tagIncest/TabooI Want You to Fuck Your Sister

I Want You to Fuck Your Sister


I still can't believe this happened. I've never been so ashamed of myself. For years I kept my distance from my sick brothers without a problem. I was over them, and I was over the whole idea that we should be spending holidays and birthdays and all that together. They were basically out of my life, and I was better off.

But then Troy, one of my younger brothers, got engaged. He and I don't talk, so I didn't even find out until an old friend from high school told me that my older brother, Will, was in town. He hadn't been back home for years, so I knew something was up. I ended up finding out that both he and my youngest brother Bryce had flown in to meet Troy's fiancée, some local girl named Claire. I was upset about not being told about the little reunion, and I guess that was partly why I wanted to see them all again. It's bad, I know. I wanted to crash their party. Remind them that I was still around.

So I show up at Troy's apartment, and sure enough everyone is there. Everybody was pretending to be nice and appropriate. Except Will. He doesn't pretend to begin with, but he and I sometimes get along--a little--so it was actually kind of nice to see him. Then I met Claire, who I guess was nice, even though I really wanted to hate her. I think I warmed to her only because she was obviously upset with Troy because he hadn't told her about me.

I didn't want to stay long. Even on good days, I haven't felt comfortable being with any of my brothers since high school. Not a lot of people know this about them, but they actually teamed up on one girl. They didn't rape her or anything. She was into it. But just the thought that my brothers did something like that is so awful. And it's embarrassing. That was a big part of why I tried cutting off my relationship with them. The more I hung out with them, the more people I would've met who would've not only known about that kind of stuff, but approved of it. I thought it was downright deplorable, and it made me sick to think I was related to such deviants.

There was one time where I thought maybe they were right to think of me as a prude. I suppose I fit the category; I go to church every week, I've never seen a pornographic book or magazine or movie in my life, nor do I want to, and for a long time I believed in abstinence until marriage.

That whole abstinence promise, I have to admit, kind of deteriorates as you get older, so I finally did lose my virginity right after my 32nd. Birthday (I'm 36 now). But I've only had two partners. I'm not interested in, nor did I ever try oral or anal sex or anything kinky because it just doesn't interest me and I find the idea degrading. But when I did have sex, I admit that I liked it. I wanted to have it more. So I don't think I'm a cold fish, and I think that makes my opinion valid when I say that my brothers are wrong to treat their bodies, and other women's bodies, the way they did...and probably still do.

There were other problems, too. Especially with Troy. He was into everything bad for a long time. Drugs, sex with strange women, and he drank from sun-up till sun-down. He'd disappear for weeks at a time, then come back with some tattoo from Mexico, or God knows where. Bryce, the youngest of us, looked up to him and of course followed suit, so I hated Troy for that, too. We had a lot of fights until finally one day several years ago I had just had enough.

I had talked to him since that day a few times, but this was the first time I'd seen him since then. I still didn't say much to him, but I was happy to see that he seemed to be living a different life. He still had the tattoos, but he wasn't wearing rags anymore, his eyes weren't bloodshot and he seemed in good order. He even had an honest job--a career, no less. And Claire didn't seem the type to hang out with trash.

It was because of this difference that I stayed longer than planned. I thought things had changed. That was a huge mistake.

The problem actually started with Claire. She, too, a liking to me right away, and she snuck me off into the bedroom to talk privately. She wanted to know why Troy had kept me a secret, and since he would tell his side eventually, she wanted to know my side while I was here. I thought it was a great chance to explain myself, and hopefully warn her about who she was engaged to. They had only known each other a couple months, so it was likely she was naive about really knowing Troy. So I told her the whole story.

It was when I described finding out about my brothers teaming up on one girl that set things off. I could tell by Claire's reaction that she knew the story--and that it didn't bother her! I couldn't believe it. Maybe I was wrong to assume this, but I found myself guessing that she was probably a slut, too, since she was okay with this kind of thing. I tried to get past that moment, not wanting to pass judgment just yet, and so I said something to make sure she knew how truly disgusting I felt about the idea of three brothers having sex with the same girl at the same time. And the way Claire blushed and avoided eye contact after I said that told me even more. And then it just hit me. She had done it, too--let my brothers team up on her--and when I inquired about this, she admitted it!

