tagIncest/TabooI Still Desire You

I Still Desire You


"I still desire you," Ginger sang along to the song.

Something in the way my sister was looking me in the eye and then staring at my crotch as she sang troubled me.

"What does that mean?"

"Come on. Don't pretend you deny feeling the same way about me. Ever since that night of your senior prom, when I had to put you to bed and we ended up rassling until you blew a load all over my tits, haven't you wanted to redo it, but sober? Or sort of sober anyhow."

Ginger rose up across the table, looking me in the eye again, but before long my glance travelled down along the line of her slender throat to the open cleavage of her red dress. She had succulent full breasts, and I could see just a hint of purple lace bra. 'A push up bra' I observed to myself, feeling my cock grow more. If it is possible to blush when all your blood is in your groin, I did. This was not right.

Ginger was my older sister. She was staying with me temporarily after deciding to fly here to surprise her airline pilot husband, who had a weekend layover. She walked in on him tangled up with three naked stewardesses. My latest roommate had just gotten married and moved out, so I had a spare room for her to sleep in while she thought about what to do next. As a good host, I had offered her a few drinks as she deliberated. Like any good host, I was drinking right along. Like a good guest, after the first one, she started mixing her own.

My mind travelled back ten years to prom night. I remembered getting drunk after the prom and then nothing until waking up in my own bed the next afternoon naked, with my cock glued to my thigh by dried cum. All these years I had wondered if I had relieved myself after a frustrating after prom date or if Shelley Ostroski had actually given me at least a hand job. Since Shelley moved away the next week, I had never found out.

The possibility that I had blown my wad all over my sister's tits had never crossed my mind. I still found it hard to believe.

Ginger took another swallow of her rum and coke and grinned. "You mean you never knew?" she asked.

She drank deeply. I saw that the fluid in her glass was almost amber, suggesting lots of rum and little coke. I watched the gulp travel down her throat, thinking about what else she might swallow, and noticing how her chest was flushed. I shook my head, trying to drive the lusty thoughts out. The gesture also served to answer Ginger.

"Mom and Dad were still out somewhere. I got home from my date about when your so-called friends dumped you in the flower beds. You begged me to help you in and not tell Mom. You started babbling about what a cock tease Shelley Ostroski was. Then you said, 'anyhow, sis, her tits aren't as nice as yours', and you grabbed at mine. I tried to knock your hands away, but my buttons weren't properly done up..." here Ginger giggled, more girlishly than a 32 year old should, "...so they came apart pretty quickly. While I got you up the stairs to your room, you kept trying to bury your face in my cleavage. I dumped you on the bed. You convinced me somehow to undress you. That turned out to be a transparent ploy to grab my tits again. This time you got them right out of my bra. When I got your pants down, your undies came off with them. Your cock was so hard that it almost poked my eye out. You even begged me to suck it."

Ginger blushed then continued. "I refused, but by then you had a hand up my skirt massaging my cunt. I could tell you weren't experienced because you couldn't locate my clit. I still remember wondering whether I ought to show you. But I decided if I did that, things would get way out of hand. After all, you are my brother. So I decided to swat your fingers away, no matter how good they felt, and refused to provide the blow job. By then the precum was dripping from your peeslit, so I was really tempted just to lick it. Instead, I gave your balls a hard squeeze, hoping that you would get instant relief and then pass out. Sure enough, your goo blasted out so strong that it landed right in the valley between my tits. Then I heard Dad's car door slam, so I tucked you in really quickly and ran to the bathroom to clean up. The whole next week, until I moved out to marry Dirk, I was wondering if you remembered, and if so, what you thought of your sister."

She looked down, blushing even more brightly. "I guess you think I'm some sort of perverted slut now."

"No. If anyone was the perv, it was me. I'm the one who started pawing my own sister."

"Yes, but you've got booze to blame. I was sober."

