tagNonConsent/ReluctanceI Never Saw Her Do THAT Before

I Never Saw Her Do THAT Before


The first thing that I am aware of is the sound of moaning and slurping. My wits are somewhat scrambled so I just open my eyes and try to make the room stop spinning. When I am able to successfully do this, I see my wife on her knees in front of a man I have never seen, sucking his cock. She has always been luke-warm about sucking my cock but she seems pretty animated about blowing this guy, maybe because there are three other men around her in various stages of undress telling her to suck it good or else. I see her glance to her right and the guy there, who has yet to remove his clothes, is brandishing a knife.

"Don't make me cut you, bitch." He tells her. "This will be more fun for all of us if you do what you're told."

I hear her whimper around the dick in her mouth. The guy getting the blowjob has her by the hair and is thrusting his hips into her face. I can see her gagging and a couple of the guys laugh.

"Easy there, Al, if you strangle her with your dick the rest of us won't get our turn."

Al laughs and pulls her head down further until her nose is buried in his pubic hair. I can see her throat bulging out from the fleshy intruder and she tries to push back, but Al holds her tight.

"Oh yeah, swallow my meat, bitch! Oh, god that feels good!"

The big guy with the knife moves behind her and swats her naked ass hard.

"Stop that fighting, girl. You know you love this."

Al has pulled her head off his cock and yanked her head back. There is a line of spit from the tip of his dick to her mouth and his cock is slick and wet from her spit. He leans in close.

"You like sucking that, don't you? You love having a real man shove his dick down your throat."

She says nothing but he pushes her head back onto his tool. She barely has time to suck in some air before I see her throat bulging again. I look at the two other men who have been taking their clothes off and they are both naked now too. Their dicks aren't huge, but they are already fully erect and bobbing obscenely in front of them. Al looks at the one closest to him and motions to my wife's head sliding up and down his cock. She is stroking the base of his shaft while she fellates him, clearly trying to get him off quickly. I can see that his balls are dripping saliva as she works his pole furiously.

"You have to try this, Steve. I opened her up real good for you. She isn't even gagging any more."

Steve steps forward and takes her left hand, guiding it to his prick. Al stands up and yanks her head back by the hair.

"That's enough, you whore, Suck on Steve now." She nods and turns toward Steve, stroking him the whole time. As her ass turns away from me, I can see that her bald pussy is beginning to get wet. Steve lays on the floor and she positions herself over his legs, her mouth engulfing his cock in one smooth motion. Al turns to the knife wielder and nudges him, pointing at her ass.

"Look at that Chuck, the bitch is getting wet." Chuck reaches down and smacks her ass again.

"Get your ass up in the air. Spread your legs."

She does as she's told and I am aroused by the tableau in spite of myself. My beautiful demure wife has splayed herself wide for four strangers and is working over Steve's cock like it's the last piece of meat she'll ever get. I can smell her pussy from where I am laying across the room and it fuels my own lust. The fourth man, Mike the others call him, steps up to her face too, and now she hungrily turns her attention to his cock, bobbing up and down on it while she continues to stroke Steve with her hand. Al kneels behind her and spanks between her legs. She jumps and pulls her mouth off of Mike's dick, replacing it with her left hand.

"Oh god!" She exclaims, but it isn't clear if she is still scared or if her cry is one of pleasure. Al rams two fingers roughly into her pussy and pumps them in and out a few times. Steve grabs her by the hair and forces her lips back on his cock, but she grunts with every squishy thrust into her pussy. Al tires of the hand fucking and brutally shoves his cock into her cunt, forcing her mouth all the way onto Steve's prick. Her eyes grow huge and she screams into his dick. Once he bottoms out, Al immediately pulls back out and rams it back home, settling into a vicious rhythm. Her moans get louder and closer together until her hips buck wildly and she lets out a scream. Al has to hold on to her to keep from being forced out of her spasming cunt and Steve is obviously close and pulls her mouth back to his cock.

"Oh, yeah, I'm coming, bitch! Suck that cum out of my balls!" I see her eyes go wide, knowing that she never swallows my cum when she goes down on me. Steve holds her head in place and she gags, coughing and spraying his cum out around the seal of her mouth on his cock. He forces his dick further into her mouth and snarls at her.

"You swallow that shit, bitch!" She closes her eyes and I can see her mouth working to swallow what hasn't leaked out while Al continues his merciless fucking from behind. Steve yanks her head off his dick and forces it to his belly where the cum landed that she hadn't swallowed.

"Now clean up your mess, you whore!" She quickly complies, licking the globs of white residue from his skin. Just as she finishes, Al pulls out of her and steps back. She collapses on the floor, Steve standing up and making room for Mike to lay down on the floor. She is dazed and her legs are trembling, but her pussy juices are running down her legs and she is whimpering as she pants for breath.

