tagIncest/TabooI Want Mom Too!

I Want Mom Too!


Author's Note: Welcome to my entry in the Summer Lovin' contest. First,thank you to all who voted for The Return of Molly Minx in the Nude Day contest. It became the first incest story to place in a contest in four years. Thank you for helping me bring that W to literotica's biggest and best category! I hope you enjoy this one. It's a plot line I've never experimented with before. LC68


Karen's heart pounded with excitement as she took the left onto her street. She felt like a giddy teenager. Sneaking out of work early, something she hadn't done in a long time, to go home and get laid.

This would be her and Jeff's last chance to fool around without having to sneak and worry about getting caught. They were picking Jimmy up at the airport at four. Once they did their sex life over the summer would consist of planning around whenever Jimmy went out with friends.

That-along with having to sleep alone-was going to be tough on both of them. Even after close to a year of being lovers, they fucked like rabbits. With him, Karen was insatiable. Fucking more now at forty four than she ever had when she was younger, and she hadn't exactly been vanilla then either.

She just couldn't get enough of his hard young cock, and his desire to please her in every way. On the rare occasions he wasn't after her, she would quickly peak his interest by dropping to her knees for him.

She wanted him any chance she could have him. In her mouth, her pussy, even on occasions her ass. Karen was his personal porn star giving him all, and sometimes more, than he could handle. She couldn't wait to see Jimmy. She hadn't seen her youngest son since Christmas break, and having him home all summer was going to be wonderful. But seriously frustrating, and awkward.

That's why they had both planned on getting out of work early today. A hot fuck, then a nap where they would curl up, and sleep together for what most likely would be the last time until Jimmy went back to Florida.

All she'd thought about this morning was coming home to Jeff's skilled fingers, eager tongue, and always ready cock. Here she was senior analyst at a large investment firm, sitting at the head of the conference table thinking about giving head, and squirming in her seat while leading the weekly meeting.

The fact she knew all the men and women who with her thought she was a tight assed frigid bitch who wouldn't know what to do with a dick if it was put in front of her added to Karen's excitement of knowing what she was like at home.

Karen, the stereotyped bitch in control business woman, was a wild milf who was fucking the brains out of a beautiful young man young enough to be her son. That last thought caused a sly smile to cross her face. as she fought not to speed down the length of the street towards her house.

She'd said that to Robin, her longtime best friend and coworker. That she was a cougar playing with a cub. Robin had asked for more details about her secret lover's age, and she had coyly replied, "A couple years older than Jimmy."

Robin had wanted a pic. A little drunk at the time, and desperate to brag to someone, at least as much as she could, she showed her a picture of Jeff. It was from the neck down. Naked, his huge cock hard in his hand as he showed it off.

The look of lust on Robin's face had caused a wave of heat through her, and when she asked if she could meet her young stud, Karen had refused. She had smiled inwardly at the thought Robin had met him many times. She just didn't know it. She never could, nor could anyone else.

That was the one downside and it was a huge one, especially huge where Jimmy was concerned.

"Not now." Karen said aloud, she'd spent the last year dwelling on that with no satisfactory solution in sight and she wasn't going to ruin this afternoon with it.

Karen frowned when she pulled into the driveway and didn't see Jeff's huge black Chevy pickup there.

"Call Jeff." She commanded, and listened to the sound of ringing through the speakers of her Lexus.

The phone rang several times before Jeff's voice mail came on.

"Hey, Jeff, I just got home, you know, where you're supposed to be?" Karen paused then moaned. "I'm horny, baby; don't make me start without you!"

She got out of the car and walking across the lawn waved to Bill and Joe, the two teenage boys who lived next door. As always they gave her huge waves and big smiles. As she past them she could feel their eyes on her.

She was dressed in her best business sexy as she referred to it. Her skirt wasn't inappropriately short, but was several inches above the knee. The four inch Prada heels doing great things for her well shaped legs.

The skirt was on the tighter side, and she knew as she walked up the porch stairs they were getting a good look at it hugging her firm ass. Karen went running with Jeff twice a week, and took yoga classes to stay in shape. She wanted to look good for her boy, but didn't mind seeing other men-or over heated teenagers- watching her.