"Shelley Ostroski didn't help by being such a tease. She could get off just by having me lick her nipples and stroke her sex through her panties. But she would never even take my cock out of my pants. Sometimes I came by her rubbing me, but most dates were just exercises in sexual frustration."

"I know, I used to hear you jerking off after you got home. I guess you never realized that when you stroked your cock, your whole bed shook and bounced against the wall. Mom and I always got had good chuckle about that."

Ginger paused again, and blushed. She got up to pour another drink, and then continued, still not looking at me. "That prom night, I noticed what a nice fat cock you had. Ever since, I wished that maybe I had taken advantage of the moment. Dirk had a pencil dick, and after the honeymoon, he never seemed interested in fucking me. I guess now I know why. Stupid me, I stayed faithful so never got a decent sized cock to fuck me. All these years, I often lay in bed, masturbating, picturing how juicy you looked, and wishing I had sucked your cock that night."

"But when it happened, you just thought it was wrong, because I'm your brother."

Ginger turned so I could see her face. She was grinning. "No, I really think it was more that unlike you, I wasn't sexually frustrated." She glanced away again. "That night was the last time before now that I had a man other than Dirk."

Her blush was now blood red, blending in to the scarlet of her dress at the exposed top of her breasts. As she spoke, my heart was pounding. It felt like my cock would burst through my pants. I had never thought of my Sunday School teacher sister this way before. At least not that I could remember.

"In fact, it was two guys. And the only reason you didn't find fresh cream in my pussy when you fondled me was that my maid of honour- you recall Karina- had licked me clean. That was also the night I had my first anal sex. God, I loved double penetration. One of my favourite fantasies over the years was picturing Dirk's narrow rod up my ass while you fucked my cunt with your piston."

She paused and emptied her almost full glass. She immediately poured another. "There, I've told you what a slut I was. What do you think of your sister now?"

"Are you still bi?" was all I could reply.

Ginger chuckled. "I wish. When I said I was faithful, I meant fully. Over the years, I tried to hint to Dirk I might like swapping or swinging, but he never seemed to notice. Since he got posted with the airline across the country right after the wedding, I only saw Karina at reunions and such. Last year, she told me her husband knew that she and I used to play girly games, and would like to try a threesome. I was dumb enough to say that I would only if Dirk could join in. Karina refused to go near him. She told me then to be careful where Dirk's dick had been. She always understood men better, I guess. I must have suspected she was right, because I got an HIV test my next checkup, and started insisting he use condoms. That asshole accused me of sleeping around, and refused. We pretty much stopped having sex then."

She started sobbing. I stepped over, and took her in my arms. It was just a brotherly hug to comfort her. For a minute, she cried on my shoulder, then I felt her nipples pressing hard into my chest and she began rolling her hips, exciting my already engorged cock. She got my attention even more when she ran her tongue around inside my ear.

"I think that I want to ... suck you," she whispered in my ear, "if that's okay with you, after all these years."

Without waiting for an answer, she dropped down onto her knees in front of me. She undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants, letting them fall to the floor. Just like prom night, my underwear followed right with the pants. My cock popped free, almost slapping Ginger in the nose. She smiled and looked up at me.

"Just like I remember it. Oh, Keith, for ten years, I have wanted to touch your cock and feel how hard it was, and I really need to put it in my mouth."

Ginger caressed my shaft, working her hand tenderly from the root to the tip before eagerly wrapping her juicy lips around its tip to suck my precum off.

Not wanting to come in her mouth, no matter how I might have felt about it ten years ago, I backed off, reaching down to lift Ginger into my arms. As she rose, she was smiling, bending at her waist. She slipped a hand to the front of her dress and undid a button. The top fell open allowing her tits to bounce up, pushed towards me within her lacy bra.

As we embraced, her breasts pressed against me, her hard nipples sending electric currents through my body down to my balls.

