tagBDSMI Spanked My Stepdaughter's Bottom

I Spanked My Stepdaughter's Bottom


My stepdaughter Julie stumbled in through the front door of my house, and she was dressed in a yellow short skirt, a white top, and a faux fur coat. In short, she dressed like a hooker even though I overheard her protesting her virginity to a boyfriend on the telephone last week. She is a 5'3" blonde with a round bottom that protrudes out of the backside of her thin frame.

I stood with my arms akimbo and said, "Julie, I just got a call from the Police Department. They found my car abandoned inside the glass window of McDonald's this morning. How do you explain this?"

"I don't know," Julie said with breath that reeked of Scotch.

I snapped, "You don't know! You were the last person driving my new Cadillac! You were out drinking again, weren't you?"

"Um no," Julie stammered.

"Don't lie to me young lady! And this, after a DWI last month and for possession of pot the month before. You are 19 now and should know better." I waved a finger at her and scowled.

Julie didn't say anything and headed past me toward the stairs. I put a hand on her elbow and held her still for a moment. I am 5'11" and 185 pounds so I towered over her. I have curvy hips and most of my extra weight is where my husband likes it: in my butt, legs and thighs. My husband describes me as a plus-sized Betty Page. I thought about my thighs and putting Julie over them and giving her a spanking. My husband never once spanked his precious slut of a daughter and I thought it was high time to start. I looked Julie in the eye and said, "you are going to listen to me this time! You have pushed me around long enough. I am going to give you a choice. Either move your things out before I return home from work or I am going to discipline you."

She smirked. "Oh, what are you going to do, ground me again or take away the car keys. Ha! Lot's of good that'll do you."

"Julie, if you are still home when I return I am going to spank you. Your father should have spanked you a long time ago."

I watched the blood rise to her face. Julie said, "you can't spank me. I am a grown woman!"

I said, "if you are a grown woman you are going to act like one and move out. If you are still here when I get back that means you are still under my care and I am going to discipline you the way I should have all along." With that I turned abruptly and marched out the front door. I strode down the driveway to our family's old spare car: a Dodge Omni. It infuriated me to drive that old piece of trash with its farting muffler to the McDonald's, then the impound lot, and finally the police station.

I was four hours late for work, and when the workday ended I sped to Wal Mart to purchase something to spank Julie with in case she decided not to move out. I walked to the beauty isle and found the hairbrushes. I debated between a couple of shapes and sizes but settled on an oval wooden hairbrush. I could have purchased a ping pong paddle instead but shied away from that as that it is what I use to spank my husband with. When I spank my husband it is strictly for erotic reasons and he requests this treatment often. We came across his penchant for spanking quite by accident one day. He was grinding away on top of me in the missionary position, and I impulsively reached my right palm up and said "Mommy thinks you are a naughty boy," and with that I gave his bottom a sharp slap and his eyes lit up like a pinball machine and he groaned and shuddered and came. He climbed off of me and then lay face down panting on the bed. I gave his bare bottom a few more slaps and instantly his penis was erect again. He humped me a second time and lasted long enough to give me three orgasms. The next evening I administered an over-the-knee spanking to his bare bottom, and while he lay face down across my lap he rubbed his penis against my thick stocking-covered thighs while I spanked him and called him my naughty boy. He became hornier than I ever knew him in all of our time together and we made wild love. He loved being dominated, and I got a kick out of being the boss. We moved on from hand spankings to the ping pong paddle, which made wonderful POP POP POP sounds as I smacked away at his bare bottom.

I sped home and wondered if Julie had moved out. I felt a twinge of hope that she would be home so I could give her bottom the punishment it deserved. I arrived home and charged up the stairs to her room holding the small bag from Wal Mart. My heart pounded and I felt joy at seeing Julie standing by her bed. She wore a white dress and large cross on her chest, and her long blonde hair shone clean and straight with a clip parting it on the stop. She looked like a sexy version of Angela from that television show, The Office. Yet, who did Julie think she was kidding with this outfit? There was a bible laying out by her desk. I gazed around the rest of her bedroom. Before it was a pig sty but she must have cleaned before I came home thinking I would be impressed by her sudden change of heart. I spoke slowly, "so you've decided to stay. Very well." I moved over to her bed and sat down on the sagging mattress. Julie's eyes were fixated on the Wal Mart bag. I fished out the hairbrush still in its package. I opened the package and it made a load crinkling sound. I grasped the handle with my right hand and smacked against my left palm and looked Julie in the eye.

