I Want to Play


"Sorry, I'm fine," she replied. "I just saw the guy I've been waiting for. I'll call or text as soon as I'm finished, okay?"

"Sure, I'm not going anywhere... I'll miss you, but I'll be fine. Besides, I know you were planning something."

"You know, I've always loved your sense of optimism."

He laughed, remembering her earlier text and wondering what devious plan the sexy redhead was cooking up. They said their reluctant good-byes and he set his phone to camera mode, wanting a few pictures of the rugged coast and incredible greens.

By the time he was finished, a movement on the rocks below caught his attention. The wind was playing with a scrap of cloth, which, on second glance, turned out to be a flowing white skirt.

He watched the wind form the fabric around the woman's hips, entranced by the shape of her body. Then he realized she was calling for help.

Shaking himself out of his reverie, Brad climbed over the low concrete barrier and carefully made his way to where the woman was standing.

"Can I help you?" he managed to ask before getting a good look at her.

"Oh, thank god you heard me."

Her voice was musical, lightly accented, emanating from a beautiful mouth. She was a pretty brunette and smiled at him as if she knew him and had caught him with a secret.

"I'm sorry, Miss, had you been calling long?"

"I suppose not, but I was getting tired out here and couldn't seem to get back."

With her sandals and skirt, he had to agree the rocky path could be problematic. Still, his mother had raised him to be a gentleman, so he offered his arm and guided her back to smoother ground. Reaching the wall they'd both hopped, he surprised her by scooping her up and lifting her to the sidewalk side of the barrier.

"Thank you," she gasped. Laughing again when the breeze sent the hem of her skirt to her hip, she asked if he knew of a decent shoe store.

"Sorry, I just got into town and am relying on my GPS for now."

"That's too bad... I guess I'll have to try some of the locals." She raised a long hand, shielding her eyes from the sun. "Maybe I'll see you around... Cowboy."

He laughed, tipping an imaginary hat as she turned and sashayed away. "That was fun," he thought, wondering why he hadn't offered to look up a few stores on his phone.

After a few minutes, he decided to check out the small harbor and take some pictures of it for a co-worker who enjoyed sailing. Texting several shots to friends and his brother was enough to occupy him for a bit longer, but he couldn't ignore his growling stomach forever.

The stretch of the Pacific Highway he'd seen so far seemed to be largely taken up by strip malls, cheesy hotels and oddly placed resorts. What he had been able to see of the coast had been puzzling.

To hear Anna, it was a piece of heaven on earth, but he wasn't sure it matched the beaches he remembered in Belize. Yes, he'd told her he could see the magic, but he wasn't seeing much in terms of actual... beach.

He walked to the restaurant that she had recommended, only to be greeted with a crowd, unexpected in size for such a small town. About to leave and try his chances elsewhere, he heard a voice he thought he recognized over the din.

"Hello again, Cowboy."

"Hello yourself."

It was indeed the brunette he'd seen on the rocky outcropping earlier. He smiled, wondering if he'd be able to get her name before she disappeared again.

"Did you come in for dinner, or just a drink?"

Looking around the crowded entryway, his answer wasn't clear.

"I'm not sure, now," he told her. "I was coming in for a beer, but I don't know when I'll have another chance to eat."

"I just spoke with the hostess, and she said the wait for seating was getting pretty busy."

"I believe you... it looks like a popular place."

"I guess there's a local band in tonight, so that probably explains some of it." The brunette hesitated for just a moment before asking, "Would you mind doing something for me?"

"I'll do what I can," he grinned.

The soft lilt of her voice tickled his ears and he was grateful when she continued speaking. "Since I'm in town on my own, and famished, I'm hoping I can talk you into joining me... I really dislike eating alone."

Waving at the hostess, Brad smiled at the intriguing brunette, noticing that her eyes seemed familiar. "I could be convinced to do that. Will you tell me something?"


But before he could ask, the hostess arrived. They followed the slightly harried woman to a small table in what was probably the only quiet corner in the restaurant. Holding a chair for his dinner companion, he made sure she was comfortably seated before sitting and returning to his questions.

"Your voice is beautiful and I love your accent... where are you from?"

A light blush tinted her cheeks. "I can't believe anyone notices it anymore."

