tagMind ControlI Want to Play a Game Ch. 02

I Want to Play a Game Ch. 02


Chapter 2: The Search For Clues.

The screen then went dark and the girls were on their own again.

"That was fun." Chirped Sammy, "She's gonna be soooo much happier now."

"That was terrible." Reacted Trisha ignoring Sammy's comment. "How could anyone do that to another person."

"Someone is obviously just pissed off at the world," replied Jade, "Or women at least. There's probably some screwed up 'Noble Cause' behind it all."

"But still," continued Trisha, "She was barely twenty, somebody took pleasure in destroying her life."

"I'm not arguing here," said Jade, "But the fact is, it is almost three o'clock and if we don't work our way out of here soon, we're gonna end up the same as her and Samantha here."

"It's Sammy!" protested Sammy indignantly.

"So what do you suggest we do?" asked Trisha continuing to ignore her altered cellmate.

"Well he said we have something in common; what is it?"

"Err... I don't know, I mean where are you from, what is your background?

"I was born in Chicago but grew up and work here, well I'm assuming here is still in New York."

"Well I'm 100% New Yorker, but then we must all be living in the New York area to find ourselves here so it must be something else." Reasoned Trisha.

"Your Right," agreed Jade. "But what? We know from the tape that we all have different professions. Did you ever go to Law school?"

"No," responded Trisha dejectedly, "Just plain boring accountancy, and I'm guessing Sammy here wasn't trying to flirt her way through Law school either. God I wish my boyfriend was here, he was always good at working out problems and clues."

"Is this the boyfriend that gave you your promotion?" queried Jade curtly.

"It wasn't like that really." Protested Trisha, "Me and Mark love each other, I can't think of anyone else I would want to be with. Maybe it's true that I would not be where I am now without his help, but that doesn't mean what we have isn't genuine."

"Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude." Jade conceded. "It's just so frustrating to be trapped like this and not able to see a way out."

"That's Ok" replied Trisha, "I did not mean to bring Mark up but... well I can't believe I may not get to see him again, at least maybe not as myself anyway. I just wish he was here."

"I understand." Agreed Jade.

"You know sometimes," continued Trisha, "We would just lie in bed at night and tell stories to each other. Just little things we had thought of during the day to make each other laugh or smile. He was always better at it than I was. He used to work much later than I did but every night he would come home with a new Trisha's bedtime story he had written for me. Then at the end of the evening he would turn... Wait! That's it!"

"That's what," replied Jade, slightly shocked.

"Bedtime stories!" Exclaimed Trisha.

"What are you talking about," responded Jade, confused.

"The speeches the puppet gives us, they have clues in them, "revealed Trisha. "When it first spoke to us it mentioned Heaven and Earth and we found the pictures. This time he said bedtime stories, you always turn out the light before you read a bedtime story, or at least just after. He must want us to turn the light off."

"But what can we see with the light off we can't see now?" questioned Jade.

"I don't know," replied Trisha, "But it must be worth a try. We can just turn the light back on if there is nothing."

"Ok but where is the light switch?" asked Jade.

"It's there," pointed Trisha "between you and Sammy, "Can you reach it?"

"Not without breaking my back in two," replied Jade. "Sammy will have to do it. Sammy,"


"We need you to do us a favour." Said Jade.

"I dunno," she replied "I wanna try to get this thing off me so I can play with my titties some more. My toy won't work anymore and I can't reach my cunny. I am just soooo horny, I need to play."

"I know you want to play," snapped Jade, "But we need you to help us."

"But you're being really mean." Whined Sammy, "I don't think I want to help you nasty mean girls."

"Please you have to!" pleaded Trisha. "You just have to flick that switch by your hand."

"I don't want to." Declared Sammy, proudly. "I want to play with my titties."

"Please," continued Trisha. "If you flick the switch then maybe we can get out of here and help remove the toy for you."

"Really?" asked Sammy, wide-eyed.

"Yes really," confirmed Trisha, "Now could you please flick that switch for us."

"Ok then," conceded Sammy, "But only because you promised to help me play with my titties."

