tagIncest/TabooI Only Cum for Daddy Ch. 02

I Only Cum for Daddy Ch. 02


Clara stepped into the shower and let the water saturate her hair. She bit her lip as she thought about the sins she'd just committed. Most shameful to her was that she, her mother's daughter, was the reason for her father's adultery. What would her mother think if she ever found out? She would never forgive her! She didn't know if she'd even be able to look her in the eye.
But her daddy made her feel so good! She couldn't resist him. She didn't want to. She wondered at how he could make her cum when no one else, not even herself could. She assumed it must be because he had much more experience in his 50 years. Bill was attractive, fit, and her friends often cooed to Clara about his sex appeal, making her blush uncontrollably. But it was more than just all that which had made her compliant almost immediately. Perhaps it was in the way he touched her, how it carried a certain tenderness even when he was rough.
She wanted to touch herself but she knew she needed to be ready soon, and quickly finished her shower. She wrapped a towel around her and walked into her room to find Bill and his friend Jack sitting on her bed, waiting for her.
"Oh! Hi, Jack."
Jack was her father's age, not as good looking and slightly overweight. She'd often noticed the way he looked at her. He'd always seemed unashamed when he leered at her.
They both smiled at her and Bill said, "Why don't you remove that towel and show Jack your sexy little body?"
Clara let the towel fall to the floor and stood before them naked. Her heart pounded as she watched Jack look her over.
"Turn around, let me see that nice, round ass of yours," growled Jack.
She looked at her daddy, who smiled and nodded at her, then she turned around and showed Jack her bare ass.
"Can I touch it, Bill?"
"She's all yours. Clara, you'll be a good girl and give Jack what he wants, right?"
"Yes, Daddy."
Jack rose from the bed and walked to Clara. She watched in the mirror as he groped her ass and licked his lips. He reached between her legs and fingered her sex.
"You're wet already. My, you are a little slut, aren't you? Look at yourself in the mirror, watch me play with you while your daddy watches. You are such a naughty, dirty girl."
She looked at Bill, whose eyes were on Jack's hand as he rubbed her. Bill made eye contact with her and asked, "Does what he's doing feel good, Clara?"
"Yes, daddy," she whispered.
All of a sudden Bill's cell phone rang.
"Damnit," he muttered, looking at the screen. "I have to take this, it's my office."
Clara watched as he got up and left the room.
"It's just you and me now, kid," smiled Jack. He pushed her to her dresser and bent her over, she was face-to-face with herself in the mirror. He unzipped his pants and spanked his hard member on her ass cheek, then slipped it into her dripping hole.
"Ohh god, you are so fucking tight," he growled.
"Do you like it, Jack?"
"I love it. Mmm..."
He thrust hard inside her, hitting her cervix. She yelped and moaned as he pumped her vagina, glazing his cock with her juices.
"You are so goddamn wet...you really like getting fucked, don't you?"
"Uh-huh!" she cried.
He reached around and started rubbing her clit. She pushed back into him and started matching his thrusts.
"Good girl. Look at yourself getting fucked. Look at your slut body getting fucked."
She opened her eyes and looked in the mirror. Jack pulled her long hair and she watched as he fucked her, watched as she moaned each time his cock slammed into her, watched as her titties bounced and swayed as they moved back and forth. She felt her juices dripping down her thighs, and she wanted to cum. But she couldn't. She was almost there, she was so close, but she couldn't cum.
"Come on, baby. I know you wanna cum on this dick."
"I do! But I can't!" she half- whined, half-moaned.
"What's the matter? Need me to fuck you harder?"
He started thrusting fast and hard and made her scream with pleasure, but she still couldn't orgasm. What was wrong with her? It felt so good and yet...
Bill walked back into the room and sat on the bed. She watched him watch her in the mirror.
"How's my baby girl doing, Jack?"
"She's got an excellent, juicy little cunt," he said breathlessly.
"Do you like how Jack fucks you, baby?"
"Uh-huh, Daddy! Oh! Oh god! Daddy!" She screamed and came, her tight pussy muscles clenching and pulsating around Jack's dick. Jack groaned and yanked on her hair.
"Get on your knees and clean my dick off, slut," he growled.
He pulled out and she turned and got on her knees. He rubbed his dripping wet cock across her lips and smeared her cum across her cheeks. She started licking and sucking her dripping juices from his balls, then worked her way up his shaft and took him into her mouth.
"Mmm, suck that dick, baby," growled Bill.
She sucked Jack hard, and he pulled out and ejaculated all over her face. Jack smacked her with his cock then put it away.
"Can I take a picture of her?" he asked.
"No. Absolutely not."
