tagInterracial LoveI Will Love You Forever Pt. 2 Ch. 16

I Will Love You Forever Pt. 2 Ch. 16


Nick took Hana home still not quite believing that they were legally married. The first order of legal business would be taken care of as soon as he could get to the bank. He needed to add her to his accounts. He had already put her in his will to receive everything in case anything happened to him, but she was listed as his housekeeper. As soon as he had the chance, he was going to amend that too.

The only thing that marred his happiness was the memory of how his family had treated not only her, but everyone else the evening before. He pushed the memory away. They had all seemed to have forgotten about it and besides, it was a time to be happy. He reached over, took her hand in his and brought it to his lips.

"I love you Hana Alexander." He said and then kissed her hand.

"I love you too." Hana replied.

She was happy but also saddened that things with Nick's family had gone as they had. She could only hope that things between them got better. She looked over at Nick and smiled. He was as handsome as the day she first saw him. The few strands of gray in his hair did nothing to diminish his looks. If anything, they added to them. When he aged, he was going to look like a kinder version his father. The one thing that she wondered about was how he had managed not to become as racist as his family was. It was a question that she planned to ask at some point, but not tonight.

Nick pulled into the driveway and then into the garage. He jumped out of the car, ran to the passenger side and helped Hana out. Before she knew what was happening, he scooped her up into his arms and carried her into the house and upstairs to the bedroom.

"Are you going to let me get undressed?" Hana teased even as she was loosening his tie.

"I suppose it would make things easier." Nick teased back as he set her on her feet.

"I'll be back." Hana said as she walked back to the door.

"Where are you going?" Nick asked. "The bed's over there."

"I'll be back." Hana said and left the room.

She went to the spare bedroom, opened the closet and took out a lingerie box. She sat the box on the bed and opened it. She took a deep breath as she removed the dark blue negligee out of the box. She had never worn anything like it and had only gotten it because Abby, Patricia and the other women had told her that a sexy nightgown was a must for a wedding night.

She held the gown up almost embarrassed by how sheer it was. It left nothing to the imagination and was shorter than anything she had ever worn to bed. She carefully undressed and hung the wedding kimono in the closet and put the negligee on. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and let her hair down. After examining her reflection for a moment more, she left the spare bedroom to go to Nick.

Nick was about to go see what was keeping her when she walked in. He stopped short when he saw her.

"Hana... Jesus... you're gorgeous!" he said his voice soft.

"I am sorry that I took so long." Hana said.

"It was worth the wait," Nick replied as he drank in her appearance.

When Hana started to walk toward him, he stopped her.

"Stay where you are," He whispered. "I just want to look for a while."

Hana stood still and waited until Nick held his hand out to her. Hana took his hand sighing when he took her into his arms. Nick held her close burying his nose in the softness of her hair. Tears prickled his eyes as he realized that he didn't know how badly he had wanted to marry her until that moment. He tightened his hold on her and kissed the top of her head. They stood that way for several minutes before he picked her up, carried her over to the bed and gently lay her down on it.

Nick stood at the foot of the bed and looked down at her for several seconds before lying down next to her. They turned so that they faced each other. Nick put a hand on Hana's lower thigh and began to move it upwards.

"I don't have to hide what you are to me anymore," he said softly. "No more having to remember to take off the wedding band when I go to work. Do you have any idea of how happy that makes me?"

"I am happy too." Hana replied. "I am only sorry that your family wasn't there."

"My family was there," Nick said. "All of you are more like family to me than the family that I was born into. It was no major loss that that they weren't there. But I don't want to talk about them anymore. They don't matter."

His hand was now at the hem of the negligee and edging it up toward her waist stopping when he was at her hip. He made little abstract designs with the tips of his fingers that made their way to between Hana's legs.

Hana turned onto her back, opened her legs in invitation and gasped when Nick's fingers slipped between her vaginal lips. Somehow, although his touch was always gentle and almost reverent; it seemed even more so. The negligee was now bunched around her hips and the material, although light and sheer was irritating her.

