tagLesbian SexA New Kind of Love

A New Kind of Love


I was bent over at the waist with my head under the hood of a brand new Porsche. I finished working on the alternator and closed the hood. When, to my great surprise, there was a gorgeous woman walking towards me. She looked about my age (26); about 5'3", long curly blonde hair, legs for miles, nice tits. (I'm 5'9" and I have straight black hair and bright green eyes.) She was a stunning woman in general but she didn't look too happy.

"Uh, excuse me, I'm looking Frankie Cara...co...lo..." She stuttered and looked severely embarrassed and pretty pissed to boot. She had gorgeous bright blue eyes that made me stare.

"Caracciolo?" I asked with a smile.

"Yeah that." She had an arrogance about her that was annoying but I liked her anyway, I can't explain it. She looked like a spoiled little rich girl. She was wearing tight designer jeans, a top that probably cost several hundreds of dollars and her shoes would probably cost the average American a few paychecks. She was dripping with diamonds. A choker with enough diamonds to pay for a house adorned her neck. A solid platinum and diamond tennis bracelet made its home on her wrist and her earlobes were blessed with several carats as well.

"I'm Francesca Caracciolo, Frankie to most. How can I help you?" I leaned on the car behind me and watched the woman. I wasn't dressed as nicely as she was but I wasn't too bad. I wore jeans and a plain white tank top. Thankfully I hadn't been under any cars it was still white for the time being.

"You?" She was dumbstruck. "Look, I was told I was coming to find some supposed Car God not Auto-Sport Barbie. I really don't want a pretty little girl playing dress-up to work on my car." She was being a real bitch and it made me laugh... and kind of want to hit her with a wrench at the same time.

"What do you do, Miss...?"

"Roberts, Lauryn Roberts, and I'm an account manager." She answered smugly.

"Well Ms. Roberts, I own this shop and I don't know about being a 'car god' but I'm very good at what I do. I work here because I want to not because I have to. So if you need something please get on with it, if not feel free to get the hell out and get back to your account managing." I smiled and nodded before moving around to other side of the Porsche so I could test it out. I sat in the small car and pressed the ignition button. Like clockwork it fired right up and purred beautifully when I pressed the gas pedal a bit. Lauryn was flabbergasted by the way I had spoken to her. She had probably never been spoken to like that in her entire life.

"I'm sorry; I'm just having a bad day. I'm usually not such a bitch." Lauryn walked over to the driver's side of the Porsche and leaned on the door so she could look at me. "I'm having some car trouble; could you please give me a hand?"

I couldn't contain my grin. "Let me move this car then I can get your car in here and see if we can't have you out of here before the end of the day." I drove the little sports car to the adjacent building, the indoor parking lot. I parked the bright yellow Porsche at the end of the row and I walked out to meet Lauryn. We walked to the outdoor parking lot and I looked at the cars for a moment.

"Let me guess, you're the white Mercedes." I told her with a bit of a laugh. She looked surprised but nodded.

"Yeah, how did you know?" She handed me the keys and I drove her car into the main garage in the spot that was reserved for me to work in.

"I see people with nice cars in here all the time, especially beautiful women. I practically knew before you walked in." We got out and I shut the door.

"I've been having a problem with the..."

"The brakes. I can feel it." I finished her sentence effortlessly. "I think there's something up with the engine too. Something doesn't feel right."

"Uhh, okay." Lauryn nodded and watched me for a moment.

I waved over two of the other mechanics. "Mike, Rich, do me a favor and get new brake pads on this Mercedes. Oh and run diagnostics on the engine, something is up with it. I need it done ASAP."

"Sure thing, Frankie." They said in unison. I tossed them the keys then gestured for Lauryn to follow me into my lush office. I sat behind my desk and Lauryn sat in a cushy chair opposite me.

"How much is this going to cost me?" Lauryn asked after a moment of silence.

I laughed and shook my head a bit. "Without looking at the books to check the exact prices I would say roughly $200 per brake and about $20 dollars for an oil change, not including labor." I looked at her for minute. I knew what I was going to say but I had no idea why I wanted to say it. "But dinner with me wouldn't cost you a cent."

"Excuse me!" Lauryn had a semi offended look on her face but I knew better. I had seen her checking me out.

"You're excused." I was amused by her level of indignation. Who was she kidding? Not me, that's for damn sure.