"Oh god, no more please!" She pleads.

Mike laughs and positions her over his cock. She groans as he thrusts up into her and his dick takes the place of Al's in her dripping pussy. Mike takes her nipples into his mouth and nibbles on them while he slowly strokes in and out of her. She throws her head back and a low throaty moan escapes her lips. Her nipples are jutting out, obscenely hard and pointy. Her eyes are closed so she has not yet noticed that Al is standing by her face now, his veined cock slick with her juices. He waits for her to open her mouth in ecstasy and takes the opportunity to push the slimy thing back into her mouth. She opens her eyes in surprise but his hands her hair make it clear that she will do as he wants and she plunges it into her throat. Her lips are wet with her own cunt juice now, and she makes a big show out of licking and sucking all of it that she can off his prick. I have never seen her be a slut like this, and my dick is straining at the thin fabric of my boxer shorts and drooling enough pre-cum to soak the front.

I have been watching the show so intently that I have not noticed that Chuck has removed his clothes and is now moving up behind my wife. He reaches between her legs and wets his fingers with the pussy juice pouring out around Mike's cock and lubes her asshole. Her eyes go wide again when she feels him caressing her anus, but when he forces his index finger past the tight ring of her asshole, she goes off like a firecracker, releasing Al's cock from her mouth and screaming.

"I'm coming again!"

Al wanks his cock in front of her face while she rides out her orgasm. Mike has halted his thrusting while she collapses on top of him and Chuck motions Al back to her backside.

"Get that ass ready for me, buddy" Al moves behind her and smiles.

"Sure thing."

I am confused by the exchange until Chuck turns and I get a good look at his cock. It is only about half erect but it hangs down between his legs like a heavy club. It is easily a foot long with an apple sized head. Most impressive of all though are the two gigantic testicles that sway between his legs, each of them the size of a baseball. He has shaved them hairless so the whole package is clearly visible. I suck in a breath and marvel that he can even get the thing tucked into a pair of pants. My cock twitches in anticipation of what I know is coming.

My wife is still dazed from her powerful orgasm and hasn't noticed Al behind her again, nor has she opened her eyes to see the size of the tool that is coming around in front of her. Al and Mike position her on all fours and Mike begins his steady thrusting in her cunt again. She quickly begins building to her next orgasm while Al steps behind her and spreads her ass cheeks. She whips around and groans again, leaning over and giving him full access to her virgin asshole.

"Oh yeah, fuck me in the ass! I want both of my holes filled!"

I can't believe what I am hearing, but Al obliges, pressing his cockhead into her bottom hole. She sucks in a sharp breath and eases her ass back toward Al, who steadily forces his member into her ass. She is in a frenzy now and cheers them on.

"Oh fuck, that's so full! That's so tight! Oh god, I can feel you both so deep in me!"

Steve has been taking this in from the side and he steps in front of Chuck, offering my wife a third cock, which she hungrily swallows. She is a cock sucking expert by now and none of these boys are going to last long. Steve is the first to go again, jerking his cock in her front of her face and shooting his second load across her nose and into her hair. My wife is next, her orgasm so powerful that both men pull out of her as she curls in a ball on the floor. Mike and Al stand over her jacking off on her tits and neck. She is mesmerized by the cum spurting out of the tips of their cocks and splattering onto her skin. She groans and writhes on the floor, rubbing the cream into her chest and neck.

"It's so hot and thick on my skin. It feels so good."

The three who have already shot their loads move to take her by the arms and legs and make her sit on the floor. She is not focusing very well and still hasn't noticed Chuck's monster prick. She leans her head back on the sofa cushions and closes her eyes, still rubbing her breasts. Chuck moves in front of her and grasps his member, swinging it none to gently to hit her in the cheek. She is startled and opens her eyes to see what is happening. Chuck smacks her several more times to get her attention.

"Children's hour is over, slut. Now you get to graduate."

Her mouth drops open and she stares silently at the monster penis before her. It isn't hard yet but she can see the blood pumping through the veins. She reaches out tentatively and touches the head. It jerks and pulses and grows thicker, the blue veins growing and writhing under the skin. Fascinated, she reaches out to grasp it behind the head and once again it jumps at her touch and grows more. She can't get her hand around it and the whole thing is turning an impossible reddish purple color. She wraps her hand around it as far as she can and jerks it a couple of times experimentally. It surges to it's full length and stands erect, but it is so heavy it still arches toward the floor. She lifts the head to her mouth and slowly licks the velvety tip, pushing the point of her tongue into the pee hole. Chuck, his hands on his hips, leans his head back and exhales heavily. She smiles a wicked smile at him and strokes the beast a couple of more times, coaxing a huge quantity of pre-cum out of the end. She licks it off and forces the tip of her tongue back into the drooling gash at the end of his pole. She flicks her tongue up and down a couple of times and strokes his cock with both hands, more pre-cum oozing out in a trickle, rubbing the head of his enormous prick around her face, smearing the clear fluid all over. The more she rubs it the more leaks out. Now she smacks the huge thing on her cheeks and forehead, the sticky jizz flying to land on her tits and shoulders.

