tagIncest/TabooI Only Cum for Daddy Ch. 01

I Only Cum for Daddy Ch. 01


It was Clara's 18th birthday and her parents had a surprise for her. Bill wrapped a blindfold around her. As they waited for her mother he took the opportunity to look her over without being caught. His eyes raked over her curvy body and fresh, smooth skin and his cock twitched as he envisioned himself bending her over the couch, lifting her skirt up, and inserting his member inside her right there.

Sharon came into the room and shattered his fantasy.

"Ready?" she asked, unaware of her husband's semi.

Clara clapped her hands excitedly and jumped up and down, her luscious C- cups almost bouncing out of her tight pink tank top.

Bill could hardly stand it. He turned to Sharon and smiled. "I think if she waits any longer she'll combust." He knew he would. She laughed and nodded. They lead her outside and removed the blindfold. There in the driveway was a brand new red Mini Cooper. Clara shrieked, and jumped up and down again.

"Oh my god! For me? Thank you! Thank you mommy! Thank you, daddy!" She hugged and kissed both of them tightly, then ran to the car.

"Can I take it for a ride?"

"Sure!" said Sharon. "Bill, why don't you go with her?"

Bill thought for sure Sharon suggested it on purpose, and he could give no excuse not to comply.

Clara had already started the car. Bill got into the passenger's seat and buckled up.

Clara's legs were spread and her mini dared him to reach under it and rub Clara's tight pussy. He shuddered and looked out his window. It was the longest spin around the block he'd ever taken.

When returned the car to the driveway she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

"Thank you so much! I love it!"

"You're welcome, darling. Enjoy it."

They got out and went back inside to get ready for her party.

At the end of the day, Bill couldn't stand it anymore. After Sharon fell asleep he crept into Clara's room. She was fast asleep under the covers. He pulled them away to reveal her supple, barely clothed body. She wore only a cami and pink cotton boy shorts.

She stirred but did not awaken. He sat down slowly on the bed and ran his fingers over her mound and groaned to himself as he felt the heat emanating from her. He wanted to ravage his daughter's young body, but he controlled himself.

He unzipped his pants and took his hard, throbbing member into his hand and started stroking it as he rubbed the outside of her little panties. She moaned and spread her legs more, but still did not wake up.

He felt moisture seeping through the cotton. "Ohh fuck," he grunted quietly. He moved the panties to the side and found she was shaved. What did she shave for? She had no boyfriend....Could his daughter be a slut? He dipped his fingers in her cream and tasted her sweetness. He stroked his hard cock faster and faster and came hard into his underwear, then pulled the covers back on her and crept out of the room guiltily.

Bill knew it was wrong. Year after year he wanted her more and more. He wasn't dissatisfied with Sharon. Their sex life still thrived. But half the time he found that it was Clara's image in his mind that threw him over the edge as he emptied his seed into his wife's cunt.

The next morning when Clara came downstairs she found Bill sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee. She poured herself a cup and sat down with him.

"Good morning, daddy."

"Good morning, Clara."

He tried not to look at her in her green satin robe; knowing what was underneath made his cock twitch. Clara didn't notice that he was getting flustered, she was busy flipping through a catalogue.

"Where's mom?" she asked.

"She's in A.C., remember?"

"Oh yeah! I completely forgot about that!"

"It's just you and me, babe," he smiled.

Clara smiled back at him and twisted her straight, brown hair around her fingers. "Well, I'm going to go shower. See ya."

Bill reached under the table as she left and rubbed his growing bulge. He needed to have her. He tried to put the thought out of his mind but the harder he tried the harder he got.

He crept up to her bedroom and found the panties she'd worn the night before on her floor. He picked them up and inhaled her sweet, musky scent. He quickly undid his pants and rubbed the panties on his manhood, imagining himself fucking her up against the wall of the shower.

But the water turned off before he was done, and he swiftly threw the panties on the floor and strode out of the room and into his own bedroom to finish, then went back downstairs.

Clara came down later on, dressed in a blue dress that hugged her tits and waist and flared at her hips.

"Where are you going?" asked Bill, eyeing her up and down.

"Out with some friends for my birthday. I'll be back later."

"No later than 11."

"Dad! I'm 18 now! I shouldn't have a curfew!"

"You're still in high school and you still have a curfew. Don't get yourself grounded for your birthday."

She pouted at him. "But I'll be a senior!"

"No, Clara," he said.


She walked over to him, leaned down and kissed him on the forehead. He imagined himself reaching up and grabbing onto her breasts.

"Bye dad, see ya later."

"Bye sweetie. Be safe!"

After she left he decided he would take full advantage of his wife's absence.