Jack laughed. "Seriously?"
"Yeah, seriously."
"Open your mouth," said Bill to Clara.
Clara opened her mouth. Bill got up and walked to her and unzipped his pants. He unleashed his hard cock into her mouth and fucked his daughter's cum-covered face.
"Play with that pussy, Clara," said Bill.
Clara started rubbing her clit as Bill gagged her with his dick. She moaned and gagged and tears started to ooze out of her eyes. Bill grabbed the back of his daughter's head and her mouth clamped onto him harder as she squealed on his cock. She was cumming all over the rug. She couldn't believe she'd actually made herself cum.
"Yeah, you like cumming with daddy's dick in your mouth, don't you baby?"
"Good, that's good baby. You ready for my seed?"
His cock pulsated and pumped his load into her mouth, her hungry tongue swirled around the head as it spewed its salty nectar.
"Mmm...thank you, daddy," she said when he pulled out.
"You're welcome, baby."
Jack shook his head and muttered, "Man. You are one lucky father."
Bill smiled and patted Clara on the head. "I know."
"Bye Clara. Hope to see you again real soon," said Jack.
"Bye Jack."
"Clara, I've got some work to do. Why don't you get cleaned up and relax?"
"Okay, daddy," she smiled.
They left the room and she got up and looked at her cum-covered face in the mirror. She didn't clean herself off. Instead, she laid down on her bed and spread her legs and started masturbating. She wanted to see if she could make herself cum again.
She couldn't. No matter how hard she tried or how wet she got, she could not produce an orgasm all by herself. She tried for at least an hour and a half. She stopped and thought about how she couldn't cum with Jack when her daddy wasn't in the room, and how quickly she had when he came back. And how she touched herself with daddy in her mouth and gushed all over the floor. Yet if she was alone and just thinking about him, she couldn't orgasm. And forget the boys from school - she'd always faked it when they fingered her.
She needed her daddy to make her cum.
She washed her face and went downstairs to his office. He was on his computer typing quickly, but stopped and looked up when she came in.
"Daddy, can I try something?"
"Sure baby, what is it?"
"Will you watch me masturbate?"
He smiled and said, "Why do you need me to do that?"
"Because I don't think I can cum without you."
He raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Why don't you sit on the couch and spread your legs and touch yourself for me, then?"
"Thank you, daddy."
She sat back on the couch and spread her legs. He watched as she dipped her fingers into her vagina and started working her clit. She looked at him and moaned, "Oh daddy..."
He didn't say anything and just watched, curious to see if she needed any additional physical contact. But she didn't. She apparently only needed him to be in the room.
"Oh daddy!" she squeaked and he watched as her pussy pulsated and her cum flowed onto the grey couch.
"Oh baby...you do need me there so you can cum, don't you?"
"Yes, daddy...I think so..."
"You are such a good little girl. You really are a daddy's girl, aren't you?"
She nodded and he got up and went to her.
"Get on the floor, on your hands and knees."
She obeyed and he slid his cock inside her and fucked her gently.
"You like cumming for me?"
"Yeah!" she moaned.
He slid in and out slowly, letting her feel every inch of him. He couldn't believe that she needed him so much that she couldn't even cum without him. He smiled as he felt her pussy clench around him and release its cum onto his cock. This was his pussy. All his. He would own it.
He whispered, "I'm gonna cum inside you, Clara."
"Yes, please cum inside me, daddy! I love how it feels inside me!"
"Ohh Clara..." He exploded inside her and she groaned and orgasmed again when she felt his hot sperm fill her hole.
"Oh daddy..."
He pulled out and grabbed his phone from the desk, then snapped a few pictures of his cum leaking from his daughter's cunt. He scooped some out and fed it to her. Then he showed her the picture.
"Look at that. Look at your daddy's cum seeping out of your vagina. Do you like that?"
"Yes, daddy," she smiled and blushed.
He helped her up and put his arms around her. His cum streamed down her leg as he held her tightly.
"You're my precious little slut, Clara."
"Thank you, daddy."
"Do you know how much it means to me that you let me do these things with you?"
"How much?"
"So much, baby."
He bent down and kissed her mouth deeply.
"Mmm I love the way you kiss me, daddy."
"I love the way you kiss me too, Clara. Now go and get cleaned up. I have to get back to work."
Clara bounced up the stairs happily, satisfied. When she got to her room she put one leg on her bed and scooped up the cum that had streamed down her leg, and ate it. Her daddy tasted so good to her.
Bill knew it was fucked up that he was fucking his daughter. But he couldn't help it. The fact that she liked it so much only fueled his desire. He wondered what his wife would say if she ever found out.
