tagHumor & SatireI Waited Twenty Years Ch. 05

I Waited Twenty Years Ch. 05


My name is Lars Bach. I'm forty-six years old and for the past two months I been fuckin the gal of my dreams. I had to wait twenty years for that pussy but it was worth the wait. I've been working on cruise ships since I finished college and I'm second in command of a really nice ship on the Seabourn line. I cruise for three months and spend the next three months with my wife Gro at our home in Bergen.

This new pussy belongs to Kirsten Jensen. She's two years older than me and married to a good friend of mine Stein Jensen. I tried to fuck her when she was young, but she wouldn't fuck till she got horny in her late forties.

She's also fuckin this young stud - a twenty-four year old Lieutenant who pounds her so hard that every time he fucks her she's sore afterward. And lately she's been fuckin some of his friends. They're talking about having a black guy do her and she's asking me for help.

On this cruise I found an interesting fifty-five year old bitch named Joan. She's a damn good fuck and last night I shared her with a black steward, Roger, because I like to watch black on white. That's kinda kinky, but what the hell – it turns me on.

How they did it I have no idea but Joan and Kirsten got together yesterday and exchanged stories. Joan's a very experienced broad and she's gonna help Kirsten deal with the trouble she's having with those young studs.

It was about 1100 and I was walking the deck when Roger approached me and said he needed to ask me something. We moved to a private place and he started to talk.

"Well sir, your lady friend Miss Joan caught me in the hall this morning and asked me something."

"What did she want Roger?"

"She wants to fuck! She asked me to set up a cabin we could use after lunch. She's really horny, Captain. She offered me $300 if I make her cum again like last night. She said I could use her tight hole afterward if I wanted to."

"Gals have paid you to fuck 'em before, haven't they, Roger?"

"Yes sir, but I was worried that maybe she's your private pussy."

I laughed. "There's absolutely nothing private about that pussy Roger. That's public pussy! Go ahead and enjoy it."

"It ain't her pussy I enjoy sir," Roger said. "It's her asshole. That's the user-friendliest asshole of any white woman I ever fucked. And I've fucked a lot of white women. That asshole's better even than the tight little pussies of those young wives that I get paid to fuck while their husbands watch."

"Well, Roger, go right ahead an do her this afternoon. But remember you're probably gonna have to do her again tonight. And I've got another lady I want you to meet tonight. Joan and I want you to help us teach this other lady some things about thick dicks, so you're gonna be busy tonight. Don't wear yourself out."

"I'll be okay sir. I don't wear out easy. I get lucky on some cruises and at $300 a pop I can do three old ladies a day. I never charge you of course because you're special, but I'll be ready."

"Old ladies?" I said, laughing. "You call them old ladies?"

Roger seemed puzzled by my question. "Of course I call them old! They're twenty or thirty years older than me! But if they pay me, I'll do 'em. I even done some with gray hair!"

"Gray hair?" I said.

"Yeah gray hair! It's really something to climb in the saddle and look down at a horny gray haired old lady buck naked, spreading her legs and pumping her ass."

I had to laugh. What a word picture Roger had painted! There was nothing like a cruise line to meet interesting people! I'm gonna have trouble getting that grey haired old lady image out of my head.

Doing a four-hour watch on the bridge after lunch, I thought about Joan's date with Roger this afternoon. That thick cock of Roger's was probably giving her pleasure at this very moment. I remembered her telling me about how a pussy has to squeeze down on something to make a really good orgasm. She probably figured that Roger's thick cock was easily worth $300.

It was 1700 hours when I left the bridge and headed for my quarters to get out of my uniform, shower, and get into something comfortable. Then I found Kirsten and reminded her that she was to meet Joan and me in the bar at 2000 hours. Joan had talked to her and she knew what we were gonna do.

When I arrived at the bar to meet Joan, she was at a table with two drinks in front of her – like last night. Her long blond hair was perfect. She had on yet another fashionable, expensive dress that did wonders for her figure. Just the right amount of cleavage to show off those big tits!

She was, as usual, ravishing! And she was sitting so as to give me a generous look at a lovely thigh. It's funny how a woman's thigh will turn you on, even when you've seen her naked.

"You're beautiful tonight," I said as I joined her.

"Thank you darling, you're not so bad yourself," she said with a broad smile.

"I understand you had an exciting afternoon," I said with a chuckle.

"He told you?"

"He asked me if it was okay before he did it," I said.