Clara came home at 11 o'clock on the dot like a good little girl. She found Bill asleep on the couch.

"Dad? Dad, wake up!"

"Huh? What?" He opened his eyes. "What time is it?"

"It's 11. I'm home on time. I'm going to bed. Good night, daddy!"

An hour later, Bill crept into her room. She was fast asleep. He pulled the covers down and looked her over. She was in a camisole again, and a pair of white, lacy panties.

He sat on the bed and reached between her legs, and lightly dragged his fingers up and down her slit. She moaned but didn't awaken.

He got up then situated himself between her legs, and pulled her panties down. He licked her slowly, from her hole to her rosebud, and she moaned and stirred. He licked faster, savoring her sweetness, and she awoke.

"Wha- Daddy? What are you doing?" she exclaimed. She tried to pull away but his arms were clamped around her thighs tightly, just as his mouth was clamped onto her pussy.

"Dad, don't!"

He didn't answer, his mouth too busy extracting her juices. She moaned and wept, "Please don't...oh god!"

His tongue swirled around her engorged clit as she struggled to stifle her moans.

He whispered, "It's okay, baby. You can cum. Cum for daddy."

"No! This is wrong, why does it feel so good?"

He slid a finger inside her wet hole and groaned at her tightness as he moved it back and forth inside of her. He slid another finger in and pumped harder.

"Daddy don't! I'm a virgin! It hurts!"

"Don't worry baby, it won't hurt for long."

He went back to eating her and she quickly plummeted over the edge, whimpering as she came.

"Mmm you taste so good, baby."

He got up and she wept as she heard his pants unzip. She closed her legs together, guilty and ashamed at the pleasure she experienced at the hands of her father.

"Oh no baby, you're gonna let me fuck that tight little pussy of yours."

"Daddy, how could you?"

He pushed her legs apart and climbed on top of her. "You just came for me, I think you like this."

"I'll tell mom!"

He leaned down and smacked her across the face hard.

"Ow!" she shrieked.

"You won't say a word to mom, do you understand? You walk around here dressed like a little slut, you shave your pussy like a little slut, and this is what little sluts get."

He thrust his manhood inside her, stretching her painfully. She cried out and tears streamed down her face.

"Oh baby, you have no idea how good your cunt feels around daddy's cock. Do you like this? Do you like feeling your daddy's cock deep inside you?"

"It hurts!"

"I can feel your juices leaking all over me."

He groaned and fucked her harder, she cried out at the pain. All of a sudden he grunted and she felt her pussy fill up with his hot cum.

"Daddy!" she moaned.

He pulled out and smacked her clit with his dick. "Next time you'll cum all over my dick, baby."

"Next time?"

"You didn't think this was a one time thing, did you?"

He left the room. She could feel his seed leaking out of her. She reached down between her legs, scooped some up and tasted it.

At 3 a.m. she was still awake, reviewing what her daddy had just done to her. She kept thinking about her orgasm and how good it felt. She'd never had an orgasm before. She never even touched herself.

She spread her legs and her hand traveled slowly down to her pussy. She started rubbing her clit. It felt good, but not like daddy's tongue.

She started getting slippery and rubbed faster and harder. But an hour later, she still could not cum. She sobbed in frustration, she needed to cum again. Badly. She knew what she needed to do.

She got up and tiptoed into her parents' room. A pang of guilt shot through her when she looked at the empty spot where her mother slept. But then she looked at her sleeping father and her need overcame her.

She climbed onto the bed. "Daddy?"

He grunted and stirred. She put her hand on his shoulder and gently shook him. "Daddy?"

"Yes? What baby?" he said, still half asleep.

"Daddy, will you make me cum again?"

He was fully awakened by that, and he opened his eyes and looked at his daughter. She was kneeling on the bed, naked, her legs spread.

"I can't do it," she whined as she rubbed herself. "Please, daddy?"

He was shocked, but he reached out and started rubbing between her legs. She moaned and threw her head to the side. "It feels so good, daddy."

"You like feeling my fingers in your pussy, sweetie?"

"Mhm," she moaned.

He slid two fingers inside her gently, and rubbed her clit with his thumb. She panted and moaned. Bill watched his daughter's face as he brought her closer and closer to climax. Her juices leaked down his arm.

"This is so wrong, daddy," she moaned.

"I know it is, baby. But doesn't it make you feel good?"

"Yes. Oh, Daddy! I think I'm gonna cum!"

"Cum for me, baby."

She shuddered and her pussy clamped and pulsated around his fingers as her cum gushed down his arm.

"Oh, baby," he whispered. "Good girl."

