tagIncest/TabooI Loved Babysitting Ch. 03

I Loved Babysitting Ch. 03


We, the girls and I, after having out little parties were going to have our big party tonight. Now you have to understand that we promised her parents that we would not have any boys or alcohol in the house, but like many promises that people make, they usually get broken and ours was no exception.

Other than our close group of eight, we invited another fifteen girls that were friends with the different girls during our years in high school. They were popular, pretty and enjoyed parties that we had during the past years and we all agreed to them being invited.

We already had our school graduation party and prom, so none of the girls objected to it being an all girls only party, also their parents were happy to hear that there would be no boys or alcohol drinks as well as the fact that we were going to have a parent to chaperone us; it was going to be an all-nighter You guessed it, Christy insisted that she watches out that we don’t get into any trouble. Mom is baby sitting for her baby. Christy said mom was more than willing to baby sit because she knew mom would either sit in Christy’s makeup vibrating chair or stand in the alcove of her spa after she puts the baby to sleep.

I didn’t tell any of the girls that Christy was the model that lived next door and I baby sat for. Christy was going to wear clothes that would make her look older, but she wouldn’t wear any underwear, also she would use makeup to look older than she really was. I’m not sure if this was a good idea, but I did know one thing, things were going to happen, I mean Christy would certainly make sure that they did.

When we (Christy and I) arrived, I immediately introduced her to all of them; we were the last to arrive so that they would all be there when we arrived. “Everyone,” I called out, “ I want to introduce you to miss Jones who has volunteered to be our chaperone for the night. You will like her very much as I do, but she is kind of strict and if any of you get out of line she will let you know; as she has done to me when she came over to baby sit me, I mean when I was younger, hehe. You will be punished by her; and I really do mean punished. Let’s party.”

“Girls, no, young ladies, you’re no longer girls, you are now women. However, having said that, I will punish anyone that gets out of line; I don’t mean you can’t have fun, in fact I want all of you to enjoy this evening and have a lot of fun, and tonight we don’t have to worry about boys; so please, I’ll just watch all of you enjoying yourselves with one another. So, as Leslee said, let the party begin.

We all started talking to one another, laughing about all the crazy things we had done in the last year, dancing with one another; just having fun, happy for at least the time being, that our studies were over with until we went off to college.

Unknown by anyone, of course I should have known, Jill had again poured (spiked) vodka into the punch. We had prepared dips, chips, finger sandwiches, nuts and pretzels. With all of us eating a little we really didn’t notice any affect from the punch, however, it was slowly taking its toll as the night wore on and I noticed that the girls, including myself, were giggling more than we would under sober conditions. Another thing that I soon became aware of was that some of the girls were dancing in a manner that was how you would dance with a guy that you had the hots for. Christy was quietly taking our actions all in. I should have known that she was waiting for the right moment to do or say something that would really change this party. How did she know about the vodka.

Then we heard in one of the rooms, a loud scream, but it was obvious that it wasn’t a scream of pain but that of pleasure,; sexual pleasure.

Christy quickly jumped up and immediately went to the room and pushed open the door, with some of us right behind her. Jill was having sex with another girl and they were both really into some heavy petting, I mean fingers and all.

They looked at Christy in shock as Christy barked out at them. “I want you both to get completely undressed, and RIGHT NOW.” The girls out of fear, did as they were ordered. I kind of felt bad for Jill, but she was taking it in stride, but the other girl was visibly shaken almost to the point of crying, and saying she wanted to go home. Christy told her that she would be only too happy to tell her parents what they were doing..

When Jill and the other girl were completely naked Christy said, “Now I want you girls to follow me to the main room. Girls, what you were doing was not that uncommon, in fact I encourage it with some young ladies that aren’t sure of their sexual orientation and this is the time in your life that you should experiment. I also encourage young ladies, as well as older ones that don‘t have a partner, male or female, to find creative ways to masturbate,; there is no sensible reason to do physical or mental harm to yourself by denying yourself sexual gratification; in fact it‘s healthy for you.” Jill was holding the other girl as if protecting her; her name was Kristy, with a K, and she was very pretty and a couple of inches taller than Jill.