"Do you mind?" She asked with a touch of concern in her voice.

"I don't mind at all darling," I said. "Tomorrow is the last day of your cruise and it's your $300 and it's your pussy and pussy doesn't get used up. It's still there for me to use tonight."

"And that pussy will still be there for you to use for the next two weeks," Joan said with a triumphant smile.

"What have I missed?" I asked.

"I booked the two week Seabourn cruise that sails tomorrow night from Miami. We won't even get off the ship – and I got the Owner's Suite! Hubby may have to fly back from Barbados – he may have some business – but I'll be on board the whole two weeks," Joan said.

"And just how did this happen?" I asked.

"It's a long story."

"Then you better get started," I said with a chuckle.

"When I was walking back to my cabin this afternoon, I could feel Roger's fresh cum dripping out of my asshole. Obviously I didn't douche because Roger had fucked me in the ass. And Roger had pumped a really big load – his first of the day."

"I didn't get a chance to soak because hubby was there when I got back. My pussy and thighs were sticky and wet with Roger's cum and my beaver was soaking wet with cum. I mean, Lars, I was dripping cum.

"Oh God!" I said. "Don't tell me!"

"I'm telling you! Hubby was in the mood for pussy pie," Joan said, laughing.

"So when hubby chowed down, that pussy was not just freshly fucked, it was loaded as well?" I asked.

"Loaded and dripping," Joan said. "Like I told you, hubby's been eating a lot more pussy than usual on this cruise. Hubby can always tell that it's freshly fucked because after I fuck my big inner pussy lips hang down about two inches and they're engorged."

"But this time he could taste it and smell it too. That didn't stop him like that time four years ago when he asked me to douche. He just got down there with his face in my pussy and started licking – he had to taste the cum – but he kept on eating me out big time."

"Did he say anything?" I asked

Joan laughed that loud musical laugh.

"He said exactly three words! Let me ask you a question Lars. Does a black guy's cum taste different from a white guy's?"

"You're asking the wrong person, Joan. I'm not an authority on the taste of cum. You ought to be, though. You've swallowed enough."

"I've swallowed a hell of a lot and I can't tell the difference!" Joan said with a chuckle.

"Anyway he had to taste it and smell it," she continued. "I think hubby has figured out that I'm getting seriously fucked on this cruise. Well, he was eating pussy just like always, and after several minutes he looked up, rested his wet chin on my beaver, and asked me a simple three word question, 'Black or white?'"

"You know Lars, I always tell hubby the truth, and for sure my husband's entitled to know the color of the man whose cum he's eating out of me, so I gave him the answer, 'Black.' He nodded, spread my pussy wider, buried his wet face where Roger's cock had been a half hour earlier, and started sucking out the juice."

"And he cleaned me up – I mean he got it all. When he finished I was as clean as if I'd soaked in the tub! Including my thighs and asshole!"

"After his meal," Joan continued, "and it was a really heavy lunch, he jacked off with me tickling his balls. And after he squirted his juice and was in a very good mood I told him I had visited the Purser's Office and booked the next cruise."

"What did he say?" I asked.

"He just nodded and explained that he might have business the second week that he couldn't take care of on the net. He was not upset or concerned, in fact it seemed like he was glad. I think he's figured I'm getting properly fucked on this cruise and was gonna keep on getting it for another two weeks."

"He can't get it up and he knows how much I need it. We never talk about it but he let me know five years ago that I could fuck anybody I wanted to. Hubby loves me a lot and wants to be sure my pussy is well taken care of."

"And then," Joan continued, "Hubby did the strangest thing."

"What was that?" I asked.

"He walked over to my purse that was on the table. He opened it, took out my douche bag, and threw it in the wastebasket. You remember that's the douche bag he told me to use four years ago, after he tasted cum in my pussy."

"Well Joan, I think that means your hubby has learned to enjoy the taste of freshly fucked pussy. The French say 'au naturel' - I think that means in its natural juices. And baby, one of the natural juices in your pussy is cum. Your hubby seems to have learned to enjoy that taste."

Joan laughed. "I hope so because hubby's gonna be eating a lot of pussy au naturel on this cruise and a tongue in your pussy feels a hell of a lot better than the nozzle of a douche bag!"

She laughed and I lifted my glass in a toast. "To a loving husband."

Joan clinked her glass against mine and giggled.

Kirsten walked up to the table just then and asked, "Whose loving husband are we talking about?"

