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I Need to Move


This is a fictional story and nothing more. It is written not as a thesis or a book report to be corrected for spelling or grammar. It is written for the purpose of pleasure to the reader only. Please do not make anything more out of this. It is not a moral test or dilemma, nor is it to make anyone angry or upset. Please enjoy it and I will do my best to write more if you like it. If it is not something to your taste then silently move on and seek your pleasure elsewhere. Other than that I look forward to your comments and suggestions. Thanks and enjoy.

Why I let my friend fuck my new wife I will never understand.

My name is Ryan and I had just married a girl I had dated for over two years. Her name was Barbie and the name fit her perfect. She was small and skinny weighing only 98 pounds when we married. She stood five foot four inches on her best day. She had small pert breasts with the most sensitive nipples I had ever seen on a woman. They also stood out when erect at least 3/8th to ½ an inch. If you pulled them and sucked them right she would have an orgasm from it. For being such a small woman her breasts were still 34C which made her look huge up top. Her ass was probably her best feature as it was perfectly round and tight. When she would bend over it would always make my cock start to rise just looking at her.

She was from a conservative family and because of her moral upbringing she would not have sex with me until we were married. I had only felt her up through her clothes on a couple of heated make out sessions but she would always stop me and say let's save it till we are married. I guess the allure of what you can't have worked for me as I proposed to her because of having blue ball syndrome constantly.

I was partners with a friend of mine, Barry, in a construction business at the time and he had allowed me to live with him and his wife, Pam. He had built a big house with the idea of resale and had plenty of room so I moved in. When I married Barbie and our honeymoon on the coast of Florida was over we naturally moved in with Barry and Pam until we could find us an apartment to move into.

I have to say sex with Barbie turned out to be a lesson more than a pleasure for me. She knew absolutely nothing about sex other than what she had read or seen during love scenes on DVDs. She would do whatever I directed her to do but she never did it on her own.

On our honeymoon we tried to have sex the first night but she was so tight I couldn't get inside of her. She was crying from the pressure and pain when I tried to push hard until I felt bad and stopped. She wound up jacking me off and watching me cum which was a first for her. The next day I went out to a local drug store and bought some K-Y jelly and that night I lubed her up and finally got inside of her. She was so tight I came right off the bat. She was kind and told me it was ok and she said we could try again later. We did and finally I got inside without creaming and started banging away on her drum. Her first orgasm took me and her by surprise and she screamed out loud and began to cry. I stopped thrusting and asked if she were ok and she smiled and said yes and that she had never felt anything like it before. I was amazed that she had never cum before so I guessed that masturbation was not allowed with her upbringing also.

When we moved in with Barry and Pam they were not the sort of people Barbie had known in her upbringing. Both of them were very open with their sexuality and this embarrassed Barbie constantly. Barry always talked about sex and knew it embarrassed Barbie so he would become even more illustrated and graphic as time went on. Pam would just laugh and tell Barbie he was nothing more than a brute and not to pay him any attention.

I had been friends with Barry for years before him and Pam had gotten married. I also knew Barry was hung like a horse and was proud of his big dick. Pam never said much about it but I had heard her screams of ecstasy many nights as I stroked my hard cock to their loud love making down the hall. She seemed to really like his big cock too.

While we worked through the day Barry would ask me how things were going and being the friends that we were I told him about Barbie's lack of sexual knowledge and our problems with her tight pussy the first night of our honeymoon. Looking back on it all I can see where that was a big mistake on my part. Barry apparently became obsessed with having Barbie from that point on.

Weeks past and Barry and I went by the mall on the way home so he could buy Pam an anniversary gift before we went home that night. We went to Victoria's Secret for the perfume she liked and while there I decided to buy some things for Barbie to try to help her in the bedroom. She always wore cotton PJs and never wore anything sexy even on our honeymoon. I bought her a couple teddy's that snapped in the crotch and were see through. One was white and the other black. I knew the black one would be nice but the white one would look incredible on her because of her tan. One thing her strict upbringing did not mind apparently was tanning and she had worked on her tan until she was a delicious brown with great tan marks across her tits and her bikini area over her pussy and ass.

