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I Won't Back Down


--Follow local laws. Any resemblance in character or stories is purely coincidental. Read if only permitted by law. ENJOY!!!!


Yuri's ass had barely hit the couch, when she jumped back up to pace around the apartment once again. Fidgeting with her long black hair she sighed and threw it into a quick pony tail.

Her roommate Tina watched her return from her room wearing a third outfit in an hour, each a bit skimpier than the last. Tina amused herself wondering how much higher a super mini can go on someone as long legged as Yuri. "Sit down girl," she barked at her playfully. "You're giving me a stiff neck."

With a sigh Yuri hit the couch again. "I'm just restless. What do you want to do tonight?"

"I've got no plans. Maybe treat myself to a bubble bath later." Yuri gave her roommate a knowing smile, understanding from Tina's inflection that bubble bath really meant in "girls of 411 code" as a good one on one time with miss tickles.

Tina turned red at the brunette's slightly crooked smile. It hadn't taken the pair long to grow comfortable with each other, having learned more about each other in two months as freshman, then they ever knew about their own families.

Yuri came from a westernized Japanese household with a great deal of structure, which helped her excel. Slender, in a non-athletic way, Yuri had kept her lean figure through discipline and often forgetting her meals in the pages of books. Despite her antisocial ways growing up she was never lacking attention from the opposite sex. Her petite thin form hourglassed out by her B cup breasts which looked ample on her small frame. Topped off by a pair of natural pouting lips and mousey ears, her looks had her father busy chasing away the distractions that came to her door.

On the flip side Tina's house was always open to any of her seven brothers and sisters friends. It was a running joke in the town that the only house that never locked it's doors was the safes in the town since there were no fewer than twenty people in there at any given time. As a result her parents only had one rule. Let them know where you were and when you'd be home and call if you need a ride.

Growing up in a large household she quickly learned that confidence, or at least a great act thereof, was the key to always getting her way even when sometimes she didn't want it.

Shorter than her friend by only a few inches, Tina was blessed with proportionately large breast offering great cleavage she never forgot to use on the boys around her. Tina learned how to dress herself just on the border of tease and slutty where the greatest advantage and control was. Always ready to flirt, she couldn't walk in a room without getting noticed.

Not wanting her friend to get the better of her, ever. Tina tried to regain a little composure back with a quick slap on her roomies thigh. "What about you? You look like your crawling out of your skin."

"Yeah, I'm gunna scream soon I think."

"Why? What's got you so frazzled?" Tina pushed.

Now it was Yuri's turn to blush. Seeing no avenues of escape, Yuri decided to strike back at her assertive friend. "I need to get fucked. Horny as all hell here."

"Ah, I see" Tina said not sure weather to laugh of blush for her friend.

Seeing a rare opening in Tina's indecision Yuri decided to press on and give her roomie a taste of her own assertiveness. "Care to help me out?"

Not one to back down when a gauntlet has been thrown, Tina countered. "Sure, you Asian's are supposed to be kinky. Got a strap?"

Yuri flashed her crooked smile again. "No but I bet the Blue Moon's still open."

Staring her friend down looking for her to crack Tina pressed. "I'll get my shoes, but you're paying."

A moment later they were on their way to the local novelties store, both wondering how far they would have to go before the other broke down. With quiet assuredness the two stormed into the discreet second story shop.

"Hey Tina!" Came a call as they entered the front door.

"Oh, hey Roger." Tina answered back to the clerk behind the counter.

Seeing an opening Yuri charged. "Friend of yours Tina?"

Tina's lips thinned taking the barb she new was coming. "He's in my marketing class."

"Can he get us some discounts?"

Flushing Tina narrowed her eyes at her competitor displaying her determination not to be the one to back down. Throwing her head high she walked in her practiced teasing saunter to the counter and her classmate.

Sighing for the welcome respite, Yuri tried to take in her surroundings. It was the first time she had been in any kind of adult store, and did not want her shock to tip her hand. Videos and magazines filled three rooms to the right and a fourth room with all the toys was off to the left of the counter.

Walking steadfastly, Yuri passed Tina in time to hear their conversation waning with the predictable outcome of a discount. Yuri was relieved to know that if it came to it, at least she wasn't going to pay full price for something she wouldn't use.

Catching up to her friend in the dildo section, Tina decided to up the ante by sliding her arm gently around Yuri's petite waist, brushing her ass ever so slightly on the way across. Rewarded with the tall Asian's sudden stiffening, the blond pressed on. "See any you like? Roger says we can get them at about half the price you see."

Tensing, Yuri steer the conversation her way. "Which of these would you like to fuck me with. I think this clear rippled one with the black straps would really bring out your eyes."

Taking the compliment gracefully, Tina smiled. "I think so too, and look it has a compartment for a bullet vibrater to go."

"And look at the base, I think that's to press against your clit as you thrust. With the vibes you'll get to have some fun too!"

The two stared each other down, looking for some weakness to press on. Yuri stared into her roommates blue eyes and began to lose confidence in that maybe Tina really wanted to sleep with her. Just then Tina smiled breaking her roommates train of thought by pulling down the package and handing it over. "Great we've decided! Anything else?"

Still not ready to back down Yuri countered. "Well we need one of those bullets than, and some batteries, what else should we get?"

The two verbally sparred through the different toy sections, discussing the uses of each and if it was something to have for the upcoming evening. After circling the room they ended at the cash register with the strap on and components in hand. Yuri silently cursed Tina for letting it go so far and vowed to beat her with the damn thing when they got back.