"You are not spanking me with that!" Julie said with her eyes bulging.

"Then pack your things and leave. I am going to save you from yourself if you will stay. This is the only way to make you learn and stop you from going to harder drugs like Meth," I said.

Julie just stood there not saying or doing anything.

I lunged for her right wrist, grasped it, and dragged her toward me. I snapped, "you are only fooling yourself with that ridiculous outfit, young lady!" I pulled me across her my lap and I felt her tiny frame laying across the expanse of my lap. I lifted up the hem of her dress over her legs, thighs, and her round bottom. She wore white full-seated panties. I had caught glimpses of Julie's pantied bottom before in the hallway but had never seen her bare butt. That was about to change. I reached my fingers into the elastic waistband of her panties and slowly lowered them down to her mid thigh. I felt a twinge of jealousy at how perfect and round her butt looked. It was smooth and toned with perfect whiteness. There were no pimples or blemishes of any kind. The only mark was wear her panty line was. There was a faint redness on where the elastic and line of the panty had been: perhaps her butt had gotten a little bigger since she purchased the panties. My butt had always been large and I know many men found that a turn-on but Julie's butt was sexy. I stared at it for a moment and then remembered my Cadillac so I had to go through with my plan: spank her bare bottom until she cried. I said, "you have been a perfect little monster but soon you are going to be sobbing like a little girl."

I gripped the hairbrush handle and raised the hairbrush high and then brought it down hard across the lower part of her butt and top of her thighs. I stopped at one spank watching at the hypnotic back and forth jiggling of her buttocks. Like I wrote before, Julie is blonde and blonde's typically have light skin and she was no exception: her butt had a bright red mark where the spank just landed. Her panties were bunched around her thighs and constricted her from wiggling much. I administered another loud spank. Not as hard as the first. The little slut tried to wiggle and shake off the pain. Without warning I fired off three dozens rapid smacks landing all over her bottom and the top of her thighs. Her bare butt was scarlet and she kept giving out little yelps of pain. For a moment I felt tingle between my thighs and felt slightly ashamed of myself. I can't be turned on my spanking my stepdaughter's bottom! Even though her daddy loves to spanked over my knee it is wrong to be turned on by her glowing red sexy ass. She moaned but didn't cry. I was panting from the effort of spanking her. I said, "So you still won't cry, will you?" she didn't say anything so I let off a wallop with all of my strength and it made her howl. I then spanked slowly and hard on her thighs and she yelped with each spank. Then I picked up the pace again and Julie was crying and moaning, "please step mommy stop I'll be goooooood!" I stopped and gazed at her bare bottom wriggling across my lap. I said "Stand up, get off of me, and go to bed," she stumbled off of me and I walked out of the room and shut the door behind me.

I strode to my room to take care of the tingling in my pussy. I lifted up my dress and pulled down my panties and lay face down on the bed. I rubbed my clit and thought of the UPS driver who delivered a package to the office earlier. I couldn't come thinking about him so my mind flashed to my husband and then it flashed to Julie and her red bare bottom and her thighs, and then I thought of her face down between my thighs licking my clit and this sent me to orgasm. I lay panting and decided to lay down the law with Julie from now on. Tonight I would announce at dinner time that Julie would be spanked by me for all misdeeds while she lived in this house, and if she had one week to find a job and would receive a hairbrush spanking if she did fine one. I thought of her rump being roasted and decided rump roast would be good for dinner. I put the roast in a roaster pan and peeled a few potatoes and carrots. After an hour of cooking the house smelled of roast, and I heard Julie stirring upstairs. Yes, Julie, things are going to change.

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