tagCelebrities & Fan FictionI Want You to Love Me Ch. 02

I Want You to Love Me Ch. 02


Zale made his way to Shattrath City. He had not seen Ginger for nearly a week since that incident and he wasn't too eager to see her himself. He was lost in thought on his way to the flight path when he hurt an inured squawk.

"That was my foot you jackhole!" came an angry voice behind him. He turned around to see who he just stepped on.

Ginger's eye shot wide when she realized it was Zale who had just trampled on her foot. She inwardly groaned. Cookie, the female Draenei Ginger had been talking to, leaned back to enjoy the show. These two were eternally at each other, and she was eager to see how much Ginger could annoy Zale in the next, oh she gave them five minutes.

"Ginger, I'm sorry..."

"Leave me alone Zale."

"Hey I wanted to..."

"Save it." Ginger put her hand up in his face. "I don't feel like dealing with you."

Cookie looked back and forth. She hated missing things; she obviously missed the bout of the century or something.

"No, I wanted to..."

"OH, HERE you are!" came a shrill voice from behind Zale. They both groaned. 'Not now Noin, please not now." Zale silently pleaded. The last thing he needed was for Noin to run Ginger off.

"Well, hello there little soft-head," Noin's sticky sweet voice purred. "How are YOU today?" he voice dripping in venom.

"Not..., in the mood..."

Cookie started wondering how much she could charge for tickets.

Noin realized Ginger's discomfort and proceeded to dive in for the kill. "So I take it..."

Zale held up a hand in Noin's face. "Could you not today? I really need to talk to Ginger pri—"

Ginger abruptly took flight and headed off. Zale cursed under his breath and took flight after her, leaving cookie and Noin to stare at each other. He hoped she wouldn't go to the flight master because he would never be able to guess where she went. He was relieved to notice she instead went for the ogres above Shattrath.

He was a bit behind her, but he wouldn't loose sight of her. Something drove him to her. He had to touch her again. He didn't know why. He found her infuriating. Hell, he thought she was crazy. She had proven more than a few times she was completely off her nut, and yet here he was, trying to talk to her. What he really wanted to say he did not know; he didn't even know why he was pursuing her. Did he want to apologize? Make fun of her? Try to do it again? He did not know.

Actually, he decided he wanted to kiss her again. If nothing happened, if it was just the shock of it, and the egging on, the attempt to innerve her, then he was in the clear, right?

He saw her dive into the ogres. Was she trying to loose him in them? It wouldn't work, he'd track her down, and she had to know that. He spotted her by an herb. She grabbed it and took off again and headed towards Nagrand. He was able to pull in close to her in flight.

"Ginger, please talk to me."

"I don't want to, go away, can't you see I'm busy."

"Please land so we can talk."

"No. You've had your fun at my expense, I'm sure your Grammy is REAL proud of you. Can you just leave me alone now? I have better things to do, you arrogant moo."

"Why do you say that?"

Ginger flew down and landed beside another herb. She began gathering it as Zale landed beside her. "You know damn well why I say that. She got quite good laugh out of it. And I'm sure you went around just braaaaging about it too. Leave me alone. You torment me enough."

"No, wait. Please." Zale grabbed her hand and tugged it to him gently. She stumbled slightly and he reached out his other hand to steady her. He couldn't figure out what was wrong with him at this point. He held her hand close to his chest.

She sighed softly and looked up at him. She didn't know why she was so bothered. He wasn't the first person to try to kiss her and he certainly wouldn't be the last. Of course she'd never been caught off guard like that either. She shook her head softly. No she was mad because of that laugh mostly, or so she thought.

"Look, just stay away from me. I won't bother you if you don't bother me. You don't like me for whatever reason, and I'm fine with that. My like me list is as long as my hate me list, so clog up either one, I don't care, just leave me be."

"What if I don't want to?" Zale blinked at his own admission to that.

"Then I'll report you for harassment, how about that. I'm sure it counts as harassment on some level."

Zale removed his hand from her shoulder and felt himself move his arm around the small of her back. He couldn't even control his own actions at this point.

Before he could control himself, and before she could react, he dipped his head down and kissed her again; this time like he wanted to, this time with purpose, he had to know.

He pulled her tight against him, he felt the sway of her robe brush against his legs, and the sensation sent shivers through him. He pressed her hand to his chest and, almost regrettably, released it and moved his hand to the back of her neck. He felt her silky hair brush the top of his hand. His finger tips played with the baby fine hairs on the nape of her slender neck.

She placed her hands on his chest and fell against him. Her mind swam in the feel of his embrace. She felt his arm tighten around her waist and fought the urge to giggle as his fingers tickled her neck. She raised one hand up to his chin and felt the soft fur between her fingers, the strong jaw line beneath the mesh. She surprised him when she began to return his embrace. They deepened the embrace as nether one wanted to let go.

The loud caw of a bird nearby snapped Ginger to attention. Her eyes flew wide as she realized exactly why it innerved her. She reacted in a way she wasn't comfortable with; it was her own feelings betraying her. She popped moonkin form.

The shock of her changing forms made Zale loose his grip. She backed away and dropped form. She was wide-eyed and scared. The look on her face confused him. She grabbed the reins of her epic cat and bolted away before he could react. He watched her fleeing form with a dumbfounded look on his face.

A slow smile crept upon his face. He knew the answer to his question now. He wanted her, badly. He would have her; he just had to figure out how.

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