Her red button down blouse was tight enough to show off her ample chest, and feeling playful she had undone an extra button at the office which was just enough to show off a hint of the red lace trim of her bra.

Cock tease was something she was sure went along with bitch throughout the office. Of course only a bitch because she wasn't giving it to them. Normally Karen didn't dress this sexy-unless a high end client was coming in and she wanted any edge she could get. But having a hot nooner planned had encouraged her to dress a little frisky today.

She paused at the mailbox next to the front door, knowing Bill and Joe were no doubt still watching her. It wasn't as much fun as when they spied on her from their upstairs window while she lay by the pool, but in her current state, just knowing they were looking had her wound up.

Knowing it was absurd, but deciding to shelve work Karen for the weekend and let her playful side come out, she removed the red clip from her hair and shook it out. Her long sandy brown hair cascaded down her back, and she laughed softly at the image of her young admirers seeing this in slow motion like a cheesy movie.

Karen added another immature, but fun thrill by 'dropping' her keys. She bent to pick them up, giving her ass a little wiggle for her audience. She straightened quickly, and turned around, smiling when they immediately spun around pretending they hadn't been gawking.

She entered the house still smiling, she loved this giddy young girl feeling she had rediscovered over the last year. Karen tossed her purse and keys onto the coffee table and passing through the living room walked down the hall and into her bedroom.

Closing the door behind her, more to get in the habit of doing so again for the next few weeks, Karen slipped off her heels and walked over to the bed eyeing the night stand where she kept her vibrator. She hadn't been kidding in her message, she might start without him.

She let that image run through her mind, Jeff coming in to find her naked on the bed. Her legs spread while she drove the vibrator deep inside her, and used the silver bullet on her clit. At that point she would make him watch her get herself off and wouldn't let him touch her until she came.

Her nipples stiffened at the thought and she began to unbutton her blouse.

"Hey sexy why don't you let me do that?"

"Jesus!" Karen exclaimed, spinning around to see Jeff sitting in her reading chair by the window, she hadn't even noticed him there. "I didn't think you were home."

"Joe was down a truck so I told him he could use mine the rest of the day. He dropped me off an hour ago."

"God you look good." She whispered, sucking on her lower lip as Jeff rose, and came over to her.

Jeff worked as a mason for a construction company. He was out in the sun all day and most of the time shirtless. Right now, wearing only a pair of torn jeans, his well muscled and deeply tanned body was on full display. His short black hair looked damp as if he'd showered recently. As he approached, a warm feeling grew between her thighs.

Putting her hands on his chest, Karen admired the way her long red nails looked on his skin and sighed, "I'm so going to miss you the next few weeks."

"That's why we're playing hooky," He flashed a big smile. "So I can give you a good hard fuck before we start sneaking around."

"Fuck me?" Karen widened her already large brown eyes in mock surprise. "How crude, you kiss your mother with that mouth?"

"Any chance I get." His smile softened, and he kissed her gently. "And anywhere she'll let me."

Slipping her arms around his neck, she looked up into his deep ocean blue eyes, "Anytime you want, and anywhere you want, baby." She kissed him, a slow lingering one.

Karen knew they'd be fucking hard and fast, but for a moment she wanted to enjoy her oldest son's sweet kiss. "Your mother's pretty easy you know."

"Good, because her son's pretty hard."

Jeff kissed her once more, this time grabbing the back of her head, and pulling her hair roughly as his tongue drove into her mouth. Karen pressed against him, pushing her aching nipples into his chest, goddamn, she was over dressed!

Jeff's hand left her hair, and she gasped when he cupped her ass in his hands, and gave it a hard squeeze. His hands trailed lower until they reached the hem of her dress. Sliding under it, he ran his hands along the backs of her thighs.

"Oh, fuck." She moaned when he fondled her bare ass cheeks. He deftly slid her thong to the side and she cried out when two of his fingers ran through her pussy.

"Damn, you're wet." He buried his face in her neck, kissing and sucking her creamy skin.

"I'm always wet for my son." She groaned, thinking in the beginning she had sworn they would call each other by name when they were lovers. Leave it at mom outside of the bedroom.

But the fact was as wrong as it seemed to be having sex with her son; it was a damn turn on and hot thrill to acknowledge exactly who it was keeping her satisfied. Besides, would not saying it make it change what it really was?