"You wanna fuck me now, daddy?"

"Yeah baby, I do. Climb on top of me."

She climbed on top of him and he rubbed his bulbous head against her dripping slit, then stuck it inside her.

"Ow," she groaned. "Daddy, you're too big, I think."

"Don't worry, baby. Now slide up and down on daddy's cock. Do you think you can do that?"

"Yes, daddy."

She started sliding up and down, down, down, slowly building up the pace and stuffing her daddy's cock deeper and deeper inside of her until she was grinding down on it.

"Mmm daddy, it's starting to feel so good!"

"That's right, fuck yourself. Fuck yourself, slut."

She gasped. "Am I really a slut, daddy?"

"You're daddy's little slut. You like fucking your daddy, don't you?"

"Mhmm...Yes, daddy."

She bounced up and down fast, he grabbed onto her titties and pulled at her nipples. He leaned up and took one into his mouth, then leaned up and kissed her, invading her mouth with his tongue. She cried out and started cumming. He held her hips and guided her as she rode out her orgasm.

"Mmm that's right, baby. Cum on that cock."

"Oh daddy!" she cried, spasming.

"I'm gonna feed you my cum, baby. Have you ever tasted cum?"

"Yes...And I tasted yours after you left the room."

"Did you like it?"

"Yes, daddy."

"I knew my little girl was a slut."

He pulled out of her and she slid down and for the first time saw her daddy's big cock. He held it to her face and smacked her lips with it, and she opened her mouth and tasted it.

"You taste yourself on me? See how good you taste?"

"Mhmm," she moaned with a mouthful of cock.

He grabbed the back of her head and moved it up and down, gagging her.

"Oh baby, are you ready to swallow all of daddy's cum?"


"Taste it. Eat all your daddy's cum like a good little girl." He exploded into her mouth and she started swallowing.

"That's a good girl," he grunted. "Oh, you fucking slut."

He pulled out and she looked up at him and smiled.

"Can I sleep in here tonight?"

"Yes, baby. Come here."

"Thank you, daddy."

She curled up in his arms and fell asleep.

The next morning she woke up and Bill wasn't next to her. She got out of bed and walked downstairs and found him sitting in his boxers in the kitchen. He looked up at her naked body as he sipped his coffee.

"Hi daddy," she said shyly.

"Hi baby. Look at you, you are such a sexy girl. Come sit on my lap."

She smiled and sat on his lap, putting her arms around his neck.

He stroked her body, running his hands up and down and over her curves. Her nipples grew hard and she felt herself grow moist under his caresses. He rubbed his thumb over her bottom lip and kissed her deeply, then reached between her legs and started stroking her sex.

"Have any other boys ever touched you like this, Clara?"

"Yes, but it never felt as good as when you do it, daddy."

"Did they ever make you cum like I do?"

"I never came until you made me."

"I bet they didn't know what they were doing. You need the touch of a real man."

"Mhmm..." She rolled her head back and started moaning. He felt her dripping onto his thigh, and she felt his bulge pressing into her ass cheek.

"You gonna cum for me, baby?" he whispered, kissing her forehead.

"I think so, daddy..."

He pressed his fingers against her clit harder and rubbed faster.

"Daddy! You're gonna make me cum!"

"I know, sweetie," he smiled.

She yelped and shuddered and quivered in his arms as he brought her to orgasm, her pussy dripping and gushing onto his thigh.

"Such a messy little slut. Clean that up, Clara."

She caught her breath and got onto her knees, and licked her cum off of his thigh. He picked her hand up and placed it on his bulging cock, and she rubbed it as she ate her cum off of his leg.

"Now put your mouth on my cock, Clara."

She looked up at him and pulled his cock out of his boxers, and started sucking vigorously. He grunted and groaned and pulled her hair, and came violently in her hungry mouth. It seemed like he had an endless supply of semen just for his daughter, he filled her mouth to the point of overflowing. His cum dripped from her lips and down her chin as he slid himself out. He scooped the rest up and fed it to her. She sucked it off his fingers happily, satisfied.

"Good girl."

"Thank you, daddy."

"Clara...how would you feel if I said I wanted to share you with a friend of mine?"

She looked up at him with her big, blue eyes. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, some of my friends have really wanted to fuck you for a long time. How would you feel if I let one of them? Would you like that?"

"You've talked to your friends about fucking me?" she asked in disbelief.

"I have. They ask me how hard it is to live with you without touching you."

She though for a moment, not sure what to say. "I guess...I guess I could try it for you, daddy."

"My baby girl is such a good little slut."

She smiled up at him. "Thank you, daddy."

"Now go take a shower and I'll get him to come over here."

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