I was sick and furious and I couldn't get out of there fast enough. In my haste, I couldn't remember where my purse was, and as I looked for it Troy asked what was wrong, and I...well, I guess I said some bad things too. I called his little Claire a slut, and that started things off. We started yelling again, and the whole time I'm trying to find my purse and nobody was helping me. They were all on Troy's side!

I just went crazy. I yelled at them and scolded them and told them not to bother inviting me to the wedding. I mean I really went at them. It was so bad that suddenly I found myself to be the only one still yelling, and I was so embarrassed and still so angry that I just left without my purse. Will and Bryce went after me, trying to explain things I guess, but I didn't want to hear them. I made sure they stopped following me when I got to the elevator because I wouldn't let them in, and fortunately another person was already in there. They didn't want to make a scene, so I guess they took the stairs, but I avoided them by getting off on the second floor, waiting around in the hall for a while, and then leaving.

I was out on the sidewalk when I realized that my car keys and all my money was in my purse. I couldn't even take a bus home. I decided to walk around a little and cool off, because there was no way I could go up there right away. I was still so angry and sickened. These people were old enough to know better. Stupid kids might be expected to do things like this, but older people should be mature enough to respect a wholesome relationship. And the worst thing about it was that Claire wasn't just some whore friend of theirs--she was Troy's fiancée!!

About an hour later I finally had calmed down enough to go back upstairs. I didn't want to see any of them, and fortunately I didn't have to because the door was unlocked. Just another example of how irresponsible these so-called "adults" were, leaving their door unlocked like that. I slowly opened the door, was relieved to find nobody in sight, and stepped inside. Just then I remembered where I must have left my purse--in the bedroom, where I was talking to Claire.

Everything was quiet and still. I wondered if they had all gone out to my house and try to talk to me. I hoped not, but just to be safe I decided I would hang out at a coffee shop for couple hours before going home. The bedroom door was open, and I rushed in, my eyes focused on the spot I knew I had left the purse--

And right next to my purse, my brother Troy was sitting on the bed naked, and Claire was kneeling before him. I saw his erect penis, and I was so startled that I screamed, which ruined any chance of me leaving again unnoticed.

Claire turned around and Troy looked up, both as surprised as I was. I wanted to run, to get out of there even if it meant walking home and having them mail my purse. But I couldn't move. My knees were shaking, but they wouldn't carry me away. And worst of all, even though I wanted to look away or close my eyes so badly that it gave me an instant headache, I couldn't take my eyes off Troy's penis. It was unavoidable. And it was so...big. Like it wasn't real. I felt sick, not in my stomach like I would have expected, but in my head, for I was very dizzy, and I slumped against the side of the door. I was in total shock.

I barely remember Claire, who still had her clothes on, rushing to me. She had a concerned look on her face, and she grabbed me, helped me up and guided me back out of the bedroom. My brother just stayed sitting on the bed, his penis still hard, and I kept looking at it until Claire guided me around the corner and into the bathroom. She led me to the bathtub, where she helped me get my head wet, then dried my wet hair. She also gave me a drink of water and some Aspirin.

Everything went blank after that, and I don't know for how long, but when I came to I was alone in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet lid, with a cool wash cloth on my forehead. I dropped it into the sink, still remembering everything that had happened and wanting to be out of there. I opened the door to leave, but stopped when I heard voices.

"Are you crazy? I'm not going to do that!" I heard Troy say. "I won't. You saw how she is. She doesn't want to even be on the same planet as me."

"And you saw what just happened," Claire said. "That reaction was a very clear message. Don't you want this feud to end? She's your sister. You should love her. Fight for her. This is about family."

"Yeah, that's the problem," Troy sighed. Then, "But what about you?"

"I'll leave. You don't need me in the way. I'd just make things more complicated. I already have."

