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I Pick Truth or Dare


"Then I pick Truth or Dare," she said with a smile, thinking the others wouldn't go along with it. Dave smiled and shook his head. "I don't think so. It's not like we're teenagers... well except you." Shannon flipped him off. "I'm 20, thank you very much. And I think it would be fun. Get you uptight old fogies up and moving."

They all just looked at each other, gauging each other to see if anyone was actually interested in playing this kids' game.

There were five of them there that night. Dave and Aubrey, James and Kelsey and Shannon, the fifth wheel. Shannon was quite a bit younger than anyone else and they were all kind of taken with her in one way or another. Obviously she was beautiful, so Dave and James liked her, but Kelsey and Aubrey liked her too.

Kelsey had known Shannon since she was a little kid and had babysat her for a number of years. This gathering was actually in Shannon's honor (she'd graduated with her Bachelor's in only 2 years). Kelsey had thrown it together and they decided to let Shannon choose what she wanted to spend the evening doing.

And she'd chosen Truth or Dare.

"I'm down if you guys are," Kelsey said, pulling her long red hair up into a ponytail, "I like the idea of making you guys squirm." Kelsey was seven months pregnant and her shirt kept riding up, exposing a sliver of her round belly. She pulled it down again after finishing with her hair.

They looked at each other and smiled. "Alright, let's do this then," said Dave turning to Aubrey and giving her a smile. He was a little nervous, but also extremely excited about where this might all lead. Hell, maybe he'd get to see some boobs!

"2 rules," Shannon began, "Nothing illegal, so no running around naked outside or anything like that." She gave Kelsey a look and a wink. "And you can only take 2 truths in a row, then you have to take a dare. That work for everyone?"

They nodded their approval and the game began. Shannon pointed at Aubrey and said, "You get to go first. Truth or Dare?"

Aubrey hesitated and then said "Truth."

"Bummer," Dave said and Aubrey hit him playfully in the arm. They'd been married a little over a year and were still totally into each other. "What?" he said, pleading innocence.

Shannon looked at her for a moment and then said, "Alright Aubrey. An easy one to start us off. Have you ever been with a woman?" Dave nearly spit out his drink.

"That's an easy one?" James chimed in. "Remind me to pick dare."

Aubrey took her time answering, looking from Kelsey and Shannon, then James and Dave. Dave in particular looked interested in learning the answer. "Not really." She finally answered. "I've kissed a couple, and seen a whole bunch naked with gym and all, but never anything beyond that. I don't think I'd be against it, under other circumstances, it just never really happened." She looked at Dave and gave a sheepish smile as her face reddened and Dave kissed her on the cheek.

"Alright, who are you going to pick?" Shannon asked her. The 20-year-old was controlling the situation. She sat facing them sitting in a chair. The two couples had taken up spots on the love seat and couch. Shannon looked back and forth between them all, her blond curls bouncing as she did so.

"James..." Aubrey said, turning to him, "Truth or Dare?" "Well, after that one, I think I am going to take a dare for sure."

"You sure that's a smart idea?" Dave asked. "She can be a mean one."

Aubrey gave Dave another punch on the arm then turned back to James. "Let's see..." She put her finger to her mouth in concentration and looked James up and down. He was also blond but with a little more brown in it. To be completely honest, he was actually getting a little gray, even at 32. It worked on him though and he took really good care of himself. With that in mind, Aubrey picked his dare. "Take off your shirt."

James smiled in disbelief. "Really? You want to go there already?" She smiled back and he relented. "Alright, but I'll remember this." He stood and started to remove his shirt. Aubrey, Shannon and Kelsey all started cheering and whistling. Dave joined in, and threw a dollar at his friends' feet. James chest was quite muscular and Aubrey noticed that the gray in his temples was in the hair on his chest as well. There wasn't much, but the little trail that was there was nice, and led a right down into his pants.

"There you go ladies. You're welcome." He started to put the shirt back on.

"Whoa, what do you think you are doing?" Shannon interrupted. "She didn't say anything about you getting to put that back on." James looked at Shannon and Aubrey pleading. Finally he turned to his wife and she gave him a coy smile and a shrug. "Sorry honey, them's the rules." He sat back down next to Kelsey and put his arm around her.