“Leslee, I would like you to get a large blanket to put over the carpet. Now you other ladies, I want you to form a large circle so that you can get a good view of these two women as they make love to one another.” I brought back a large beach blanket and with Jill helping me, we spread it over the floor carpet.

“Ladies, these two horny ladies evidently know how to give each other sexual gratification, and from the way they were screaming I know that they do it very well except if you’re going to have sex, I mean good sex, you have to be naked. Now let’s sit back and watch them to see how much sexual pleasure that they really can give to one another.. All right girls, please continue so the rest of the girls can learn. However, before they start getting into it let me explain to you that I have taught courses in sex ed. For females in college as well as to senior women. Now I want to show those of you that are interested, about the art of self pleasuring as well as sex with another female. I‘m bi and I enjoy sex with both, males as well as females. So here is the story, we will get naked and we will experiment with one another; not necessarily having sex but exploring each others bodies. We have all been gifted with beautiful bodies, and we all (females) have the same anatomy; some with smaller tits, some with larger tits, some with hairy pussies, and so on but remember, no one is ugly, that’s only in the mind. But we can do something about that as you can see Jill has eliminated 90% of hers (pussy hair). Okay, those that want to stay and learn, sit, those that don‘t want to learn, you can go into the other room where I made sure that you have CD‘s, to dance too, video games and even a couple of DVD‘s of the latest movies. One more thing, if anyone says one word of this outside of here,, we will all turn on you and cast you as outcasts. Remember, you are all eighteen year old adults and we‘re just going the next step beyond hi school sex ed.” Of course none of us knew that the movies were R rated and mostly of lesbian theme, and the music was soft and seductive for dancing.

After those that were not interested in getting involved had gone into the other room, there were fifteen of us left including Jill and her girlfriend, Kristy. I think it was mostly because the girls had lost some of their inhibitions from the punch and were feeling rather sexual; I know I certainly was. When I looked at Christy, she just gave me a sly wink.

Jill’s friend was a little reluctant until Christy let her know that either she gets with it or she will call her parents and tell them what she was doing. Jill immediately got more aggressive and started giving her girlfriend some tongue kisses and then started to caress her friends body all over; we could now see that her friend, after about ten minutes, was becoming aroused again, as she was before, and her nipples grew hard and her pussy lips became fully engorged in an aroused state. Jill’s friend now started to slowly reciprocate, she was kissing Jill back passionately. It was really turning the rest of us on; I was wet.

After about fifteen minutes of kissing and caressing, Jill and her friend were almost at the point where they soon would be cumming , ( as well as most of us girls watching this totally erotic sight in front of us. They had their fingers deeply into the others cunts and pumping them in and out at a feverish pitch, as they deeply sucked on each others lips and tongues. We were all squirming, including myself, as we watched these two beautiful bodies drenched in sweat. Also I might add, we were all now feeling the alcohol and I think that inhibitions were falling by the wayside, like a spring break party.

“I want you two young ladies to stop now,” Christy loudly said to Jill and her friend Kristy. I could see the sexual frustration in their eyes for not being allowed to have their orgasms as they were both breathing hard , trying to catch their breath. “Now I want to ask all the ladies if there are any questions that they would like to ask me; any questions about what these two ladies were doing, how they were doing it. They seem to be enjoying themselves and I think that if they continue they will certainly have an orgasm. What do you think? Anyone.” Jill’s friend was holding on to Jill for all her life, her entire body was shivering because of her frustration; being so close to cumming and then having to stop; this was the second time that they were interrupted from reaching their orgasms.

A girl named Marie asked in a shaky voice. “Uhn, I mean, well I got, you know, a little aroused while watching them. But my question is, well is this okay to do?”

“Marie, let me ask you a question. If you are aroused why don’t you masturbate?” Christy looked directly at the girl and the girl really blushed and put her head down.

“How many of you other girls feel like Marie. How many of you are wet from watching these two girls make love together?”

I said, “I do. I mean I’m very aroused and am very wet. I would like to touch myself, I mean I would like to masturbate but I’m embarrassed about doing it, you know, with others around and seeing me.”

