tagIncest/TabooI Saw Mommy

I Saw Mommy


His plan was devious, but also brilliant. Ever since he and his sister were kids, their father had dressed up as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, so that if the children got too curious and snuck downstairs, they would see St. Nicholas himself placing presents under the tree.

Dad had kept this tradition alive for a good eighteen years; and at least seven years after the children had "stopped believing" in such frivolities. Brad often wondered why his father still went to the trouble of donning the heavy fur and satin suit. But two Christmases ago, he discovered why: his parents enjoyed the role-play.

When Brad was 18, he had been invited to a Christmas Eve party that his friends from school were having. When he got dropped off, it was late, and he tip-toed down the foyer towards the stairs. Stopping to gaze into the living room and admire the angelic glow of his family's Christmas tree, he heard a familiar giggle coming from the kitchen.

They're still up? Brad thought, peeking his head around the corner of the hall into the kitchen.

There, under the mistletoe, he saw his mommy kissing Santa Claus...well, his father dressed as Santa Claus. Brad had to smile. The song was a favorite of his parents, and now he knew why. But has Brad was about to make his way to the stairs, he saw a little more than just a harmless traditional kiss under the archway. His mother, who in her early 40's still looked gorgeous, placed her back up against the side of the doorframe and lifting one leg, placed her foot on Santa's chest. The jolly old elf didn't hesitate, and began to roll his mother's stocking down her long shapely leg. Next came the other leg, and after his mother was panty-less, his father placed one leg on each shoulder, inched closer up her thighs, and disappeared under his mom's skirt.

Oh my god! He's eating her pussy!

Now it should be said that no teenager enjoys the mental image of their parents having sex—especially oral sex. Most teenagers would rather believe that a stork dropped their baby selves in the laps of their parents, leaving all mating procedures completely out of the picture. But as Brad watched from the shadows his mother in the throes of ecstasy, it was somehow tolerable, because his father did not look like his father at all. Rather, the person going down on his hot mom was, for all practical purposes, that dirty old man from the North Pole himself: Chris Kringle.

Feeling guilty, Brad pulled his eyes away, and quietly moved to the staircase. But on the landing, he turned back again. He was farther from the kitchen now, but could still see the figures clearly, and now in the dark shadows of the landing, Brad felt at a safer distance to watch the scene unfold.

He had secretly had a deep crush on his mother Catherine from a very early age. She worked out on a regular basis, and kept her perfect figure. From a distance—and even up close—his mother could have passed as the sister of his own teenage sister; full round breasts, silky brown wavy hair, and a devilish smile. In fact, it didn't help that Brad had two beautiful women in the house. If he couldn't have sex with his hot mom, he had to at least try to bed his sister. But he knew that both goddesses were strictly "off limits".

But there was something about his mother that made his passion burn more than his teenage sister. Was it the fact that she was the un-obtainable? (At least his sister wasn't married). Or was it the fact that she was the older woman, and the more experienced. Regardless of the reason, Brad now watched as Santa moved his mom to the kitchen counter and began to fuck her hard, making the Christmas candles rock precariously back and forth. As his mother reached orgasm, it was too much for Brad. He quickly took out his iphone from his jacket pocket, and zooming in on his mother, cutting Santa almost completely out of the frame, he recorded the last few seconds of his mother's spasmic climax. Then, dashing up to his room, he stripped off his clothes, and played the video over and over, imagining his cock buried deep in his mother's twat.

But that was two years ago to the day. Upon arriving home for Christmas break from college, Brad had found his father's Santa Claus suit among the other holiday boxes in the attic.

Did Dad finally give up the tradition?

As an extra precaution, Brad made sure his father had a generous portion of rum in his egg nog —so when dad's head hit the pillow, it would be a "long winter's nap" indeed.

"Dad's sloshed," Brad's sister Kimberly said with a wink.

She was looking incredibly cute in her tight red sweater, but Brad remained focused on his target: Mrs. Claus. Brad eyed the clock—11:45pm.

"Well, I'm off to bed," he announced, and climbed the stairs behind his tipsy father.

That night, Brad didn't dream of sugarplums. He stayed awake, listening for sounds of his mom descending the stairs with presents. He knew that someone had to put the rest of the gifts under the tree, and since his dad was passed out, he knew it would be her task.

At half past twelve, he heard her familiar footsteps in the hall. Brad leapt from his bed, and quickly through on the Santa suit. Luckily, he was roughly the same height and build as his father; they even had the same color eyes. With beard in place, Brad stepped in front of the mirror to give himself a quick once-over, then quietly opened his bedroom door.