Sharon was no stranger to kink, and occasionally they'd swing. But this, of course, was different. She'd never expressed a sexual interest in their daughter- and why would she? It was wrong.
Sharon would be home the next day. He didn't know how he'd handle it - or how Clara would handle it, for that matter. He got up and went to her room, where she was lounging, naked.
"Clara, we need to talk about something."
"When mommy comes home, we'll have to be careful."
"I know."
"Do you feel that you'll be okay with pretending like everything's normal?"
"I think so. But I do feel bad about it."
"Why, honey?"
"Because you're cheating on mommy with me, aren't you?"
Bill nodded his head. "I know, but this is different. This is special."
"It is, isn't it?"
"Of course it is."
"Daddy? Are you gonna share me with anymore of your friends?"
Bill remembered how Jack wanted to photograph her, and how it bothered him. "I don't know, hon. I'm not sure I want to. How do you feel about it?"
"Well, I kinda liked it. But mostly because I thought you liked it."
"Well I did...but I don't think I'll be sharing you anytime soon."
"Okay. I'll be all yours," she beamed at him.
"That's right, sweetie. All mine."
When Sharon returned the next day she was treated to a warm welcome and dinner on the table, courtesy of Clara.
"Well isn't this lovely! How nice of you to cook for me!"
"We missed you!" said Clara. "How was A.C.?"
"Good! I won two thousand dollars!"
"That's awesome!"
"That's great, honey!" said Bill.
"I'm gonna put it in Clara's college fund," she smiled.
Clara's stomach reeled from the surge of guilt that struck her. While she was fucking daddy, her mother was planning for her future.
Clara grew quiet and didn't say much more, especially when Sharon asked them what they did while she was gone. Clara could feel the heat rising to her cheeks, and quickly got up to get a glass of water.
Sharon eyed her as she did so, catching how her daughter's cheeks had colored. She looked at Bill.
"Anything you care to share with me?"
"Oh, it's nothing. I just had to ground her."
"She broke curfew."
Clara spun around, not missing a beat. "Well it was my birthday!" she insisted.
"I don't care. You know the rules. What time did she get home, Bill?"
"One a.m."
Sharon gasped. "One a.m.! What were you doing until one a.m.? You're lucky you're too old for spankings, I'd give you one right here!"
Clara looked at her, dumbfounded at the thought of her mother spanking her bare bottom. She felt her pussy tingling, and sat back down.
"Two weeks," said Sharon.
"But daddy only said one!" she whined, a perfect little actress.
"Come on, Sharon. It was her birthday, after all."
"I don't care. Rules are rules. What were you doing until one a.m.?"
"We just hung out at the restaurant. No big deal."
"You weren't drinking, were you?"
"Mommy, I don't drink!"
"Do your friends?"
Sharon frowned and took a bite of her food. "Was this for a boy?"
"No! I don't have a boyfriend!"
"What about that guy Matt you were seeing?"
"He's a jerk."
"What happened?"
"He started seeing some other girl from school. I don't know why," she pouted.
Sharon softened. "Well he's an idiot. You're beautiful, and bright, and he's not worth worrying about."
Clara smiled. "Thank you, mommy!"
"You're still grounded though."
Clara sighed out of frustration and looked at her father for help. He didn't push it because frankly, it made it more convenient for him to play with his little girl. He only shook his head and went back to his food.
Later that night, after Clara said good night, Sharon beckoned Bill to the bedroom. He closed the door and watched as she took her clothes off and revealed her curvy body and her 36D breasts. She got on her knees before him and said, "I've been thinking about your cock all weekend."
"Oh yeah?"
Bill unzipped his pants and Sharon pulled them down and took his semi-hard penis into her mouth, and moaned as she sucked and felt it grow.
Bill grabbed her nipples and pulled at them, making her moan louder. He twisted them between his fingers and she sucked harder and faster, taking his whole cock into her throat.
Bill groaned and grabbed the back of her head and fucked her throat. Then he pulled out and said, "Get on all fours."
Sharon giggled, "Yes Sir!"
Bill drove himself into Sharon's wet pussy and she yelped ecstatically.
Clara heard her. She got out of bed and crept out of her room and stood at her parents' door, listening.
She heard a smack and her mother shrieked. Then she heard her father say, "You like getting fucked like a little slut, don't you?"
"Uh-huh!" she moaned.
Clara's hand crept to her pussy and she leaned against the wall and spread her legs as she listened to her parents fucking. She rubbed her clit hard as she listened to how Sharon moaned louder and louder and finally wailed, "I'm gonna cum!"
"Cum all over my dick, baby. I'm gonna fill your cunt with my cum."