Again, at this point most of us had consumed quite a bit of the punch and I, like the others were feeling the affects of being slightly high and our inhibitions were melting away; I couldn’t believe that I told that to Christy with all the other girls around.

“I’m going to teach you girls how to feel comfortable with your bodies. You’re all over eighteen and I have had experience as a nurse and a sex educator. So, now I want all of to stand up and to remove your clothing, I mean all of it and then I’ll continue teaching you young ladies how to deal with your sexuality, how to feel comfortable with your woman body.”

I was feeling good as well as feeling horny, so I immediately removed all my clothes. Some of the girls did slowly take off their clothes but some just sat back, ignoring Christy’s instructions. I did feel bad about Jill and her friend who were now cuddled in a way so that they could get some gratification from rubbing each others bodies together..

Christy looked at the few girls that refused to strip and said to them, “Do you girls feel too immature to join us in this exercise, please remove your clothes and join us, and if you refuse you can leave the room and join the other girls.

One of the girls, you guessed it, Pam said, “I think that you’re just an old sex pervert and want to look at a bunch of pretty young girls naked. I’ll make you a deal, if you will strip down naked we will do the same, hehe.”

“I’ll take you up on that deal, but first I have to go to the bathroom. But remember, if you and your friends don’t hold up to your end of the deal, I’ll personally, and with the help of some of these girls, take your clothes off for you, so be warned.”

Christy had been slumped over so that the girls didn’t realize she was 5’9” tall and twenty-five years old. Also she had on makeup that made her look older. While Christy was in the bathroom removing her clothes, as well as touching up her makeup, Pam was telling some of the girls as she laughed, “that creep will never show up naked, she’s probably trying to figure out how to leave out the back or how to hide her drooping tits.” Some of the other girls chuckled along with her.

Christy came out of the bath stark naked and just strutted into the room, she looked as beautiful and sexy as I’ve ever seen, and she was walking straight and tall; her body movements were very sensuous Everyone had a blank, disbelieving look on their faces with their mouths wide open, in total awe.

“Well, now it’s your turn and you better not give me any of your juvenile crap, is that understood.” Other than the shuffling of their clothes, you could hear a pin drop.

Christy had instructed us all to sit in a large circle so that poor Jill and her friend could be observed in finishing their love making. As soon as Pam had taken off all her clothes, now being stark naked, she sat down right next to me, I should say, right against me..

“Okay ladies.” Christy said to Jill and her friend.” I’m sorry for the interruption of your sexual fun, but I wanted to make sure that the other girls were able to watch and learn. I know that you all had sex ed in class but it was just by pictures in books and a little talk by your teacher; now I want you to observe and practice with the young lady sitting next to you. I don‘t care if you know her or not, if you like her or not, I want you to look each other all over; I mean from head to toe. Keep this in mind, we all have the same physical anatomy, we’re all beautiful. I‘ll watch all of you to make sure by the time you leave here tomorrow you‘ll know what to do, at least with another female or self gratification and we are all going to give each other a healthy orgasm as well as ourselves before we leave to go home tomorrow.. One more thing, sex, an orgasm, with a friend or lover or even by yourself, should be pleasurable fun. ” Oh shit, Pam was going to be playing with my pussy.

“Oh, before we start, who is thirsty and would like to drink some punch?” Christy must have known about the vodka. All the hands went up including Jill and her girlfriend. Pam was on my left, Christy was in front of me and Nicole was on my right and she was holding hands with Emilee. Yea, the party was going to be wild.

As we were all drinking our punch, Pam softly said to me, “Why are you so stuck up and not close to me like you are to Jill and some of the other girls. I know I’m not as pretty as some of the other girls, but at least you could be kind of nice to me.” I noticed that Christy was listening to every word that Pam was saying to me.

“Look Pam, looks has nothing to do with it, in fact I think that you have a pretty hot body, but it’s your sarcastic bullshit that turns me off. Another thing, if you stopped wearing your grandmother’s clothes that go down to your ankles, and did something with your kinky hair, and used a little makeup, I think that you could look as good as anyone. One more thing; if you’re going to be my partner in this exercise you better make sure that you make me feel good, I mean real good.” I saw the smile on Christy’s face when she heard me say that to Pam.