"No," Troy demanded. "You're not leaving. I'm not going to send you away just because you think Faith might--"

"You're not sending me away. You and Faith will work things out or you won't. But I'm not going to be here."

And those were the last words Claire said before I heard her footsteps take her out the door. Suddenly I had a new sliver or respect for Claire. She was leaving Troy! And because of me!

It sounded bitchy even to me to be happy that I had, directly or indirectly, ruined their relationship--especially after Claire took care of me like she did after I had repeatedly called her a slut--but the way I saw it, this changed everything. Surely Troy would see the error in his ways now, and maybe he would start to grow up. I went into the bedroom to face him, to see if he was really going to apologize as Claire had demanded.

But I was shocked for the second time when I found him to still be sitting on the bed nude, his penis no longer hard, but still very big. I turned away (thank God I could do it this time!), but didn't leave the room. If things were going to change between us, it had to happen now, before either of us changed our minds.

"I think she's onto something," I said.

"You...you can't be serious..." Troy said in disbelief. "Did you really hear--"

"I know it isn't as simple as it all sounds, but I think things could work, Troy. It might take a while. But if you're willing to try this, and really put your heart into it..."

"I had no idea that this is what you wanted. It goes against your whole personality and everything I know about you!"

"You don't know anything about me," I said. "We haven't spoken in months. Haven't seen each other in years. And we live only a few miles apart."

"So you really want to try this?"

I took a deep breath. "I'm sorry about Claire. Sorry I called her those things. But I think we should do it not just for us, but for her, too."

I couldn't believe we were this close to starting to repair a lifelong feud. And all thanks to a morally questionable 26 year old woman who had just left my brother.

Because I was still looking away from my brother's naked body, I didn't know he was going to hug me until I felt his arms around me and his body against me. I was a bit startled because I knew he was still naked, but I didn't pull away because this hug represented so much progress, and I knew our experiment to patch things up was still hanging by a thread.

Troy had hugged me from behind, so I didn't have to close my eyes to avoid seeing his penis again, but as the hug lingered, it was what I felt that worried me. He was getting hard again! It was unmistakable, as I felt his big member growing up against my back side, right between my butt cheeks. I wanted to pull away, but again my legs wouldn't work. My body started shaking, and this warm rush fell over my body. I couldn't believe what I was feeling, but I couldn't deny it either--I was getting hot!

I knew it couldn't have been my brother. It was just that I hadn't had sex in a long time. And I was so overwhelmed by how big he was. Any woman would be flustered. It felt awful, but I thought that as long as no one knew why I wasn't pulling away, then no harm was done. And I knew, as shady as Troy was, he wasn't doing this to his own sister on purpose. It was probably just a typical male reaction. I had, after all, interrupted something very personal a few minutes earlier. Troy probably couldn't help it.

I felt his hands grab my coat, and he helped me off with it. I turned to take it from him, intending to walk it out to the living room and wait for him to get dressed and join me for our talk, but as soon as he was facing me, Troy was leaning in toward my face with his. It was a gentle move, but it was fast, and when the soft, brotherly kiss on the cheek I was expecting turned into a tongue licking at my ear, I stiffened. What in the heck was going on?! How could he be doing this?

But then I realized I wasn't the only one crossing lines. When I stiffened from the shock of feeling Troy's tongue on my ear, I instinctively grabbed something, as if to transfer my tension to help get a hold of myself. But the 'something' I grabbed happened to be his big, erect penis. It was hard and hot and even as I realized what I was touching, my fingers refused to let go. I didn't do anything else to him, and yet still I could feel him growing in my hand.

"Troy," I said breathlessly, but I didn't know what else to say. I didn't even know why I was saying it. I know I wasn't wanting to encourage him, and I know I needed help to break out of my trance, but I don't know how saying his name was going to achieve that, especially with the tone in which I said it.

"Is this what you want?" Troy whispered into my ear, saying it just as he placed a hand on my sweatshirt over my breast, lifting it slightly and gently squeezing.