She was less than excited when I came home with them in a gift box when she opened it. She looked at them and then up at me with a smirk on her face and then said thanks. We could hear Pam scream and laugh when she opened her gifts in the next room and saw the crotch less panties and bra set Barry had put in with the perfume.

"Men are so sick!" was all Barbie could say

That night though she wore the white teddy to bed and I have to say she looked incredible in it. I told her so.

"Enjoy it now mister, I am not wearing this kind of stuff but for certain occasions from now on. It is cold in this!" She said as she quickly climbed into bed with me.

When I started to run my hands over her body she pushed me away and quickly took it off and threw it on top of the dresser.

"I don't want it to get all messy." She said and let me fuck her in a simple missionary fashion for a little while. I came quickly and she didn't. She jumped out of bed and wiped herself with the tissues she kept nearby and then used her sanitary wipes to make sure there was no cum in her. She was about to get back into bed when she realized she had to pee.

She picked up the teddy and put it on and then hesitated at the door knowing the bathroom was at the end of the hall next to Barry and Pam's bedroom.

"Go ahead. They will be in bed by now." I coaxed her

She slipped out the door leaving it open as she quickly headed down the hall to the bathroom. I heard the bathroom door close and laid there in the dark staring at the ceiling waiting on her to return.

It was then I heard a door open in the hall and realized it was not the bathroom as I heard the toilet flush. I got up and went to our still open door and peeked down the hall. Barry was standing in front of the bathroom door in nothing but his underwear leaning with both hands on the frame of the door.

He was waiting.

I was wondering why he didn't go to his own bathroom in his master bedroom and then I realized he was not waiting on the bathroom.

He was waiting on Barbie

Barbie had turned out the light before she opened the door to leave and when she did she ran right into Barry full bodied. Before she could move he wrapped his arms around her and picked her up and carried her through the doorway that led to the kitchen and den area of the house.

I heard her ask him what he thought he was doing as I slipped out of our bedroom and down the hall as quietly as possible.

Barry carried her past the kitchen and into the back of the house to a huge den he had built onto the house for entertainment purposes. It was at the far end of the house and far enough removed that we would watch football and yell and laugh and Pam would never hear us in their master suite.

Barbie was struggling and asking him in hushed urgent tones what he was doing when he dumped her unceremoniously in the couch. I moved through the dark kitchen to the bar area and stayed in the darkness watching.

Barbie was now free but suddenly remembered her attire and her arms went to her breasts and crotch trying to cover the see through teddy from Barry's leering eyes.

"What do you think you are doing, Barry? Ryan is in the bedroom waiting for me right now!" She tried to stand up but Barry pushed her back into the sofa. She was no match for his size.

"I wanted to show you something." Barry said with a big smile

"Can't it wait until tomorrow? Ryan is waiting for me to come back to bed right now!" Barbie said looking toward the kitchen in hopes of finding a way to escape

"Ryan is fast asleep by now. Since you just had sex he is dead to the world. Yes, I stood outside your door while you were fucking. You don't have to worry about him disturbing us at all baby."

I think his tone made Barbie realize just what Barry had in mind. I saw the fear in her eyes as she knew his intent.

"Look Barry, I need to get back to Ryan. Just let me go and I won't tell him anything about this." I will give her this, she kept her cool.

"You can go back to Ryan when I get through showing you what I brought you in here for." Barry said still smiling

"OK fine then, what do you want to show me?" She was exasperated.

"You have to unwrap it yourself." Barry said

"Unwrap what?" Barbie said looking confused

I knew what Barry wanted her to unwrap as I looked at the front of his white underwear and saw the huge lump forming while he talked to her.

"This." He said and looked down at his cock

Barbie gasped out loud. I think it was the first time she had looked at his crotch through this whole situation and now the reality of what he was talking about and the size of the lump in his shorts took her by surprise. Her hand went to her mouth as she looked up from his crotch to his eyes.

"Barry, stop this right now. I am a married women and Ryan will kill you for even thinking this way." She tried to get up again and Barry pushed his body up against her as she did and she felt his cock bump into her midsection. She quickly sat back down and her eyes fell to his shorts as she did. Her eyes were like saucers as she stared at it and then slowly looked back up at Barry again.