As if reading her mind, Nick moved so that he could help Hana remove the gown. He kissed her lips, her neck and then took a nipple into his mouth and suckled it while his hand went back to between her legs. His cock throbbed as the sounds of Hana's moans filled his ears. His moans joined hers when he felt Hana's hand wrap around his cock and begin to slowly stroke it. Every so often she gently scraped her nails along the underside and across the head.

He removed his hand from her wet mound and placed it on top of hers indicating that he needed her to stop. He gave the nipple in his mouth a hard suck and then began to make his way down her body. When he got to the vee between her legs, he moved so that his face was inches away from her mound.

"Open as wide as you can." Nick said as he spread her outer and inner lips.

Hana didn't need to be told twice. This had become one of her favorite ways of making love. When she was positioned as Nick wanted, she felt his warm breath caress her clit. Her hips jerked in response seeking his mouth. A moment later, Nick had her clit between his lips and was sucking on it. Hana cried out as she felt one and then two fingers enter her and begin to slide in and out in time with the sucking. The orgasm seemed to start slowly and from some place far away, but it rapidly picked up in both speed and intensity. Hana grabbed a pillow and screamed into it as the orgasm washed over her.

Nick flicked his tongue and kept sucking trying to coax another orgasm from her. He reached up and took the pillow away from her. He didn't care who heard them. He was making love to and with his wife. When Hana came for the second time, only then did he move so that he covered her with his body and slid into her and stilled. Moments later, he began to thrust and grind against her. As his orgasm neared, he crushed Hana against him and slammed into her moaning loudly as his seed left his body and entered hers.

Afterwards, Nick pulled the blankets over them, took Hana into his arms and stayed awake until her breathing told him that she was asleep.


"It was a beautiful wedding." Patricia said as she handed Kenji a cup of tea.

"It was." Kenji agreed. "It is hard to believe that today is also another anniversary date for us."

"I know." Patricia said as she sat down next to him. "The past few years have certainly been an adventure."

"This is true." Kenji replied. "But we are where we need and want to be and maybe things will become more... boring."

"I hope so." Patricia said as she set her tea cup down. "I'm ready for some normalcy speaking of which I have something for you."

"I have something for you as well," Kenji said. "Wait here."

Patricia waited until he was upstairs before going to the library to retrieve his gift. It was a top of the line stethoscope that Paul Mynt had helped her pick out from a catalogue. It was actually the kind that he used. She spent the extra money and had it engraved. Along with the stethoscope, she also ordered engraved pens. To make sure that Kenji didn't know, she had the items delivered to Abby's house. Abby brought them over already wrapped one day when she was baby-sitting and they had been hidden in the library ever since.

Patricia looked at the packages and then at the small envelope that held the small handmade card. When she made it, she was reminded of the first card and gift that Kenji had ever given her. The card was similar in its simplicity and sentiment.


I am so happy to be with you. If I had to do it again in order for us to be together; I would. Itsumade mo ai shite iru- I will love you forever.


She sat on the sofa wondering where Kenji would have hidden a gift. She was frequently in the closets of both bedrooms as well as the dressers. Kenji came down the stairs a moment later carrying a medium sized cardboard box.

"Where did you hide that?" She asked when he was sitting next to her.

"The one place where you cannot reach." Kenji replied with a smile. "The very top of the closet. You cannot see that high up."

"Sneaky." Patricia commented.

"Where was your hiding place?" Kenji asked.

"I'm not telling." Patricia said. "I might need it again."

"I would like for you to open yours first." Kenji said. "One of the items is for both of us, but the rest is for you alone."

Patricia took the box already knowing what the one item was. Kenji had mentioned that they needed to get more diaphragms. She had no idea of what else was in the box. She took the lid off and took out the contents. There were several small boxes that she recognized as the diaphragms, a jewelry box, an oblong shaped box and some other items.

"Open this one first." Kenji said handing her jewelry box.

"Kenji... what did you do?" Patricia asked looking at the box.

"I bought my Kirei an anniversary gift" Kenji replied. "Open it."

Patricia opened the box and gasped.

"Kenji... it's beautiful but..."

"There are no buts." He said. ""it is but a small token of what I feel for you. Each of the stones is a birth stone with yours in the center."