The two were silent on the way back to their apartment. Both desperately worked their minds to find a way to better the other in their game.

"Shall we have some wine first?" Yuri offered.

"No, I want you to be completely sober. The only way you're passing out on me will be from exhaustion."

Yuri lifter her eyebrows in her most seductive manner and promised she wouldn't be the first to pass out.

Entering their apartment the both stopped and starred at each other. Both were out of ideas on how to win, and equally unable to step down and admit defeat.

"Well why don't you slip into that than I will." Yuri said. It was a desperation move. Calling all in on a pair of two's had nothing on the pressure in the room now.

With a flick of her hair Tina stalked off to her room. Yuri smiled and sat on the couch confident in her victory. Tina would stay in her room a while than emerge with some line, but they would both know Yuri won. The only thing hampering her elation was the simple fact she was still horny as hell.

Yuri began to plan taking a "bubble bath" herself tonight with her latest purchase discreetly hidden in a towel. Add a few candles and maybe that bottle of wine left over from last night. The plan raced through her mind as she grew fidgety again, crossing her legs back and forth to try to tame herself.

Yuri was broken from her reveries by Tina walking back into the room. Her heart slammed in her chest as she took in the sight of Tina in her silk thigh cut robe. Her nipples poking through the thin material brought Yuri's eyes to her well formed mounds, bared cleavage hinting at what was bound beneath.

As Tina strutted over to her roommate Yuri noticed an extra bulge in the robe. One at waist level. Tina handed Yuri the thin slip cord holding everything in place and watched her roommates eyes widen.

It was a dare. It had to be! There was no way Tina's not wearing anything under there. It's just a desperate maneuver like my own. Taking a few deep breaths Yuri pulled the cord and was proven wrong.

The clear dildo stood out erect from the curvaceous bloods waist. Her pelvis bare, Yuri could even see a hint of her clit through the clear rippled phallus. Looking up into the blond's eyes Yuri saw Tina's smug smile. Standing to face her down, the head of the dildo rested close to her damp crotch. Not wanting to give Tina the satisfaction of stepping back from her she instead pulled down her panties.

Staring each other down it was Yuri who broke first. Hormones getting the better of her, she leaned in to lightly kiss Tina. Not expecting this from the somewhat reserved roommate she knew Tina was shocked into inaction, allowing Yuri to pull closer and press her kiss more passionately.

Before Tina could regain her wits, Yuri guided the phallus into her moist hole. Larger than she had thought it to be in the store, she felt every rib and ripple on the plastic cock. Pressing harder, desperate for release, the dildo alternately pressed hard back into Tina's Clit.

Moaning Tina found Yuri pressing her tongue passed her lips and surprised to find herself kissing back. Just as she began to regain control and stop what was happening, Yuri's probing fingers slid down her ass cheeks to sensitive flesh below. Another moan, deflated her resistance and Yuri pushed her down into the couch and mounted her without the strap on ever leaving her dripping hole or her tongue leaving Tina's mouth.

"Oh Fuck!" Yuri moaned as she finally broke their kiss. Desperately she thrust her pelvis down her body shuddering, hanging briefly on the verge of climax. Her low moan singled an explosion of release. Her vision tunneling until almost all sight was lost.

As the serenity began to fade, Yuri became aware of her roommate beneath her eyes shut still gasping at her every move. Sliding down and off the cock, unable to take any more Yuri continued to press it firmly back into her friend. Looking back to the phallus, then to her friend, than back to the phallus, an urge hit her. Slowly she lowered her full lips to the shaft, tentatively touching her tongue to it's rough edges. She could taste herself in the cervices and pulled back.

Noticing the interruption of the flow Tina opened her eyes to see Yuri knelt in front of her. Her full pouty lips inches from the clear cock in front of her. With a smile she caressed her friend's cheek and guided her forward. Slowly sucking at first, Tina could see Yuri's tongue sliding across it's slick surface. As her pace increased, it didn't take long for the pressure to build up in Tina again. Watching her friend suck the phallus, which pressed hard into her, put over the top as she screamed into orgasm.

"Well, I didn't see that coming." Tina giggled.

Yuri smiled and gave the cock a final slow lick before kissing her roommate passionately. Gently massaging her titts, Yuri dragged her fingernails down across her sensitive nipples followed by her lashing tongue. "Oh Yuri, you're too fucking good at that. I'll never get off this couch."

"You don't have to yet," Yuri countered as her fingers deftly worked the straps pulling off the strapon, quickly replacing it with her tongue. "Mmm, you taste even better."

Tina's giggle was cut off by two fingers gliding into her pussy.

Sucking hard on Tina's Clit Yuri switched fingers allowing one slick digit to slide south pressing firmly into her puckered ass. Rewarded with a deep gasp, Yuri doubled her efforts working her clit, g-spot and ass all at the same time.

"Oh god Yuri, YES!" Tina's cries were cut off as she grew stiff, her tight muscles squeezing hard on Yuri's fingers. Then all at once, she breathed out and went limp.

Looking up at her friend, Yuri watched closely as Tina's breasts raised rhythmically. Relieved her friend was still breathing she laid her down on the couch cushions, covering her with the small afghan that was folded on the side.

"Goodnight," she whispered, bending in for one last beck on the blonds lips, then left for her own bed wondering what would happen in the morning.

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