tagIncest/TabooI-spy Ch. 04

I-spy Ch. 04


As indicated previously, this episode and whole story is a fantasy and in no way autobiographical!

Thanks for those who have given encouraging comments/feedback.


Ideally John would have preferred another quiet night in with his Aunt Stella, but he was content to go with her to Gemma's party. Gemma was the daughter of his aunt's friends, and he had met them a few years earlier on a visit with his parents to his Aunt Stella and Uncle Tony (his aunt and uncle had since divorced). He had got on quite well with her, and he felt it would be nice to see her again. Besides, there would still be opportunity for more sex with his forty-seven year-old aunt when they got back to her house.

His aunt had mixed feelings about taking him to the party, too, but for different reasons.

She had arranged to attend weeks before he had come to visit her to do some decorating for her, and, all things being equal he would have returned home by then. Even if he hadn't, it should have been fine for him to accompany her. The party was after all for the twenty-first birthday of her friend's daughter, Gemma, and John had met her. But now, after she had allowed him to seduce her, Stella had asked him to stay on for a few extra days. She had told his mother that she wanted him to "do a few things for her." She hadn't said, of course, that those things would take place naked in her bed!

Her concern about them both going to the party was the fear that she and her nephew would exchange glances with a frequency or an intensity that would ring alarm bells in the minds of anyone who noticed. If she were honest, there was another reason, too. Since John's seduction of her and the sex they had indulged in since that afternoon, she had begun to feel young again, vibrant, feminine and desirable. She had seen and felt the strong desire of a young man for her, even if he was the son of her ex-sister-in-law. She feared the disappointment and loss of her new-found self-esteem due to his eyes wandering at the party, checking out and lusting for Gemma or one of her friends, or even one of the older female guests. And she could hardly blame him if he did - after all, he was twenty-two years old.

His Aunt Stella chose a floral print dress. She knew that it was not as revealing or quite as smart as he would have liked, but it was a warm evening and she wanted something that did not fit too tightly. It was quite pretty, too; the bright floral pattern stood out sharply against the black background, and the dress buttoned all the way from the neckline to the hem. She wore a narrow belt with it, which helped to show off her curves.

Gemma and her parents lived just over twenty miles away. She and her nephew chatted easily enough on the way. She met his eyes with hers often, though her concentration on her driving seemes unaffected. At one point, a few miles before their destination, she pointed out a smaller side road that dressed a large park. She giggled.

"You see that road there, John... well, no..."

"Well, what, Auntie?" he asked, intrigued. "You can't stop at that!"

"Hmm... well, alright. That's where Uncle Tony and I used to do our courting."

"What, you mean.... on that road?"

She giggled again. "Not just us. It was what used to be called in those days Lovers' Lane. They used to give that name to any bits of road where young men would take their girlfriends for..."

"A bit of 'courting' as you called it?"

"Yes. It might be anything from a bit of a fumble and grope to going all the way!"

"And there might be more than one car there? Several couples all parked up -- 'courting'?"


"Wow! And you and Uncle T..."

"Yes. Now, don't forget what I told you earlier, John. You must be careful how you look at me tonight. You must mix and spend a lot of the evening talking to other people. And you must avoid looking at me too much and in a certain way. I... they mustn't suspect anything."

"I understand, Auntie. And I will try my very best."

He wondered whether her sudden change of subject was due to embarrassment at disclosing an intimate detail of her past to him, or whether she just wanted to avoid talking and thinking about her ex-husband, his Uncle Tony and the brother of John's mother.

The party was okay. His aunt drank no alcohol because she was driving, and he stuck mainly to soft drinks himself. He made a joke to Gemma's parents that it would be unfair to drink when his aunt couldn't. The truth was that he wanted his enjoyment of her later to be with a clear head, and felt it would be disrespectful to want sex with her if he was tipsy and she was sober. And with only a few more days with her before he had to go back home, he wanted to savour every moment of sex to the utmost.

He followed her request and mingled well. A number of Gemma's friends of both sexes were there, as were a few friends of her parents. It was good to see Gemma again. She was now tall and leggy and had a Celtic tattoo on her arm. Her breasts looked like B-cup and were in perfect proportion to her slender build. Her nipples pressed against her skimpy top. He would normally have been very preoccupied with her and with some of her friends for that matter. But his mind was elsewhere tonight, and he found himself wishing the time away.