Joan smiled at her and said, "Mine of course. Yours is thousands of miles away."

I got up and helped Kirsten into her chair.

"What do you want to drink?" I asked.

"I ordered a martini as I passed the bar," she said.

"We have a few minutes before we go up to the suite," said Joan. "Kirsten, lets go over why you gotta do this ... this ... ah ... well, think of it as a training exercise – like a lifeboat drill. Tell Lars what you told me the guys said night before last while they were watching you blow Lieutenant Ryan Allen."

Kirsten stared down at the table in embarrassment. It helped that the waiter delivered her martini at that moment.

When the waiter left Kirsten looked at Joan and said, "This is hard to talk about in front of Lars. He's like my ... my brother."

"I know," said Joan, "but you'll have to get used to it. You need Lars to help you."

"Okay," Kirsten said, taking a deep breath. "I was on my knees sucking off Ryan with three guys watching and making jokes about me. Ryan grabbed my head and humped his hips to drive his cock deep into my throat. I gagged and coughed. The three guys laughed and one of them said, 'Wait till she gets a big black one back on her tonsils.' And then they all laughed real loud."

"The bastards!" I said, trying to keep my voice down.

"Okay Kirsten, what do think that means?" Joan asked.

"Like we talked about, it means that some night they're gonna bring a black guy with a big dick and make me suck him off while they watch."

Joan nodded and asked, "And what are you gonna do when that happens?"

Kirsten looked down at the table again and paused. Finally she said, "I'm not sure."

Joan nodded and then asked, "And if they tell you they're gonna walk out and leave you all alone if you don't get down on your knees and suck that black cock?"

This time Kirsten mumbled something I couldn't understand, still staring down at her drink on the table.

"I didn't understand you Kirsten. Could you speak louder," Joan said. "Tell Lars."

Kirsten looked up directly at me. She had tears in her eyes.

"I'll probably get down on my knees and suck him off," she said softly.

Sitting there I realized that Joan was right about what whores would do to please guys.

Joan was not finished with her questions. "Okay Kirsten, what's gonna happen while you're on you knees blowing the black guy?"

Kirsten closed her eyes and said very softly, "They're gonna be making jokes and laughing at me especially when I choke."

Joan's questions continued. "And what happens after you blow the black guy?"

Kirsten was just sitting there with her eyes closed and answering Joan's questions in a toneless, expressionless, soft voice.

"He's gonna fuck me."

"And what will the boys be doing while you're getting fucked," Joan asked.

"They're gonna be laughing at me and telling me to pump my ass harder and calling me a whore and saying that whores like big black cocks and ... and ..."

"Okay. Now, Kirsten," Joan continued, "what's the black guy gonna do to you before the night is over while the boys are laughing and encouraging him to do it harder."

"He's gonna fuck me in the ass and I'm gonna scream and maybe bleed."

"Now Kirsten, next to last question," Joan said. "Why are you gonna do all of this with the boys laughing at you?"

Eyes still closed, voice unchanged, Kirsten said, "Because I want these guys to like me and be my friends."

"Friends!" I said so loudly that people in the bar turned to look at us.

Joan gave me the shush sign and said, "Lars keep your voice down."

Then she turned back to Kirsten. "Okay, honey, now the last question. What do you have to do now – starting tonight?"

"I gotta learn about black dicks and start loosening up my asshole," she said.

Then she opened her eyes, picked up her martini, and drank the whole thing in one gulp.

Kirsten turned to Joan. "You told me before when I asked, but tell me again. How the hell do YOU deal with all this stuff?"

"It's simple Kirsten. I'm overweight. I'm menopausal. I'm taking hormones. I'm horny as hell. And I'm a whore who needs to get fucked – not wants to get fucked, honey, but NEEDS to get fucked. So I do what ever I have to do to keep guys happy so I can get laid."

Kirsten nodded and with a deep sigh said, "I'll learn to do what I have to do."

Joan said, "That's right. You'll learn. Let's go upstairs for your first lesson."

Roger had set up the room for us with wine and cheese and soft music. I poured three glasses of wine and we walked out on the veranda into the soft moonlight, sipping our wine and listening to the sound of the sea rushing by.

I was worried about Kirsten. She looked worried and frightened.

Joan raised her glass in a toast saying, "Here's to black cocks."

Then she laughed, that loud musical laugh, and said, "And Kirsten, you'll discover that they're just like white cocks. Come on honey! Laugh! You're gonna learn a lot tonight about black cocks and about white men. Maybe more than you want to know about white men baby – but you need to know it."

