me or wanted to play with them. I got more respect from the guys as I got older. Some days I would have liked to trade them to have your butt instead."

"My one redeeming feature" smiled her mother. I guess with my butt and your breasts, none of the boys in school could keep their dicks soft. Come to think of it, the guys in my high school usually had hard ons all the time."

"So how was it back then?" Robyn asked.

"It was different back then and certainly different from the schools you grew in." Her mother said as she thought back. "I grew up in a small town in the middle of the plains. The sexually revolution was full blown by the eighties but not in that bible belt town. It was like the pilgrims were still in power and town life was so boring. You would see the world go by on TV and wonder why you are stuck there and being so miserable. People did fool around and the students experimented with sex but it was really kept quiet. My first time that I was intimate with a guy was with my cousin."

"Mom!" Robyn laughed, "You sound like Shane's family now."

"Well, let me explain" smiled her mother. "Being it was a small town the connections between families are not that far apart. My cousin was sort of like Shane but in a good way. He was very handsome and he did have a way with women. We didn't go that far, I mean kissing, playing with my tits, and he fingered me a little but that was a lot back then. I enjoyed his attention and it felt good but it was just a few times than I met your dad."

"Your ticket out?" grinned Robyn.

"I love your father" said Rose, "But you are right, always in the back of my mind he was my way out of that place. Not to say the being a military wife is easy. You know that story as well as I do. Good housing, bad housing, no housing, and the constant travel around. Sometimes he is around all the time and then you don't see your husband for months."

"I guess you can see why I will not get involved with a military person." said her daughter. "I want sometime of a normal life if that exists. I wish that dad could retire and settle down."

"Not going to happen dear." laughed her mother. "Dad loves this stuff. By the time he retires, you will have your own life and maybe kids. It hasn't been that bad and really there has been a level of security that you don't have in the real world. The military really does provide for us. From that small town world, I was really plunged into the big world where all kinds of things went on. Very early on your father and I had an understanding about some things. When we was gone for a long time, I knew he would be with other women on occasion and he knew that I would have a "friend" occasionally. Usually, my extramarital fun was with someone who promoted dad and got us into a better life."

"No shit!" said Robyn. "Mom, I would have never guessed that about you two. Wow! I guess you think that your parents are always real conservative and straight. You almost sound like swingers."

"Well not really like that." her mother grinned. "You father and I have not been in a group thing or at least I haven't but there is a lot of that on base. If you know the right crowd or if you are the new pretty young thing on base, the opportunity is there."

"Happens at school too" said her daughter. "It isn't a big crowd but there are some that like their little orgies on Saturday nights. Booze, pot, parties you know.

"Have you ever?" asked Rose.

"What?" smiled Robyn, "Orgies or pot?"

"OK" laughed her mother, "Both"

"Never been to those parties." grinned Robyn, "But I like to blow a little weed once in awhile. "You?"

"Been a long time for me" said her mother, "My cousin and I used to smoke it all the time. It grew wild in the back fields at home. Probably still does."

"Mom......want to smoke some again?" her daughter smiled wickedly.

"Now where is there any around her?" asked her mother, "I'd try it again. It did enjoy smoking it when I was younger."

"I have a blunt that I save for special occasions." Robyn grinned.

"You know you shouldn't be carrying that around." scolded her mother, "You could be in big trouble if you are caught with that on base."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I know" said Robyn teasingly, "You want to light up or not?"

Her mother slowly nodded yes and then Robyn left for her bedroom. She returned moments later with a slender rolled blunt and a lighter. Robyn put a flame to the end of the paper and took the first hit. She held her breathe and handed the blunt to her mother than exhaled. Robyn felt her body relax as she watched her pretty mother inhale the wicked weed. It was very potent weed and in a few minutes they were chatting incessantly and laughing loudly. After an hour or so, Rose was getting extremely tired, told her daughter goodnight, and staggered into her bedroom. Robyn stayed awhile on the balcony as the sound of the cicadas and crickets seemed very intense. Then she decided to head to her bedroom. Robyn was removing her thong and began to feel excited about all the sex talk with her mother. She lay naked on top of her bed and thought "Fuck it, I'm horny". She spread her legs apart and began to rub her clit. Being somewhat stoned, Robyn didn't care how loud she was. She rubbed, moaned, and screamed in orgasm. Once she enjoyed herself and got off, she fell asleep.

Robyn woke up the next morning and could smell some strong coffee brewing in the kitchen. Bright sunshine was coming through the open bedroom door. She looked through her travel bag and found a T shirt to slip over herself. She walked into the kitchen with her mind still a bit foggy. Her mother had on a robe and was placing plates on the table when she saw her daughter. Rose smiled and poured her daughter a cup of coffee.

"If your head is anything like mine." Her mother said, "I think you will need this. I know I do."

Robyn nodded her head and said, "I do. That was stronger than I remembered. Did you come into my room and leave the door open?"

"No" grinned her mother, "You left it wide open when you went into your room. Your party sounded so good, I was almost tempted to join you if I had been able to get my head off the pillow. I'm still moving slow."

"Sorry about that mom" said Robyn, "I should have closed the door except I was somewhat out of it."

"No reason to apologize." She said, "No sense in holding things in if you don't have too. Wouldn't be the first time I heard you get off. You are pretty vocal. It's OK."

"I know I'm loud." sighed her daughter, "My friends say the same thing. But it feels so good and I just express myself that way. I'm glad that you understand." She hid her expression behind the cup of coffee she was drinking and asked quietly. "Has dad ever heard me?"

Rose held back her laughter as her daughter's face turned red. "He has. Your father is more open and understanding that you think. He's OK and doesn't think badly of you or anything. He gets kind of loud when he gets off too. I'm surprised you haven't heard him."

"Not really" said Robyn, "But I really don't listen in on your two either. Thinking about parents having sex is kind of icky."

"Robyn!" said her mother, "We are just normal people who enjoy sex. Just like you and your friends. We're not any ickier than you or the next couple. Your father and I are still pretty young and enjoy it. I don't feel much older than you really, at least in my mind. And you thought I was the closed minded one."

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