Authors Note: This story is for the April Fool's day contest, 2017. I hope you enjoy. Thank you to Paul, who volunteered to proofread for me. It is not my normal style but if you make it to the end and enjoy this story please vote and comment. ~ellie


Ken Marks sat up in bed and flicked on the television. He'd sent his tweet out at midnight, setting the ball rolling on what would be a big day, even by his definition of big. The news hadn't caught it yet, but he had no doubt that some flunky was making calls and waking people up even now. He had people primed in key positions to leak speculative comments, if asked, and he imagined it would take off like wildfire before anyone realised what was happening. The modern miracle of social media and the power of a hashtag was working for him tonight. Hashtag Iceberg was growing even now.

He was known as an eccentric billionaire in Australia, and not for the first time he chuckled at the thought of running for a seat in the Senate. Of course, here it was up to the party council who could run for the top office, rather than the people, who were just given the candidates each party council has chosen to run. The party he had chosen to represent had no chance of ever aspiring to the top job, but stranger things had happened. You only had to look at the governments around the world at the moment to know that the worldview was changing. Trump stared moodily from the television screen as if to prove this point.

He chuckled again, thinking over the stunt he had been considering for over a decade and wondered if he had done enough to pull it off cleanly. He certainly had all the right people in place, and he had a reputation for eccentric behaviours. If he were ever going to do it, this would be the time, he reassured himself.

He looked down at his partner. He loved her more than he could express, she was his best friend, a partner in crime and his biggest supporter. This stunt would affect her and the reclusive life they lived here in the idyllic little town of Rainbows End for a long time to come. He wouldn't have even considered it if she hadn't been on board, but now everything was in place and they were in it together, as always. He went back to watching the silent television considering all of the angles of this day and where it would take him.

"I can hear you thinking," Mila mumbled sleepily rolling toward him.

"I'm sorry, Honey," Ken flicked off the television and settled down in bed beside her again. "Go back to sleep, we can talk in the morning." He kissed her forehead, and she reached out to touch his cheek.

"That sounds ominous," she whispered, her eyes fluttering open.

"Not at all," he reassured her and kissed her lightly. "It's nothing important that can't wait until the sun comes up," he chuckled.

"I'm awake now," she protested, knowing him well and that something was turning the wheels of his mind.

"I have the cure for that," he murmured, pulling her closer against him and lifting her leg over his hip. He loved the way their bodies just seemed to fit perfectly together like perfect pieces of the same puzzle. "Tried and tested, one hundred percent success rate at putting both of us back to sleep," he chuckled, bending his head to hers again with a deeper kiss.

Mila gave into all of the feelings she had for Ken. They'd been together for over twenty-five years, and at moments like this she still felt like she was on her honeymoon, if they'd ever had one. She moaned softly as his hand ran slowly down the length of her body, caressing every curve and imperfection that she knew was there as if she was the most desirous woman on earth. She felt his manhood stirring as his kisses deepened and he rolled her onto her back.

"I'm sorry I woke you," he grinned and kissed her again before moving slowly down kissing over her neck and shoulder to her breast. "Forgive me?" He murmured, pulling on the soft, loose material of her camisole to expose both of her breasts.

"I'll think about it," she laughed, lightly running her fingers through his hair.

Ken grinned and slipped his hand up between her legs, hooking a finger into the crotch of her panties and tugging them down. He moved further down her body and smoothed both of his hands up over her thighs. He grasped the sides of the panties, dispensing with them in a much quicker fashion than his tugging had done, and dove between her legs.

He lifted her legs to his shoulders and pushed his hands under her ass, lifting her slightly, and his tongue fluttered over her pussy, pushing between the folds as she opened up for him. He buried his face deeper, licking slowly, moving his hands to part her lips further and suck on her clit. He pushed his fingers into her then, making her pussy wetter and his cock growing firmer.

"I'm going to cum if you don't stop," Mila moaned.

"Mmhmm," Ken murmured in reply, and whipped his tongue over her clit before settling his lips firmly around it and sucking as he pumped his fingers in and out of her faster. Her legs clamped around his head, and she cried out as she drenched his fingers. Pulling them out of her slowly, he moved up her body to kiss her, tracing his cum drenched fingers across her lips, slowly kicking off his boxers.