He did manage to avoid looking at his aunt too much, though he found it difficult, and a few times he had to try to will away a budding erection by thinking of other things or by getting involved in conversation.

At long last he heard his aunt saying that they needed to head for home. He joined her, and they said goodbye to Gemma and her parents, then headed for his aunt's car. His pulse had quickened and he wondered whether hers had, too.

As he got into the car beside her he glanced down at her lap. The bottom two buttons of the front of her dress were unfastened, causing it to part. In the half-light her fleshy thighs looked very alluring. He closed the car door and, looking out of the window, waved goodbye. She started the car engine and, waving back to her friends, pulled out of the drive and drove off along the road. He glanced admiringly at his aunt's ample breasts under her dress, and at the inverted V where the bottom of her dress was open.

"Gemma's grown up a lot since you last saw her, John... quite a bonny lass..."

"I didn't notice, Auntie."

She gave a low laugh.

"I can't believe that, John... those long legs and that pert bust under her skimpy top..."

He rested his hand half way up her thigh and stroked it gently through the warm, soft fabric of her dress. He heard a slight catch in her breath.

"There was only one lady whose legs and bust I had a job keeping my eyes off... and my hands... and that was my AUNTIE..."

He slid his finger between two buttons of his aunt's dress and caressed half way up her inner thigh, thrilling in her warm, bare skin. He withdrew his hand and resumed stroking her thigh through her dress. He gently squeezed it a few times.

"I spied with my little eye Gemma's perky breasts and her nipples just showing though her top. I admit that. But instead I was dying to spy my AUNTIE'S naked boobs..."

He slid his hand to his aunt's bare knee as he spoke softly to her. She glanced down, then at his eager face. She smiled, then looked back at the road ahead.

"I did spy Gemma's long slender legs... but they're a bit skinny for me... I prefer legs that have a little bit more meat on them... like AUNTIE'S... and thighs that are slightly fleshy are nicer to kiss and caress... thighs like AUNTIE'S..."

The repeated and emphatic use of the term "Auntie" was a reminder of the forbidden nature of their sexual relationship. It sent a thrill through him, and he knew it had the same effect on her.

Again he stroked his aunt's thigh. He felt light-headed with desire for her.

"Also -- I prefer my Aunt Stella's ripe mature C-cup tits to Gemma's smaller ones."

No other cars were behind or approaching, and he cupped her breast and fondled it through her dress.

"I-spy Auntie's ripe and juicy tits," he continued. "I love their size, their weight, the way they spill over my hand. And I love the way Auntie suckles me on them... and the way these go hard when she gets excited..."

His fingertip located her nipple and rubbed it briefly before withdrawing it. She gave a stifled gasp and laughed softly.

"I know, John... I had the same trouble. We both did well to keep our secret."

"...and when we were alone in the kitchen for those few minutes, Auntie, I was dying to touch you. I knew I mustn't in case we got disturbed. But I was sorely tempted to do... this..."

He slid his finger between two of her dress buttons, just a couple of inches from her crotch. She gave a low gasp and nudged his hand away.

"Careful when I'm driving, love!"

He continued. "In fact..."

He returned his fingers between her buttons and brushed his fingertips lightly against his aunt's bare skin, thrilling in its warmth and softnesss.

"...in fact I had a hard-on half the night... I had to keep trying to hide it and to think about other things, but all I could think about was Auntie's lovely legs, Auntie's gorgeous tits and her hand cradling me against them, murmuring with pleasure as she suckles me..."

He raised his hand and, reaching over her arm again, cupped her breast and gently squeezed it several times, before withdrawing his hand altogether.

"...and the knowledge all evening that in just an hour or two I'd be having sex with my hot mature sexy AUNTIE..."

He placed his hand on her lap again and unfastened the third button from the bottom so that he could sweep more fabric from her thighs.

