I Thought She Made You Up Ch. 02


Her dad had a farm. He didn't work it because of his businesses, but he liked to live there. As soon as I shut off the bike the porch light came on. She almost flew off the bike and started fixing her dress.

Her father came out of the house. He had a huge frown on his face.

"Cecelia, who are you with?"

"Dad, this is Jimmy Wilson. a friend from high school. He gave me a ride home."

Disapproval oozed from every pore.

"Thank you for bringing my daughter home, Mr. Wilson. Cecelia, get in the house."

Well, the help had been dismissed.

I never got the rest of my payment, well, not that night anyway.


I didn't expect the phone call I got the next day.

one of my housemates answered and yelled to me some chick was on the line for me. I picked it up.

"Jimmy, is that you?"

I didn't recognize the voice.

"Yeah, who is this?"

She sounded a little pissed.

"It's me, Cecilia. What are you doing right now?"

Well, this was a surprise.

"Just hanging out. You?"

"Listen, I'm at the Burger Barn with my friends. They still don't believe we were together. Hop on that cute little bike and get over here, please."

"They probably don't believe it because it never happened. What's the matter, ashamed of letting me come to your house?"

I wasn't feeling particular charitable.

"After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence she said "I'm sorry about my dad, I'm his baby girl, all right?"

She giggled and said "That's why I want you to meet me here. I kinda gave them the impression I had to sneak around to see you. Please?"

I was about to say no, but reconsidered.

"All right I'll be there. But when I get there I expect the rest of your payment from last night, understand?"

You could hear the relief in her voice.

"Get here in the next thirty minutes and I'll give it to you with a little interest. Hurry."

I didn't break too many speed laws, but I did manage to get there in twenty five minutes. They were sitting outside with milkshakes. She jumped up and grabbed me just after I got my helment off.

She must have kissed me for fifteen minutes before she let me off the bike, dragging me over to her friends.

"They want a ride, honey, will you take them?"

Like I was gonna say no. But first we got a lecture.

"No more than twenty minutes. No funny business. He's private property. Say you understand or you don't get on the back. I'm talking to you Beth."

They both shook their heads. She turned to me.

"And you! I know how quick your hands are. Behave yourself or I'll cut your balls off. Now, go have fun."

Boy, she was sure getting into pretending to be my girlfriend.

June was all right but she was scared to death. Beth really got into it.

She tried to slide her hands down to my crotch a couple of times but I stopped her. We stopped at a gas station to top off my tank and I fussed at her a little. She snorted.

"Oh get real. There's no way miss professional virgin could be hooked up with you. This is just a scam."

It pissed me off so I gave her a hurt look.

"She might surprise you. And she's hell in bed, the best I ever had. She has to sneak around to see me because her dad hates me. You're supposed to be her friend, give her a little slack."

She looked surprised I would defend her.

"Sorry if I was out of line, I just can't get a mental picture of you together. Guess I need to adjust my opinion of her."

We were a little late getting back, and Cecelia looked pissed. She calmed down when Beth hugged her and told her what a lucky bitch she was.

The smile she gave me was a thousand watts.

"Come on babe, let's go. Say bye, they're driving back to school this afternoon. I don't have any classes until tomorrow afternoon, I'm going back in the morning."

We all hugged each other and waved as they pulled out. I looked over at her.

"What now?"

"Now you take me for a nice long ride on your bike. I don't have to be home until eight."

"What about your dad?"

She had the decency to look guilty.

"He and Mom went to visit my grandparents. They won't be home until ten."

I didn't push it.

"Where do you want to go?"

When she said "Surprise me" I decided to do just that.

I took her on some of the curviest roads I knew. She was tense for about fifteen minutes before she snuggled against my back and relaxed.

After about forty minutes I pulled in at a little bar I knew, I saw most of my friends' bikes out front. She tensed up.

"Where are we?"

"Relax. It's a place I hang out in. We'll have a beer or two, play some pool. I'll introduce you to my friends, it'll be fun. What's wrong, never been to a bar before?"

Her look said it all. I couldn't help but laugh.

"I though you were little miss college. I though

you all hung out in bars and partied all weekend.

Isn't that what college kids are supposed to do?"

She just hung her head. I took her hand.

"Come on, nothing will happen to you. If you don't relax after a few minutes we'll leave, all right?

She nodded her head, but hung on to my hand.

We went in and of course my friends started up right away.

"Damn, Looney, who's the babe? Is she vision impaired? A little slow maybe? That's the only reason I can think of for her to be around you."

I gave it right back to them.

"Fuck all of you. The woman obviously knows quality when she sees it. The fact that I'm a handsome devil and hung like a horse has nothing to do with it, she loves me for my mind."

She would probably have glowed in the dark. Marcy,

Billys' wife, saved her.