"I love you, Mila," he said as he looked into her eyes and slid between her legs. His hard cock throbbed against the feel of her lips, and he rubbed it over her, placing the head into her, then entwining his fingers with hers, and squeezing her hand softly, he penetrated her fully.

"I love you, too," she moaned, and ran her hands down his back, tracing her nails over him. Her hands moved to his ass, pulling him into her firmly. Their lovemaking had always been passionate, and tonight proved no different as he moved at an unhurried pace, despite her urgings. Her nails began to leave marks on his back when he finally began to pound into her faster and harder and was swept away by her song as she whimpered and moaned beautifully below him.

He didn't hold back or prolong their lovemaking by changing positions, instead he began slamming into her, listening to her cries as he lost himself in the woman he adored. They came together spectacularly, and he rolled off her, panting heavily, and felt the exhaustion of the sleepless night wash over him. He felt her snuggle beside him and wrapped an arm around her body, pulling her even closer and kissing her forehead. He was a lucky man to have this woman, and he knew she was only going along with this stunt because he had asked her.


"If you're just waking up to the big news and wondering what is going on down here in Sydney harbour this morning," Stella Styles, host of the Today show said into the camera, "I have the answers for you. Ken Marks, scientist and entrepreneur has announced that, to bring an end to the ten-year drought in rural Australia; he is currently dragging an iceberg from Antarctica up to Sydney harbour where he will secure it to several helicopters and fly it out to where it is needed most."

"Hard to believe," Travers Dawson, her co-host broke into the report. "But if anyone were capable of pulling off such a feat, my money would be on Ken Marks," he said confidently with a wide smile. "We're about to cross to Belinda Lexington down at the docks where a huge crowd has gathered to witness the once in a lifetime event, Belinda, are you there?"

"Good morning, Travers and Stella! There's a real party atmosphere down here on the docks!" Belinda yelled into the microphone to get above the noise. "It seems everyone has their own ideas about why Ken Marks would be attempting such a hazardous rescue package for the drought-stricken farmers of country Australia!"

"So, people believe there is more to it that just dragging an iceberg up the coastline for water?" Stella asked.

"How about I ask a few of the people around me?" Belinda laughed lightly. "To give you a taste of what people are saying about Ken's latest idea." She turned looking around. "You, Sir," Belinda moved toward a man who was obviously enjoying a liquid breakfast at one of the cafés. "What do you think about the idea of bringing up icebergs from the Antarctic to save the outback from drought?"

"Are you kidding? The man's a frickin' genius, not only will he end the drought but he's gonna bloody fix global warming by cooling the place down several degrees! I can't wait to see it!" The man said, turning to look out toward the harbour as if it might appear at any minute.

"I heard the iceberg is one hundred percent pure drinking water. How awesome is that," the first man's mate said, grabbing the microphone.

"Well, you heard it here first! Ken Marks is fast becoming a hero and legend to these people here today. Ending drought and fixing global warming, what a legend" Belinda said, struggling to keep her professional demeanour.

Mila Marks laughed, shaking her head. If they had bothered to check what he actually tweeted the public would realise that none of what Stella had just said was true. She sat in the living area of the beautiful hotel suite she and Ken had booked into for the week under assumed names. Leaving the television, she walked to the window overlooking the harbour. The crowd was incredible, even more so than the views the Today show was showing on the television.

Just as Ken had said it would, the story had gathered momentum, being picked up not only locally but internationally. Every news network that had a presence in Australia was scrambling to verify facts about the story, and in discovering the reality of it, they chose to report on what took the headlines this morning. Photos of their home appeared on the television, and she was grateful she had taken Ken's advice to come and have a week in the city.

Mila checked her watch and went back to watching the television. Ken had to come into sight of the camera's soon, she thought, suddenly getting worried that something had happened to him. With all the eyes and cameras trained on the harbour and southern coastline, it would be hard to judge the moment when he showed up.