“I promise, I really do, Lez. Do you really think that I look pretty good; I mean do you really mean it when you say that I’ve got a pretty hot body.?”

Christy had a portable CD player and put on a CD that you would like to hear as you made love, or masturbate too. It was soft, soothing and the tempo was very sensuous.

“Now, all of you can start having fun. He he, and if you have any questions about anything, please come to me and I’ll answer your question. Also as your touching one another, I want you to watch these two girls in their love making as they build up to having their first orgasm. We all know that they, we, can have many orgasms, so don’t be concerned about getting off too quickly, because I can teach all of you to have as many orgasms as you want. Jill, Kristy, there will be no more interruptions and I want the two of you to really show the other ladies how to have a great orgasm.” Jill and Kristy, in their totally frustrated state, wasted no time in attempting to consummating their sexual union.

“Let the rest of us stand up, face the lady next to you and then hug her, I mean a good tight hug. Let me first demonstrate;” she grabbed Pam’s hand and pulled a reluctant Pam, to her. As tall as Christy was next to Pam, Christy’s breasts were almost in Pam’s face; we all giggled. Christy pulled Pam very tight to her body and it was obvious that Pam’s body stiffened up, and then Christy said, “let’s hold each other tight like I am and turn our heads and watch Jill and Kristy; we don’t have to do anything but hold our partner tight as we watch these two beautiful women making love.”

While holding another warm, soft body tight while watching Jill and Kristy in their lustful quest for sexual gratification, I found it very difficult not to grind my pube into this total stranger that I was holding tightly; I think her body was reacting in a similar manner. She was shorter than me and I she had a bikini trim but I knew that my pussy was touching her naked skin and I’m sure she felt some of my leaking wetness.

Jill and her friend were now in a sixty-nine position and the were moaning loudly into each others cunts, and then Jill yelled out loudly into Kristy’s love hole, “Oh fuck, fuck, just like that. Oohh shit, yea, do it, ohh fuck I’mmm cumming.” Then both bodies went in to a rigid state, banging each others mouths into their pussies. We knew that they both came as their bodies now relaxed but continued to quiver from the contentment.

My body reacted to this highly erotic, lustful sight ,and I quickly turned to the girl I was holding onto so tightly and I instinctively kissed her with my open mouth and with my pussy grinding onto her body, I came, and I came hard. She held me and kissed me back, but she hadn’t cum yet, so as our tongues were in each others mouths and as I continued to tremble with my orgasm, I dropped my hand down to her pussy and started to finger fuck her wet cunt hole with two fingers as I massaged her clit with my thumb, and then she came. She was a girl that I really didn’t know that well, but it seemed as if we were glued together as our rapid heartbeats were in sync as one. Christy was so right, a great orgasm can be had with someone other than a regular lover.

Observing the other girls, and listening to their moans and groans, it was obvious that we all were responding the same way as we did. But then I looked at Christy and Pam and it appeared as if Christy was really mad at Pam.

“Damn it Pam, you’re pissing me off, all your friends are enjoying their sexual being, but you’re as uptight as a piece of hardwood and that’s something I’m not going to stand for. Ladies,” Christy said loudly, “Whoever is her friend, I doubt if she has any, would you come here and help me with this cold fish; while you girls relaxed and enjoyed yourselves, all Pam did was complain that she didn’t get turned on. So guess what, we are going to show this juvenile what it is to be a grown woman.”

I stepped forward, feeling some compassion for Pam, even though she was a pain in the butt. Then Christy said to me as I stood next to Pam. “Leslee, I can’t believe that this person is a friend of yours, I think that she is totally devoid of any libido; she probably has never masturbated to an orgasm in her life.”

“I have so,“ Pam yelled out in anger, “I just don’t like to have sex with anyone, so there.”

“Well, my sweet little thing, you volunteered to stay in our little group, and I made a promise to all of you that I can get you to lose your inhibitions when you’re amongst some of your friends. No, I don’t expect you to fuck any guy that asks you, and in fact, if he tries to force you, just kick him in the balls as hard as you can. Now sit down on this chair, and Leslee, I want you to hold her down.”

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