"Hmm..." He said looking at the girls. "I'd like to get Aubrey back, but it seems a little mean to go right back to her, so I choose... Shannon. It's your fault I'm in this mess."

Without a moment of hesitation Shannon said, "dare." No one was really surprised.

James thought for a bit, not wanting to rush it. "Alright, I got it. Gets both of you at the same time." He motioned to both Shannon and Aubrey. "Kiss. And it has to look like you mean it."

Shannon didn't miss a beat. She stood up, smoothing her short skirt as she crossed the room. She sat next to Aubrey, on the far side from Dave, and pulled her in for the kiss. They kissed long and deep, and the others all held their breath. Dave couldn't believe his eyes. His wife was kissing a girl! A hot young girl! Even Kelsey had to remind herself to breathe.

When the kiss was finally over, the room remained silent for a moment longer. They all sensed that this was headed somewhere interesting. There was a kind of vibe in the room. If any of them felt unwilling to proceed, now was the time to say something.

None of them did.

Shannon returned to her seat. James watched her go and when she sat down he said, "that works."


Shannon looked at Kelsey, her old babysitter, and smiled. "Kelsey, Truth or

Kelsey looked her right in the eye and said, "dare." "I think you should join your husband. Take off your shirt." Kelsey hesitated for a moment. She felt a little weird about it with her being big

and all, but she decided that if she was going to play, it was only fair to fulfill the dare. She stood, with a little help from James, and unbuttoned her blouse.

Underneath she was wearing a lacy bra that was a little transparent. They all pretended not to notice, but Kelsey's nipples, even as pale as they were, were very visible. She felt a little self-conscious, more for her over sized breasts than her over sized

belly, but at the same time, having everyone look at her like that was a little invigorating. She felt her heart rate pick up and a familiar dampness begin in her pants. She was a little surprised by this, but liked it none-the-less. Dave in particular, who hadn't spent much time around pregnant women, found himself turned on by not only her breasts in the see- through bra, but also her round belly.

She sat back down and without even turning to him, said "well Dave, that leaves


"If you pick dare, I'm going to look like the little scaredy cat since I'm the only one who chose truth." Aubrey said.

"In that case, I pick dare."

Kelsey smiled a mischievous smile. "I want you to trade clothes with Shannon. Sorry Shannon" she said, nodding at Shannon.

Shannon said, "I'm cool." And began removing her clothes. "Whoa! Can't we at least go in another room?" Dave said. "Sure." Kelsey said. The two of them went into Kelsey and James' bedroom and closed the door. The

light in here was much dimmer than it had been in the living room, but Dave was okay with that. Where James had taken care of himself over the years, Dave had done less so. He wasn't fat exactly, but he was a little soft around the middle.

Shannon started to remove her clothes again. He joined her moving a little slower than her. She took off her skirt and laid it on the bed. Underneath she was wearing a bright red thong. He pointed to it and said, "really? Why did you have to be wearing that?"

"Sorry," she said, though she didn't look a bit sorry. She was wearing a camisole style top and she deftly removed it over her head. Underneath she wore nothing. Her breasts were quite small, but perky as hell with the smallest areolas he'd ever seen. He felt an erection coming on and turned away before she had removed her panties. He finished undressing facing the other way.

He picked up her shirt and was glad to see the fabric had plenty of give. He pulled it over his head pulling it tight over his chest. He removed his boxer-briefs and tried to hand them to Shannon without looking back in her direction. As she grabbed them, he did manage to catch a glimpse and was not shocked to find that Shannon had removed all of her pubic hair. His erection intensified.

She pulled on his boxer briefs over her slender frame and was surprised to find that they looked kind of cute on her. "Hey, check it out," she said. He turned, using her skirt to cover himself. "These look pretty good on me." She hadn't put on his shirt yet, so she was just standing there in his underwear. They did look pretty good.

She pulled the shirt on and then his shorts. She looked at him. "Come on then." She said, urging him on. He turned away from her again and stepped into the skirt. There was no way it was ever going to close around him, but he did the best he could. He started to leave then, but she stopped him.

"Cheater," she said. "Put 'em on."

He gave her a look, but she wasn't falling for it. She picked the small red panties up and tossed them to him. He took them and stepped into them. "Don't worry about stretching them. I've got so much underwear. I won't miss them," she said, watching intently as he tried to pull them up.

