tagLesbian SexI Meet My Soulmate!

I Meet My Soulmate!


Now I was on my own again, and since my daughter had moved to Ottawa my weekends were quite lonely. I stayed away from that bar as I felt crushed and humiliated, I had thought so much of David it was hard to accept it was over between us. My friends asked me what had happened and I just said we had split up that our relationship just didn't work out.

I stayed on the diet my daughter had set for me as well as the walking, besides Ottawa was only about an hour and a half away by car and she was liable to drop in any time she felt like it. The first time she did one Saturday after our split, I had to tell her it was over between David and I and she surprised me. I told her it was because he didn't want to make a commitment, so we agreed to just part company. I was expecting a lecture about my poor choice of men, but she said she thought he was a more decent sort and it was a pity it didn't work out.

My swimming twice a week with my friends was an activity I looked forward to, enjoying the opportunity of getting out of the house. I had lost some weight and was actually feeling pretty good with myself, as a result as I could now wear clothes I'd thought I'd grown out of, particularly skirts and dresses that was more fitting where I worked, as I now had a job in the front office. My old jeans had been fine when I worked in stores, but not really appreciated for the office.

The swimming twice a week was when it was for ladies only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, there was about seven or eight regulars I got to know and enjoyed the socializing with them too. One lady in particular was an English woman named Sheila who I thought had a delightful accent, she was always upbeat and cheerful, saying 'ullo' to everyone. She was a tall well built woman, who normally came in wearing a track suit and running shoes she called 'trainers,' as she came straight from a Gym where she worked out. In her early fifties with thick curly hair, she had a well proportioned body she was not ashamed to show off. She would strip completely and put on her bathing cap and take a shower before getting into her bathing suit. It was white with high leg openings that left her hip bones exposed, and from behind the material disappeared between the cheeks of her ass making her look bare bottomed.

Once in the pool her her suit being wet would mold itself to her body, making her breasts quite prominent, particularly her nipples which seemed quite large. Her routine was the same, she would swim slowly at first then quite vigorously alternating between the crawl and the back stroke for quite a few laps, rest for a few minutes, chat to one of us then off she'd go again, repeating this till the hour was up and we had to get out.

In the locker room she would peel off her swimsuit, take a quick cold shower to rinse off before drying herself. After, she would remove her bathing cap and taking her hairbrush brush would stand naked in front of a mirror to brush any tangles out of her hair. She was never in a hurry like some of the women were, taking her time getting back into her panties, bra, ankle socks then tracksuit before slipping on her 'trainers' and lacing them up. She was never in a hurry to leave, would socialize with others for as long there was someone willing to chat. I was quite shy and would often just sit and listen to her talking, enjoying her accent.

The talk would normally be about current affairs, usually everyday mundane things and she would listen politely to other women's opinions, occasionally commenting but never putting anyone down. She never talked about her own situation other than her work, she lived alone and appeared to be quite content to do so, there was never a mention of a husband or possible boyfriends. I was no doubt attracted to her and liked looking at her, occasionally she would catch me looking and just smile at my embarrassment as I'd quickly look away.

One Thursday I left the pool and went to my car in the parking lot to find I had a flat tire. I had lingered as before listening to the conversations so my friends had already left. I didn't know what to do and was pondering my situation when I heard Sheila say, "oh dear you have a puncture." She immediately summed up the situation and said, "well no good looking at it, it's late and jump in my car and we can go have coffee then I'll run you home."

This was another of her habits I was to discover, she would join a couple of the other ladies for coffee before going home, only she had Tea instead. We spent about half an hour in the coffee shop sipping our drinks and chatting then after she did drive me home. On the way she asked me if I had anyone to help me the next day to get my car fixed, and when I told her I had no one as my daughter and other children now lived away. "Not a problem" she said and before she dropped me off at home arranged to pick me up from work and take me to my car to get the wheel changed.

She was good to her word and came and picked me up after work. Looking much different from the night before in a business suit with a skirt and high heels, I wondered how she was going to change my wheel dressed like that but I soon found out. In the parking lot at the pool there were quite a few people coming and going, and going up to a group of men going in explained my situation to them and sure enough, one of them offered to change the wheel for me. Sheila was quite light about it, chatting away to the man as he got my spare and jack out of the trunk and proceeded to remove the flat tier and install the spare one.