"All I want to do is to show it to you and then you can leave. Just pull my shorts down and look at it." Barry was still smiling that shit eating grin of his

"No Barry please." Barbie said softly but here eyes were back on his crotch again

"Just pull them down."

"How could you do this to Pam?" Barbie looked at him quickly thinking she could guilt him into stopping the madness

"Pam has already seen it, now it is your turn. Now, pull them down and you can leave." Barry stepped in close until Barbie's legs were nestled between his and her face and his crotch were only inches apart.

Barbie sat there in stunned silence and I could see her chest rising as her breathing became more labored. Her eyes were now face to face with the large lump growing in the front of Barry's shorts and she could see now way out.

"I can leave if I look at it?" She finally asked in a quiet whisper

I felt my cock jump as I realized she was thinking about doing this.

"If you want to but I think after you see it you will want it." Barry said slyly

"She will too."

I almost passed out as the words were whispered in my right ear. It was Pam. She had slipped up behind me and was watching the scene before us. I turned and looked at her and she smiled that lazy sexy smile she had. Pam was not a classic beauty but she had smoldering eyes and sexy full lips. She was tall for a woman and had small breasts but made up for it in the ass area. Her ass was a phenomenal beauty. She had sandy blond hair with dark brown eyes. She knew how to look straight at you and make your dick hard just by staring you down. She moved up behind me and pressed up against me from behind and rested her hands on each side of my waist as she whispered into my ear again.

"Looks like you are enjoying the thought of her seeing his cock too." She said as she glanced down at my tented shorts

I turned back to watch Barry and Barbie thinking I should scream out for them to stop but knowing my own body was making me out to be a liar.

I watched in stunned silence as my beautiful tiny wife slowly raised her hands up to Barry's shorts and slowly pulled them down from his waist and drop them at his feet.

Her face was so close that when his cock came out his shorts it slapped against her face. He was half erect and she gasped and moved her head back from it in shock. I had to admit, Barry had a very impressive horse cock.

"Look at her. She is amazed by it." Pam whispered hotly in my ear

I watched closely as Barbie stared at this huge cock bouncing in front of her face. Barry looked down at her and as he did his cock began to grow. Barbie watched as it grew and when it stood straight out in front of him is was not more than a couple of inches from her face. She sat there silent with her eyes glued to it. It was long and thicker than mine by many inches both in length and girth. The head was big and bulbous and an angry red. It had veins traveling down the length of it and some wrapping around it that made it look even more menacing.

"Touch it." Barry said

Barbie jumped when he spoke and so did I. She had been so entranced by it his voice scared her into reality again.

"You said if I just looked at it I could leave." She whispered to him but her eyes never left his cock.

"I think she likes it, don't you?" Pam whispered and I felt one of her hands slip across my stomach and down the front of my shorts and grab my raging hard cock

"Oooo, and you do too." Her hot breath was driving me nuts and now her hot hand was doing the rest, "You just watch and let me take care of this."

Pam began to slowly stroke my hard cock while I turned back to watch this surreal scene before me.

"Touch it!" Barry said a little more strongly

Barbie jumped again and I watched in amazement as my new wife's little hand started to reach up to this big cock slowly bouncing in front of her face. When her hand touched it she gasped and pulled back as if she had been bit. Barry grabbed her hand and placed it on his cock and wrapped her fingers around it. She held it without moving for what seemed like forever and then I saw her slowly drag her hand forward and watch the skin of his cock cover the big head and then slowly pull back and watch the bulbous head come out again. Barry groaned when she stroked it and he groaned from the pleasure of it.

As she stroked it slowly back and forth Barry leaned forward until it was an inch from her open mouth. He bumped his hips forward and the head slipped against her open mouth and lips and she gasped and pulled back in shock.

"Come on baby, you know you want to taste this big dick. Lick it."

Barbie dropped her hand and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

"No, Barry. This has gone far enough. I looked at it and now I am going to bed. Please move." She pushed against his thighs careful not to touch the cock bouncing against the side of her face and touching her shoulder.

"You are just ashamed you don't know how to suck cock. Ryan told me all about it. He said you were a prude and never had a cock in your mouth. He said you thought it was nasty to suck on a cock. Well, I am going to teach you how to suck a cock and love doing it, baby."