Surprisingly he was able to get them over his hips. His cock, on the other hand, would not cooperate. There was no way, especially with the image of this young girl wearing his underwear and nothing else still in his mind, that his erection was going away any time soon, and the small thong just couldn't contain it. The fabric between his ass cheeks wasn't exactly comfortable, but not as uncomfortable as he would have thought.

"I guess that'll do," she said, taking him by the arm and leading him back into the living room. The other women cheered as Dave entered.

"Give us a twirl!" Kelsey said, clapping her hands. He did so, letting the little skirt rise up as he did. He held down the front, but everyone got a nice look at his thonged ass.

"Wow," Aubrey said, "is that a thong?"

"Uhm... Yes. Yes it is." Dave said, reddening. He sat down next to his wife and she put a hand on his knee.

"Is it wrong that I like that?" She asked, pulling him in for a deep kiss.

Kelsey turned to James. "Why don't you ever wear a thong for me?" She said jokingly. Finally, once the room had settled a little bit, the game continued.

The next couple of rounds consisted mainly of people losing more clothing (James down to his unders; Shannon losing her shirt, leaving her topless; Aubrey finally taking a dare and ending up with out her dress; Dave losing the shirt since he refused to take off the skirt until he absolutely had to; and Kelsey down to just her bra and matching transparent panties) but there were also a few moments of interest as the group learned that both Kelsey and Shannon had had girlfriends at one point or another and Dave had kissed not one, but two dudes (both during games such as this).

It came around to Shannon again, sitting in Dave's shorts and looking around at the group. Her nipples were incredibly hard, both from the lack of shirt, and also the arousal she felt. She wanted to push the game further, but was afraid to go too far too fast. She settled on a compromise.

"I have an idea. New take on the game. No more truths, just dares, and now, it's boys vs. girls." They looked around at each other, gauging the other's interest.

"That sounds like it could be fun. So each girl has to do the same dare?" Dave


"Yeah. For example, if I dared you to remove something, it would apply to you and James. If you were dared to kiss Kelsey, you could decide if you wanted to go one at a time or together and so on. Sound good?"

They all agreed and the game began anew. They changed seating so that the two guys were on the loveseat and the girls were on the couch, Kelsey and Aubrey flanking Shannon. They all kind of sat there for a moment not saying anything.

"Oh yeah! It's my turn. Sorry. Got a little distracted." Shannon turned to the other girls and they began whispering amongst themselves. Every once in a while, one of them would look up at Dave or James and smile. Finally they decided.

Aubrey was the one to give the dare. "Alright. The dare is this. We are going to blindfold you and then one of us is going to kiss each of you. If you are correct in guessing who it is, and you both have to pick correctly, then we'll each remove another item of clothing. You get even one of them wrong and you are both naked."

"Why is that you guys only lose one piece each, but we end up naked?" Dave asked. The girls discussed this amongst themselves and finally agreed.

"Alright, if you both guess right, then we'll all strip down to nothing." Aubrey said, giving Dave a smile. He was surprised by how turned on he was by the idea of these other people seeing his naked wife. She was beautiful. She had curly brown hair that hung to her shoulders. The underwear she was wearing was simple, but nice; a pair of black satin panties and a matching shiny black bra. Dave wanted the girls to lose, and badly.

The guys took a moment to discuss it. They decided that they were pretty sure they could figure it out. If the girls were dumb enough to send their own wives, they'd be able to tell. So it was 50/50 really. "Alright. We're down."

The guys stood in the middle of the room and Shannon and Aubrey each tied one of James' ties around the guys' eyes. The women made sure the men couldn't see and then began the round. They announced that Dave would be kissed first. He tensed a little, waiting for it. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, soft lips found his.

He knew instantly it wasn't Aubrey. She was never without lip-gloss of one sort or another, and these lips, while incredibly smooth and soft, were not sticky with the stuff. They'd been warned not to touch the girls or they would lose automatically, but it was difficult for Dave to keep his hands to himself. The woman's lips opened and they began using their tongues. Knowing he was deep kissing a woman who was not his wife, was incredibly exciting, and he felt his erection returning under the short skirt and panties. Finally it was over.