After she followed me as I drove to the Canadian Tire store where I hoped to get the tire repaired, but unfortunately it was in such poor shape it really couldn't be fixed, and I had no choice but to buy a new tire, in fact I bought two. Instead of waiting there for them to be installed, Sheila suggested we go get something to eat and drove us to a restaurant where she treated me to a nice meal with some wine. Over the meal I found out she was a supervisor in the financial department of a good sized company. I was in no hurry, I enjoyed her company and the way she talked to me made me feel comfortable with her.

Of course I'd told her of my situation too so she suggested as we were both not doing anything over the weekend, we should get together and have a few drinks, perhaps listen to some music. I liked that and I think my enthusiasm showed as she beamed at me and asked if I liked Celtic music, I nodded my head although I was not sure what she meant by that, and didn't want to appear ignorant. She drove me back to get my car and we arranged to meet at this Irish Pub the following evening around 9 PM.

I have always believed in a sixth sense, something you can't put your finger on, spider senses or just plain subject thoughts and feelings buried deep inside one''s brain. Like I said I'd come to like this woman and here she had come to my aid when I needed it and just knew what to do. Much like my own Patricia in a way.

I got ready early for my date, took a nice scented bath then after tried to decide what to wear. I had a good collection of underwear in my wardrobe thanks to David, most of them a little racy or more. As they would be covered by the red blouse and black skirt I planned on wearing, I selected a red ensemble with a little push-up bra and silk panties. I was out of clean pantyhose, still I had a nice collection of stockings and selected a nice black pair which meant I had to wear a belt to hold them up. Again they would be covered with my outer clothes so who was to know?

I felt like a teenager again, hard to control myself as I sat in front of my TV but not really watching it, just waiting for the clock to tell me it was time to leave. Around 8:30 I couldn't wait any longer, and getting my purse and coat left to go downtown. Parking near the Pub was hard to find and I had to drive around and finally found a spot a couple of blocks away, and walked to the Bar.

The place was starting to fill up but there were still some tables left, so I sat at one and ordered a drink. Some men looked at me and I was feeling anxious, till suddenly heard an English voice say, "there you are" and looking up saw Sheila standing there smiling. A wave of relief swept over me and I smiled back as she placed her purse on the table before removing her coat and placed it over the chair and sat next to me.

I was aware of her perfume, her make up made her look much younger than her years. She began by apologizing for being a few minutes late, telling me she took a Taxi from her apartment to the Bar because of the traffic and drink driving laws, so she could relax and enjoy herself.

The music was lovely, I thought it was mostly Irish and Sheila explained what was meant by Celtic, that it also included Scottish and Welsh music as well, basically the sound was very upbeat and lively.

I was drinking white wine and nursed them as I had to drive, I think I had three of them and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Men would occasionally talk to us trying to buy us drinks but Sheila would decline in a nice way, still it was nice to know they were interested in us.

We left some time after midnight and she asked me if I would drop her off at her apartment and I agreed. Once we got there she gave my hand a friendly squeeze and said, "I had a lovely time tonight thank you."

I felt good at that and told her I enjoyed it very much too.

"Come on up for a night cap" she said and I felt I couldn't say no, so pulled my car into a parking spot and we got out and she led the way to her apartment.

It was a lovely two bedroom apartment, tastefully decorated with nice furnishings. She took my coat and hung it up followed by her own and invited me to sit on her sofa while she went into her kitchenette and poured us both a glass of wine. Placing the drinks on the coffee table she turned on a table lamp then turned off the main light, and placed some music on her stereo before joining me on the sofa.

The music was slow and romantic, not too loud and she placed a hand on mine and asked me if I enjoyed the evening too.

"Oh yes" I was quick to respond, perhaps a little too enthusiastic.

"Good" she replied, "Glad you enjoyed yourself raising her glass in an invitation for me to touch her glass with mine before taking a sip of the wine then placed our glasses back onto the table.

Looking at me she said, "I like you" and moving her hand from mine raised it to push some hair away from my face before letting it settle on my shoulder. I was a little embarrassed by this didn't know what to say, I liked her too and she gave me a hug and I turned and just looked at her. She looked at into my eyes for a moment and when I didn't move or look away she leaned over and kissed me on my mouth, just a light kiss at first and with our eyes just inches apart.

I didn't move, I had mixed feelings about her, I found her to be attractive and she said something about liking or loving me before placing another kiss on my lips. She held it this time, and I felt myself automatically responding and kissing her back, she brought her other hand round to hold me as I felt her tongue probing my mouth. I opened my mouth to accommodate her and began kissing her back.