"I'm not a..."

"Lesbian?" I laughed again and shook my head slightly at her. "Of course you're not. I watched you check me out. I'm only asking you to come out with me for dinner. One meal. It will be about two hours of your life."

"I don't know..." Just as she was about to speak I hear a knock on the door then Rich entered the room. He was a short shy man but brilliant when it came to cars.

"Frankie, I ran the diagnostics like you asked. I don't think it has ever had an oil change. I'm going to have to flush the whole engine tomorrow."

"Damn it!" Lauryn groaned and shook her head.

"Do you have any plans tonight Rich?" I asked, knowing full well he didn't. He was a single man who was far too nervous to go out and do anything fun.

"Nah, Frankie, I don't have thing to do." Rich looked a little embarrassed but didn't let on too much.

"It's four o'clock. If that car is ready to get out of here by seven then I'll give you the usual overtime bonus in cash." I told him calmly. I felt bad for Lauryn and worst case scenario I would've done it myself. Lauryn had come in for brakes and needed her whole engine flushed. It was a bit overwhelming to say the least.

"No problem, Frankie. You don't have to pay me anything extra, it's no big deal." Rich smiled and left the room swiftly.

"It's going to take him at least a couple of hours. You can sit in here awkwardly or you can come and have a nice meal with me. Choice is yours." I stood up and grabbed my leather jacket then headed for the door. Lauryn paused for a second but I assume she didn't like the thought of being alone because she jumped up and followed me. She silently trailed behind me as I walked to the parking garage where I kept my cars.

"Which one is yours?" Lauryn asked as she looked over each of the cars that were nestled securely in the back corner of the garage.

"All four are mine." I told her as I stood back and watched her amazement. "Which one do you want to go in?"

"Oh, I don't care. It's all the same to me." She shrugged and played indifferent but I knew better, she had an opinion and I wanted to know it. I had a feeling. I walked up behind her pointed to the first car. My arm brushed her shoulder. Lauryn flinched slightly but didn't move away.

"The black one with the white stripe is a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda." I whispered slightly close to her ear. I had a few inches on her so I was right next to her face. I moved my arm slightly and pointed her towards the next car. "That red one is a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle." She nodded weakly and I moved down the line. "That dark green one is a 1969 Mustang Mach 1." I moved once more and got to the end of the line. "And that little black one right there is a 2011 BMW M3. You pick. I drive. We eat."

"The green one is nice." Lauryn said with a slight stutter and I noticed her face was flushed. I knew I was getting to her.

"Nice choice." I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the car. I opened her door for her then went over to my side. The Mustang was a great car and a great pick by her. I drove out of the parking building carefully but once on the road I let the car do the driving. I kept a decent speed and pulled up to one of my favorite Italian restaurants. We walked in and, after a reasonable wait; the maître d gave us a great little table that I had used many times, both alone and with company. We ordered quickly and our plates were brought to us rapidly. She drank a white wine and I chose a simple sparkling water.

I laughed as we joked about a man who we had seen ogling a waitress.

"See coming out with me isn't so bad."

"No it isn't. Listen Francesca..."


Lauryn smile and started again. "Frankie, I want to apologize for being so mean to you earlier. I was being a bitch and you didn't deserve it." She honestly looked sorry.

"Don't worry... I got you to come out with me anyway." I grabbed her hand and squeezed it softly. I expected her to pull from me but she didn't. She just grinned back at me and chuckled.

The rest of the meal went effortlessly. We joked and laughed as if we had been old friends. I couldn't believe how comfortable she was with me. I had expected her to be silent and awkward but she seemed to be relaxed and at ease with me. I really did like her more than I thought I would. I had initially asked her out because I liked the challenge but the more our 'date' went on the more I genuinely enjoyed her company. She wasn't nearly as uptight or pretentious as I had imagined. I couldn't believe I was... dare I say it, falling for her. I tried not to think about that. It frightened me. I looked at my watch and realized it was 7:50. We had been at the restaurant for hours. Lauryn and I finished up at the restaurant then I drove her back to the garage. Her car was waiting right where I had left it and there was a note attached to the windshield. 'Frankie, the car is done. I hope you had a nice time and please don't worry about any extra money. It was my pleasure to help out. Love Rich. P.S. Congrats she is totally hot.' I laughed at the note then grabbed the keys from the key-locker for her.