He found his mother bending over in the living room, stacking the last few remaining presents under the tree. She was wearing her silky white nightgown, which Brad had only gotten to see her wear once or twice before, and had never forgotten. It flowed over her body like buttercream. The lights of the tree turned her gown red, then green, blue, then yellow. She looked heavenly.

Brad walked up behind his mother, and pressed against his mother's ass. Startled, she spun around.

"Honey! I thought you were asleep!"

Brad shook his head, afraid to speak.

"Ya know, I was kinda hoping you'd get this ol' thing down from the attic," she said coyly, twirling a finger in Brad's fake beard. "Have you come for your milk and cookies?"

As she finished this last sentence, Catherine moved her hands down the front of her chest, and slowly opened her robe, revealing her naked tits. The tree lights and naked flesh of his mother sparkled in Brad's eyes. As if in a dream-state, Brad placed his gloved hands on his mother's globes. He wish he could have felt them on his bare hands, but he didn't want his mom to notice the missing wedding band. He had thought of everything.

Pulling the robe up over Catherine's shoulders, he watched it fall to the floor, and his mother stood before him, wearing nothing but a pair of lacey red underwear, undoubtedly from Victoria's Secret where his father loved to shop for her.

"I've been a bad girl this year," teased his mother, kissing him passionately and suddenly. Brad was afraid that a simple kiss might give him away, but he could taste wine on his mother's lips, and hoped that perhaps she was just drunk enough to not notice small details.

Taking her hands, Brad led her to the living room couch where she obediently lay on her back, her beautiful hair fanned out around her head. Sitting at the end of the couch, Brad Claus slowly removed his mother's panties, savoring the sight of the reveal. His mother had a small patch of trimmed hair right on her mound, and below was the most succulent looking pussy he had ever


"Mmmmm", Catherine purred, as her disguised son kissed up her legs. Her breasts heaved in anticipation, as Brad softly caressed the outer lips of her pussy. Then, unexpectedly, she began to giggle.

"Your beard is tickling me! Take it off!" she pleaded.

Damn. If I can't take it off, but if I don't, she won't let me eat her out!

Thinking quickly, Brad reached down and picked up the sash of his mother's robe. Then, lifting her head with one hand, he brought the sash around her eyes.

"Ooo! Kinky Santa! I like it."


Brad then pulled his the fake beard down and dove between his mother's legs, hungrily lapping at her pussy like a hungry dog.

"Ohhh God!" his mother moaned. "Yesss!"

Brad brought a finger up to his mothers lips. At first, she thought he wanted her to suck his finger, but she realized he was telling her to be quiet.

"Right. Can't wake the kids. I'll...I'll try to be...ohhhh...God, but it just feels soooo good!"

Brad was eagerly sucking at his mother's clit now, and he could feel her arching her back, presenting—asking for her hard nipples to be loved. Brad obliged with his left hand, while with his right, he began to finger his mother's wet pussy, finding her g-spot as he continued to suck her clit.

"Yes....Yes....Yes!" pleaded his mother.

Upstairs, 18-year old Kimberly got up to pee. Walking back from the hall bathroom, she could hear her father snoring from her parent's bedroom; But as she neared the top of the stairs, she thought she heard another sound. Looking down the stairs, Kimberly could make out the glow of Christmas tree lights on the floor.

The tree lights are still on? Someone must still be downstairs.

As she started to bounce down the stairs, the sound she thought she heard grew louder. It was the unmistakable sound of a woman being pleasured. But not just any woman—her mother.

"Fuck me already!" whimpered Brad's mother.

Brad had rarely heard her mother use such language, and it made his cock throb beneath his red satin pants. Before he could pull them down, his mother was groping for his belt, her blindfold still in place.

Oh shit, if she feels my dick, she'll probably know right away I'm not dad! Unless its exactly the same size!

Brad took his mother's hands and forced them to the couch, then quickly pulling his pants down, he mounted his horny mother and guided his throbbing cock to her glistening wet opening. He slid effortlessly inside her, but noticed that once deep inside, his mother's cunt was still quite tight. Not bad after having two kids!

"Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" she begged, and he made his mother proud. He rocked in and out of her slow at first then began a rhythmic pumping that gained in speed and intensity. Then, like he saw Santa do two years ago, he placed his mother's legs on his shoulders and fucked her even deeper than before.

"Yes! I'm gonna....I'm gonna cum!!" His mother bit her lower lip, holding back her screams.

"Oh God Mom! I'm cumming too!"


"Mom? Catherine asked.


Kimberly was standing in the doorway, wearing a tiny nightshirt and looking quite flabbergasted at seeing her brother balls deep inside her mom's pussy.

And in the glow from the tree, Brad thought he could see a smile appear in the corner of his sister's pretty mouth.

The End

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