"Your accent?"

"Yes." She shook her head then smiled at the waiter who was delivering two glasses of water. "I grew up in a small town you've probably never heard of outside Dublin, but I've lived in the states for three years."

"I understand... I hear about my accent when I travel, but I've never really considered myself as having one."

"We're not supposed to hear it in ourselves, you know." She sipped her water and picked up the menu. "Now that you mention it though, I am curious... where are you from?"

"With the way you were calling me 'cowboy,' I thought you'd figured it out," he teased. "I'm from Texas."

"Are you indeed? I'll bet there are nearly as many tales about you as there are about us." She flashed him a warm smile while her green eyes danced.

He could feel himself reacting. Damn, the things green eyes surrounded by long lashes could do to him. Before he could say or do anything that could be seen as stupid, the water arrived to take their order.

The crab plate Anna had suggested was available, so he went with that while the lovely woman across the table chose a simple Caesar salad with fresh salmon and a glass of a local white wine. He asked the waiter to recommend a beer and decided to try the area favorite, Rogue Pale Ale.

When the young man left, he looked at the pretty brunette and blushed. "I'm sorry... I just realized that I don't even know your name."

"That makes us even, because I don't know yours either," she replied with a coy smile. "Actually, I'm wrong. You rescued me and didn't let me know to whom I owe my thanks."

"I know this will sound childish, but... I did ask first."

She laughed, toying with her barely shoulder-length hair, but did say, "You can call me Brandy."

"Brandy? That's an unusual name."

"Yeah, my dad was a big Looking Glass fan."

"Looking Glass?"

"The old song... you know..." and she sang, "'Yeah your eyes could steal a sailor from the sea.'" She fussed with the silverware before asking, "So, what's your name?"

"Liam," answered Brad, thinking it best to maintain a modicum of discretion.

"If we're playing the flattery game, I like your name, too."

"It's kind of a family thing."

Her clear laugh at that was also sincere. "Believe it or not, I understand. I frequently wish that mine was."

They talked briefly about the occasional oddities of family names then laughed in surprise when the waiter arrived with their drinks. He left quickly, giving them a moment to raise their glasses for a toast to serendipity.

Brandy seemed to watch him closely as he sampled, then savored the new beer. While she wasn't much of a beer drinker, she appreciated seeing others enjoy it. "How is it?"

"Not bad," he mused. "I might have preferred a stout, but after my flight and the drive to get here, it feels right."

"So, what brings you to the coast?"

"I'm here because I'd never been to Oregon, and also because I was feeling... playful."

She gave him another appraising look. "Hmm, I'll bet you're a lot of fun when you're playful."

"I've heard that some people think so."

She laughed again, and he found himself relishing the light, happy sound. There was something about her that drew him in, captivating him completely. God, what was it about her?

"I've no doubt, Liam, that deep inside of you lives a little imp that truly loves to come out at unexpected times and wreak proper havoc."

"My mother would agree with you," he said, throwing his head back to laugh. "And then she'd give you a list of examples." After a long draw at his beer, he asked, "What about you? Would your mother have embarrassing stories to tell?"

She was temporarily saved from having to answer him by the arrival of their food. They agreed the timing was suspicious, but she wasn't going to argue with it and he was too busy being stunned by the amount of food on his plate.

"This is half a crab?"

"I hope you're hungry."

They laughed and settled in to eating for a few minutes. Comparing notes on the fresh, flavorful food before them, they began a conversation that flowed freely.

He told her about his job, which he largely enjoyed except for a colleague in a related department who couldn't seem to stop sucking up to whichever boss was around. She relayed some stories from her boring secretarial job and the fun of working behind the scenes with a small theatrical troupe.

"Of course, if I tell you about the office, I'll have to kiss you."

That wasn't how that phrase goes, was his thought while he watched his glass slip from his grasp and cover the table with what was left of his beer.

"Is there a problem?" she asked.

The waiter appeared with towels, wondering if he should bring another beer.

"Actually, I'll take something in an amber."

"Right away, Sir." And the man was off, laden with damp towels.

Turning back to Brandy, he decided it was an innocent question on her part. It was how she was choosing to play her side of the game, and he had no trouble in joining her. The real question would be in how far she would let it go. "No problem," he told her. "It's all good from where I sit."