With that Sammy reached for the light switch and plunged the room into darkness. Looking around the room, nothing seemed to be apparent until simultaneously Trisha and Jade spotted something; three words written on the wall in fluorescent marker:

"Touch-type or Stereotype?" they read in unison.

As soon as they read the phrase the familiar computerized voice sounded: 'Touch-type or Stereotype video' commencing. The video screen again flickered into life and the girls began to watch...


Sarah woke up at her computer desk groggily. It was not uncommon for her to fall asleep at work (it wasn't like her job was difficult) but still something was wrong here. Her wooziness made it hard for her to process any thoughts clearly, all she could be certain of was that she felt cold. Then it hit her why, she was naked. At least she was almost naked; her panties still remained intact although they did feel odd.

Her nakedness instilled more focus into her attempts to work out what was going on. She tried to stand up but couldn't. Her wrists had each been separately chained to her desk and the rest of her, strapped to her chair. Her mind now awakening fast, Sarah now discovered the reason for the odd feeling in her panties: there was something in them; in fact there were two. The first appeared to be a small mobile phone that had been tucked into the front of her underwear and fastened round her waist with a pink silken bow. The second though was far more sinister. It was crystal clear now that this was not her office chair, for this one had a cylindrical protrusion spouting from in between her legs, This then curved in the direction towards her sex before disappearing inside her through a hole cut out of her panties.

Sarah now began to panic, she was definitely not in her office anymore and the whatever it was that had been inserted inside her did not fill her with optimism that she was in a safe place. Frantically she began to pull at the chains that secured her hands to the desk but even though there was some room for movement it was only enough to cover the computer keyboard and definitely could not do anything about the situation in her underwear. More out of futile desperation than hope she began to shout out:

"Is anybody there? What have you done to me?"

And right on cue the computer screen switched itself on and the Barbie puppet appeared and the voice began:

"Hello Sarah, I want to play a game."

"Any successful person will tell you that success requires a lot of dedication, perseverance and hard work. However despite excellent promise and potential you were happy to merely settle for adequacy. Apparently degree level study did not become you, so instead of maximizing your education you charmed your way into a secretarial position. You figured there was no need to find a high-end job when it was only a matter of time until a rich Mr. Right came along and made a kept woman out of you."

"But that is not why you are here. You are here for how you look down on your co-workers. You refuse to acknowledge the many skills required of a good secretary. Instead you see them as inferior beings not worthy of anything bar your putdowns. You have created a stereotype for your colleagues that are neither fair nor accurate. You view the secretarial occupation as one filled with loose women, content on going nowhere. To you the common secretary is a slut with cell phone who occasional sends an email. How ironic it is that whilst your fellow workers are well-trained professionals making a good honest living, you are just passing time waiting for a man. You charmed your way into your job and do little or no work now that you have it, preferring to palm responsibility off on whoever is willing to cover your workload."

"Well now Sarah, you have the chance to show that you do have the qualities to be a good secretary as opposed to the stereotype you created. When this video ends a block of prose will appear onscreen, the total length of which will be 6000 words. A good typist can average up to 120 words per minute but given your situation I have decided to be lenient and set a per minutely requirement of just 100 words per minute. This means you will have one hour to complete the task. The computer is remotely linked to the chair upon which you are seated. Failure to complete the task will cause the chair to activate and vibrate and the game will be lost. You will become the stereotype that you invented and will enjoy every moment of it."

"Before we begin the game there is one more thing to explain. I am sure you have noticed the mobile phone already; it has been securely placed over your clitoris with the ring tone set to vibrate. Every ten minutes you will receive a phone from your friend Suzy wanting to gossip. The phone is voice activated so you are free to take the call, just say the word: 'answer'. However a good secretary would not take a personal call whilst working and as you are trying to prove you are a good worker I would recommend not answering the phone, but it is your decision."

"Let the games begin."