Barry grabbed a handful of her hair and held his cock with the other hand and aimed it at her mouth. Barbie was about to say no when he pushed his cock head into her open mouth. We could hear her words mumbling in her throat as the cock muffled her ability to speak. She had her hands against his thighs pushing back but she was no match for his brute strength. He held her head tightly and continued to push his cock deeper into her little mouth. She turned her head sideways and his cock slipped out of her mouth and across her cheek leaving a wet streak of her saliva. He let go of his cock long enough to slap her across the face, not too hard but hard enough to scare the shit out of her.

"Enough of this game. You are going to suck my cock and no more excuses."

She was rubbing her face from the sting of his hand as she looked up at him. She knew he meant business and there was no way she was going to stop him now.

"Now lick my cock, little bitch." Barry said chuckling

I watched my tiny little wife slowly move her mouth up to this huge cock and begin to lick the head slowly. I was jealous that the first cock she was going to suck would not be mine. She licked it as if it were the sweetest ice cream cone she had ever tasted. Her mouth sucked on the head and then she slid her mouth and tongue all the down the bottom of it until she came to his big balls. Barry pushed her mouth down still holding her by the hair and I saw her tongue begin to lick at his big hairy sack.

"Suck on my balls, little bitch." Barry said holding her head up against his ball sack.

She sucked one of his balls inside her mouth and I watched her cheeks cave in as she worked it with her mouth and tongue. She let it slide out slowly and sucked his other ball into her mouth the same way. Barry was groaning as her mot little mouth worked its magic on him.

"Oooo, she makes me want to suck on a cock too!" Pam whispered as she slipped her body down in front of me and pulled my shorts off.

Her hot mouth sucked my cock inside in one gulp. Deep throat was not a problem with Pam. Well, at least with my cock. She pushed her face against my pubes and moaned with my cock in her mouth. I was pouring pre cum out of the head of my cock and I knew she tasted me. She pulled my cock out and looked up at me.

"Yummy." Then she lifted it straight up and sucked my left nut into her mouth. She was more than talented, she was amazing at sucking cock and she loved doing it. She slowly stroked my cock and sucked on my balls as I watched my wife take Barry's cock into her mouth.

Barry pushed his dick all the way into Barbie's virgin mouth until the big head bumped against her throat and she gagged. Barry laughed at her discomfort.

"You need to learn how to swallow baby. Pam is the best I have seen at taking my whole cock down her throat. Who knows, maybe she will give you some pointers sometime?" Barry said as he began to slide his big cock in and out of my wife's mouth.

I felt Pam giggle around my ball as she sucked it. She slid her tongue all the way up the bottom of my steel hard cock and smiled up at me with her mouth open and she swallowed my cock again. I grunted in pleasure and knew I could not hold out much longer feeling her hot mouth and watching my wife sucking on her first cock.

Barry was moaning now and I watched Barbie's cheeks cave in as she sucked his cock when he pulled it out. She was learning fast it seemed. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and it was slick wither saliva. She looked cock drunk as he slapped her face with his horse dick.

"You never swallowed cum either have you, little bitch? Well, tonight you are going to have your first taste of the good stuff!" He shoved his cock back into her open gasping mouth.

I gasped as I thought of how much was being taken from me tonight by my wife sucking her fist cock and tasting another man's cum. I guess I should have made her do it like Barry was doing right now.

"Hey!" I looked down at Pam as she whispered up at me, "I want your cum when he cums in her mouth. OK?"

Who was I to argue? I nodded down at her as she swallowed my raging cock again.

Barry was grunting more loudly now and I watched as he grabbed a handful of her hair at the back of her head and shoved his cock as deep as he could into her mouth and started to cum. His ass cheeks clenched as he shot his cum at the back of Barbie's throat. She was groaning as she felt the hot liquid hit her throat and tried to pull away but Barry held her tight and his ass clenched again as he shot another huge load into her mouth. Barbie could do nothing but swallow as he held her mouth tight against his spewing cock. Some of it slipped around her tight little lips and down her chin as she tried to swallow it all. I could see her throat working to swallow all of his cum and that's when I started to cum myself.

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