The television flickered as the cameras honed in on a vintage tiger moth flying low over the harbour. The plane was iconic to Ken's business and easily recognisable, and people speculated on what it was doing there and if it was a forerunner to the main event.

"He's littering the place with pamphlets as we watch," Stella Styles commented, "Let's see if we can get back to Belinda out there to see what is happening."

"Happy April Fool's Day, folks!" Belinda laughed happily into the camera. She held up one of the flyers that had dropped from the small plane onto the big crowd as it flew around the edges of the harbour where people had gathered. "Can you see it?" She yelled over the crowd.

"Read it out for us, Belinda!" Travers said enthusiastically.

"It says, Happy April Fool's day, twenty seventeen. Thank you for helping raise awareness for environmental issues facing our country." Belinda read the flyer as people around her both cheered and jeered the sentiment it contained.

"What are the crowds saying about being pranked on such a large scale?" Stella asked.

"There's a huge surge of varying emotions down here at the moment. Some people are angry at being duped, others are laughing, but the general feeling is one of good will toward the man who got them here and the reasons why." Belinda giggled into the camera.

"That bloke's a bloody legend," a young man in a business shirt and tie said laughing. "Can you believe this frickin' party?"

Mila watched, absorbed as she tried to read what the crowd and the studio presenters thought about the stunt Ken pulled. By the time he arrived back at the hotel some hours later she'd decided his gamble had paid off.


"Hey you," Ken walked into the suite with a grin and took Mila in his arms kissing her. "What did you think?"

"It all went just like you planned, and it seems most people are pretty happy about your prank," she said with a laugh. "Did you meet with Bob?"

"Yeah he's stoked; it's all coming together nicely. You having any second thoughts?" He looked down into her face reading her expression carefully.

"No, the timing's right for you to do this, as long as your sure it's what you want, then I am right there with you," she said confidently.

"Good, because there's something else," he said. "I did bring an iceberg into Sydney Harbour this morning, just not the kind everyone was expecting."

"Oh," Mila said furrowing her brow. "What have you done now?"

'Come and sit for a minute," Ken kept his arm around her as the walked to the comfortable looking couches. "I know it's never been an issue for either of us, but with everything that's about to happen I don't want it to become an issue for anyone else," he swallowed nervously. The truth was that he wasn't entirely sure how she felt about their defacto status these days, it had been so long since either of them had brought it up.

"What are you talking about?" Mila shook her head seeing his nervousness and becoming confused.

"The iceberg," he gave a half smile and took a ring box from his pocket. "It's for you, make an honest man of me, Mila, marry me?"

"It's after midday," she laughed. "That was a good one, but you were always the one so determined to live in sin for the rest of our lives."

"Who knew we'd live past fifty," he laughed with her. "If I'm going to sin I only want to sin with you. Making it legal in the eyes of the church and state won't change anything except the minds of a few idiots who would ask stupid questions."

"So, this is for your future career?" she asked warily.

"No, not exactly," he heard the warning in her voice, "But if we are going to be thrust into the spotlight, it makes sense to let people know that we are committed in more than just words. You know how some of those guys can be."

"So you're marking your territory?" she asked raising an eyebrow at him. "How very caveman of you." The truth was she wanted this, she wanted it more than she had ever let herself admit, even in the darkest corners of her mind, but she wasn't going to make it easy for him after all these years together. Her eyes travelled to the unopened box. "Well, are you going to show me this iceberg?"

"I am," he opened the box and was happy to see her eyes go wide in surprise. Despite their wealth, neither of them were ostentatious people, and the ring was simple in its elegance, despite the large diamond that crowned it.

"So what do ya say? Wanna get hitched?" he asked with a small laugh that told of his nervous anticipation.

"Yeah, I think I do," she laughed with him.

Ken took the ring and placed it on her finger, pulling her to him and kissing her. "You know we've probably got time for a little bit more sin before we have to be at the conference centre," he murmured into her ear making her laugh.

"Why don't we discuss that over a shower," she suggested running her hands over his chest.

"That's an excellent idea," he stood pulling her to her feet, walking into the bathroom, Ken began unbuttoning his shirt.