"This is heavenly," Ginger murmured drunkenly. I stepped clear of my puddled pants, lifted her in my arms and carried her to the bedroom. I thought that this time, she might be the one who had so much to drink she would pass out and forget the pleasure. Would that be a good thing or a bad one? As much as I was excited by the prospect of sex with my sister, perhaps afterwards both of us would prefer to pretend it never happened.

Gently placing her on the spare bed, I unfastened the rest of her dress. Then I just paused a while to admire her beauty. It was apparent that she had dressed specially today. Although Dirk had been the intended beneficiary, I was in awe of how sensuous my sister looked. Growing up, Ginger had always been a white cotton sort of woman. I used to tease her about her utilitarian undies to defuse the embarrassment while folding laundry. Tonight, however, instead of pantyhose, she wore sheer black silk stockings, attached to a lacy black garter belt, which snuggled close to a tiny crimson thong.

Ginger smiled up at me. "That looks really tasty," she said, almost as if she hadn't just licked my cock in the kitchen. She sat up, balancing on an elbow and then took my shaft in her hand. Engulfing me in her mouth, she bobbed up and down the shaft twice, deep throating my full length. Slowly she sucked on it, rolling her tongue around the girth. I reached across and freed her tits from the lacy cups of her bra, twisting both nipples.

"That's it, baby brother, make me come just like you did prom night," Ginger said as she lifted her head for a second, a string of precum mixed with saliva running from her lips to the tip of my cock. Her moaning deepened. I remembered what she had told me about that night. Not wanting her to know that ten years after our prom night wrestling, I was still inexperienced, I reached down and brushed her panties to one side. Her wet pussy lips glistened in the subdued bedroom lighting.

"It's like they are smiling up at me saying 'hello'", I said. Ginger giggled girlishly.

I opened her petals with two fingers and inserted my thumb. After jiggling my hand in her opening for a few shakes, I raised my fingers to my lips and savoured her flavour.

"You can eat me later, but first, fingerfuck me," she commanded. I obeyed, sliding my hand back between her thighs. This time, Ginger guided my fingers to her clit. I fumbled slightly, covering up by lowering my lips to her tit and nibbling her nipple. Unsure what she wanted, I decided to treat her clit like a nipple and massaged gently for a while before started to twist it slowly in each direction. Ginger's moans became groans, so clearly I was getting the hang of this. Knowing how some women like having their nipples pulled, I tried that on my sister's swollen clit as she stopped sucking me so she could scream with pleasure.

"That's it, Keith," she demanded. "Just like that. Now harder. Fuck me with your left over fingers."

I pumped my hand like I was jerking my own cock, twisting and pulling her nubbin and massaging her flesh inside her cunt until I felt her muscles clench my wrist as my hand disappeared deeply into her. I bit down a bit harder on her nipple and tugged it away from the mound of her breast. This made her hips jump off the bed and she just screamed "Yessssssssssss."

Ginger rested for a moment. I thought perhaps the activity had sobered her up and she would stop. Instead, she levered herself so she was sitting in front of me on the edge of the bed, still not releasing her hold on my cock. She kissed the tip again, and then licked the ridge of flesh than ran along the bottom of the helmet. Then, she pulled me closer and rubbed my cock across her nipples. Ginger let my shaft dangle just for a second and then she grabbed each of her own tits in a hand, leaning further forward to close this mass of flesh around my shaft. She began bouncing on the bed, fucking my rod with her tits. Then she began stabbing at my cockhead with her tongue each time it came clear of her cleavage.

After all the build up, starting with the chatter in the kitchen, I did not last long. "I'm going to come," I warned.

"That's okay, baby brother, come all over my tits, but spray some onto my lips, so I can taste you fresh."

Just as she had described doing ten years before, Ginger then squeezed my sac, milking a rush of gism out of my cock just as it rose above her orbs. It splashed into her mouth, but she missed most of it. Come was dribbling down her chin and splattered on her cheeks, dripping onto her exposed tits.