They took a moment before announcing that it was James' turn. He waited, though not quite as impatiently as his friend, for the woman to approach. He too was able to tell it was not his wife's mouth kissing him right away. Kelsey's lips were thinner than these and she always smelled of strawberries. After a moment, the lips opened and they began kissing with everyone, with the exception of Dave, watching.

And then it was done. The woman stepped away, leaving James a little out of breath, and a lot turned on. They were told to remove their blindfolds. The girls were standing all in a row, a blonde, a redhead and a brunette. Dave noted that there had to be a joke there somewhere and that he should figure it out later.

Kelsey looked the men over and noticed the slight bulge under Dave's skirt. She pointed it out to Aubrey who only smiled at her husband. Dave's face reddened.

"So, who kissed you?" Aubrey asked. The two men spoke simultaneously, "Shannon!" The women were aghast. "How'd you know?" Kelsey asked. "Well, I knew it wasn't Aubrey, and you don't have your tongue pierced." Dave

said. Kelsey and Aubrey turned to Shannon. "Is he serious?" Kelsey asked incredulously. Shannon stuck her tongue out a bit revealing a small bar running through it. She

took it back in and smiled. "Sorry. I didn't think about them being able to tell," she said, but at the same time she gave the guys a quick wink.

"Crap," Aubrey said, "I was really looking forward to making fun of you guys." She reached around her back to remove her bra, but was interrupted.

"Wait," said James. "I know what the next dare should be." He sat down on the loveseat and leaned back. He motioned for Dave to join him and then said "striptease."

Kelsey just glared at him. She crossed her arms over her belly and stared daggers at her husband and then noticed that Dave had a big goofy grin on his face, and sent some towards him as well. His smile vanished.

Though she didn't say anything, Shannon thought that things were progressing quite nicely.

Aubrey kind of liked the idea. There was already a charge in the air with all of this naked flesh and though she wouldn't have ever said so to any of the others, she was quite turned on by the whole thing; Dave in his skirt, James with his happy trail and even her best friends oversized breasts were all kind of doing it for her. Even the petite girl wearing her husband's underwear was sexy.

"I think it'd be fun, but there should be some sort of game to it," she said finally. "Like what?" Shannon asked. Aubrey thought about it for a moment. "Like who does the best or something. Like each of us takes a turn with each of

the guys and then they rate us or something." Dave and James were obviously okay with this idea so Aubrey turned to the other

women. "What do you think?" "Well I like the idea of us taking turns because I most definitely want to watch!"

Shannon said, "But I don't think it should be a competition. I think we should just each take turns with each guy and see where it goes from there."

Kelsey finally relaxed her arms. Who was she kidding, she wanted to get naked as much as the rest of them even if she wasn't ready to admit it. "If anyone laughs at my pregnant ass while it's wiggling around, I'll kill you," she said, looking specifically at Dave. He just smiled back at her.

They decided that the youngest should go first and so Shannon stepped forward. Kelsey put on some dance music and it began. The girl moved gracefully, running her hands over her hips and down her legs. On the trip back up, her hands ran along the insides of her thighs and over her sex still only covered by Dave's underwear.

She raked her nails lightly over her stomach and up to her breasts. She tweaked her nipples and sighed. Dave and James watched intently as she swayed back and forth. She had a sort of raw sexuality that was even more pervasive with the beat and the rhythm of the music. She stepped towards James and turned around in front of him. She shook her small ass and ran her hands down her legs again, bending over as she did so.

If someone had told him that morning at the office that he would be getting a striptease from a 20-year-old later that day, he would never have believed it. Hell, he still wasn't really sure it was happening. He wanted desperately to touch her, to make sure she was real, and as if in answer to this, she pressed herself into his lap.

The pressure she exerted on his cock was magnificent. She pressed a little harder and moved back and forth. He needed her to stop soon or this whole situation was going to get a whole lot more embarrassing. She turned around to face him and leaned in close. Her small breasts swayed as she did so, bouncing lightly. The hard nipples were inches from his face as she leaned forward. She moved closer, and then with another quick move, she was backing away.

She locked eyes with Dave and started to step towards him. She continued to sway, but never lost eye contact. She sat down on his lap facing him as she had with James. She noticed that her skirt and panties did very little to hide his erection as she pressed into him. It was hard to tell under the circumstances, but slightly overweight Dave here might really have something to work with under there.

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