He took the ring out of the box and slipped it on to her right hand.

"I wish that I could have done more." He said kissing her hand.

"This is perfect." Patricia replied throwing her arms around his neck. "Thank you!"

"There is more." Kenji said kissing her. "Open this one next."

He handed her the oblong shaped box and waited for her to open it.

"A stethoscope?" She asked. "But I'm nowhere near ready for this."

"But you will be." Kenji replied. "Before you know it, we will be building our practice together."

Patricia looked at the stethoscope through tear filled eyes. She noticed that it was already engraved.

"Dr. P. Takeda"

"Thank you!" She said kissing him. "I'm going to put it where I can see it."

The rest of the gifts were little things like pencils and school supplies for the coming semester.

"Your turn." Patricia said handing Kenji the smallest box.

Kenji unwrapped and then opened the box smiling when he saw the pens.

"I will think of you with every prescription and note that I write." He said touching the pens."

"I have one more gift." Patricia said handing him the box. "It looks like we were both thinking the same thing."

Kenji read the card first and touched Patricia's face.

"Itsumade mo ai shite iru Kirei. That is something that will never change no matter what happens."

He opened the box and smiled.

"I will never use another." He said as he put the stethoscope around his neck.

"It's engraved too." Patricia said.

"Dr. K. Takeda"

Kenji took Patricia into his arms and leaned back. He was remembering the first time that he got to hold her in the house. It had been under very different circumstances. Both of her parents had been angry enough that they didn't acknowledge her as their daughter. He remembered it as if it had just happened.

"Hey." Patricia said nudging him. "No sad thoughts. It's our anniversary."

"I was thinking about the first time that I held you in this house." Kenji said. "It seems that we have come full circle. I was also thinking that we never took our trip that Ralph gave us."

"We haven't had the time." Patricia replied. "We could go next year after you graduate. God only knows that we'll need it before you start your internship."

"I think that is a good idea." Kenji replied. "We have plenty of time to plan. Are you ready to go to bed?"

"I am, but I need you to wait down here for a few minutes." Patricia said. "I have one more surprise for you."


"I won't be long." Patricia said. "I'll be ready by the time you get the cups washed. I'll see you upstairs."

Patricia gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and ran up the stairs before he could ask any more questions. She had been thinking of having another baby, but the timing just wasn't right, but if they waited until she was done with school; she would be too old. If they had another baby soon, they would have plenty of help while she went to school. For a brief moment, she thought about not inserting the diaphragm. She inserted the diaphragm deciding that talking to Kenji would be the better option.

Once in the bedroom, she undressed and hung up her clothes. She could hear Kenji's footsteps as he climbed the stairs. She needed a few more minutes. Just as she was about to call out asking for more time, she heard him go into the bathroom and close the door behind him.

She changed into the new nightgown that she had hidden under the bed. Unlike Hana's which was sheer, hers was more opaque and in Kenji's favorite color- green. She sprayed a little perfume on her pulse points and waited. She heard the bathroom door open and his soft footsteps come toward the bedroom and then stop at the children's room.

A moment later, he was in their bedroom staring at her with his mouth open.

"Do you like it?" Patricia asked when Kenji didn't say anything.

"I... I like it very much." Kenji replied as he looked her starting at her head, lingering on her breasts and crotch before continuing down to her feet and then back up. "You are Kirei... beautiful."

"I realized when Abby, my mother and I were shopping with your mom that I didn't have anything nice to wear to bed... So I got this. "Are you sure that you like it?"

"Please... turn around for me." Kenji said. "Slowly" he added. "I want to enjoy what is so beautifully wrapped.

Patricia did a slow turn. By the time she was facing forward, Kenji was standing in front of her shirt off and slacks undone.

"I guess you like it." Patricia teased when she saw the bulge in his pants.

"Like is an understatement." Kenji said as he ran his hands up and down her arms. "Do these come in other colors?" he asked as he slid a strap over her shoulder.

"As a matter of fact, they do." Patricia replied. "And they have other styles too."

"I would be most interested in seeing the other colors and styles." Kenji said his eyes glittering.