Chuck steps back, motioning her to lay on the coffee table on her back, and she scrambles to comply. Her head hangs down off the edge of the table and she reaches out to stroke and caress the pendulous balls hanging before her eyes. Chuck steps forward, my wife's head between his legs, and pulls up his cock, dropping the shaved balls on her face. She groans in delight and begins eagerly bathing his sack with her tongue while Chuck strokes his cock, occasionally allowing it to smack heavily onto her chest between her tits. She groans and reaches down, pressing her tits together around his massive member but they are too small to engulf it entirely. Chuck rubs his cock a few times in her cleavage, her tit valley made slick by his still oozing pre-cum, my wife's tongue lapping at whatever it can reach. She tries to put one of his testicles into her mouth to suck it, but it won't fit, so she licks at his balls and anus like a kitten.

He motions to the others and they take up positions holding her arms and legs while Chuck steps back from her head. Her eyes are filled with lust and fear as he reaches his hands down to either side of her face and drops her head below the level of the table again. His voice is almost soothing.

"Now you just relax your throat, baby, and everything will be fine. Her eyes get big again and she struggles to get away from the grip of the men, but it is no use. Chuck forces her head back and places the tip of that hose in my wife's mouth. He begins pushing and I don't think there is any way she can get the head of that thing in her mouth. She struggles to breathe through her nose and tries to shake her head, but Chuck is relentless. He pushes forward and the head stretches her lips to the point of tearing, but then it slides home and a good three inches of the shaft disappear into her mouth too.

"Oh, yeah!" Chuck moaned, "Oh god, yeah!" He pauses momentarily to let her get accustomed to the size. A tear slides out the side of her eye and he pushes even more into her throat. She gags and squirms and just when I think he is going to kill her, he pulls back slightly. Now he starts a rhythm, fucking her throat with slow but ever increasing speed. To my amazement, she reaches between her legs with one hand and strokes and caresses his balls with the other while he fucks her throat. She begins moaning around the cock stuffed in her throat and before long Chuck pulls his cock out of her mouth and strokes it a couple of times.

"Here it comes, baby!"

He seems to stroke it almost lazily and my wife is rubbing her clit furiously now, trying to cum at the same time he does but not wanting to miss the beast going off. Then, instead of spitting and spurting like other, normal cocks, Chuck holds tight and pulled his giant member in a slow stroke, rising onto his toes. His cock spews his first load of sperm in a gushing river, his balls pulling up tight in his scrotum. It is a massive load, bigger than anything I had ever heard of, but he isn't finished. He pumps his cock four more times, each time releasing a torrent of cum onto my wife's tits, neck and belly. It runs over her face and up into her hair while she frigs herself madly with one hand, smearing her hand in his spend with the other. She comes in a massive, gargling orgasm.

Chuck stands back to admire his work and my wife powers down from her orgasm. Everyone stands staring for a couple of minutes until I notice that Chuck's erection has not subsided at all. He continues to stroke it hard and moves to the other end of the coffee table and between my wife's legs. She sits up, cum dripping off her entire torso, and smiles wickedly. He rubs the huge head of his cock up and down her slit several times, then begins forcing his way into her cunt hole. Her mouth opens into the shape of an "O" and she silently screams her ecstasy. It doesn't take Chuck long to get that tool worked into her pussy, but try as he might he can only get about two thirds of it into her. He pounds hard at her for fifteen minutes while she has wave after wave of orgasms. At last he pushes into her one last time and unleashes his load of sperm in her tight bush. I can tell from the rise of his prodigious balls that his first spewing is not yet complete when the pressure forces his cock out of her pussy, back-spraying his white seed onto the floor. He strokes the next three or four loads out onto her belly and once again it runs off of her body and onto the coffee table. I can see his cum dripping out of her and onto the floor, her cunt hole gaping wide after the massive assault.

The four men gather their clothes, cleaning themselves with our dish towels. My wife is exhausted and lays on the table, a nasty sticky mess of sweat and cum. I am still unable to move. They leave the house and after a while my cum-crusted bride crawls over to me. She moves to release my duct taped hands when she notices my dick is still hard in my boxers. Without saying a word, she frees my member and lowers her mouth to it, giving me a sample of what a fine cock sucker she has become. When I shoot off in her mouth, she swallows it all without missing a drop.

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What a shitty story!!!

Whats that for? She is raped and they has nothing more to do then suck husbands cock??!! Are you insane or that pervert??

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