He took another bite of the crab. It was fresher than any crab he'd ever tasted. While waiting for his new beer, he wanted to continue listening to the musical voice of the beautiful woman across from him.

"So, you were telling me what brought you out here, Liam?"

"To be frank, it was sort of a whim. I think I told you I've never been here before?"


"Well, I have a little competition going with a buddy of mine to see who can visit the most states in the least time."

"I see," she replied, toying with her food. "And how are you doing so far?"

Grinning, he stated that he had just taken a two-state lead. "But Scott's got a trip planned for the fall, so we'll be pretty close for a while."

"It sounds like fun."

"Yeah, it is," he agreed. "We've even done a couple trips together, so we try to keep it light."

"You're lucky to have a friend to travel with."

"Scott's a great guy," he agreed. "We have a lot of similar interests and enough differences of opinion that we're able to keep from getting bored."

The waiter returned to take empty plates away and refresh their drinks. When he left, they sat silently, listening to the soft jazz in the background. The band announced they would take a break after a few songs, and Brandy spoke in her quiet way.

"Will you excuse me for a moment?"

"Um, yeah... yeah, sure." Brad stammered, rising from his seat.

"What are you doing?"

He looked curiously at her. "You mean standing?" Laughing, he clarified, "That's how my mother raised me. 'A gentleman stands for a lady,' she used to say all the time."

"That's... old-fashioned, don't you think?" Without waiting for his answer, she smiled and added, "I think I'd like your mother," then walked toward the restrooms.

Brad shook his head and sat down with a smile of his own. He pulled out his phone to check if there were any messages. There was something from his brother, thanking him for the picture, so he took a moment to respond while he was alone.

He tucked his phone away and reached for his beer. From his arrival in town, the day had taken a distinctly interesting turn. It was a beautiful area, and meeting Brandy certainly added to the day's appeal. She was the kind of woman who spoke to his sense of adventure, and he found himself wondering where things might lead.

"You look lost in thought."

That voice again. It insinuated its way into the animal side of his brain and raised images of lissome women with wild hair dancing around a fire in some pagan ritual. God help him, he wanted to be part of it.

"Brandy," he stood and moved to hold her chair.

"Hmm, I hope I haven't interrupted anything important." She smiled, teasing gently while she sat, letting him guide her chair back to the table. "What have you been up to, Liam?"

"Oh, nothing much... just plotting to take over the world." He flushed a little, trying to remember what they'd been talking about earlier. "Did you want anything else? Dessert... another glass of wine?"

She blushed a little, almost matching his shade. "No, I'm fine. I was actually thinking it might be nice to take a walk along the beach... if you were interested."

"Well, that would be great, but I didn't notice much in terms of beach out there." He nodded toward where he figured her feet should be, adding, "I also don't remember you changing into shoes you'd really be able to clamber around on those rocks out there."

"You're really sweet," she smiled. Picking up her glass, she took a final sip of her wine, charming him with the motions of her mouth and throat as she swallowed. When she put the glass down, she added, "The place I'm staying at is close to a beautiful section of beach. Last night it was very nearly deserted."

The invitation in her voice and eyes was clear.

"A walk on the beach sounds great." There was really no way he could refuse.

He signaled the waiter for the check and once it was paid, they made their way to his car. Since he hadn't yet had an opportunity to explore the surroundings, he let Brandy direct him south of town, toward a residential area where she pointed out a small inn.

"Park there," she told him. "It'll be fine."

Slotting the rental car into the first available spot, he set the gear and quietly cut the engine. "Okay, now what?" he asked, a grin growing.

"Now, we walk on the beach," she laughed.

What a gorgeous sound. Both her melodious voice and the rush of the waves brushing up on the shore were a rare music, and he wanted more.

They walked in silence to the beach where he surprised himself by taking her hand. She responded by lacing her fingers with his and wrapping her free hand around his elbow as they wandered down the diminishing coastline.

"Kind of wild, don't you think," she breathed, "that we can still be watching the sunset?"

She was right. Normally, there was a hill or group of buildings hiding the horizon's edge. Here, there was nothing but sea.

