tagNonConsent/ReluctanceI Went On The Game But Escaped

I Went On The Game But Escaped


My husband, Tom, said the most terrifying words I could hear. We have been in a franchise business for just 1 year of a 3-year contract and the bottom has fallen out of our business! We thought, as had the rest of our family, that the ice-cream business couldn't lose and it went very well for the first 6 months. The seasons seemed to change and suddenly we had cold weather for the next 6 months when we should have had quite warm ice-cream eating weather. It doesn't matter how your business is going the payments for the franchise must be made!

Tom called me into the room at the back of the parlor and gave me the terrible news. We were going to lose the franchise if we couldn't find $1,300 by the end of the month and it was the 14th already! He said, "Pru, I love you with all my heart but we just have to find money and find it quickly. It is certainly not going to come from our business in the immediate future and I can see no alternative but for you to have to work for it! I have tried all the normal avenues for money - family, banks, friends but no one has any spare money so you will just have to go to work. I know you are quite unskilled and there isn't much work about but perhaps, and I really hesitate to say this, but perhaps you might have to go on the game for a while!"

Tom's words hit my so hard I almost passed out! I had never expected him to say something like that but I knew he was desperate and I had been trying to find work without success. We have only been married for 5 years and I thought Tom was the only man who would ever be in my life but now he was proposing I should go out and fuck other men! Oh God, what was he asking me to do?

I moved over to Tom and kissed him and at the same time I started crying. He kissed me back and tried to calm me but I was too upset at the prospect of having to fuck other men. Tom tried to quietly explain he had been talking to some friends of his and they had told him he could make lots of money by sending me out as a hooker. I hated that word but started to realise that would be what I would be called soon. Tom went on further to tell me I could start off first with just blowjobs and they could bring in quite a bit of money without too much discomfort. "After all," he said, "you love sucking my cock!" I tried to explain that sucking his cock was because I loved him and I certainly didn't love any other man but he wouldn't accept that and told me if I loved him at all I would do this for him.

When I asked Tom when he wanted me to do this dreadful thing he told me there was no time like the present and I should go out tonight. He also told me he would be there to protect me and see no harm came to me but that was cold comfort if it was me who had to suck some man's cock for money. I asked Tom if I would be expected to swallow the man's cum and he told me that would be the thing as most of my business would be in cars and it would be too hard to open the door or window and spit the cum out! Gee, I loved Tom's cum but was dreading the taste of other men's cum.

Certainly I had sucked off a few boys before I had met Tom and I guess it wasn't too bad but it wasn't my favorite thing - I much preferred being fucked by these lads rather than swallow their cum. Now this was going to come back to me and I would have to start sucking cocks once again. It is true I loved sucking Tom's cock but that is because we are married and I am expected to do that sort of thing.

Tom dressed me up as soon as we left our business premises and told me I should try to pick up the men heading for home from their offices and most of them would be on the road about 6pm. He found a very short skirt and a shirt which has some buttons on it but it ties just under my breasts exposing a lot of skin. He wouldn't allow me to wear a bra nor panties and I felt just as cheap as I looked in this outfit. The other thing worrying me was that it was so cold outside - it should have been warm weather - and perhaps if it had been warm I wouldn't have to do this terrible thing.

Before I left the bedroom Tom handed me a packet of condoms and told me I should try to get the man to wear that if he fucked me but if the man wouldn't wear it I should charge a lot more. He also told me men don't like having their cocks sucked with a condom on it so I would have to suck them bareback and enjoy it! I asked Tom if I could wear stockings and keep me a little warmer but he told me no and that was that!

We have a very battered old car and he drove me to a well-lit corner of a busy road near a set of traffic lights where the cars would have to slow down or stop. I was to stand on the edge of the road and try to get the men to stop their cars and let me suck them off. I hated the very thought of this but when Tom dropped me on the corner it suddenly became very real indeed.

I was shivering just standing there and the cars driving past created a wind which made me very cold. After about 20 minutes a car pulled up and a rather nice looking man wound down the window and asked how much? I immediately told him $40 and he nodded and opened the car door. Nervously I got in and sat down. He seemed to be rather nice and we chatted for a minute or two as he drove to a darkened part of the road. He handed me $40 which I tucked into my purse and then I knew I had to carry out my part of the bargain.