Her heart was pounding with excitement and with the reassurance of her desirability to him. She too had struggled to keep her eyes off her nephew at the party too. The need to mask their desire for each other all evening had been very arousing, and the knowledge that they would soon be able to indulge that desire, the casual glancing at the clock and the growing anticipation as the evening had worn on, had heightened the thrill. His fingers had now slid inside her dress and were teasing the sensitive skin of her inner thigh every few minutes, breaking off to enable her to concentrate on driving, but her mind was in turmoil.

She smiled at him, trying to appear reasonably in control.

"I'm flattered that you say you find me sexier than Gemma. I don't know whether it's STRICTLY true, but it's very flattering."

"Of course it's true, Auntie. Like I said, I can't deny she's attractive -- but I'd rather have you. And I'm so glad that I'm GOING to have you -- soon -- very soon!"

His hand fondled her knee again, then slid higher inside her dress, tantalisingly slowly, until it neared her crotch. She gave a low moan as his fingers stroked the bare skin below it.

"Why? Why would you rather have a forty-seven year-old than a twenty-one year old, John?" she asked. Her voice was slightly husky.

"Because... your legs are shapely as well as long... so lovely to look at... and touch... and KISS, Auntie..."

A car was approaching from behind. It pulled out and overtook them. He ran his hand several times from her shin to her knee. He dropped his voice low and leaned close to her.

"...and Auntie's thighs are so strong clasping me as I... fuck her...."

He had avoided using the f-word to her so far, but he did so now, guessing -- rightly -- that she would find it arousing. She gave a little gasp of surprise but did not reprimand him.

Again he removed his hand from her for a few moments, then slipped one finger between her dress buttons to meet the soft smooth skin of her breast just above her bra. He stroked it tenderly. He removed his hand and eased two fingers between the dress buttons near her belly. His fingers found her navel and swirled inside it.

"Your tummy is almost as flat and firm as Gemma's..."

He pressed his fingers gently against her abdomen through her dress, and rubbed it, then placed his hand back on the edge of the car seat as a car approached and passed.

"Besides, Aunt Stella... you're older, more mature -- and more EXPERIENCED. I mean you've had sex far more times than she has... and..."

His voice tailed off. His hand was inside her dress flap again and sliding up her inner thigh. He ran his fingers higher, teasing just an inch or so away from her crotch.

"Yes, John?"

For the briefest of moments his fingers brushed her mound through her warm, satin panties. The front of them was moist. She nudged his hand to rest over he thigh just above her knee. Their eyes met; her expression was intense.

"We don't want to crash, love, that's all!" she said softly, then she looked ahead at the road again.

"Well... for the same reason you like me doing this... you're my AUNTIE. Not by blood, but we're still family. It's not illegal, but it's taboo, illicit -- that's part of the fun. That's a large part of the appeal for you too, isn't it... AUNTIE?"

Her head was spinning.

"Yes... yes..."

"You like my hand up your dress partly because it's your NEPHEW'S hand, my mouth sucking your tits partly because it's the mouth of your sister-in-law's son... and you like me inside you... thrusting inside you and driving you to climax because you know it's naughty, frowned upon..."

"Yes..." she assented, her voice a husky whisper

"You know, Auntie, we're not far from that... 'Lovers' Lane where you and..."

"No, John, no. I know what you're going to say... I couldn't. What... what if someone saw us?"

He played with her breast through her dress, tweaking her rising nipple, then slid his finger between her dress buttons once more, poking it gently inside her soft, satin bra.

"Aunt Stella, we'd be twenty miles from your home on a quiet road..."

"I don't think so, John. We'll soon be home and then I promise..."

"I can't wait that long, Auntie. My... my cock's like a rock, and has been most the evening. Anyway, I think deep down we both want to make YOUR car windows steam up, and YOUR car bounce up and down on its springs as I give you a seeing-to."

The turning was only a few hundred yards ahead. Torn by indecision she stopped the car for a few moments. His hand felt terribly luxurious and seductive stroking her breast as it had on that first afternoon when he had seduced her. Her hands were shaking slightly. He said nothing, fearing to tip the balance the wrong way, though he continues to tease her breast. At last, after what seemed a long time to them both, though in fact it was only a couple of minutes of rising desire and doubt, she turned on the ignition again.

He removed his hand, waiting to see what she would do. She drove on a little distance, and a surge of excitement washed over him as she indicated for a left turn. She turned into the junction and after half a mile or so the road began to follow the curve of the park just as she remembered.