Sarah didn't know what to do. Was this for real? Did she really have to go through with this? Surely it is someone having some sick twisted fun at her expense. Whatever the deal was, she figured that it was only typing, so it was best to do what was asked and try to figure out answers for her questions later. Besides, what if it really was all true? Sarah positioned her hands over the keyboard in anticipation of what was to come; she was in fact quite an accomplished typist and so felt that this task was within her means. She was also please to discover that the way her hands were chained allowed her to type relatively easily with little feeling of restriction.

The computer began to load the text, a words per minute counter appeared in a box in the top right corner of the screen alongside a required words per minute figure of 100. A timer counted down from five to one and then the text appeared. Sarah began to type the words as the appeared:

From the onset of puberty, humans are capable of sexually reproducing. Sex has become a major part of human culture and is prevalent in a number of fields from art and literature to fashion and television. From a biological perspective, the purpose of intercourse is to merge the genetic properties of the male and female bodies to create a new genetically unique offspring.

Humans reproduce...

Sarah was quickly able to build up a good rate of speed and was soon hovering around the 115wpm mark. Her goal was looking very achievable as the required rate fell. Ten minutes passed and the required rate was down to 97wpm when Sarah's concentrated was hit by a jolt to her crotch;

"ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" The mobile was ringing.

Trying to compose herself after the initial distraction Sarah strived to regain composure but the phone was relentless in its desire to be answered. Sarah was desperate to keep typing but the phone just kept going, seven rings, eight rings, nine rings... By know she wanted nothing more than to just make the vibrating stop. This wasn't because it was turning her on, just because it was impossible to ignore.

Her type rate slowing, Sarah forced herself to focus on the screen. She couldn't let it get the better of her. The phone seemed relentless; twelve rings, thirteen... fourteen and then, finally after the fifteenth concentration shattering vibration, it finally ended and Sarah was able to regain composure and continue with the task in hand. Thankfully her word rate hadn't suffered as much as she had feared and was still at hovering at a required pace of 98wpm as she continued:

Successful fertilization requires the male sperm to be deposited in the female's vagina within a few days before or after ovulation. Sperm transfer is accomplished through copulation. Sexual excitation dilates the arterioles supplying blood to the penis. Blood accumulates in three cylindrical spongy sinuses that run lengthwise through the penis. The resulting pressure causes the penis to enlarge and erect and thus able to penetrate the vagina...

Over the next ten minutes Sarah was able to type as rapidly as she had before her interruption and again the required word rate was dropping when, dead on twenty minutes into the task...

"ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" The mobile was off again.

This time the vibration hit her much harder than it had before. As the motorized buzzing pulsated upon her clit, Sarah felt more than a little uncomfortable. This time it wasn't due to irritation, no the unforgiving phone was now beginning to turn her on. No amount of fidgeting on Sarah part could loosen the hold that the cell had over her and in fact her attempts at evasion only served to cause her to grind against the phallus in her pussy.

The phone kept on ringing and Sarah could think of nothing but the sensation growing in her panties; she had to make it stop. With barely a moments thought about the consequences, Sarah gave in to the ringing:


To Sarah's immense relief the buzzing stopped. She was about to continued typing when the screen went blank. Sarah was momentarily flooded with panic when a voice began, but this was not the voice she heard before. This one was very much the voice of a girl. And an exceedingly happy one at that:

"Hey there." Chirped the girl in an unashamedly Barbie-esque tone.

There was a pause. "Oh silly me, this is a recording, you're not really there yet." The girl giggled without a care in the world. "Now where was I? Oh yes, you were very naughty to answer this call, it was breaking the rules and naughty girls who break rules get punished. That is why you can't see your letters anymore, teehee.

"Anyway, do not worry about the words, they will come back after the call. It just means that you can spend more time listening to me. Oh I'm sooo happy you called, now we can be best friends! Anyway where was I? Oh I am so lightheaded these days, I'm sure I never used to be so forgetsy like this. But umm... oh yes me."

"Well my name is Mandy and I am an Actress. I never used to be very good but then I played a game just like you are now and now everybody wants to watch me. Oh I so love acting, it really easy. You just dress up in sexy clothes or a costume and then men will come and fuck you. Sometimes they fuck me all day, even after the film is over. The actors like to make extra scenes for their collection at home. The extra scenes are so much fun, I love them more than the real ones. Maybe when your game is over we can hang out sometime. Maybe we can make a film together? That would be soooo sexy a..."