"Mmm please fill me with your seed!"
Bill grunted and ejaculated into his wife's pussy as she orgasmed.
Clara moaned quietly and shuddered as her pussy came, juice drizzled all over the hardwood floor. When she recovered she didn't notice the puddle she made, and crept back to her bedroom and shut the door.
Bill and Sharon lay in a sweaty heap on the bed. She got up and said, "I'm gonna get a glass of water. You want some?"
"Sure, baby."
Sharon wrapped herself in her black satin robe and opened the door. She immediately noticed the puddle Clara had made on the floor.
"Bill? Is there a leak?"
"What? Where?"
"Out here. There's a puddle of water out here."
"Water? Do you see a crack anywhere?"
Sharon looked at the ceiling and did not see any tell-tale signs of a leak. She felt the wall, which was dry, then knelt down and stuck her hand in the puddle of cum.
"What is- oh my god." Sharon felt the viscosity of the fluid, and knew immediately what it was.
"Bill," she whispered. "Come over here."
"Why? What's wrong?"
"Just come here!"
Bill threw on a robe and joined Sharon in the hallway.
"This isn't water," she said, holding her glazed fingers up to him.
Clara heard her parents' voices, but she couldn't make out what they were saying. She strained to listen.
"Bill, it feels like cum!"
"Cum?" Bill started getting nervous as he imagined his daughter out in the hallway cumming all over the floor.
"Do you think it's Clara's?" she whispered, her eyes wide.
"No- wait, what are you saying?"
"I think she heard us fucking and masturbated right outside our door."
"Clara wouldn't-"
"If she's anything like I was at her age she would."
"What?" Bill was confused.
Sharon pressed her lips to her mouth and tasted them. "Yep. Definitely cum. Shh, I'm gonna knock on her door."
Bill was astonished. Sharon walked to Clara's door and knocked. Clara pretended to be asleep. Sharon opened the door and turned on the light.
"Clara. Get up."
Clara didn't respond, and didn't breathe.
Sharon walked to her bed and tore the covers off of her, revealing her completely nude body. Sharon's eye's roved over her daughter's delicate curves and she licked her lips.
"Clara! Open your eyes! I know you're awake, you're not breathing."
Clara opened her eyes and inhaled sharply. "Mom! What are you doing?"
"Did you spill something in the hallway?"
"What? No! Can I go back to-"
"Oh, I think you did. Get up."
"What? I didn't spill anything!"
"Get. Up."
Sharon's blue eyes pierced through her and Clara knew she was in trouble. She slowly got up and reached for her robe. Sharon swatted her hand.
"You won't need that."
"What? Mom! I'm naked!"
"I can see that. Come on."
Clara followed her mom out to the hallway where her father waited. She froze dead in her tracks.
"I'm sure your father doesn't mind at all, do you, Bill?"
Bill just shook his head and looked over his daughter's body, his cock twitching and growing.
Sharon took Clara by the hand and pulled her to the puddle she made and pointed at it.
"You spilled this."
"No I didn't! What is that?"
"Oh like you don't know. Were you just out here, listening to us fuck? Were you touching yourself?"
Clara's face gave her away even as she tried to lie through her reddening cheeks. "No! Mom! Why would-"
"Don't lie to me. Bill, do you agree with me? Do you think this is all from Clara? Because we both know it's not from me." Sharon crouched down and dipped her fingers into the puddle, then stood up and pressed them to Clara's mouth.
Clara reluctantly opened her mouth and felt the blood rush to her pussy as she tasted herself from her mother's fingers.
"Clean it up."
Clara sucked at her mother's fingers, but Sharon pulled them away.
"I mean, clean your cum up off the floor."
Bill inhaled sharply and his cock stood straight up underneath his robe.
Clara turned to get a towel from the bathroom, but Sharon grabbed her arm and stopped her. "I meant with your tongue. Don't you agree, Bill? Shouldn't our daughter clean up her mess, especially now that she's tacitly acknowledged that it's hers?"
Clara looked at her father, awed by her mother. He cracked a smile and crossed his arms. "Yes, I think she should. Clara, listen to your mother."
"And I mean every drop," she added.
Clara got on her hands and knees and started licking her cum up, her hair falling in her face. Sharon knelt down next to her and held her hair back in a ponytail as she slurped her juices from the floor.
"Good girl," said Sharon. "That's right, get it all. Tastes good, doesn't it?"
Sharon started rubbing her daughter's right breast softly, circling her palm on her nipple, making it hard. She reached across and did the same to the other, Clara moaned.
Sharon suddenly slapped Clara's tits. She went back and forth, alternating between the two.

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