"Save some so we can fuck," I begged, no longer caring about the fact that she was my sister.

"Too tired," she moaned drunkenly. Obviously, the sex had not cleared her brain. This time, it was Ginger who passed out with fresh semen drying on her skin. I gently arranged her on the bed. I considered going to my own room, thinking that a gentleman would behave that way, but I suddenly felt a need just to stay close to her, and enjoy the treat of a warm body up against mine.

I climbed into the spare bed, spooning into Ginger's back. Mentally and physically worn out, I don't even remember whether I stayed awake long enough to put my arms around her and grab her tits, but that was how I woke up, kneading her mounds, my hard on rubbing between her buttocks. My mind was racing. Despite everything she said about desiring me for ten years, I felt like I would be taking advantage of the situation if I fucked her as she slept.

My doubts were eased however as my sister started sliding her rear end along the mattress, rubbing back against my cock and purring like a kitten. She resolved any uncertainty by reaching down, opening her thighs and grabbing my cock in her hand. After stroking it a few times, she steered it to her already soaked pussy. Ginger continued to do the work, pressing down to swallow my length inside her, and gliding up and down the shaft as my mushroom like cock head enjoyed the warmth of her cavern. I was captured in her fantasy come true, absorbed by the fabulous feeling of my cock inside her hot wet cunt, stretching the inside which had only enjoyed Dirk's narrow weapon in a decade. Ginger purred along with pleasure as her muscles tightened around me as I matching my movements to her.

Once again, I triggered my sister's orgasm by stretching her nipples as far out from her tits as I could. She yelped slightly, but I felt the contraction gripping her tummy as spasms shook her body and fluids flowed along my cock into my lap.

"I love you Keith," my sister moaned as she came. "Now it's your turn."

With amazing grace, never releasing my cock out of her cunt, Ginger rolled me onto my back and spun so she was atop me, riding me like a cowgirl, and yelling just as loudly as at a rodeo. This time, we each attacked each others nipples. Ginger dipped her tits to tease my lips, just long enough for my teeth to rake the tender tips. She scratched my chest as she flung her body back upright, demanding that I massage her breasts while she twisted my teats. The morning sun flooded the room through the open curtains as finally Ginger again palmed my balls and pumped my cum out, this time taking it into her womb. Panting, she collapsed on my chest.

"No more," she said, "I just came again and I can't come anymore."

I apologized for coming inside her without a rubber. "What if you get pregnant?" I asked.

"Haven't you heard of the pill, baby brother?" she replied, "and something tells me you are disease free."

I blushed again, knowing that she had guessed that I was still technically at least a virgin until that morning.

We lay there cuddling. Noticing the trail of my dried cum on her chest, I began grooming her with my tongue. Ginger was getting aroused again and said, "Well, I did promise that you could eat me later."

Just then, the bedside phone rang. Since she was on that side of the bed, Ginger reached out without thinking and answered it. I could hear our mother's voice leaking from the earpiece. "Ginger," Mom said, "what are you doing there?"

Ginger explained her discovery of Dirk's infidelity, and that I had "more than made up for it."

"What ever do you mean dear?" Mom asked. "And why are you panting?"

"Because Keith is just as horny as we used to guess when we all lived at home."

Mom chuckled and said, "Hmm, I hope you saved some for me, I'll take the next flight there."

As Ginger hung up, I asked "What gives, sis?"

"Remember how I told you last night that Mom and I used to laugh about how loudly you shook the wall while you jerked off? Well, I didn't quite tell you the whole truth. Mom also always wondered how your big cock would feel. Dad is like Dirk, a real pencil dick."

I stared at her in disbelief. "It was Mom that taught me to eat pussy, since Dad's cock couldn't get her off. Then she had Dad take my virginity, and even taught me how to take it up the ass. We kept that up from the time I was eighteen until I left to get married. I was always shocked she never initiated you."

"Well, I guess in a few hours she can make up for lost time."

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