"Would you now?" Patricia teased. "I'll see what I can do, but in the meantime it's still our anniversary."

Kenji let his slacks fall over his hips and to the floor and guided Patricia to the bed.

"Aren't you going to hang your slacks up?" Patricia asked glancing down at the crumpled slacks.

"Later." Kenji replied. "As you say, it is our anniversary and you need to be cared for. Now lie back and let me take care of you."

As Patricia lay back on the bed, she wondered how many women were as lucky as she was to have a man so attentive and loving no matter what else was happening. She sighed when Kenji kissed the side of her neck before gently tugging on her earlobe with his teeth.

Patricia moaned and felt a spurt of moisture between her legs as Kenji sucked and then gently chewed on her earlobe. She wrapped her arms around him holding him close as he released the earlobe and turned his attention to the neglected one.

She reached down between them looking for his hardness.

"No Kirei, not yet." Kenji said as he released the earlobe.

"But I want to touch." Patricia said as she reached for him again.

"Soon." Kenji assured her as he took her hands in his and kissed them. "Let me explore for just a little longer."

Ten minutes later, Kenji was still exploring and Patricia was becoming impatient. He sucked her nipples through the thin fabric of nightgown and then without it to see if she reacted any differently. He did the same with the matching panties. He sucked her clit with and without the material deciding that while he didn't mind sucking her nipples through the material; he wanted to feel the throb of her clit against his tongue without it.

He pulled the gown up as he made his way back up Patricia's body kissing and licking the exposed skin.

"You taste good," he said in between kisses.

When he reached her lips, he kissed her and eased into her. Instead of lying still for a few minutes as usual, Kenji began to thrust into her. He started off slowly and buried his face in her neck as he picked up speed.

Patricia rocked against him wrapping her legs around him pulling him tighter against her urging him to go faster and harder. Kenji obliged coming just after she did with a moan and as gasp. Afterwards, he cuddled her close and kissed her. He planned to slip out of bed early to care for the children so that she could sleep late.

A few minutes later, he felt her warm breath on his chest. He fell asleep a few minutes later toying with the soft material of the nightgown.


In spite of seeing Taylor Dean, Isadora wasn't ready to go back. The time had flown by too fast. It was only the thought of seeing him and his friends in prison that made her pack her bags in preparation for the long train ride home. She noticed Noah talking to Byron, but didn't think too much of it. Of her brothers, Byron was the one with wanderlust. He was also the one who had asked the most questions about California and school.

Supper that night was on the quiet side. No one was ready for their time together to end especially since they didn't know when it would happen again. Isadora had already told them that she wouldn't be home for the summer.

"I'm going to be taking summer classes so that I can graduate early." She told them.

"Do what you need to do" her father said. "We ain't goin' nowhere."

They stayed up even though Isadora and Noah had to be at the train station early. She saw Noah and Byron exchange mysterious looks and was about to ask what was going on when Byron began to explain.

"Mr. Jackson thinks that I'm smart enough to go to school. He says that I have to wait a while, but he wants me to learn to read and write better."

"Byron that's wonderful!" Isadora exclaimed. "What would you study?"

"That remains to be seen" Noah said. "We'll see how he does with his studies. But as I told Byron, he'll have to work hard in order to be college material. He has to achieve and maintain excellent grades in order to be considered for my program."

"Who's going to teach him?" Isadora asked.

"I'll figure that out later," Noah replied. "I'll send a letter to Mr. Whitman with the information. Now if I may change the subject for a moment," Noah said looking around the table. "I would like to thank you all for inviting me into your home. This is the best Christmas that I've had in years."

"It ain't much, but you always welcome here," Isadora's father said.

"Mr. Hughes, it isn't about the building," Noah replied. "It's about the people in it and I thank you for making me feel welcome."

Early the next morning, Mr. Whitman was there to take Isadora and Noah back to the train station. For Isadora and her mother it was a tearful goodbye. Her brothers and sister in law stood back and waited their turn to say their goodbyes.

"Study hard," She whispered in Byron's ear. "Noah Jackson is your way out of here."

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