He clicked a lever and his seat slid back as far as it would go and he also pressed the button to make the back of his seat recline. He was almost lying flat when he opened his pants and slipped them down his legs exposing a fairly long and hard cock which was sticking up in the air. He nodded to me and I leaned over and started to lick his cock. It didn't taste too bad so I took most of it into my mouth and began sucking him. While I was leaning over him he reached inside my shirt and began playing with my tits. This gets me excited and I started to suck him off a lot harder. It didn't take very long before he gave a little shudder and at the same time he squeezed my tits unmercifully as he came in my mouth. I swallowed his cum as fast as I could and was a little surprised when I realized it didn't taste too bad at all. I sucked him until he was dry and then I licked his cock clean and then I sat up in my seat. He grinned at me and told me he enjoyed that very much. He then reached into his pocket and took out another $10 which he gave me. He thanked me and asked me if I would be here on the same corner tomorrow night. When I said I would be there he asked if he could book an appointment with me. Perhaps this wasn't so bad after all.

Unfortunately he didn't drive me back to where he had picked me up and I had to walk in the cold air. I could still taste his cum in my mouth but I had to admit to myself it tasted quite nice. Before I could reach the appointed corner another car stopped and another businessman wound down his window and asked how much? Again I said $40 and he nodded and I climbed into his car. He looked quite respectable and he drove the car almost to where the last man had taken me. Again he slipped the seat back and reclined the back and then pulled out his cock for me to suck. I asked for his money first and he grinned and handed me $50 and told me to do a good job. I liked the taste of this man's cock and willingly took him into my mouth and sucked him hard. He too played with my tits and mauled them as I sucked his cock. At last he came in my mouth and I swallowed as hard as I could. I licked him clean and then he thanked me and told me I had done a good job. He also told me he would look out for me on other nights because he liked the way I worked!

Again I walked back towards the corner and this time I reached my spot but it was only a minute or so before another car stopped and I was again engaged for a blowjob. He drove me along the road to the same spot as the others and soon I was sucking his cock like the others. He too played with my tits and then he came in my mouth. His cum tasted good too and I swallowed without any difficulty. He gave me an extra $10 and then drove me back to my spot. He thanked me for my work and told me he hoped to see me again soon.

I stood on the corner for about 20 minutes before Tom drove up and asked me how I was doing. I handed over all my money and told him it wasn't quite as bad as I thought. He left me there and drove off telling me he was nearby.

The next car to pull up was full of young lads. Tom had told me never to get into a car with more than one person in it so I moved back from the car. One of the young men got out of the car and started to grab me but Tom soon drove up and warned the young men off. I was a bit shaken but unharmed. I was glad Tom was nearby.

After this I sucked off 5 more men in their cars but now it was getting late and I was absolutely frozen and it was almost 11pm. I was hungry and cold and wanted to go home. I was about to wave to Tom to come and pick me up when another car stopped and the man, very well dressed, asked me how much for a blowjob and also for the works? I told him $40 for the blowjob and $100 for the works. He told me to get in and he would have the works. Oh God, now I was going to get fucked when I thought I wouldn't have to do that. The same spot on the road must have been a designated spot because this man stopped there too. He laid back the seat and told me to get my clothes off. Fortunately his car was quite warm so it wasn't too bad when I took off my shirt and my skirt. He made me lie back on the seat which was almost flat as he took off his pants. He had already handed me the money which I had tucked into my purse. He didn't attempt to arouse me - he just pushed his very hard cock straight into my cunt and although I certainly wasn't dry it did hurt a bit.

Suddenly I thought of the condoms and asked him if he would wear one. He was already inside me and didn't even answer me - he just kept on thrusting into me and fucking me as hard as he could go. It didn't take long before he came shooting his load deep into my cunt. I was amazed because despite myself I came at the same time and I think he knew I had cum too. He grinned at me and asked how long I had been on the game. I didn't know what to say so I just said, "Not long!" He pulled out and then moved up so I could lick and clean his cock. It didn't taste too bad and soon I was actually sucking him. His cock got hard and he asked me if I would now give him a blowjob. I stopped long enough to say it would be $40 and he grinned and said O.K. I sucked him hard and it took a long time but eventually he blew in my mouth and now I had been fucked and had blown him. He didn't hesitate and handed me my money with a $10 tip.