"You guys stop it! You're embarrassing the poor girl. Just because she has questionable taste in men doesn't mean you can be mean to her. Come on, honey, sit with us."

She dragged her off to the table the women had claimed. I saw her start to relax. She even looked over at me and smirked a couple of times. I sent a round of beer to the table and left them alone. Never beard the lion in its' den.

A few minutes later she came over to me at the pool table. I looked around when I felt her rubbing my back.

"Having fun yet?"

"I am actually. Like my new look?"

She had complained to Marcy about how badly her hair got tangled riding my bike. She gave her some practical advice and helped put her hair up in a french braid. The bar had tee shirts with their logo on it. She had bought one and had slipped it on.

"You look like a fox. A real biker babe."

She glowed with the compliment.

"I wish the girls could see me now."

I had an idea. The owners had a camera, an old 35mm Nikon. They kept it around for times when a patron did something really stupid. They would snap a few pics and post them on their wall of shame. Besides helping keep people in line, it made some great memories.

I talked to the bartender and he put a fresh roll of film in. For the next 45 minutes we snapped pictures of CeCe. CeCe on my bike, CeCe hugging me, CeCe sitting on the bar and pool table with a beer in her hand. A couple of us kissing. A few more with her hugging my friends, especially the meaner looking ones. One of the girls lined up in bar tee shirts, exposing their tummies like they were in the process of taking them off. CeCe was in the middle, with her shirt lifted so high you could see the bottom of her bra. We shot up 36 exposures.

I dropped the roll in my pocket, promising to send a set to her dorm when they got developed. I could have went the 24 hour route and had her pick them up on the way out of town, but I wanted to see them first.

After a couple of hours it looked like she was getting a little tipsy so we left. I had a few drunk girls on the back of my bike before. It could be kind of dangerous. I didn't know it at the time but it was the first time CeCe had drank more than one beer. We went back to the Burger Barn and grabbed a snack. She was high on her news experiences and beer and needed to calm down a little.

I ended up taking her home about seven so she would be straight if her parents came home early.

She didn't let me in the house so we sat on her screened in porch on a swing. She was leaning against me with her eyes closed.

"Thank you Jimmy." She said quietly.

"For what?"

"For last night. For today. You've done my ego a world of good. I've had a really good time with you."

I couldn't help letting a little sadness into my tone.

"I had a great time with you. Too bad it wasn't real."

She sat up and punched my arm.

"Last night may not have been real, but every bit of my time after my friends left was. It was the best date I've ever had. Don't think for a minute it wasn't."

She wriggled around.

"Now, I believe I owe you a few kisses for today, and I always pay my debts."

It was as intense a session as I've ever had with a woman that stopped short of actual sex. We kissed, nibbled, our hands roamed. I was under her shirt and had her bra unhooked before she felt it.

She pushed me away and started to protest but by then I had my hands covering her nipples. She just moaned and went back to kissing me. I took that as a sign of approval and nibbled my way down. She actually shrieked a little when my tongue ran across her nipple.

I went from one to the other while she chanted "oh my, oh my, oh my, oh SHIT!", that happened when I bit down. I think she actually had an orgasm. It all stopped when I reached for the snap on her jeans.

She pushed me away.


She pushed me back again. Can't fault a guy for trying.

"I told you the only one who gets me will be my husband."

I was trying to listen, really. But the sight of those firm breast heaving up and down with those erect nipples distracted me. It finally filtered

down to my lust crazed brain.

I apologized and I meant it. But, I also warned her if she let guys get that far again she might get one that won't take no for an answer.

"Nobody's ever gotten as far as you. Damn you. I'm so horny right now my nipples are sore. I need relief bad."

For some reason I flashed back to Barb, and her comment about a good pussy eater can make up for a


"Uh, CeCe, I can help you with that problem and you would still be a virgin."

"What the hell are you talking about, you sneaky bastard? If you get me out of my jeans I know what's gonna happen."

"I would leave my clothes on. It would be a tongue, not a penis. You would get relief and still have a hymen."

She looked shocked. I had gone back to lightly playing with her nipples.

"That's nasty."

It came out awfully weak. I had my mouth firmly wrapped around her left nipple, sucking gently.

"No it's not, it's beautiful, one of the ultimate expressions of passion between a couple. It says 'I'm willing to give you pleasure while ignoring my own'."

One last bit of resistance.

"And what would you expect in return?"

"Nothing. But if you wanted to return the favor I wouldn't object."

That really did shock her.

"I don't know if I could do that."

"You don't have to honey."

By now I had her jeans unbuttoned and unzipped, rubbing her just above her panty line.

She made her decision. Standing up, she wriggled out her jeans and panties, and kicked her shoes off.

"What now?"

I took one of the pillows off the big wicker swing we were sitting on and put it on the floor.