"That's because my mom's a dirty little slut isn't she?"

"Your slut." She slipped her hand between them and grabbed his cock through his jeans. "I'm a slut for my son's cock." She rubbed it causing him to groan into her neck, "You complaining?"

"I only have one complaint." He replied, his tongue playfully flicking. "You have too many clothes on."

Putting his hands on her shoulders, he roughly spun her around. The strength in his hands, and the way he easily man handled her made her pussy gush.

Slipping one arm around her slender waist, he pulled her back against him and moved her hair to the side. He resumed kissing her, but this time softly along the delicate curve of her neck.

"I like that." She purred while working her ass, grinding into his hard cock.

"I love doing this." He said in her ear as he unbuttoned her blouse. "I love stripping you out of your fancy clothes, and fucking you like dirty pig."

"What do you mean like one?" She giggled.

Like Jeff calling her mom, hearing him talk dirty to her added even more excitement to their taboo relationship, but only because she knew how deeply he loved her and it was just for a naughty thrill.

He un-tucked her blouse from her skirt and sliding it down her arms began kissing the top of her shoulder. Karen sighed contentedly while her blouse dropped to the floor and his rough, callused hands slid up her flat stomach to cup her breasts.

His lips trailed across her shoulder, then along her upper back to her other arm. His fingers teased her aching nipples through the red lace of her bra and her hips worked harder into his crotch as she squirmed impatiently against him.

Jeff's hands slid around to her back and her heart raced as he unhooked her bra. He eased the straps down her arms and he pulled it away from her and tossed it onto the floor, she smiled at their reflection in the mirror over the bureau across from them.

The sight of her standing there topless, her ample, and thankfully still firm tits, exposed as her son stood behind her, planting sweet kisses along the soft skin of her back. Seeing him watching in the mirror as well she cupped her breasts for him, sliding her thumbs along her rosy nipples.

"How's your mother's tits look?"

"Fucking perfect, just like the rest of you."

His hands slipped under hers and she groaned as he squeezed her breasts and took over playing with her nipples. Karen wasn't small chested, but Jeff's large hands completely covered them has he fondled her.

She ran her hands up and down his forearms, admiring the hard muscles beneath his tanned skin. She was far more interested in the hard muscle poking into her ass at the moment, but knew she would have to wait until he was ready.

Well, not really. She could turn it around in a heartbeat. Like any good son, Jeff would always listen to his mother and would do anything she asked, but she enjoyed letting him control the pace from time to time.

Jeff sank to his knees behind her, his lips leaving a pleasant trail down her back. She giggled again when he managed to get the zipper to her skirt between his teeth and pull it down. His hands left her tits, but she didn't mind as it was so he could ease her skirt down over her hips.

She gave him a sexy shimmy, helping him push her skirt down to the floor, then moaned when he squeezed her ass and kissed her cheeks. His fingers hooked into her thong and her breathing picked up as he eased it down her thighs.

Karen felt the thong peel away from her wet, sticky pussy and she once again looked in the mirror, reveling in the sight of her now completely naked for her son and him kneeling behind her.

She yelped in surprise when he put her hands on her back and pushed her hard, bending her over the bed. Jeff spread her cheeks wide and Karen cried out when he plunged his tongue into her ass.

"Good boy." She moaned, as his tongue teased around her rosebud. "Look at you kissing your mother's ass."

"Look at you, miss hot shot, letting your son give you a rim job." He pushed his tongue into her ass and moved it in and out, fucking her with it.

"Hmm, if they only knew." Karen rocked back and forth, pushing his tongue deeper into her tight asshole. "What a kinky little slut I was and with my son!"

Jeff worked his tongue around her ass, then eased it lower, pushing it into her sopping slit. He swirled it around and Karen moaned when he sucked hard, pulling her juices into his mouth.

"Oh, yeah, give your mother a nice sloppy kiss" She purred.

Jeff's tongue made a slow teasing journey through the wet folds of her pussy before finally finding her throbbing clit. Karen's hips jerked when her sucked it hard, then worked his tongue in fast circles around it.

"That's it, baby, make your trashy mom come in her son's face."