"I love watching the sun setting." Her accent sang the words for him. "I find it incredibly calming... and exciting too. Does that make sense?"

"Sort of," he whispered. Somehow, it seemed like what he was supposed to do; as if speaking aloud would break the spell they were under. He felt her shiver and asked, "Are you cold?"

"No, there was just some --"

"Here..." he said, guiding her to stand directly in front of him. "It's getting cold out... or at least it is to me."

With his arms wrapped around her waist, they found themselves pleasantly pressed together. His chin was near her ear, so he bent to say, "I can't believe this is happening. I'm on the coast, holding a beautiful, mysterious woman."

The sun had nearly sunk into the sea, setting the night sky aglow with its molten colors. Brandy turned in his embrace, allowing the embers of the sun's light to dance along the loose strands of her brown hair. She slid her arms around his waist, and he could see a sparkle dance in her green eyes.

It took a little stretch, but she reached up and, grinning, nipped his chin. "Shall we walk for a bit, or would you rather do something else?"

He couldn't help it; he was completely captured by her playful nature. Bringing a hand up, he took a gentle grip on her chin and bent to kiss her.

There were no half-measures, it was a full, deep, passionate kiss. Neither was holding back; both were fully in the moment, exploring and responding.

The heat coming from her body intoxicated him. His hands slid down, taking hold of her ass, squeezing and pulling her against his hips. He seemed to be operating on adrenaline, moving ahead despite having only just met this woman.

And yet....

His jeans were becoming uncomfortable, and he knew Brandy had to be aware of his erection. Her hand crept up to rest in the middle of his chest, making him think she hadn't noticed, until she whispered into the cooling air.

"Shall we take this inside?"

She leaned in to nuzzle his neck while he continued to knead her ass. His hands were so busy, squeezing and holding her to him, she could feel his cock pressing against her pubic bone. It wasn't long before she smiled and whispered once more.

"Do you realize how high you've pulled my skirt?"

The warmth of her sweet accented voice went straight to his cock, hardening him further. Add that sound to her smile and coyly hooded eyes, and he knew that not only was she not angry, she was ready for him and whatever the night might bring.

In fact, she was leading everything. If anything happened, it would be because she had willed it. It wasn't absolving him of responsibility for his actions; it was simply that this enigmatic, sensual Irish brunette beauty had completely bewitched him.

He looked around, realizing they'd walked a few miles down the beach. While this woman seemed very playful, he still wasn't ready to dive into exhibitionism himself. "Yeah, let's take this inside," he finally whispered.

Brandy flashed that faintly familiar smile again. "I can live with that... it does get a little chilly out here about now."

They walked back toward the car in the near silence of the coastal evening; only the waves washing over the shore and the call of the few gulls still out, echoing in the night air. It was incredible to think that he could be home, roasting his ass off. It wasn't supposed to be that cool in August.

They weren't walking that fast, but it didn't seem long before he heard her soft accent. "That's where I'm staying."

In fact, the Victorian-style building was where she'd directed him to park. She led him to the door, which she quietly opened. Inside, he noticed the simple décor in contrast to what might have been opulent and overdone. He preferred the homey feel the owners had achieved in the main areas and hoped the same comfort existed in the bedroom.

Her room was at the back of the large house and conveniently in a corner. It was decorated with the same simplicity as the entry and salon he'd seen walking through, but this was different. Because it was a bedroom, there were little touches here and there to give it some personality.

But he didn't want to check them out. He wanted to examine the sexy Irish woman who had brought him there. She seemed to have the same idea because once she closed the door, they were locked in a tight embrace and kissing as if their lives depended on it.

Her body melted into his embrace and he pulled her against his chest, pressing his hips forward. Reaching down, he pulled her skirt over her hips and nearly fell over at the realization that she was bare underneath. Already stiffening, his cock pulsed hard in his jeans while his hands skimmed the soft curves of her ass and hips.

"I want you," she purred, rubbing her breasts against his chest. "Please, Liam, I want you to be with me tonight."

Stunned, he barely had the presence of mind to whisper her name before dropping to a knee and kissing her lean thighs. By the time he made it to her center, she was dripping wet and he raked a quick tongue through the petals of her flowering pussy. He rose with her moan, kissing her once again and letting her taste herself.

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