I couldn't believe it. I was so confused that I could only hope what he was doing to my ear was just as confusing to him, and that this was all some suspension of reality. But that question told me he knew what he was doing, that maybe he had total control of it, and worst of all, that he was assuming I wanted something to happen!

But even as I fought to spit out the words to stop him, my hand, still with a mind of it's own, stroked his big dick not once but two long, hard times. The tip of his erection rubbed against my tummy.

Troy swirled his tongue in my ear, sending sparks down my spines, and suddenly I wanted nothing more than to end this. I clearly visualized myself pulling away, running out the door, and never seeing my brothers ever again...but I also knew that before I left, I had to kiss him. As greatly as I wanted to terminate this situation, I felt like it couldn't be done without a kiss on the lips. I couldn't justify it then, or now, but my body wanted it, and my mind agreed, for some reason, that it was necessary.

I turned my face to his and we kissed.

I had imagined it to be quick, a sly slip of the tongue, and then nothing more, but as soon as I felt my brother's wet lips against mine, I couldn't get enough. I invaded his mouth with my tongue and let his enter mine, and all while I stroked his dick slowly and firmly below.

"Stop it," I said, and this was also a surprise, because I don't recall ever deciding to say it. "Stop it. Stop it!" But even as my words grew firmer, I reached down with my other hand, grabbed Troy's erection and stroked his giant beast with both hands clenched tight.

"What are you doing to me?" I asked weakly, the question directed at myself as much as it was my brother.

Maybe what I said got to him, or maybe he was finally coming to his senses, but Troy suddenly stopped kissing on me, and his hand left my chest.

"I don't think I can do this," he said somberly.

I didn't know what to say. Or do. This was the escape I wanted, but I couldn't bring myself to let go of his dick, though, as my head spun, I at least had ceased stroking it.

Troy sensed my hesitation and my inability to back off. I felt terrified, and hopefully that was what he was assuming about me. So he put his hands on mine and gently pried my fingers off of him.

"I'm so sorry," he said, his voice shaky. "We can't..."

And it was at that moment that my blood started to pump through my body with an energy and heat I had never felt before. I was on the verge of tears, not out of sadness but out of love, because for the first time in years, I felt like Troy actually cared about me--he was putting what he thought my needs were before his own desires--and he had just apologized for something. He felt like a true, loving brother right then, and I didn't want the moment to end.

As soon as my hands were free of his dick, I reached for him again, wanting to keep this closeness. I grabbed hold of his huge, warm testicles with both hands and held him firmly. And then I leaned forward and kissed his naked chest. I was shaking so bad that Troy grabbed me to help steady me.

At that moment I was lost. I knew I wanted this, but I also knew I would regret it. Even as I held his heavy testicles in my hands, I was repulsed by the reality of it. But stopping somehow didn't seem to be an option, yet I had no idea what to do next.

I was still trying to make sense of this all when I felt Troy's hands leave my shoulders and grab the waist of my pants. He fumbled at the button and zipper, undoing them and then yanking them down off my hips and past my thighs until they dropped down to my feet on their own. And so I stood there next to my naked brother wearing my jeans around my ankles and a pair of white panties.

I still didn't know what to do. I had no intention of taking my hands off his balls, possibly because I feared I wouldn't have the nerve to stick around if I did. I needed him to make the next move, and I looked up into his eyes to give him that signal. As I now look back, making eye contact with him at that moment should have been hard, but at the time I thought nothing of it, and when I seen him looking back at me, I trembled.

The next thing I felt was Troy's big hand against my tummy, the palm flat against me, and then he slid it downward, fingers first, under the waistband of my panties. He cupped his hand over my vagina. His fingers were long, and in fact the tip of his middle finger rested frighteningly close to my butt hole while the meat of his hand pressed against my clitoris. I grew light-headed at his touch, my legs became rubber, and I had to let go of his testicles so I could grab his body for support.

He caught me with his free arm as I fell. I wanted to help him by standing back up, but my legs just wouldn't work. I felt his hand slip further between my legs--his fingers actually wrapped around and were on my butt while his palm pressed against my vagina, and he used that hand to lift me and his other hand to balance me as he carried me to the bed.

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