tagCelebrities & Fan FictionI Want You to Love Me Ch. 03

I Want You to Love Me Ch. 03


Ginger sat on the water's edge and cried softly to herself. She fiddled with a dreaming glory she pulled out of her bag. She loved this flower, it made good potions, but it was also pretty. She stared up at the broken portal gate in Zangarmarsh and sighed as the examined the markings on it. She often sat here to reflect on her thoughts and feelings, or to just relax. It was her favorite area to be in. She loved the little spore people and worked very hard to earn top honors with them. She wore their colors with pride.

Inwardly, she hated Zale. Right now above all times, she wished he would just leave her alone. He wouldn't find her here, he didn't even know what her favorite area was, she wanted to call this place home, and very few knew that. She loved the atmosphere, but it was also an herbalist's paradise. The creatures here were plants themselves.

Ginger kicked at the water, her beautiful blue shoes placed carefully in her pack. She wiped the tears from her face. Zale was messing with her head. She just knew it, he was always trying to get under her skin and he found the perfect way now. She was frustrated at herself over this thought. She had practically handed it to him. Why couldn't she just do what she always did and pretend to not care? She was good at that.

Ginger clenched her teeth and crushed the delicate glowing flower in her hand. "That arrogant moo," She fumed to herself. "Half the world probably knows about it already, he's most likely spreading the word as fast as he can." It would take her forever to live this down. It took her months to convince everyone the last guy was full of it, now she had Zale to contend with.

The last one, the last one was chump change. A little kid practically, no one liked him, very few even believe him, save for his childish friends. Barely cutting his teeth he was. Pathetic little human, trying to impress his buddies, thinking he was the hotshot paladin who could claim what he wanted. She barely even kissed him, let alone the things he claimed. Lucky for Ginger, she wasn't the only target for his bragging and so his rumors were quickly squashed.

Zale was another problem entirely. His word was as good as hers, and to some people, better than hers.

Ginger looked down at the Dreaming glory and muttered. She had ruined the integrity of the delicate little flower. It wouldn't be good for anything in the condition it was in. Ginger sighed softly and discarded the flower into the lake; herbs had to be treated just right to produce the potions they were good for.

She stared at her reflection in the water. She was predestined to love the flowers. She gently touched the leaf shaped marks around her eyes. She was a druid and a night elf; nature was in her blood. She knew she would be an alchemist and an herbalist, even if she did get teased for being "a flower picker".

So lost in her thoughts about her precious herbs, she didn't notice the shadow behind her until she saw a hoof beside her hand. Ginger's face shot up and she looked dead at Zale. He stooped down beside her quickly and put his hands on her shoulders so she wouldn't flee.

"How... How did you find me?" She stammered.

"It was simple enough. You wear the colors of the spores, I figured you'd come where you'd feel safe. After that it was a matter of flying around until I spotted you. Leaving your mount out in the open was a dead give away." Zale motioned towards Ginger's large white cat, a stark contrast to the night-like world around it.

Ginger glared at the innocent cat, it happily napping in the moonlight. "Leave me alone Zale." Ganger said coldly, not tearing her eyes away from her mount, who currently felt like a betrayer. She couldn't look at him again. She knew what that face did to her, she couldn't trust herself if she actually looked at him. It was easier to just hate him and never have to look at him again.

"Ginger, please listen to me for a moment." Zale said softly. He saw a familiar twinge across her cheek. He saw it again and realized she was trying to recover herself; albeit unsuccessfully.

"Zale, I'm being as nice as I possibly can. Please leave me alone."

"Why should I?" He almost laughed. He really could not understand what her problem was. He remembered her stating that she liked him fine, that it was he who hated her, but here she was, filled with anger, teeming with rage. For why, he did not know.

It was then that he noticed her tears. He had not noticed the dried tears upon her cheeks until he noticed fresh ones following their tracks. He blinked and adjusted himself back. Had he caused this reaction?

"Please don't cry babe..." Zale had given up trying to control his actions around her. He leaned forward and gently, with the tip of his tongue, licked a tear off of her cheek. Her eyes flew wide then, she whipped her face around so hard, she almost clocked him in the nose.

"What... What do you want from me?" she yelled. She started sobbing then. He blinked at her. That nagging feeling that she was completely crazy crept into his mind; he pushed it back with all his heart and softly chastised himself for it.

"Please stop," He said softly. "Please don't cry." Zale pulled her up into his arms. He sat down there on the lake edge, Ginger crying in his arms. He was at a loss for why she was crying so heavily, he decided she must have much weighted on her mind. Her face was buried in his chest; the light fragrance of flowers wafting from her hair was intoxicating. He buried his nose in it then.