"Here you go princess." I laughed as I placed them gingerly into her opened hand. "Now you don't have to deal with a pretty little girl playing dress-up anymore."

"Oh jeez Frankie, I'm sorry about that. I... It wasn't... I didn't know you..."

"I'll forgive you if you go out with me again." I waited for the inevitable argument from her. But I was surprised once again.

"Alright." She said. Then she paused for a moment and walked towards me a bit. "Frankie, I'm really not a lesbian. I don't know about all of this."

"It's no different from regular dates except it's with me and not some guy. Relax Lauryn, you worry too much." I leaned in swiftly and kissed her cheek. She looked severely shocked but said nothing. Then she just smiled and nodded. I reached into my purse and grabbed one of my business cards. I scribbled my cell phone number on the back of it. "Now go home and relax. Have some wine or a bubble bath or whatever it is that you enjoy then call me. We'll make plans. Or you can drive away and throw the card out the window. It's up to you."

"I'll call you." She snapped suddenly as if to calm any 'worry' I had about her not calling. Trust me, I knew she would call. I could see it written all over her face.

"Alright, that's great." I flashed a knowing smile then looked over at the car. It was sort of the uncomfortable moment when neither of us really wanted to leave but we both knew we had to.

"Good night Lauryn." I whispered softly as I leaned onto the open door.

"Good night Frankie, I'll talk to you soon."

For not being a lesbian she sure was interested in talking with me again. I had really lucked out with her. She wasn't as bad as I had thought at first. Rough around the edges, yes, but there was definite potential with her. It might work out, but then again she hadn't ever been with a woman and she hadn't seemed too interested in the beginning. But honestly there was no way to tell the future. I would give it a go and see where everything turned out.

I hopped into my car and drove home in a dash. I owned a cute little two story house in a quiet little neighborhood with fabulous neighbors. The house was expensive due to its location but it was well worth it. I was close to work and had 1700 square feet all for me. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two car garage and a swimming pool were all perfect for me. When I got home I opened a bottle of my favorite red wine and ran myself a bath. It had definitely been an interesting day. When the water reached the perfect temperature I dropped the drain stopper and watched it fill with the hot water. Steam rose from the surface. I added bubbles and kept an eye on the water level. With the click of the remote, soft music was playing in the background. A few candles added to the mix and I was totally ready to relax and unwind. I peeled my cute leather boots from my feet and freed my aching toes. My jeans, although more fashionable than ugly overalls, they did get awfully hot and stuffy. The white tank top and jacket were simple and the most comfortable part of my wardrobe. My bra and underwear came off last and I was ready for my bath. I used my foot to turn off the water then I was free to enjoy the silence... for about 12 seconds before my cell phone rang. I reached over and pulled it out of my jeans pocket.


'Hi, Frankie? This is Lauryn... Lauryn Roberts.'

'Oh, hey.'

'Well, you told me to call you so I am. I hope this isn't a bad time. I wasn't sure if you wanted me to wait until later or...'

'Don't worry about. Now is fine. So I'm assuming this means you are willing to go out with me again.'

'... I'd like that a lot.'

'Fantastic. Come by the shop tomorrow at about 6. I'll take you to a fabulous restaurant. Best you've ever been to.'

'How should I dress? It is formal or semi formal or...'

'Lauryn, babe, you really need to relax. Dress the way you were today.'


'Alright. I look forward to seeing you.'

'Me too.'

'Night, Lauryn.'

'Good night.'

I laughed and shook my head at her. She was so uptight. She seemed to worry about everything. I would have to work on that and I totally planned to. I finished up my bath sooner than I had intended. Thoughts of Lauryn inhibited any real relaxation so I gave up. I crawled into the sheets and sought some relief by means of sleep, but still I thought of her way too much. I don't know when I finally fell asleep but I knew it was in the early hours of the morning. The next day at work went better. I was able to focus on two highly expensive cars that demanded my complete focus. 6 o'clock rolled around sooner than I thought and I was slightly breathless when Lauryn walked up to me and put her hand on my arm. I hadn't seen her so I was a bit shocked by the sudden touch. Lauryn just smiled and looked at me silently.

"Oh god, Lauryn I'm so sorry. I completely lost track of time." I looked down at my watched and cursed.

"If you can't make it it's okay." The obvious sadness on her face hurt me more than I would've guessed.