He was kind enough to drive me back to my spot as I dressed and he thanked me for my work and told me he would use me again soon. As he left me, Tom drove up and I gladly climbed into his car even though it wasn't heated. He wanted to know all about the men and I started to tell him everything. He started to get hard when I was telling him about the men particularly when I told him one of them had fucked me.

As soon as we reached home where it was a little warmer he made me strip off my clothes and he looked between my legs to watch the cum which was slowly running out of my cunt and down my legs. He wanted to fuck me right away and although I was still cold and tired I lay back on the bed and he fucked me hard cumming very soon.

Tom was much more interested in the men and the money rather than how I felt and what I thought about it all. He quickly calculated if I continued like this for a week or so we would be able to pay off the franchise for this month. I then started to realise this could be a regular job if the business didn't pick up soon and I didn't want this as a regular job for sure.

The next 4 nights were almost exactly the same. I earned about the same amount of money and got myself fucked twice each night in addition to the blowjobs. I was getting very tired by the end of the week and told Tom I would have to sleep in on Saturday morning and I didn't want to work on Saturday night but he insisted as he thought that would be a good evening to work.

I managed to sleep for a while on Saturday afternoon but was back on the corner early but the business was slow and I didn't have a customer until near 9pm. This was a blowjob and this wasn't a businessman - more a man on his way home from a bar just looking for some relief. This man's cock smelt of stale piss and I almost refused to suck him but he was the only customer so far so I decided I had better go ahead. It took ages for him to cum and I didn't like the taste of his cum very much at all. But he paid me and that was the main thing. I only had two customers up until 11.30pm and I signalled for Tom to come over with the car. He made me stay longer and soon we had a few more customers. That night I got myself fucked 4 times and sucked off 8 cocks. The money was good but I didn't like the way we were getting it. Tom finally told me we would go home about 4am in the morning. I was very sore and cold and also so tired I could hardly keep awake. When we reached home I was too tired for Tom to fuck me so I dropped off to sleep with cum running out of me everywhere. I had only been asleep for about an hour when I felt someone fucking me. I roused myself enough to see Tom fucking me and believe me I dropped off to sleep while he was fucking me I was so tired.

I talked Tom out of any work on the Sunday and so I slept for most of the day and night. I was ready for my work on Monday evening and true to his word the first man I had blown pulled up and took me down the road again and I blew him as before. He was a really nice man and gave me a big tip. He told me he would see me next week but then he might fuck me instead of just a blowjob. I was a little excited by this because I had started to fall a bit for this man he was so nice.

The week passed slowly and I earned almost enough money to pay for the franchise but Tom insisted I go out the following week too to make up for a reserve of cash in case of hard times ahead. By now I was so accustomed to sucking men off and also being fucked by them that I almost did it by instinct rather than being careful about what I was doing. Using condoms was just not an option and Tom hadn't insisted so I didn't ask the men to use them. I was on the pill anyway so I wasn't worried about pregnancy. On the next Monday evening my friend - I thought of him as such - pulled up and told me he wanted to fuck me this time. He willingly paid me my money and then he proceeded to fuck me hard. He took a long while cumming but I think he delayed cumming so he could enjoy fucking me longer. Eventually he shot his load deep into my cunt and told me he really enjoyed doing that with me. He was the very first man to kiss me since I had been on the job. He kissed me several times and each kiss became more passionate. I was naked and he began caressing my body and this was making me excited. The kissing continued and I was starting to get very aroused but I liked it and didn't want it to stop. After several minutes of this passionate kissing he asked me if he could fuck me again. I should have asked for more money but I didn't have the heart to do so - I just wanted him to fuck me!