Ginger tried so hard to control the sobbing. She wasn't even sure of why she was crying. She buried her face deep in his chest. The soft leather of his vest was open enough for her to put her face in the soft fur that lay beneath. She took a deep breath, he was warm and musty.

The sobbing subsided and he was glad she had finally decided to calm down. He felt her wiggle in his arms. He bent down and softly kissed her shoulder. She moaned softly and he felt a tingle go through him. He wanted to hear that again; louder this time. He bent down and began sucking on her soft neck. He felt her tense in his arms and he shifted his grip in turn. She wasn't getting away this time. She jerked her head up and crashed into his chin. He winced in pain but did not loose his grip.

"Why Zale? Why must you torment me?"

"Babe, I'm not trying to torment you and I'm not even sure why you think I would."

"I know you. I know how much you hate me; I know how crazy you think I am. I know how you seemingly live to embarrass or down talk me. This isn't funny Zale. I will not be your plaything."

Zale laughed. He watched her jaw work; that tic across her cheek, it was all there. Pissed off and frustrated. He innerved her in a way he never knew he would dare, but some how, it wasn't what she was thinking. She squirmed under his arms and he laughed louder this time.

"Oh, babe I think you will be my plaything, but not the way you think." He grinned in her face. Her hands were pressing against his chest and the feel of them were driving him crazy.

"Just stop it Zale. I don't know what you want from me, but I will have no part of it."

"Actually, I want you to love me." Zale admitted softly.

"I... Wait, what?" Ginger blinked at him.

"I think I finally figured it out Babe. I want you. You're frustrating and a little bit nuts, but honestly, when I think about it, I have such a strong attraction for you." Zale sighed and closed his eyes. "I finally came to terms with it. I don't want to do you harm, I do not want to do you wrong."

Before she could react, he was upon her. He pulled her into a long embrace. She squirmed softly under his embrace, she softened her resolve. Somehow, she knew he spoke the truth. It was in the back of her mind for some time. She had a crush on him for so long, but instead he turned mean to her, he was nasty and foul tempered and frequently insulted her intelligence. He called her insane, but still she couldn't help but feel a pang of regret every time he said such things.

She wanted to be with him; if even for a little while. They were kindred spirits. They were both druids, they both respected nature and the powers it granted them. He was an intellectual, and he said some off the wall things in his own right. They were both a little bit crazy, and this was just the icing on the proverbial cake.

They melted into each other. Zale could feel her relax and deepen the kiss. He responded to her as well as she responded to him. He loosened his arms and moved his hands onto her hips.

Zale moved his hands along Ginger's sides and hesitated.

"Are you in all cloth?"

"What? Why?"

"I don't feel..." Zale moved his hands down her legs, she shivered at the touch. "I don't feel any pants..."

Ginger let out a long laugh. "So all I'm wearing in my robe and tabard. Is there a problem with that?" she had a twinkle in her eye he had not seen earlier.

Zale grinned and buried his face in her neck. Ginger moaned softly as Zale licked and sucked that soft spot. "Mmmm, I want to hear that a little louder..." He nipped softly. He moved one hand up her back, his fingers grazing the length of her spine, his hand made its way into her hair. It was silky soft, and the purple glistened in the moonlight.

Zale moved his other hand onto her backside. She had a perfectly formed butt that shivered under his touch; he moved his hand further down the length of her hip and legs. She moaned softly at his caressing.

"I want you to love me." He repeated in her ear.

"Zale, I... Why though? Why, I don't understand. I thought..." She trailed off as he began pulling up the hem of the robe. He had to get his hand on every part of her. She was so delicate. Like all of her kind, she was strong and stubborn, but where it counted, they were all soft and pliable. He would have to be gentle with her. His kind was made of sturdier ground. She would not be like any of the hard females of his kind.

"Why don't we forget all of that babe? I want you to be with me, like you are with others." He nipped her neck again.

"What do you mean by that?" The indignant tone creeping in her voice.

"Well, I..." Zale's brain raced. He said the wrong thing; he didn't want her to flee again, not when he was this close. "You're always so open, so strong. You've always stood your ground and laughed manically when anyone dared challenge you. I want you to be you, not shy, not nervous, not how you have been for the past few days."

"How... How do I know you speak the truth?" She glared at him suspiciously.

He growled then. Maybe she was crazy. He kissed her then. Hard and deep, harder than he intended, but she had to know. He heard a squeak and didn't know if it was pain or surprise. He loosened slightly, but worked his hands faster this time.