Rearranging the rest I had her sit down.

I knelt between her legs and stroked her inner thighs. She was trembling, from fright or passion or both. I started nibbling her knees, slowly working up her thighs, kissing each one in turn. As I got closer her breath got shallower. Reaching the Y of her legs I bypassed her wet folds and gently licked her thick bush.

She was wriggling harder, stroking my head. When I lapped her outer lips she went rigid. As I burrowed deeper she started moaning. Echos of Joanne and Barb were playing in my head, and I used every trick and technique I had learned.

She had a little mantra going,

"Oh yes, oh yes, there baby, there, oh yes."

I knew she was just about to erupt, so I moved up to her clit and ran my tongue around it twice before sucking her into my mouth, flicking furiously. If she would have had any neighbors her scream would have prompted 911 calls.

I think she may have passed out, she went limp. Remembering the adage about first impressions, I never let up. She roused in time for the second, holding my head to her fiercely. She finally collapsed and pulled me up.

"Enough, baby, please. Oh my God, I should have been doing this years ago."

I moved her gently, replaced the cushion, and cuddled her. Was I hot? Damn right, but a promise is a promise.

She stirred after about twenty minutes and kissed me, sliding a lot of tongue in. I was surprised when she pulled back and giggled.


"I taste kind of sweet. Did it taste sweet to you?"

"Like the nectar of the gods. I could get addicted easily."

More giggles.

She tentatively ran her hand down the front of my jeans. My erection had never really gone away, but her touch make my zipper strain.

"Can I take it out and touch it? I've never done that before. Would you like it?"

Words could not express how much I would like it.

I undid my belt and jeans and she help pull them down.

She reached out and touched me. I twitched and she snatched her hand back, then put it back, wrapping her hands firmly around the base.

"My gosh, how does this thing fit in there? It feels huge. All they all this big?"

For someone almost nineteen years old she sure was clueless.

"Actually, hon, this is just slightly larger than


I may have been bragging just a bit, but she had no basis for comparison.


"Yes really. Remember Jackie from the bar? His is about two inches longer."

"How do you know that?"

"We have a communal shower at work."

"How does his wife handle that? Doesn't it hurt?"

"Apparently she likes it. I guess she got used to it."

"How could you get used to something like that?"

"Practice, baby, lots and lots of practice."

The whole time we were having this almost surreal conversation she was stroking me gently. It was making it hard to communicate.

"Please , could we not talk for awhile? I'll answer any question I can later."

Giggling again. What is it with women and giggling?

"Ooh, does someone need a little more attention?

Turn around, I want to see it."

We had been sitting in the dark. The only light came from a security light beside the barn. By turning towards it you could get a little illumination.

After I turned she cooed again.

"Are you sure there are bigger ones out there? This looks enormous to me. I want a better look."

She bent over and brought her face closer. She almost had her mouth on me.

"Oh no, you're leaking. Let's just clean this up."

She snaked her tongue out and swirled it across the head. I nearly exploded then and there. She sat back and looked up at me.

"You taste salty. I taste sweet. Is that the difference between boys and girls?"

I wasn't able to articulate at that particular moment.

"I've seen this in the porn movies at the dorm. I'm gonna try it, but I don't think I can swallow it all the way down. And warn me, I don't want it in my mouth."

I just nodded.

She licked, she sucked, she kissed. Her hand was still on me, pumping faster and faster. I was getting close and just about to tell her when the phone rang inside the house. They had an answering machine and there was no way she was stopping until it picked up. It was her mother.

"Sweetie? Cecilia, are you home? We're getting back a little early, be home in twenty. Put a pot of coffee on for us, would you dear?"

She sat upright and yanked down hard.

"Oh shit!" We pretty much said at the same time. Her because her parents were almost home, me because that last yank put me over the edge. I hit her shirt, her cheek, and soaked down her hand. She stopped for a second, mesmerized.

Then she jumped up yelling.

" Oh sit, oh shit, oh shit. Get your clothes on

and get out of here! I gotta change, make coffee,

and jump into the shower."

It struck me as funny and I was laughing my ass off while I buckled my belt.

"Relax hon, I'm almost gone. You're ahead of schedule for your shower, you've already got most of your clothes off."

She looked down. The only article of clothing still on was her shirt. She looked up wild eyed for just a second and burst out laughing

Grabbing me, she planted one more hot kiss on me.

Bye, lover. See you tomorrow."

She gathered her clothes and ran into the house. I hopped on the bike and hit the gas, best be gone before dad got home.

I was still smiling when I went to sleep.

I had to work the next day, and I figured I had seen the last of CeCe. She surprised me by coming by the plant at lunch. She gave me a bag of burgers, her school address and phone number, about twenty kisses, and instructions to send her the photos. I also had to promise to call Friday. Then she hopped back into her little car and left.

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