"Don't be silly. Umm... Okay, go park your car in the parking lot." I told her with a smiled. Her mood brightened up and I walked to the parking lot. Lauryn parked her car in record time. I gestured her over to a car I hadn't showed her the day before.

"Is this yours?" she asked with a level of amazement that amused me. The Ferrari in front of us did have a tendency to gain a lot of attention.

"No... Well, yes. It was a gift from the company. Well, not really a gift. More like a thank you. I do some work for them sometimes and this was a gift. I help out with engine development and stuff like that." I unlocked the door and we both got in. I drove towards my house faster than possible for most cars. Lauryn had no idea where I was going.

"Are you like kidnapping me or something?" She laughed nervously. Not nervous that I was kidnapping her but nervous because she trusted me enough to just hop in a car with me and she had no idea where we were going.

"No. We're going to my house so I can change quickly. Oh damn, I have to call the restaurant." I fished my phone out of my purse and dialed.

An woman with a thick Italian accent picked up the phone at the restaurant and we carried on a conversation briefly in her native language. I explained the situation and she made the appropriate accommodations.

"That was interesting to watch." Lauryn said. She was looking at me oddly. I'm not sure what the look in her eyes was but it certainly looked like lust to me.

"My parents were Italian. My dad taught me to speak it."

"It's very cool and beautiful."

I laughed loudly. "Lauryn that is the second time you have said I'm attractive."

"No... I didn't mean... I was just..." Lauryn stuttered wildly, causing me to laugh even more.

"Oh Jesus, relax would you? I was kidding." After a moment I looked over at her and smiled. "I think you're gorgeous by the way." Lauryn flushed a bright red color but stayed silent until we made it to my house.

"This is your house?" she asked in wonder. I was getting a little bored of her being so shocked by the fact that I had money. It was almost like she expected me to like in a shack somewhere.

"Yeah." I said as I pulled into the garage. "Make yourself at home. I'll only be a couple of minutes."

I rushed her inside then ran up the stairs to get ready. My hair was a mess so I just brushed it back and pulled it into a ponytail. I pulled a pair of black slacks from my closet and a tight black sleeveless blouse. It was low cut and showed off my chest nicely. Lauryn would have a pretty good view for the night. Plain black pumps and my leather jacket finished up my outfit. PRESTO! I was done and it had only taken me 17 minutes. I rushed back down the stairs to find Lauryn standing at my fireplace looking at the painting that hung over it. At the sound of my heels she spun swiftly to see me.

"You look... amazing." She muttered before she could catch herself. She blushed then played it cool.

"Thank you. You ready to go?" I asked with enough pride in my voice to send me straight to hell. She nodded slowly and we were off once again. It's a miracle I didn't get pulled over, I was speeding so fast. But I arrived at the restaurant and I eyed the young male valet as he looked at my car in wonder. I didn't feel very comfortable giving him my keys so when his supervisor walked up I was thankful. He looked like he was Italian and I was pleased that he walked up confidently towards my car. He looked like he knew what he was doing.

I handed him the keys, then Lauryn and I went inside. I immediately found that the woman standing at the front counter had been the one with whom I had spoken to on the phone. We carried on a quick conversation in Italian then she showed us to a private and secluded table. A waitress came over and got out drink orders, once again Lauryn ordered white wine but I simply ordered a sparkling water again. I never played around with drinking and driving. I also asked the waitress to send some live music over. The waitress, who I had seen many times in the restaurant before, started hitting on me from the get go. While normally it wouldn't bother me if I was at a business dinner, it was obvious that what I had with Lauryn wasn't business and I didn't appreciate the way the waitress was coming onto me. I tried to ignore her as I waited for the music.

A mandolin player arrived a few minutes later and Lauryn looked thoroughly impressed. For some odd reason I wanted to make her happy and I was thrilled when I could do so. I was so happy to just make her happy. It caught me a bit off guard. We each ordered our meals and dined and listened to the beautiful music. More than once I felt her brush against me when she would uncross then re-cross her legs. I knew she wasn't touching my legs on purpose. She was just trying to keep herself comfortable but the motions were driving me mad. I was slightly tempted to run my foot across the length of her legs but I managed to restrain myself and I simply watched her instead. When the mandolin player finished I thanked him and handed him a hefty tip. At just about that time the waitress returned and asked what we wanted for dessert.

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