Kirsten wasn't ready to laugh yet. She just sipped her wine slowly. It was a quiet ten minutes, but when the wine was finished Joan took over.

"Okay folks, lets get inside and strip down. Kirsten I want us naked when Roger arrives. Then you and me are gonna strip HIM down. And, honey, when we do, your eyes are gonna bug out. The first time you see that cock you're gonna get scared, but once you learn what to do with it you're gonna be in complete control."

We went inside and the girls started to undress. I started to sit down but Joan took my arm and moved me away from the couch.

"You gotta get naked too Lars. I wanna watch your dick. It'll tell me how I'm doing. Sorta like a thermometer – it'll let me know how hot I am."

We stripped. The girls had on sexy spike heels, hose, and garter belts.

"Hey Kirsten, that's a nice outfit. Very sexy."

I wasn't looking at the outfits so much as that pair of thick, hairy beavers, both of which I had eaten and fucked and both of which I planned to eat and fuck a good deal more.

I walked across the room to get the Sauvignon blanc and poured more wine for the three of us. We sat on the couch, naked, sipping wine and finishing off the French Camembert that Roger had set out for us. My dick was laying there flaccid and floppy and useless.

There was a soft knock on the door, Roger's coded knock, and Kirsten tensed and sat up straight. She was scared - real scared.

Joan squeezed her hand. "Don't worry Kirsten. It will be all right. Just watch what I do and remember it. You've got a lot to learn."

Joan got up and I watched a repeat performance of last night. Lights up on high, shoulders back and stomach in and then she opened the door wide.

A smiling, naked Joan said, "Come in Roger! It's good to see you again so soon. You've had a long eight hour rest so that thick thing should perform again."

She was laughing hard enough to make her tits jiggle and simply bubbling with enthusiasm. I could feel Kirsten's tension starting to build even higher as she stared at Roger.

Joan pulled Roger into the room, relieved him of the wine and cheese, and moved him over in front of the full length mirror that had turned him on so much last night. He grinned because he was gonna get to look in that mirror and watch another white woman get down on her knees and suck his dick.

"Come over here Kirsten and meet Roger."

"Roger this is Kirsten. She's a ship's officer and I'm gonna teach her how to suck you off but you can't tell anybody about it. Understand?"

Roger nodded and his eyes took in Kirsten's body as she walked across the room and joined Joan and him under the bright ceiling light. Kirsten's tits jiggled and stood out prominently with only a slight sag and her belly did not pooch out as much as Joan's. Both gals, of course, had fantastic legs emphasized by their spike heels and hose.

Roger's eyes froze on that hairy pussy for an eternity, then, they moved up and studied her tits. The last thing he looked at was her face. Clearly, it was white pussies, not white faces that interested him most.

I was proud of Kirsten. She walked across the room stark naked like a uniformed cruise ship hostess and gave Roger a big smile, just like she gave to welcome our passengers. She was scared, but her voice was strong and friendly.

"Hello Roger. It's nice to meet you. Joan has told me so much about you."

Then the girls started to strip Roger down. The last thing that came off was his shorts, and there it was. That thick cock, which Kirsten had heard so much about, sprung up in the air and almost pointed at the ceiling. Kirsten's eyes got as big as saucers.

"Well gal, don't just look at it – grab it and stroke it!" Joan said to Kirsten.

Kirsten reached out and took it in her hand. For a moment she lost her composure as she felt how thick it was. A look of fear crossed her face and I knew her mind was going back to what Joan had told her about having that thing shoved up her ass.

Joan saw in her face that she was losing it and quickly said, "Okay baby. Get down on your knees and look up at what Roger does to me. Watch my face."

"All right Roger," Joan said, "Show Kirsten how you get a gal in the proper position to deliver a blowjob."

Roger placed his hands on her shoulders and slowly pushed her down to a kneeling position with her face only inches away from his cock. There was a look of fear on Joan's face. Kirsten watched as if hypnotized.

"Make it look like he's forcing you to your knees Kirsten. And look like you're afraid of what he's gonna make you do. Look scared. Guys like to see you scared. It turns 'em on. Look over at Lars. He's already getting a hard on."

I looked down at myself. Shit! My dick WAS getting hard. That's what Joan meant about me being her thermometer. Kirsten looked over at me and giggled. Maybe she was starting to control her fear.

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