This time he took off all of his clothes and we were both naked. This time instead of fucking me he actually made love to me! He played with my body and touched me in all the right places and soon I was so aroused I didn't know what to do with myself. I had been sucking his cock for a while and he pulled me up, kissed me passionately, and then told me - to my amazement - that he loved me! I was struck dumb. Here I am, an amateur hooker being told a man, a customer, loves me! Needless to say I was thrilled to hear his words and then we really made love - complete and utter love - with him taking a very long time to bring me off and to cum himself. When it was over and I was very sorry it was, he thanked me and told me again he loved me and would talk to me more next time. We dressed and kissed some more and he drove me back to my corner. Right now I was so excited and aroused I didn't know what to do with myself.

When he drove off I signalled for Tom to come over and I told him point blank I wasn't going to work again that night! Tom didn't argue because we had earned - I had earned - enough money for the franchise.

Tom couldn't understand when I wouldn't work for the rest of the week but I was looking forward to next Monday. I was on my corner waiting for my friend to arrive when another businessman stopped and asked how much. I told him it was $75 for a blowjob and $300 for a fuck and he laughed and drove off. I certainly didn't want to go with him when I had my friend coming along soon. Yes, he arrived and I quickly climbed into his car. He leaned over and kissed me and suddenly I was afraid Tom would see him kissing me. We drove off and then for the next hour we made passionate love in his car. He really turned on the charm and we made love three times before he drove me back to my spot. He told me he still loved me and would see me next Monday but he would have a surprise for me and to be prepared to stay a lot longer with him then. Of course my friend had paid me generously and I signalled for Tom to come over. Again I told him I wouldn't work any more that night and for some reason he agreed but I think he was suspicious about my friend and me.

I wouldn't work for the rest of the week but wanted to go out again on Monday night. Tom was really suspicious and wanted to know who this man was I was meeting every Monday night. I truthfully told him I didn't know his name but he was now a regular customer and Tom shouldn't knock business like that! Tom gave in and dropped me off at the corner.

When my friend came along the first thing I asked him was his name. He smiled and told me he was Trevor and that he loved me. We only drove a little way down the road before he stopped and we began kissing passionately. This was certainly much more than a customer relationship with this man. Fortunately I was wearing quite respectable clothes tonight and when Trevor told me we were going somewhere special I really wondered what he had in mind. I didn't have any fears of this man and I knew he would treat me right. He drove for about 20 minutes and eventually pulled into a driveway of a big home in a very good suburb. He opened my door and escorted me into the house. I was very impressed with the home - it was very tastefully decorated and certainly appealed to my tastes. I was dying to ask him whose house it was but he asked if I would like a drink and when I declined he kissed me hard and told me he loved me again.

Trevor escorted me up the long winding staircase to the second level. This was furnished just as below and looked wonderful. He took me into a bedroom which was about the size of Tom and my total home. He kissed me a lot more and slowly undressed me. When I was naked he kissed me all over my body and I was so turned on I came as he kissed my clit! He was soon naked too and then after much more stroking and caressing we made love. He kept on telling me he loved me and hoped I loved him too. I explained I was married but he simply told me any husband who made his wife work as I was - wasn't a husband at all. We made love several times each time being more passionate than the last.

Suddenly I looked over at a clock by the bedside and saw it was 11pm. I told him I had to get back to my husband but he grinned and told me he would pay me for the whole night and I could stay and we would make love all night. I was so comfortable in his bed I didn't want to leave and the more he told me he loved me the less I wanted to go back to Tom.

After asking lots of questions I learned the home was his. He was divorced from his wife - about 4 years ago - and he lived by himself. He was a respectable businessman and was, in fact, quite wealthy. He offered to marry me and live with me forever and I just couldn't believe my ears. I kept telling him I was a hooker and had been fucked by lots of strange men but he also told me if he tried to find a wife anywhere else the women he would find would have probably been fucked by lots more men than I! I was totally amazed by his proclaimed love for me and also by the way I felt for him. I had really fallen in love with Trevor and knew he was genuine by the way he talked to me and treated me. He told me to ring Tom and tell him I wasn't coming home ever again and was leaving him because he had made me into a prostitute and no real husband would ever do that to his wife. I didn't want to ring but eventually I did phone Tom and I knew by his voice he was worried because he hadn't seen me all night. I told him we were through and I would never return to him again. I told him I wouldn't even come back to collect my personal things - he could throw them out and I would be getting new things to replace them. I knew I had hurt him but he hadn't treated me right and now I had a new lover who would look after me.

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