"Wait, let me," she said, looking at the glistening diamond on her finger as her hands move over his chest unfastening the buttons and pulling the shirt wide. He shrugged the shirt off as her hands moved to begin unbuckling his belt and pants. In turn, Ken pulled her dress up, and, as his pants slid down his legs, he pulled the dress up over her head.

Mila smiled and stepped out of the intimate embrace and took off her bra, running her hands over her breasts just out of his reach to tease him. He took a step toward her, but she turned and, hooking her fingers into the sides of her panties, lowered them to the floor, bending over at the waist to push her ass out to him.

Ken dropped his jocks and stepped forward, pushing his hardened cock against her ass. He ran his hands down her body, bending over her before pulling her up against him and moving slowly forward glued to her back as they entered the shower cubicle. His hand continued to slowly explore her body, teasing her as he took his time while she turned on and adjusted the water for them. His hands stopped on her breasts, squeezing and rubbing gently as the water fell, his thumb and forefinger pinching lightly at her nipples.

Mila raised her hands above her head, drawing his head down to her. She murmured in pleasure as he kissed her ear and neck, turning her head to kiss him as he continued to hold her tightly against him by her breasts.

"We fit together perfectly," he murmured into her ear, knowing this had always been the case from the time they were idealistic university students protesting the government stance on environmental issues back in the early nineties.

"Yes," she sighed, spinning in his arms and arching her body against his as she tilted her head back and wet her hair completely. She knew it was a sight that turned him on and, when she straightened again, she could see the hooded look in his eyes to prove the point, placing her hand on his chest, she leant up to kiss him and found he devoured her with the intensity of the kiss. New challenges and projects always filled him with an intensity that overlapped into their personal life, and she enjoyed it more than she had ever told him, mostly because she was sure he wasn't even aware of the phenomena.

Placing his hands on her hips, he moved them slowly up her ribs to the curved sides of her breasts again. He swung them then so he too could move under the water, and their slow dance began as they each soaped each other with delicate movements and spun around rinsing off the suds. It was a constant tease that built to a fever pitch as they enjoyed the kissing and petting. Ken was the first to break, and Mila smiled as he pushed her back against the wall of the cubicle.

The tiles remained cool, and Mila gasped at the stark contrast between them and the warm water of the shower. Mila placed her right hand on the tiles for support and kept her left hand on Ken's shoulder as he started kissing her neck again and nibbling her ear as his hands moved over her breasts, finding the nipples and pinching lightly at first, and then a little harder to hear the gasp he knew so well.

The same teasing hands moved lower on her body, one curling around her to her ass as the other dipped between her legs and into the folds there, making her widen her stance to accommodate the teasing digits. Ken's fingers stroked over her clit as they delved deeper into her, and he smiled at the small mewling moans made louder by the cubicle.

Feeling hot and relaxed by the spray of the shower, Mila relaxed into the feelings of his hands and looked up into his face which hovered over hers, watching her every expression. "Kiss me," she said in a pleading voice as she found her legs begin to shake. His lips lowered her hers, and she melted even more as he played her like a finely tuned instrument.

Her orgasm broke over her, and Ken pulled away from the kiss to watch her face and listen to her as her legs clamped around his hand and her nails dug into his shoulder. He loved that look, that sound, that woman, and as soon as he could see her coming back to him he spun her toward the wall, bending her forward so she had to brace her hands against the tiles leaving her beautiful breasts to swing free below her.

Ken stepped forward and entered her forcefully, his hands sliding up over her back and around to her breasts. He loved it like this, her firm ass against his thighs as he fucked her, her breasts large rounded globes that fit perfectly in his hands and her cries of pleasure echoing around them. He groaned deeply, feeling his climax build swiftly as he surrendered himself to the sensations he felt at that moment.

Mila shook, her climax never quite leaving her body before his cock entered her at such an angle as to build it back up almost immediately. This man could always bring her to great highs during their lovemaking, he was her true soul mate, and she shook in her need as she tried to hold back the crashing climax threatening to overwhelm her until she knew he was there with her.

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