Her mouth was dry. It was just like the old days.

Three cars were parked, a reasonable distance apart from each other. She drove past the nearest one, which was rocking sensually up and down. Its windows, and those of the other two, were steamed up. She pulled in a little way in front of the third one. The blood was pounding in her ears.

"John, I really don't think this is a good idea..."

"I do, Auntie. I think it's a REALLY good idea!"

He was highly charged now, the idea of doing it with her not only in her car in a public place, but also of doing it in the same location as her first virgin fumblings so many years ago was almost unbearable.

A car drove past, its headlights illuminating the inside of his aunt's car and bathing her face and breasts with light. She hung her head down as his trembling fingers unbuttoned the neckline of her dress.

She made a feeble protest and half-heartedly tried to nudge his hand away from her, but he swept the top of her dress open. In the gloom the whiteness of her bra appeared almost luminous. He kissed her neck and fondled her ample breasts, rolling them gently round and scooping them up and down through her embroidered satin bra. He kissed her cleft and nuzzled each breast in turn, tugging playfully on her rubbery nipples through the warm slippery fabric.

"It's okay, Auntie. You don't live anywhere near here, neither do I. It's okay."

He dug his other hand down between her thighs and sawed the edge of his hand against the dank satin of her panties. She gave a low gasp.

"Let's get into the back of the car, Auntie... I want you so badly... you want me so badly, too. Be brave. Be rude -- get out of the car just as you are with the top and bottom of your dress gaping open, and join me in the back. Come in the back of the car for a screw with your nephew, you gorgeous, sexy auntie..."

She would never have imagined herself in such a scenario. As if it was not bad enough to be having a fling with the son of her sister-in-law, here she was about to have sex with him in a public place, as if to parade the shameful deed they were indulging in. Here she was, a forty-seven year old woman who should know better, about to engage in sex in a line of cars containing couples half her age or so. To make it seedier still, it was in the very spot where she had lost her virginity years earlier to the man she had later married and whose blood-nephew was now enjoying her. The shame and thrill flooded her mind as she watched her nephew get out of the passenger door and into the back of the car. She raised herself and, with a little difficulty, managed to pull her knickers down and worked them down her legs, off her ankles and free from her shoes. She removed the narrow belt from around her waist.

More headlights appeared from behind. She was torn between sitting there until the car passed, and getting out into the path of the lights. Taking a deep breath she opened the car door and got out. She kept her head down and averted her face as the car approached, but with a great effort of will she resisted the urge to close the gaping neckline of her dress and its wide-open lower half that bared almost the tops of her thighs. She felt naked and wanton. The headlights caught her full on just as she hurriedly got into the back of the car, slammed the door closed and turned her back to it. To her shock -- but, to be truthful, a little to her delight as well -- the car slowed down a little. The horn sounded, and a male voice shouted out, "Weh-hey, hot slut!" The car pulled away and the headlights receded.

Shocked and ashamed, she caught her nephew's gaze. Neither spoke. Then he laughed. She too began to giggle.

"Climb aboard your nephew, 'hot slut' Auntie!" he said.

His trousers and underpants were pushed down to his knees. She straddled him, facing the rear window and feeling vulnerable, yet, at the same time, very liberated and horny. He unclipped her bra and pushed it up to free her breasts, and began to kiss and to suck on them. He rubbed her mound and its fine, cropped pussy hair. He rubbed the backs of his fingers against her slit. She groaned.

"Mmm, that's nice John..."

She knelt up higher and took his hardness, stroking it and rubbing its tip several times against her soft turgid slot. She led his fingers to her opening.

"Caress me, John..."

"You want me to caress your pussy, Auntie?"


She rubbed his fingers up and down against herself.

"Tell me properly what you want your nephew to do, Auntie."

"Put your fingers up into me, John. I want your fingers in... in my pussy, deep in my... my naughty wet pussy. And I want you to... to frig my clitty... And... I want you to make me come."

He teased her soft sticky slot, stroking her outer lips and pushing two fingers up and down into it. He teased her hood and slippery nub, stroking it gently. She crooned with delight. He eased his fingers up into the slick, clasping tunnel again. She groaned.

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