Jeff's tongue danced over her clit, flicking side to side then up and down, while sucking it hard in between. Karen slid her arms beneath her and grabbing her nipples, squeezed them as her son played her pussy like a fine tuned instrument of desire.

She'd been so horny today her thighs were already trembling and she was squirming on the bed, moving her hips and trying to keep her clit under his tongue as he swirled it around the edges, driving her wild.

Keeping her cheeks spread, Jeff eased his hand closer between them and pushed a finger into her ass.

"Oh, fuck yeah!" She groaned as he pushed it so deep she felt his knuckles against her ass cheek.

Jeff sucked her clit hard and pumped his finger roughly in and out of her ass. Karen pinched her nipples and the next time he buried his finger in her ass, she wailed like a banshee and bucked her hips wildly as her orgasm exploded through her.

Karen squealed and ground her convulsing pussy back into her son's flickering tongue and thrusting finger as hard as she could, sending more waves of pleasure crashing through her. Jeff pushed his face into her ass and sopping slit as he strived to keep her coming as long and hard as possible. God, he was such a good boy!

Jeff proved just what a good son he was by standing up behind her, unzipping and driving his long, thick cock inside her still quivering pussy.

"Fuck, that's deep!" She cried out when he squeezed her hips and slammed into her.

Jeff didn't tease or linger, instead he hammered away at her hard and fast, pounding her pussy as the last waves of her orgasm were still flowing through her.

"Yes, oh, yes!" She called out, stretching her arms across the bed and clutching the sheets, her knuckles turning white as she yelped and groaned under the assault of her son's amazing cock.

Jeff leaned over, sliding his hands along her back and pushing her down into the bed. "Yeah, just like that, mom." He breathed, "Face down, ass up, just taking it."

He grabbed hold of her hair and Karen moaned at the mixed wave of pleasure and pain as he pulled it, yanking her head up from the bed. He fucked her even harder and she knew he'd pulled her head up so he could hear her yelp as he ravaged her.

"I'll take it any time you want to give it to me!" She moaned. "As hard and long as you want it."

Karen lifted her left leg up onto the bed and stretched it out then squealed as that angle pushed him even deeper. Jeff grabbed her ankle, bending her leg and lifting it as he continued to fuck her while still holding her hair. Damn, if the people at work could see her now.

"Look at you, you dirty slut," Jeff groaned, "Getting fucked over the bed." He let her hair go and made her release a high pitched howl when he plunged his finger back into her ass.

"I love it!" She moaned, "I love you fucking me, but if I'm such a slut why hasn't your cock been in my mouth yet?"

"I love how you think!" He laughed, easing his cock from inside her.

Karen smiled as she pushed herself up to a standing position, then turned and sat down on the edge of the bed. Laughing during sex just showed how much fun they had, how comfortable they were with each other.

"Damn, this all for me?" She grabbed his cock, while looking up at him, "This big hard cock for your mother?"

"Yes." He said, a look of anticipation on his face, as she leaned close and opened her mouth, over the dripping head of his cock, but didn't take it in yet.

She blew softly on it and felt him twitch in her hand. Cupping his balls she fondled them, feeling them tighten beneath her touch and noticing how his entire body tensed. A year later, Jeff still got this excited at the thought of his mother sucking his cock and she loved it!

She loved the dirtiness of it, the way he desired it and the fact his long thick cock was nothing short of magnificent, was icing on the cake. Karen teased her son, and herself, by rubbing her oozing prick against her cheek then turning her head back and forth, running it across her face.

"How's your big dick look in my face?"

"It would look better in your mouth." He slid his hands through her hair, sending a shiver through her, "Or at least feel better." He winked.

Karen pressed her red lips to his purple head and parting them, slowly slid his spongy swollen flesh into her mouth. She eased her mouth down his hard shaft, and then bobbed her head, while pressing her tongue tightly against him.

"Hmm," Jeff sighed contentedly as his mother sat naked before him and sucked his cock.

His hands slid from her hair and she moaned around his fat dick when they cupped her tits and he stroked her nipples. She pushed his jeans down his legs and kept moving her head in a slow steady rhythm as he stepped out of them.

Karen kept her hand son his hips and took him deeper while moving her head faster. She opened wide and made loud gurgling sounds as she his full length into her eager mouth.

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