Memories of my time with Helga years before flashed through my mind as I kissed her back, how sweet that had been and how much I'd enjoyed it. Automatically I raised a hand to hold her head against mine as she kissed me. She kissed her way round to nibble on my ear, lightly blowing into it before probing it with her tongue. Moving on she kissed her way down to my neck then pulled on the collar of my blouse to kiss my shoulder, then ran her tongue back up to nibble on my ear again.

My breathing was getting heavier and this wasn't lost on her as she kissed her way back to my mouth, and now I was more than willing to respond to her searching tongue. Her weight was pressing me back at an angle against the cushions and now I had both hands on her head, my own needs becoming apparent.

Her hand found my breast, cupping it for a moment before she began unbuttoning my blouse and pushing it off one shoulder proceeded to kiss my neck and round to my throat, then slowly down to the top of my tits. Her tongue licked over a mound, probed my cleavage then over to the other one. The adrenaline rush was awesome, I felt my wetness now as she let up for a moment to push my bra down to pop my nipples out for her to suckle.

The softness of her fingers caressing my tits as she licked and sucked on one than the other was incredible, I concentrated on the feelings surging through my body, emitting sounds of pleasure I had an incredible orgasm.

Nothing needed to be said, I felt her excitement too, moving my leg to feel one of hers between mine. She moved back to let me sit up and I removed my blouse and bra altogether. She watched me closely, I was not ashamed of my feelings. It seemed just right she had taken her time to please me, now I wanted to please her, her mouth was moist and her lips slightly parted just inches from mine.

It felt natural to kiss her as she had me, her breathing was more pronounced and I felt her respond to my probing tongue, sucking and biting on it as her hands caressed my bare back, I broke off kissing her for a moment and looking into her eyes just said one word.


She took my face in her hands for a moment looking into my eyes murmured, "yes I love you, I've wanted you for some time now."

I didn't know what to say I felt so elated, it was like a dream come true. Getting up she took my hand and led me into her bedroom, we kicked off our shoes and she turned her back on me saying, "would you" and knowing what she meant I unzipped her dress and pushed it off her shoulders and she stepped out of it and threw it on a chair. Now I undid her bra and it followed her dress, turning to face me in nothing but her pantyhose, her beautiful tits were there for my pleasure.

Now she unzipped my skirt and after I stepped out of it she placed it on the chair, Sheila looked me up and down, "oh what pretty knickers" she said, I felt a little embarrassed for a moment when she went on, "you wore that for me?"

She gathered me in her arms kissing me again hard on my mouth, tits pressing against each other I responded as our hands explored each other. I felt her mound through her hose, she wasn't wearing panties under them, it was wet, very wet as I felt the warmth there. I began to push her hose down over her hips as she moved backward falling on to the bed pulling me with her.

On the bed we continued to embrace each other, lying side by side I felt her hand inside my panties, pushing them down to caress my bum, her hand cupping my ass cheek as her fingers lightly moving down the crevice then grip my thigh. Pulling my leg over hers she pressed hers between mine, then finding my pussy slipping her fingers between the folds of flesh to caress me there.

I made love to her tits, instinctively I knew what pleased her as my fingers caressed over and around each breast, circling her nipples before tasting each one. Nibbling and sucking each one, I was rewarded with moans of pleasure escaping her lips. She moved on to her back to permit me to continue my caresses. I began to kiss my way down her tummy but she took hold of my head and brought it back to her tits, I felt her body respond as I continued to play with them, her nipples rock hard she was getting more vocal till I was rewarded with the sound and body movements that announced her orgasm.

She rested for a moment then got off the bed and removed her hose altogether, followed by my panties that she tossed carelessly on the floor as she pushed my legs apart and climbed on top of me. She pressed her mouth to mine crushing my lips with hers, she kissed me for the longest time till she had to come up for air. Pressing her pussy against mine she began to ride me, slowly at first then with more vigor as our clits engaged each other. Gripping my hair and taking her weight on her elbows and forearms, she rode me vigorously till with a cry my orgasm burst upon me and moments later felt hers, she hesitated for a minute before continuing to fuck me.

Two more beautiful orgasms washed over me like waves on the sea shore, then panting for breath she laid down beside me holding me in her arms.

Now sated we looked into each others eyes, I saw the happiness in hers and felt deliriously happy myself.

"I love you darling" she said,

I felt contented, unashamed that after all the men I'd fucked nothing compared to this.

We slept in each others arms and when I awoke the sun was shining brightly through her bedroom window, I could hear birds singing and felt so happy.

Sheila turned to face me and with an arm under my neck cradled me in her arms as she kissed me saying, "Good morning lover."

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