Their tongues fought a hard battle, but in the end, he won as he slipped his tongue deep in her mouth. He laid her back on the soft marshy ground, his mouth pressed deep against hers. She was reciprocating perfectly.

Zale's hands made quick work of the tabard and he began pulling the fasteners on the front of her robe. It was then that he noticed her hands were trying to pry open his vest. He released her, and sat up. She lay beneath him, panting; her face was puffy and red. He wondered briefly if she had been crying again.

Ginger watched as he pulled off his leather vest and tossed it to the side. He was hard and muscular, and for a brief moment she wondered what had come over her, why this was so right, why she didn't want to stop. She didn't care any more. She reached her hand out and touched his soft furry stomach. He grinned down at her. She started fiddling with the edge of his pants.

"That eager are you?" He grinned at her. She blushed heavily and Zale found enjoyed the wash of color on her pale face. "Do you really want to see?" He teased. She gave him a sly smile and then nodded.

Zale removed his belt and began opening his leather pants. He originally liked their tight fit, but now they were horribly uncomfortable. A smug feeling overcame him when he noticed how intently Ginger was staring at the bulge.

His cock free from the infernal pants, he looked at Ginger. She was staring at him, her eyes wide and her mouth slightly gapping. "Something wrong?"

"I just... I've never... It's so big!" She exclaimed breathlessly.

He blinked and looked down. He suddenly laughed loudly. "I forgot. Night Elf men probably don't come this big."

She wordlessly shook her head slowly. It was huge. Ginger had only been with a couple of guys before, and none of them were like this. She had the strangest urge. She wanted to taste...

Ginger sat up and licked the head of his cock softly. She liked the salty sweet taste of his pre-cum. He gasped softly. She adjusted up slightly and began sucking on his dick head. He groaned. She moved her face down more and began to grip his balls. She had never liked this, but now she couldn't get enough. She took him deep into her mouth and began pushing for more. She flexed her tongue and he gripped her hair. Her fingers were working his balls as if on their on. She squeezed and kneaded them in her hand.

He moaned deep and low. She was wonderful. He hadn't had head this good. He feared he may explode in her mouth. He tried to pull her off, but she was just too eager.

"Please babe..." He groaned as he pushed on her shoulders. She blinked up at him confused. Her lips glistened in the moonlight.

Zale kissed her long and deep and pushed her down into the ground. Without breaking the kiss, he pulled up her robe and slid between her legs. The tip of his cock brushed her pussy lips softly. She gasped underneath his lips. He was worried about hurting her. He moved his hand down to her pussy and stroked it softly, she shivered under his touch. He inwardly grinned at himself; she was lying in a puddle of her own juices. He pressed one finger in gently. She moaned and he could feel her pussy lips squeezing his finger. He didn't need to get her ready; she was ready to explode herself.

He removed his hand and placed his cock back at her pussy lips. She gasped softly as he entered her. Zale was much thicker than the other males she had been with, for a brief moment she feared he may rip her open, but the soft murmur coming from his lips calmed her fears. He would not hurt her, Ginger was sure of this.

Zale buried himself deep in her soft tight pussy. She was no virgin, but she was smaller than anyone he previously had, the fel of her almost made him loose it; he began slow and steady. She strained at first to match him, but her desire over came her as she picked up the pace. Soon he was having trouble keeping up to her as the quickened. He bit her neck, she clawed his back.

They were more animal now than in their forms. She gasped and he groaned into her neck, he began sucking on the soft spot there. She moaned loudly and he drove to hear more. The bliss drove her to tears. They had driving need to have each other. When he felt the squeeze of her orgasm, he could hold it back no longer. They came together hard and shaking, sweat seeping from every pore.

Zale collapsed on top of her. He panted hard and deep into her neck. Ginger was still shuddering and squeezing him. The sensitivity in his cock was almost unbearable. He regrettably pulled himself free of her.

"Ah... no..." she panted.

"Don't worry baby..." He murmured as he trailed kisses down her stomach. She fought the urge to giggle as the ticking sensation the fur on his face caused. Her eyes flew open wide as he raked his tongue across her sensitive pussy.

"Ah! What are you...?" She trailed off as her eyes rolled back; he buried his mouth in her pussy and ate her out. He ignored the taste of himself and focused on that wonderful shudder. She almost screamed as the shudders began again, more uncontrollable this time.

At last Ginger collapsed in her own exhaustion as Zale wiped his chin. He grinned at her as he moved up beside her to lie down.

"I never knew it could be..." Ginger said sleepily as her exhaustion finally took hold and she dozed against his hard furry chest. He smiled at her sleeping form. He had her, he had what he wanted, and he wasn't going to let her go.

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