Mandy stopped and giggled slightly. "Oh silly me, I have to let you get back to your game. I feel bad for making you lose so much time. I know because you are my friend now, I can make the words easier. Okay, I'm gonna go now. Good luck with your game and I'll call back in ten minutes to see if everything is fine. Byeee!"

When Mandy hung up, Sarah felt a bolt of energy burst from the device inside her and sent a wave of pleasure rushing over her body. The bolt caused her pulse to race and she sensed a slight tingle in her pussy.

When the sensation subsided she looked up at her computer screen to see that the required word rate had grown back to 100wpm. Regaining what she could of her focus, Sarah resumed her frenzied typing. She wasn't even paying attention to what she was writing anymore and so was oblivious to the fact that the block of text had undergone somewhat of a change in tone:

For sex to occur, the male cock must be hard so that it can enter the pussy. Once inside the man will continue to thrust back and forth to increase his own arousal and build up a need to orgasm. Upon reaching orgasm, the male cock will ejaculate sperm inside the female and therefore allow it to reach the egg...

Sarah furiously worked at getting her required rate down and again managed to build up a rate of speed. The pleasure in the panties had largely subsided and once more steamrolled her way to the goal. However soon the minute mark arrived and right on schedule Sarah's concentration was dealt another hammer blow...

"ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" The vibrating had returned.

This time it hit Sarah with even more fury than the last, sending mini seismic waves of pleasure reverberating through her naked frame. Sarah felt her pussy starting to moisten and the thinking was blurred. The ringing seemed never ending: 5 rings... six...seven, she couldn't last much longer.

She had to try though, she could not afford to lose more time than she already had and even in the 'adversity' she was in now, Sarah was still managing to get a few words on screen and that was better than nothing. Sarah was determined to survive; ten rings...eleven...twelve. She was so close, just a few more seconds and the pulsing would subside. It was hard to think, so hard to think but still she persevered until finally the fifteenth ring came and relief came.

Once her mind had completely returned from the clouds, Sarah could see that, to her delight she had managed to gain some ground overall and had successfully brought the required rate back down to 98wpm. She continued to type away, striving to reach the end of her ordeal as soon as was humanly possible:

However, sex for humans is not always performed with pregnancy in mind. Like dolphins, humans are able to get pleasure from sex, which makes it all the more attractive outside of breeding periods. Humans have even managed to devise ways on pleasing themselves sexually excluding the act of vaginal intercourse. These methods include orally, anally, dextrally and mammally...

Sarah's mind was elsewhere though. Despite her best efforts, she could not raise her tempo and the word rate stayed the same. No matter how much Sarah tried, she couldn't stop thinking about the next impending call. Even now, there was a slight tingle in her pussy from the previous onslaught and Sarah was sure she could not survive another without giving in.

Nonetheless she continued to edge closer to the finish and a tingle of hope in her heart accompanied the tingle of lust in her loins. However, just as all seemed bright, forty minutes struck:

"ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" The now familiar buzzing returned.

Sarah's whole body shook as tiny pings of delight invaded her body. She strove to dislodge the phone from its unforgiving position, hoping that the added lubrication in the panties would all her to slide it to a more bearable point. Her efforts proved fruitless though and the mobile raged on and it was all Sarah could do to stop herself riding the device inside her.

Mini surges of ecstasy were running a blissful course through her very being and Sarah was powerless to resist: five rings...six...seven. She was barely half way and already the desire inside her was overwhelming. She had to stop this now, she had no choice. With a cry racked with lust she defeatedly called out:


The computer screen as expected went blank and Mandy was back.

"Hi, I'm just super glad you want to talk again. It's so sexy to think you are willing to be naughty just to here my voice, I'm getting so turned on right now just thinking about it. You look so sexy in that chair, I just wish I could come in there with you, oh I would just eat you up."

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